A software system designed by Enghouse Transportation for transportation companies.

About CoachWorks

CoachWorks, Enghouse’s integrated charter management solution, encompasses tools from all aspects of the charter industry, including sales, dispatch, and accounts receivable. By combining multiple functions into one universal program, CoachWorks increases productivity and streamlines the input and maintenance of estimates, trip orders and ?nancial records.


Increased E?ciency and Organization CoachWorks improves the e?ciency of your operations by streamlining and combining multiple manual processes into one program. It minimizes the need to train or allocate additional resources to other operations and allows you to focus your time on other business functions.

User-Friendly Functionality The easy-to-use functionality reduces the time spent training sta?, thus resulting in a quali?ed, independent workforce.

Enhanced Pro?tability CoachWorks’ multi-operational capacity helps reduce labor costs and allows users to produce more e?cient and accurate scheduling. The reduction in costs and improvement in resource utilization enable businesses to generate higher margin from individual trips.

Leading Technology CoachWorks is powered by the latest Microsoft development platforms, which provide a high-end user interface for increased functionality. CoachWorks executes a vast amount of tasks, and facilitates their use with graphical displays, calculations and a series of ?nancial, sales and operational reports.

Ongoing Scalability CoachWorks’ range and functionality can be scaled to ?t your operational needs, thus enabling users to concentrate on aspects that are most relevant and necessary to the operation at hand.

Flexible Architecture CoachWorks’ ?exible architecture provides room for growth and customizations based on your speci?c business needs.


Fast Entry for Single or Multiple Trips CoachWorks provides quick entry of trips and accommodates single and multiple trip schedules in one trip record. Both simple and complex trip movements can be accomplished simultaneously.

Adaptable Trip Pricing Access pricing calculations for multiple vehicles and rates per trip.

Customizable Quote and Contract Forms Quotes and contracts can be customized in CoachWorks to ?t the rules and processes speci?c to your business.

Powerful Scheduling & Dispatching CoachWorks’ powerful dispatch console utilizes state of the art software tools and graphical views for e?cient work and resource distribution.

Revenue Yield Management CoachWorks gives you the ability to set up a pricing schedule for revenue (yield) management initiatives.

Customer Communications Estimates, contracts, cancellations, notices, and more can be e-mailed directly from the trip order screen to your customers.

Post-Trip Analysis & Integration Post-trip clerical labor can be dramatically reduced with CoachWorks’ key management reports and simple alternatives for payroll submissions.

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