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A multi-module management system designed by Enterprise Performance Systems for health care & social services companies.

About Decision Support Software

I would like to introduce you to Enterprise Performance Systems, Inc. We are a full service decision support organization with products focused on improving the flow of management information within your organization.

We have developed a suite of integrated Intranet-based tools that provide operational budgeting, productivity, cost accounting and clinical analysis across the enterprise.

All of the Applications Developed by EPSi Are:

Enterprise-wide – scalable to the largest, most complex organizations, but suitable for a small, stand-alone facility.

Fully Distributed – Department Managers can be connected to develop budgets, model what-ifs, and run monthly responsibility reports. These systems run over your LAN, WAN, Intranet, or as an ASP.

Technically Sound – EPSi utilizes only Microsoft tools to ensure reliability, long-term viability, and to protect your investment. SQL Server 7.0 provides the central database repository.

Cost Effective - Each module is designed to install with very low up-front cost, require little or no IS resources, and can be maintained and supported by EPSi. License and installation fees are often less that your current systems’ annual maintenance!

Sophisticated – Each module provides all of the enterprise bells and whistles you need: instant consolidation reporting, built-in data loader, security, modeling and ‘What-ifs’. A separate reporting module empowers the Department Managers to quickly and easily access the information they need.

Guaranteed – We are so confident in our systems, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product!

Capital Budget Manager

The Capital Budget Manager is designed to ease the pain of the Capital Budgeting Process. CBM begins with defining the approval path for capital requests. This way, requests are submitted, reviewed, and approved on-line! A fully distributed module, (intranet, or across your LAN or WAN), gives Department Managers the ability to complete a request in a structured way, submit the request, then track the request status during the process. Actual capital expenditures are also tracked so that the amount of available capital is always known.

From a management perspective, the CBM module allows complete flexibility in tailoring the process to meet your specific needs. User defined categories of project type, priority level, as well as user-defined standard lists for equipment, ensure that requests include the appropriate information. At the approval level, CBM provides the ability to view, sort, and filter any criteria. For example, view all IS projects that have a priority of urgent (IRR of at least 5%). Once projects are approved, the CBM gives you the tools to track the actual capital purchases down to the invoice level of detail.

Enterprise Budget Manager

The Enterprise Budget Manager is a web-based, distributed financial modeling tool that can drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of your financial planning process. EBM performs detailed salary and wage planning, (down to the employee level). It also monitors and reports productivity by job class against any external or internal targets.

The Enterprise Budget Manager is designed to build sophisticated flex budget models that best reflect the behavior of your organization. These models can be built with an unlimited number of statistics and relationships. All this with a simple click and drag! Flex the budget monthly and analyze rate and volume variances.

EBM gives the budget manager complete control over the planning process. Set inflation assumptions, project actual, set variable relationships and perform unlimited what-if modeling. Department managers can then access their information through your own intranet. This gives you full control over the process, and to sensitive information, all while allowing department managers to develop their budget online, real-time.

The reporting module gives instant access to management information anytime, from anywhere in your organization.

Enterprise Cost Manager

The Enterprise Cost Manager is a web-based, cost accounting tool that takes the pain out of calculating the costs for services. Service level cost information is critical to managing your organization. It is needed for pricing and resource allocation decisions, as well as for negotiating managed care contracts. Without it, it is difficult, at best, to make good decisions.

However, most organizations are using cost information that is old and obsolete. This is because most costing systems rely on centralized, back room approach to the costing process. Typically, one or two financial analysts are tasked with developing and maintaining costs and, because it is so laborious and time consuming, it does not get done on a timely basis.

The ECM system distributes the process to the costing experts, your Department Managers! Using intranet technology and a simple, easy to use user interface, building and updating RVUs is a breeze. Online RVU worksheets give managers access to labor, capital and supply data (click and drag) to quickly and easily calculate accurate RVUs. Department Managers can then cost out charge items, review, and edit them until they are ýbought intoý the numbers. Not only does this approach dramatically reduce the time to develop and update costs, it also facilitates participation, ownership, and accountability on the part of the Department Managers. This proven method gets key stakeholders involved in the process and brings a new level of understanding to the management reports.

  • Enterprise-wide, integrated
  • Intranet, LAN or WAN based
  • Integrated database, (SQL Server 7.0)
  • Truly distributed costing process
  • Enterprise overhead allocation
  • Unlimited user-defined cost categories
  • Integrated with budgeting, or use stand-alone
  • Cost anything; charge items, CPT codes, etc.
  • Cost monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Online, easy to use RVU worksheets
  • Fast, accurate calculations
  • Change cost categories on the fly
  • Tied to comprehensive patient database
  • Product line, utilization, physician profiling, etc

Enterprise Reporting Manager

The Enterprise Reporting Manager, (ERM), provides immediate, on-line access to critical management information from anywhere in the organization. ERM integrates general ledger, payroll, productivity, cost accounting, managed care, and detailed patient level information into a single database. From this single source, managers can access the information they most need to effectively manage their area, including: consolidation, profit and loss, variance analysis, productivity, costing, clinical utilization, and product line reporting. Users access the reports from your intranet, and can customize any report with the sort, subtotal and selection options.

Reports are distributed throughout the enterprise by user, or by role. Security is granted based on Facility and cost center, ensuring confidentiality. Because ERM is looking at the central SQL Server database, data is always current and access is immediate.

By putting ERM on the front line manager’s desktops, you not only give them instant access to information, you also eliminate resource consuming IS requests and unnecessary e-mail traffic. It can also make your organization more productive and more accountable!

  • Enterprise-wide, integrated
  • Intranet, LAN or WAN based
  • Integrated database, (SQL Server 7.0)
  • Truly distributed, enterprise reporting
  • User-designed income statements
  • Run financial, payroll, productivity, product line reports
  • User-defined sorts, selects, subtotals
  • Graphs and drill down reports
  • Design custom financial statements
  • Share reports with other users
  • Distribute reports by user and/or role
  • E-mail, download report into almost any format
  • Protect confidentiality via security module
  • Divisional reporting based on user-defined divisions

Product Line Analyst

The EPSi Product Line Analyst integrates detailed patient data from across your health network to give you complete, meaningful, management information. Let’s face it; it is critical to have access to costed patient information to make fully informed management decisions. By consolidating all patient data, adding cost and payment information, then giving you the ability to slice and dice this data, you can enhance revenues, improve cost control, and make better resource allocation decisions.

Product Line Analyst is designed to provide flexibility and ease of use for the end user. Utilization analysis, payment reconciliation, profitability reports can all be run from the desktop. Each report can be sorted and filtered by a number of fields, including payer, product line, DRG, CPT, APG, physician, etc. Furthermore, these reports can be formatted and distributed from a central point to users, thereby protecting sensitive patient and physician information. User defined fields can be added, as well as outside benchmark information.

Our product line functionality allows you to define an unlimited number of product lines, each with an unlimited number of products. Products can be defined on any field, including user-defined fields, down to the charge code level of detail. This kind of flexibility makes the EPSi product line system the easiest to use on the market. Other features include:

  • Accepts all patient data, uses MPI to index
  • Data Loader module ensures data reconciliation
  • Accepts actual payment data for payment reconciliation
  • Create user-defined fields
  • Calculate expected payments
  • Flexible Product Line definitions
  • Fully distributed reporting, with central security to ensure confidentiality
  • Accepts outside benchmark information for comparisons
  • Full range of reports to enhance revenue, analyze utilization and profitability.

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