Down To Earth Business Software

A full ERP system designed by Down To Earth Solutions for distribution/wholesale trade and software development companies.

About Down To Earth Business Software

The accounting and distribution suite of applications include General Ledger with the Cost Center application tied to the account number; Accounts Receivable as its own invoicing application or as a complement to Sales Order Entry; Accounts Payable interfacing directly to General Ledger and Purchase Order to assist with Inventory cost management; Payroll and Fixed Assets that function independently and require only the General Ledger application for accounting purposes.

To complement the distribution applications are add-ons for Freight calculation, Quotes/Estimates, and Sales Analysis, predicting the ebb and flow of your sales. For light manufacturing, Bill of Materials ties the entire process together.

Rounding out the entire suite of products are the software tools needed for internal efficiency: Name/Address associates customers, vendors, ship to, and mail to contacts for ease of data manipulation and management. System Manager controls security, data file specifications, and system devices. Although optional, the Contact Management system logs and tracks contact directly with your customers, vendors, and other current or future business partners for that extra boost in service.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable tracks your disbursements and controls your company’s most liquid asset – cash. Flexibility and ease of use are very important as well as accurate amount and payment due information at your fingertips. Down To Earth can provide it all with the following features…

  • Regular, recurring, and prepaid invoice entry
  • Process inter-company invoices
  • Automatic invoice selection for payment by due date or individual invoice, option to include credits or not, and defer an invoice selected by mistake
  • Age by invoice or due date and define your aging groups
  • Print multi-copy, laser preprinted, or your own MICR coding with blank laser check stock
  • Manually pay invoices already on your aging
  • Void checks and optionally set up for payment again with a single check number entry
  • See who your best vendors are with Vendor volume analysis
  • Balance with General Ledger at any point in the period
  • Interface Accounts Payable activity with General Ledger as often as you need
  • Process 1099s including MISC, and DIV formats
  • Cash or Accrual basis accounting offered

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable gives you positive control over your cash flow while monitoring customer accounts for early detection and correction of problems. Direct invoicing via Accounts Receivable or automatic from Sales Order Entry provide options for accounting or distribution processing utilizing . . .

  • Customer identification and unique considerations as Balance Forward, Retail, and Open Item types
  • Pricing tiers for customer sales if managing inventory pricing schemas
  • Recurring invoices for non-inventory charges
  • Automatic deposit slips created from the days cash receipts
  • Custom defined aging periods and dunning letters
  • Extensive sales tax distribution and reporting
  • Cash flow forecast reporting by day or week
  • Flexible sales commission structure
  • Sales analysis features determine profit concentration and organize resources accordingly by customer, dollar volume, sales representative, and more
  • Interface to General Ledger as often as you need

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials maintains up-to-date assemblies and ensures that your component supplies are accurately tracked. With up to nine sub-assembly levels per bill, your assembled items can be as simple or as complex as your business requires. Light manufacturing processes are efficient with the following tools…

  • Assembly level and component verification and optionally keep explosions or explode when needed later
  • Mass replacement of component parts should a change in the assembly occur
  • Standard labor cost allocation and serial/lot number tracking
  • Allocate, de-allocate, or update stock transaction options

Contact Management

Contact Management allows you to track and organize past, present, and future business with minimal entry time investment. Contact with potential or current customers and vendors is logged as activity from within the Call Management application or directly from within other _Down To Earth_ applications. Contact Management provides…

  • Separate ýFoldersý to allow for organization by subject within a contact master record
  • The ability to create as many different subject ýFoldersý necessary for each contact master
  • The means to optionally note a call back entry and generate daily call back lists
  • Requested literature packets to be identified, produce a ‘Fill list’ and sent on their way, efficiently

Cost Center

Data posts to the Cost Center application via General Ledger and the associated accounts. Costing data is carried from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll applications automatically to the G/L via the Interface process. Within Cost Center, you can then…

  • Assign each Cost Center a Cost Center Type code that allows grouping for reporting purposes
  • Report costs by Chart of Accounts number, not complicated job costing identifiers
  • Customize your reports for different accounting periods, budget revisions, and combination Current, Year-to-date, Inception-to-date, Budget, Percent used, and Percent remaining comparisons
  • Create up to nine budget revisions for each cost center, each year, for budget analysis, comparisons, and tracking
  • Use the budget worksheet for comparison reporting and next year’s budgets

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets application provides a complete asset management system, tracking capitalized assets from acquisition to retirement. You can compare up to six different depreciation methods to choose the method that best meets your needs. Fixed Assets interfaces directly with Down To Earth General Ledger with the following features…

  • Brief and extended asset descriptions available
  • 14 character Asset number with additional distinction of division and/or department associated
  • Units of Production / Machine hours calculation optionally by location
  • Automatic conversion from declining balance to straight line depreciation
  • Six ‘first year’ recovery period options by company or by individual asset
  • Calculate and report 40% (of assets capitalized) in the Fourth Quarter
  • Process and record depreciation adjustment for asset retirement accounting
  • Depreciation methods comparison, history, and asset recap information reports available anytime

General Ledger

Vital to the fiscal health of your business, General Ledger provides you with a quick and reliable picture of your company’s finances. _Down To Earth_ General Ledger is reliable, flexible, and has many advanced features to securely maintain detailed and summarized information, as well as quickly produce the most complex reports you may require…

  • Consolidate multiple companies, divisions, and departments to provide a complete picture of your company’s finances
  • Custom design financial statement formats with comparisons to allow complete flexibility
  • Alternate accounting periods provide the means to categorize your accounts for weekly reporting
  • Trace-back reports include all parts of any journal transaction back to its original application
  • Automatic allocation between accounts by percentage, dollar, or ratio as well as standard General or Accrual, Journal and Recurring transactions
  • Up to nine budget revisions each year for budget analysis, comparisons, and auto-rollover to the new year
  • Fiscal Year End is a snap with the flexibility of multiple accounting years open at the same time


Every successful business knows exactly what products are in stock – or how to get that information quickly. Down To Earth Inventory calculates quantity changes – sales, transfers, restocks, and credits – along with special pricing for promotions and contracts. Features allow increase or decrease pricing across the board, serial and lot tracking, kits created from component items, and more…

  • Individual company defined item number length from 15 to 24 characters, and designated ‘fill’ character
  • Average / Last / Standard cost options and reporting by product category or company wide
  • Multiple warehouse location management
  • Multiple vendor price/item tracking for each item, by warehouse location
  • Automatic price updating by percent or flat amount
  • Process physical counts by cycle codes with a ýcapture inventory quantitiesý to insure that quantities are updated correctly, even as business continues as usual
  • Item processing by UPC code via keyboard or scanner


The Name/Address application carries the pertinent master file data to send to, contact, ship to, and manage sales and potential sales. Primary addresses are defined and optionally associated with vendor, customer, (OE) ship to, (PO) mail to, and contact management master records…

  • Master lists, labels, and duplicate addresses are all managed within the Name/Address application
  • Lower case key entry is automatically corrected per standard language rules
  • Import and Export master data for transfer or conversion to a standard spreadsheet (with delimiters) or word processing format


Flexibility and optional features are what makes _Down To Earth_ Payroll stand out in any crowd. Not only does it automatically calculate and print paychecks or direct deposits, it tracks 401(K) and section 125 contributions, tips and meals, and sick and vacation time taken and remaining…

  • Automatic transactions generated for salaried employees with a single step
  • Multiple checks per employee, per check run for commission or bonus pay
  • Automatic calculation, tracking, and reporting of overtime and double time
  • Computer generated, precalculated or prepaid check types to cover all needs
  • Print multi-copy, laser preprinted, or your own MICR coding with blank laser check stock
  • Non-taxable deductions such as 401K and section 125 (Cafeteria plan) plans are easily defined and tracked for year end reporting
  • Multiple division and department separation for accounting but included on the same check
  • Deductions associated with a ‘Frequency’ code for flexible timing for deduction amounts
  • Tax tables maintained individually for each state based on specific state requirements
  • Federal and State magnetic media reporting as well as laser W-2s for employees

Purchase Order

Timely inventory updates and quantity restocking guarantee your business will never be caught short. _Down To Earth_ Purchase Order tracks your orders from the time they are placed until they are on the shelf – the current status of any order at your fingertips…

  • Process 1-step – receive and stock the warehouse where goods are shipped from or 2-step – goods arrive then are shipped to another warehouse as the final destination
  • Purchase & Receive for multiple warehouse locations on a single order
  • Specific internal item/vendor item and pricing tier tracking
  • Serial and Lot number tracking for Kit components and single items
  • Scanner input for ease of receiving for either 1- or 2-step processing
  • Optional Stocking labels
  • Buy/sell quantity conversions and purchase non-stocked items
  • Optional rigid Purchase Order/Accounts Payable invoice control and reporting by Vendor
  • Unique Purchase Order aging report to see when items are due in the future
  • Automatically reset On-order quantities to guarantee accuracy

Sales Analysis

You don’t need a crystal ball to forecast sales and spot business trends – you just need a solid sales analysis system. _Down To Earth_ Sales Analysis gives you a statistical and/or visual display of your sales activities. Your historical sales data is at your fingertips for a complete long-term analysis…

  • Creates a separate sales history file of sales transactions directly from Sales Order Entry
  • Provides optional Tabular and Bar graph data displays
  • Provides three methods of forecasting: 1)Double Exponential Smoothing; 2) Two-Parameter Linear Exponential Smoothing; 3) Three Parameter Linear Exponential Smoothing (if seasonal)
  • User defined and/or system defined sales analysis codes for custom reporting
  • Historical monthly data for up to 99 years including item purchase analysis

Sales Order Entry

_Down To Earth_ Sales Order Entry enables you to record your sales and order shipment and print and post invoices – quickly and accurately. When you process an order, inventory quantities are immediately updated to provide real time information, all the time…

  • Multiple customer type price levels, special pricing calculation, in addition to Credit limit validations
  • Recurring orders, Counter, and Cash sale support
  • Various options for printing order or item remarks or extended item descriptions on picking list and invoices
  • Shipping from multiple locations on a single order with Serial and Lot number validation and tracking
  • Combining items to create Kits with components and optionally including components on the invoice
  • Item inquiry showing pending customer and purchase orders for better quantity awareness
  • Automatic update of Accounts Receivable customers and General Ledger accounts when invoices are posted

System Manager

System Manager is the powerful and versatile command program for all your Down To Earth applications. System Manager provides comprehensive security options and maintains master definitions for your data files. It also includes special development features that enable you to customize your system for your exact needs. As an example, you can…

  • Extensively tailor security on two levels – Master security and Application specific – controlling complete applications, menu column access, single menu selections, and/or optionally require a password
  • Define printer specifications for up to 99 different printer configurations (fonts, spacing, barcodes, etc.) and system locations
  • Define Down To Earth Controls for use with a single or all companies for custom flexibility without programming knowledge required
  • Take full advantage of Down To Earth’s many convenient tools to smoothly integrate Down To Earth applications into Application developer’s own vertical solutions

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