A full ERP system designed by Dexco for accounting/legal/professional and professional services companies.

About Acumin

Acumin is designed as an integrated solution for Law Firms.

At the heart of Dexco’s unique value proposition is the provision of an industry leading ERP solution; Acumin, coupled with a comprehensive Business Process Management and Automated Workflows that allow stakeholders and users to realize significant process improvements in many aspects of their organizations.

Dexco’s collaborative implementation approach allows each organization to determine their specific service needs - typically a function of their operational and financial objectives, the degree to which Acumin is integrated into the clients’ business processes, and the sophistication of the organization’s operating environment.

Starting with one, totally integrated solution, Acumin is designed to optimize the management of information for improved client-service opportunities for the firm. Powerful and feature rich, the application supports the continuous flow of real-time information crossing all operational and functional departments; it enables multi-office with multi-disciplinary financial departments ample latitude to model business processes and functions for optimum efficiency without sacrificing quality control. Acumin offers a full spectrum of options, which can be configured in relation to currency, language, offices and workflows; in accordance with the firm’s business objectives.

  • Time and Activity Capture - from any workspace,
  • Business Process Management and Automated Work-Flow,
  • Case / Matter Management, Notes, Group Agenda, Limitation Dates, Triggers, Tasks and To-Do’s,
  • Web Portal for Time, Expense Reports, File Opening and Conflict Approval, Matter Inquiry and Member Statistics,
  • Document Management (DMS), Assembly, Templates and Email Management,
  • Client and Contact Management,
  • Matter Costing for Alternate Fee Arrangements,
  • Client / Contact Intake, Identification, Verification, Conflict of Interest, Acceptance and Approval,
  • Extensive Billing Management tools and Flexible Bill Formats (includes a fully integrated eBilling solution),
  • Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel), Blackberry, Android (Smart Phone) and iPhone integration, and
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboards.

Tools for Management, Accounting and Other Users:

  • Accounting, Trust Management and Financial Reporting (Cash, Acccrual - International GAP Compliant),
  • Standard, Custom Report Packages and ad-hoc capabilities, Full Foreign Currency,
  • Multi-Site, Multi-office with Base Rate Differentiation,
  • Electronic Work in Process (W.I.P.) Management,
  • Accounts Receivables, Collections and Statement of Accounts,
  • Fixed Asset Management,
  • General Ledger Budgeting and Forecasting, and
  • Human Resource Management (HRIS).

Tools for Business Development and Other Marketing Professionals:

  • Client / Contact Relationship Management (CRM),
  • Business Development and Request for Proposal (RFP) Management,
  • Events and Marketing, and
  • Group Email and Group Mail list Management.

Data Synchronization

Acumin works in tandem with MS-Office as well as other ODBC based products in order to maximize personal productivity and by taking advantage of communication channels such as laptops, handheld PCs, PDAs, tablets and smartphones. Users will create and execute Word merges for quick and effective creation of documents and leverage the firm’s intellectual property. Opt to export results into Excel and/or interactive dashboards for additional analysis, capture time spent from desktop applications and/or hand held devices for increased recovery of time spent on a client file make appointments from a range of technology channels for effective time management and invoke interactive workload management models for continued mobilization and motivation.

Mobile ready, Acumin facilitates anytime - anywhere data entry and information retrieval, leveraging continued growth in applicable software technologies and electronic devices for application across all business disciplines. With a platform ready to take full advantage of not-yet commercialized personal productivity and communication tools, Acumin continues to optimize the individual’s potential through the implementation of relevant functionality in support of new technology.

General Ledger and Trust Accounting

Acumin’s General Ledger features a robust master account logic supported by a strong chart of accounts framework. This allows you to easily navigate through the requirements of multi-office profit-center accounting, apply foreign currency models, use standard templates for recurring production based accounting operations and analyse financial transactions for timely and cost-effective decision making.

Marketing and Contact Relationship Management

With Acumin, users will store and track information on relevant relationships for a comprehensive approach to person and entity management. Track contacts, vendors, referral sources and clients on the same database and implement “best practice” automated CRM processes. Use important dates and CRM notes concepts for an interactive client-centered approach and invoke effective operational tasks leveraging person and firm information for optimum results.

Practice Management, Time Entry & Billing

Acumin provides an intuitive and efficient approach to data entry and resource management using standard Windows functionality that support comprehensive practice management and time entry models. This assists you to capture key information regardless of your work space.

Use personalized auto-text replace and Word spell checking options for more efficient data entry methodology.

Use “To-Do” frameworks and avoid missed deadlines. Synchronize agendas and contacts to eliminate redundant data entry.

Capture additional time records or trigger new tasks without the need for additional inputs.

Employ the many tools designed to facilitate data management, enabling “Firm” focus on client services rendered rather than of data administration requirements and marketing. Improve the firm’s ROI by providing clarity into matter status and profitability models regardless of profit center accounting requirements; effectively capturing time spent and disbursements incurred on the client’s behalf, successfully managing allocated resources, regularly reusing intellectual property, increasing the utilization of professional teams and improving access to detailed metrics for in-depth analysis. Small changes in productivity and workload levels lead to significant improvements to the bottom line.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Acumin

Submitted on December 6th, 2022 by Anonymous

Would recommend almost any other product that has taken the initiative to migrate their software into a cloud based solution in 2022.

The Good…


The Bad…

It still produces documents in .doc format which was last supported in 2003. 20 years later and Acumin still doesn’t have a solution to use .docx format nor online solution as most other platforms have transitioned to. Acumin also causes Word 365 processes to stay open even after users have closed out of Documents due to Macro’s they insert when generating documents.