A multi-module management system designed by Datasystem Solutions for sports, arts & entertainment companies.

About MultiPub

MultiPub is a complete business management software system that addresses many of your accounting needs. This software package features a sophisticated base system with the ability to add on modules. This product is designed to provide you with a competitively priced solution, that is scalable enough to support your needs regardless of how large your company becomes. The MultiPub base software provides you with the ability to effectively manage the following area’s of your publishing business:

  • Subscriber Information Retention
  • Order Entry Processing
  • Customer Service Information Management
  • General Accounting
  • Marketing Tactics

Accounts Receivables

MultiPub’s Accounts Receivable module fully interfaces with the General Ledger module. Therefore, if there is an entry made to the general ledger, and you are still awaiting payment, the applicable entry will be made to your accounts receivables automatically; eliminating the need for re-entering data. The accounts receivable module has the ability to perform group or consolidated invoicing. This module also has the ability to generate collection reports/tape.

Audit Module

The Audit Module is not a part of the MultiPub base system. This module allows you to produce audits if you deal with ABC or BPA audited publications. In the audit module you may define each publication and specify which demographic fields (up to an unlimited number) you wish to collect; and whether information is optional or required. Data collected from the demographics can be reported on the Supplemental Data Audit Forms. If you deal with Unit Audited Publications, you can define your units and their associated demographic data. All audit reports generated in MultiPub can be created with proof pools; which provide detailed information from every cell of every audit report. MultiPub also supports the archiving of your past finalized audits, and allows you to easily construct your own audit archive database.

Automated Sales Tax Processing

If you must charge and remit sales taxes to multiple jurisdictions, the Automated Sales Tax Module is the solution for you. CCH the sales tax rates and data supplier company, provides monthly or quarterly updates to the Tax Tables used; hence ensuring all taxes are properly collected. MultiPub also uses Postalsoft’s ACE (Address Correction Encoding) to apply county codes to each subscriber’s account, so taxes can be done collected on a local level also. Additionally, you can specify which products you charge tax for and which products are tax exempt. Finally, with the Automated Sales Tax Processing module, you can define separate general ledgers for different states and counties.

Bill of Materials

Although not an actual module, the Inventory module allows you to create kits by defining a Bill of Materials. In your bill of materials you may specify the quantity of each component necessary to construct the final project. With the Inventory module you will be able to print the following bill of materials reports:

  • Item Component Report - a report detailing each item code, its description, the components necessary to make the item, and how many of each component is necessary to make one item.
  • Finished Goods Assembly Report - this report asks your staff which item they wish to make an how many. The software then shows your staff how many of each product is needed for an assembly.

Customer Service

MultiPub has the ability to manage all of your CRM needs. Management of CRM is done by making improvements to your processes in the following three areas:

  • Subscriber Information - MultiPub has the ability to construct and manage your subscriber information. To avoid incorrect data entry duplication of customers is verified using the Internet. Additionally, online address correction and standardization correct improperly entered addresses and zip codes. If one of your subscribers changes addresses, MultiPub will retain all old addresses. Each subscriber can have two phone numbers assigned to them. Within MultiPub, customers who allow the sale of their information are flagged. You can also attach source or SIC codes to a customer; and apply tax-exempt status and number.
  • Customer Service - MultiPub allows you to make and record an unlimited number of comments for each customer. Furthermore you can view complete account information, history, and shipping information. If you actively target specific demographics, you can review marketing campaigns on an individual customer basis. Finally, you are able to generate and print: labels for missing products, duplicate invoices, and renewal statements easily and efficiently.
  • Marketing - MultiPub provides a very useful functionality to generate, implement, and execute marketing strategies. With MultiPub you are given the ability to define all promotions; meaning selecting products, prices, premiums, discounts and sales territories included in a promotion. Promotional analysis tools allow you to enter costs for all parts of a marketing campaign (direct, telemarketing, on-line, etc.). Interactive promotional analyses can track responses to said marketing campaigns. Furthermore, MultiPub can report the profit margins on each campaign. Three key marketing reports are available:
    • Renewal Analysis Report
    • Campaign Tracking Report
    • Expired Inventory Report

Electronic Credit Card Processing Software (EECP)

The EECP module eliminates the time and effort taken by your staff to manually call and verify credit cards. The fact that MultiPub automatically integrates the Verisign third-party software, ensures that checks are always accurate. Authorization is completed the instant an order is entered via the Internet. If a credit card is declined, that transaction is moved into and exception batch; thus assuring items are not shipped until payment disputes are resolved.

General Ledger

MultiPub’s base software system features a fully automated and interactive General Ledger that adheres to all GAAP accounting principles. The electronic interface of the general ledger allows for double entry accounting. Furthermore, MultiPub has the ability to perform accounting on a cash or accrual basis. If your company doesn’t adhere to the prototypical accounting periods, you can easily set up user defined accounting periods. Additionally, MultiPub can easily generate the following general ledger reports:

  • Earned/deferred revenue reports
  • Aged accounts receivable reports
  • General ledger distribution reports
  • Daily deposit reports
  • Month end balancing reports

Inventory Module

The MultiPub Inventory module allows for inventory tracking of single-issue products fulfilled through MultiPub. Products, defined by you in the product codes setup, are entered in the Item File. By setting up Master FIles you can manage inventory by: multiple locations, categories, stocking units, synonyms, vendor codes, pricing, or the individual items. This module will store an array of information about each item for you; such information includes: item code, description, generic code, category code, component good, finished good, buy or make, stocking unit, number of pages, etc. This module allows you to easily setup and fulfill backordered items, and invoice for them. After you make a transaction, MultiPub automatically adjusts the physical count of your inventory; if a product is out of stock the system will not allow the order to be entered. You sales or customer service representative staff can easily view inventory levels by selecting the ýProduct Inquiryý option on the Customer Service module. The following reports are easily generated by MultiPub’s Inventory module:

  • Inventory Turns
  • Net Sales
  • Physical Count Worksheet
  • Recommended Purchases
  • Stock Status


If you wish to process foreign currencies in your subscription system, the add-on Multi-Currency module is a must-have. Each time a transaction is posted, the amount is converted to US currency for your posting purposes. To actively monitor the accuracy of your conversion rates, you can print a gain/loss report at any time. This report shows you the amount you received vs the actual US dollar amount; hence telling you if you are gaining or losing money by selling overseas. This module gives you the capabilities to:

  • Assign and unlimited number of currencies
  • Attach currencies to rate codes; giving you the ability to specify the price you are charging in a customer’s native currency
  • View account balances in both US and customer native currencies.
  • Enter exchange rates for each currency as often as desired

Order Entry

MultiPub has the ability to manage your business’s order entry processes. Since you can define data entry templates, your employees will be able to much more efficiently enter data (i.e., ýheads downý processing). MultiPub also gives you the ability to set price and discount structures; also allowing you to select from several predefined discount types. Once you receive a purchase order from a customer, the system assigns a PO number for easy application of bill to and ship to addresses later on in the process. Additionally upon reception of a purchase order from a customer, MultiPub will automatically verify any credit cards used to make payments, through an electronic verification system. This product also accurately calculates postage, sales tax, and other miscellaneous charges. Taxes can be calculated based on zip code or product; with the ability to handle multi-jurisdictional taxes too. MultiPub has the ability to handle several unique situations that may arise as a result of your business’s involvement in the publishing industry. The ability to handle these situations:

  • Automatic Renewals
  • Group orders, bills or renewals
  • Stop/hold dates; or vacation addresses
  • Premiums
  • Back issues
  • Renewals
  • Agency commissions

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