DP&C Suites

A manufacturing execution system designed by DP&C.

About DP&C Suites

DP&C Suites is an integrated manufacturing execution system. It manages all shop floor activities, and combined with the client’s ERP application provides a complete order to cash solution. It is designed to provide real time, executable information in a seamless way to increase capital utilization and efficiency and improve material yields.

DP&C® Suites is designed to provide return on investment through enhanced process and asset management, and to increase infrastructure capability that enables profitable growth.

DP&C® Suites Manufacturing Execution System

  • Dynamically links to current manufacturing processes and routing to provide the ability to integrate into current ERPsystems.
  • Integrate critical elements of manufacturing process and other applicable sensor information to increase integrity and validation of the production process.
  • Reduce human error in process through a series of automation validation
  • Provides visibility to all critical activities in the manufacturing process
  • Manage and integrate all manufacturing resources(personnel,equipment etc)


  • Multi-level point of sale order entry module [ERP interface ormanual entry] designed to mitigate order entry effort.
  • Real-time manufacturing status for scheduling and management staff to compare planned utilization against available capacity.
  • Inventory System Integration Validates inventory availability prior to release of manufacturing order to shop floor.

Administrator Tools

  • User management is done by Define roles via permissions to employees to allow various levels of access within DP&C® suites to different modules.
  • Fully configurable as administrator control over all module functionality.


  • Provides the functionality to take critical element readings like weight capture, flow rate and temperature from real time devices


  • Provides the functionality to generate new batches according to the availability and capacity of resources to make an order fulfilled.
  • Use of IND560 device to take readings make it fast and accurate process.

Production and Resource Calendar

  • Provides the functionality to make customized calendar likeproduction calendar, accounting calendar as well as HRcalendar.
  • Provides managerial facility of resources as per our need for a particular day
  • Enhance examining and viewing capability of resources which are available on particular day. Also provide the functionality of adding exception if variation occur from the normal schedule.

Scheduler Calendar

  • Enhance managerial and accessing facility by giving information about what work need to be done on which date as per day, month, and year.

Duty Drawback Reporting

  • Alcohol Usage Reporting specifically for ATF filings and AlcoholTax Rebates
  • Robust Metrics Reports

Future Functionality Under Development

  • Continue to provide automation links to manufacturing shop floor process controls.
  • Calculate Duty Drawback for imported items
  • Machine Maintenance System

DP&C® Suites Warehouse Management System

Key Features

  • Cycle and Physical Inventory Count Control
  • Lot and Item Consolidation
  • Lot, Location Item Verification

Future Functionality Under Development

  • Tie MES to WMS (Directed pick and put) and TMS (SmartFleet)
  • Enhance pick and put logic.

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