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About ebizframe ERP

ebizframe ERP is a leading enterprise automation solution across multiple continents. The solution works across multiple industry verticals and provides multi-location, multi-company, and multi lingual capabilities.

The architecture of ebizframe ERP includes finance, sales, materials, manufacturing, HCM, and more.

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ebizframe ERP Features

The features can be broken down into major categories:


  • Reduce human error in selecting multiple taxes to documents and applying its calculation logic every time that you create one
  • Financial consolidation at group level
  • Provision to link Cost Centre with Entity/ COA
  • Ability to create suppliers/customers etc. in one screen
  • Ability to define multiple cost centres


  • Effectively manage productive/Non Productive Calls
  • Effectively tracking of Closed vs Lost opportunity
  • Single Pick against multiple ERP Sales Order, Single Shipment against multiple Pick, Single Invoice against multiple Shipment
  • Linkage of Sales Order with Internal and External Transporters
  • System calculated profitability for a particular customer or prospect
  • Tracking of Sales order, starting from Request for Quotation till Accounts Receivable


  • Categorize your inventory up to n-levels both horizontally and vertically to precisely monitor your inventory
  • Assign n number of attributes to each item in inventory
  • Assemble/Dismantle items based on user defined kit profile
  • Find exact item location to reduce time locating an item through Bin/Shelf definition
  • Monitor wastage caused due to unused items in the inventory
  • Minimization of data entry since information entered while creating a PO can be used while creating invoice


  • Define and Edit Multi level Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Define Production Processes and associated machines and manpower
  • Manufacturing tracking for a particular work Centre or workstation
  • Indicative price of manufacturing based on BOM
  • Efficient and optimum utilization of all workstations during manufacturing process
  • Forward/Backward Planning

Human Capital

  • Employee Records (Past/Present)
  • Employee Document Management
  • Attendance regularization rule configuration
  • Group wise increment
  • Interfacing attendance with biometric systems
  • Eligible employee selection based on selected joining date for increment

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User Reviews of ebizframe ERP

Submitted on May 20th, 2021 by Jacob Crespo

Very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. ebizframe ERP has helped us streamline our operations greatly. The implementation was quick and the support they offered throughout the ERP implementation was great. Amazing team!

Excellent features and functionalities. A complete ERP suite for all our business needs.