A full ERP system designed by Enhanced Systems & Services.

About Finesse ERP System

The Finesse ERP system is a sophisticated suite of accounting, engineering, project management, manufacturing and supply chain modules, each offering individual strengths and functional depth. Developed from day one in a 4GL programming language and relational database, these business tools perform on client/server and web-based configurations including Windows NT/2000.

We focus exclusively on providing ERP solutions for project-oriented manufacturers producing capital equipment and highly-engineered products. Finally, you have a means of analyzing profitability and controlling your entire project from beginning to end: estimating, quoting, contract terms and conditions, procurement, scheduling, production and post-production service and warranty.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) enables you to define each phase and task of your project in order to plan all the resources necessary: material, capacity and labor. Powerful analysis screens and reports are interactive and detail the exact status of all project activities across the enterprise. Clients achieve quick and cost-effective implementation with our turn-key consulting services. Each project is tailored to the unique requirements of our customers.

Accounts Payable

Finesse Accounts Payable applies its formidable logic to streamlining every detail of A/P. Setting up payments, making accurate distributions to the General Ledger, automatically handling recurring payables and producing checks and disbursement journals are all managed with little or no intervention. Its pay on receipt logic is also fully functional, dramatically reducing the time and effort necessary to satisfy credit obligation. And, because all Finesse modules are fully integrated, you can rely on highly accurate accounting as information flows through your enterprise to be shared and used whenever and wherever it’s needed.


  • Multi-project capabilities
  • User-definable data
  • Company, contract, batch and account code control
  • Ability to set multiple periods
  • Automatic account codes
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Check selection, printing and reprinting
  • Manual checks


  • Purchase accounts and amounts
  • Purchase entities
  • Purchase order interface
  • Purchase parts and quantities
  • Purchase order lines and receipts


  • Detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries
  • Vendor/vendor address queries


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Edit and check edit reporting
  • Aging and history reports


  • Discount rates and dates
  • Discount and non-discount amounts
  • Job costing
  • Pay dates and terms
  • On-hold and on-hold maintenance
  • Disputed invoices
  • Disbursement amount control
  • Voucher auditing, audit trail and image
  • Auto voucher numbers and running voucher entry totals
  • Balance invoice amount


  • Vendor approvals, ratings, certifications and performance tracking
  • Inactive vendors

Accounts Receivable

This system intuitively uses - and continually adds to - what you know. Built around customer credit history files and supporting systems, Finesse Accounts Receivable gives you all the information you need to make sound business decisions quickly by providing detailed credit and payment data for every customer, project, contract and job.


  • Handle multiple companies, customers, banks and addresses
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • User-definable data
  • Control receivables by account code, contract, company or batch
  • Line item descriptions for easy identification
  • Automatic account codes
  • Control over invoice quantities, receipts, audit trail and printing
  • Run inquiries including: detail, pinpoint, scroll, summary & hierarchical


  • Handles job billing, payment terms, freight charges, discounts, credit limits and returns/concessions
  • Product/unit price/cost
  • Running invoice entry totals


  • Handle customer, on account, partial and prepayment receipts


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Aging, comparison and history reports


  • Taxable line items
  • Tax calculation
  • Tax exemptions


  • Handles open items, statements and aging
  • Customer accounts and ratings
  • Inactive customers
  • Credit/debit memos
  • Customer purchase orders

Capacity Requirements Planning

Using time-phased options, Finesse CRP continuously compares planned, firm and released orders with your production capacity. With that information, it then tracks your production load by order status and schedules it in flexible work centers. Changing that load is simplified with Finesse’s graphical work center load view. Now you can see your load across the entire shop or plant and reschedule it with drag-and-drop ease.

You never have to wonder where you stand. CRP allows you to review your capacity constraints in daily, weekly or monthly increments so you can track your full planning horizon and make informed decisions. And with the system’s ability to generate exception reports automatically, it’s easy to review current capacity status and stay ahead of the game.


  • Multi-company, plant and warehouse capabilities
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats including comparison and planning reports
  • User-defined information and period date ranges
  • User-defined period date ranges
  • Run inquiries including: detail, scroll and summary
  • Simplifies the planning of product families and bill of materials


  • Infinite and finite, forward and backward job scheduling
  • Operation lot size scheduling


  • Work center load profile
  • Bucketless processing
  • Yielding
  • Shop calendars

Customer Order Entry/Contact Management/RMA Field Service

Using familiar pop-up windows, online help and power keys, Finesse makes high-productivity data entry and retrieval easier than ever. Customer order alterations, allocations, picking and shipping are all handled quickly online. And because pricing structures vary, Finesse provides extensive options that include contract, group and promotional pricing as well as discounts and quantity breaks. Any and all of which will be controlled by your effective dates. You can even maintain a complete sales catalog with the capability to configure orders and quotations.

Add in Customer Order Entry’s powerful sales analysis tool sand seamless integration with all of the Finesse modules and you easily keep all of your customer orders in perfect order.


  • Multi company, customer, salesperson, billing address, shipping address, sales area capabilities
  • Multi project, plant and warehouse capabilities
  • User-defined data
  • Sales catalog/part interface
  • Run inquiries including: detail, pinpoint, customer order entry, scroll and summary
  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats


  • Ability to generate customer invoices during order entry
  • Rules-based product configurator with user-defined features and options
  • Product options and dependencies
  • Order picking, shipping and carrier information
  • Stock from locations
  • Substitute, obsolete, supersede products
  • Four unit of measure conversions for each part


  • Credit limits
  • Customer part number cross-reference, purchase order history and credit ratings
  • Define active and inactive customers


  • Customer-specific, group, quantity, volume and promotional pricing
  • Handle quotes, standard and non-standard discounts and payment terms and time-phase quantity breaks
  • Handle tax codes, calculations and exemptions
  • Phase-in/out effective dates


  • Automatic customer order and line number tracking
  • Lost orders tracking
  • Multi ýship toý addresses for each order
  • Online priority quantity reserve
  • Order status
  • Partial shipments
  • Projected order schedules

Fixed Assets

Finesse doesn’t lock you into working one way. Instead, it provides built-in accounting interfaces, user-definable depreciation methods and types, and the ability to analyze ýwhat-ifý project depreciation. In addition, multiple book types, classes of assets and asset location tracking ensure a comprehensive, flexible and effective program with capabilities you won’t outgrow. So not only will Finesse simplify your asset management, but it lets you work your way.


  • Handle multiple companies, asset classes, asset locations and book types
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • Get detailed and summarized General Ledger entries
  • User-defined data
  • Flexible system lets you track YTD, projected and previous year and follow any number of years
  • Allows for hierarchical locations
  • Provides asset accounting and new asset tracking
  • Track expense limits and expense available


  • Hierarchical classes
  • ADR asset classes


  • Control cost expense, purchase cost, and sale price
  • Control in-service, disposition and salvage value
  • General Ledger entry control
  • Serial number control


  • Daily, part annual, annual and accumulated depreciation
  • Depreciation start and through date
  • Depreciable basis


  • User-defined book, tax and state type
  • Projected type Methods
  • User-defined accelerated and straight line methods


  • Detail, pinpoint, class hierarchical, location, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Aging, comparison and history reports

General Ledger

The powerful Finesse General Ledger module puts you in control and keeps you there. As the hub of your financial system, it delivers all the accuracy and audit features you must have with flexibility and ease you want.


  • Handle multiple company, plant, warehouse and project ledgers
  • User-definable accounts and data
  • Ability to set unlimited levels
  • Automatic and multi-entity consolidations
  • 50-character alphanumeric account codes
  • Supporting schedules
  • Ability to set access limitations
  • Handle contract dates, definitions, hours and fees


  • Cash flow analysis
  • Batch and date currency conversions
  • Large dollar/unit amounts
  • Maintain inactive and restricted accounts
  • Multiple accounting periods and years
  • Revised, variable and non-dollar accounts
  • Accrual reversal transactions


  • Budget and fixed allocation capabilities
  • Percent and variable percent
  • Weighted allocations


  • Automatic budgeting
  • Budgets from actuals and previous year
  • Job cost
  • Job class budgeting
  • Import/export budgets


  • Diarized entries
  • Journal balancing, entry control, entry masking/batch control
  • Enhanced entity entry
  • Running journal entry totals


  • Drill up, down and across the database
  • Detail, hierarchical, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Entries
  • Intervals
  • Maximums
  • Transactions


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Easy-to-use report editor
  • Historical, financial and comparison reports

Inventory Control

Now, you can access material status, location and availability online --instantly. You can also monitor and track items at the lot and/or serial number level and maintain complete control over your inventory by plant or distribution center. And the system’s cycle counting and physical inventory ensures your inventory integrity. So you never have to wonder where your inventory is. You’ll know.

What’s more, because Finesse accommodates demand management in the planning stage, you can avoid shortages and minimize the impact of out-of-stock conditions to keep you on track.


  • Multi company, plant, warehouse, location, stocking location capabilities
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • User-defined data
  • Create multiple inventory classifications
  • Keep engineering and MRP information available
  • Accounting functions include cost change, inventory, Order/WIP and QC
  • Run detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Actual, acquisition, current, future and past costs
  • Job costing
  • Labor and materials costs
  • Standard/level and outside costs
  • Multiple overhead costs


  • Firm, planned and back orders
  • Order/component allocations
  • Order/reorder information
  • Order priority, stage progression and status checking
  • Order splitting
  • Non-order/order issues and receipts


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • History and costing reports


  • Cycle counting
  • Online priority reallocation
  • Job, shop and work order tracking
  • Lot, batch and serial tracking
  • MFG and purchased parts
  • Quality control receipts
  • Scheduling information
  • Transfers

Manufacturing Standard

Finesse Manufacturing Standards is structured around what you want to accomplish. You want to maintain product configurations accurately and efficiently? The system’s complete Bill of Material (BoM) and process routing capabilities ensures it. Need to safeguard your product and process integrity? That’s done with the module’s formal configuration management and engineering change controls.


  • Multi company, plant, warehouse and shift capabilities
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • Engineering and product data management information
  • User-defined information
  • Set virtually unlimited BoM levels for cost roll-up as well as by lot or batch, serial and/or sequence number, phase-in/out date and shrinkage or scrap and obtain summaries
  • Multi-level, phantom, revision and planning/simulation bills
  • Run inquiries including: detail, pinpoint, history/analysis, scroll and summary


  • Job, labor and overhead costing
  • Crew size and efficiency
  • Overhead and work center rates
  • Daily work center capacities
  • Lots, efficiencies and yields
  • Components per operation


  • Standard labor classes
  • Where used
  • Operation sequence
  • Alternate and outside work centers
  • Cost set move
  • Inventory interface
  • Machines and tools
  • Move, set up and run times
  • Copying and replacing
  • Queue time, input and output
  • Decimal quantities
  • Duplicate components


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Comparison/costing reports


  • Route by lot or batch, serial number and phase-in date
  • Projected cost routings
  • Costed routings
  • Alternate routings/rework

Master Scheduling

With Master Scheduling’s complete planning and management system, you can review and monitor forecasted demand, anticipated production, parts and service requirements with ease. Powerful ýavailable-to-promiseý logic helps you effectively plan, schedule and manage your resources for projected demand, quotes and estimates.

Finesse Master Scheduling also gives you the option of managing both a production plan and master production schedule. You get precise ýbucketlessý supply and demand data. And, using the module’s simulation capability, you can evaluate various scheduling options before generating the actual material plan, ensuring timely, cost-effective resource allocation. It’s the simple way to master your scheduling.


  • Multi company, plant and warehouse capabilities
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • High-level planning tool for single, family or grouped products
  • User-defined information and period date ranges
  • Actual demand and receipts for past due actions
  • Run detail, pinpoint, history/analysis, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Date driven forecasts
  • Projected and net available calculation
  • On hand and safety stock analysis
  • Lot sizing
  • Flexible, multi-level available-to-promise logic
  • Negative projected available-to-promise actions


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Comparison reports


  • Job scheduling
  • Bucketless processing
  • Planning bill of materials
  • Shop calendars defined by work center, employee, day, month, year and plant
  • Planning and demand time fences
  • Actual demand pegging
  • Actual shop orders and purchase order receipts
  • Firm and planned order processing

Materials Requirement Planning

Finesse MRP plans and manages material and production using the requirements you define. There’s not a more flexible system out there. Period. MRP accepts independent demands created directly through the Projects, Contracts and Job module, Master Scheduling or via sales orders in Order Entry. But plans change, don’t they? This is why MRP’s dynamic, level-by-level planning allows you to adjust your material plan as conditions develop ­ in real time. And there’s no limit to MRP’s planning horizon; non-nettable and expired inventory are automatically excluded and scrap or yield are also considered.


  • Multi-company, plant and warehouse planning
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • Gross and actual requirements
  • Open, firm, planned and scheduled orders
  • Job scheduling
  • User-defined period date ranges
  • Handle detail, scroll and summary inquiries
  • Bucketless processing


  • On hand, safety stock and lot analysis
  • Projected on hand and net requirements
  • Orders greater and less than requirements actions
  • Order date greater than needed date actions


  • Planned releases and receipts
  • Planning bill of materials
  • Planning product families
  • Discrete and lot for lot planning
  • Fixed order and period order quantity planning
  • Least unit cost planning
  • Economic order quantity planning
  • Blow through and phantom part planning


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • MRP planning and comparison reports

Personnel/Payroll/Time and Attendance

Complex functions in a simplified program. The comprehensive Finesse Personnel/Payroll module can’t solve all of your labor headaches. But it can certainly handle the complex and highly detailed functions of payroll and associated personnel issues with exceptional ease. Even better, it can help you project future needs and labor costs.

A complete payroll calculation, distribution and human resources system, Finesse Personnel/Payroll’s tight integration with General Ledger, Customer Order Entry, Manufacturing Standards and Shop Floor Control lets you accumulate and calculate detailed labor rates, commissions, taxes and distribution almost effortlessly. This alone will save you hours.

Personnel/Payroll can also track a full complement of human resource data including an organizational chart, departments and divisions, positions, benefits and deductions, skills inventory, resumes and company contributions as well as overtime, vacation, sick leave and termination codes.


  • Handle multiple companies, projects, employees, banks, pay period checks, employee pay/jobs, applications
  • Handle unlimited employee taxes and benefits
  • User-defined data
  • Job costing
  • Breakdown information and report on time frames including ITD/YTD/QTD/PTD
  • Incorporates organization chart


  • Detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • History, pre-check edit and benefit/deduction reports


  • Tax authority reporting
  • Tax tables and allowances
  • Pretax and posttax benefits and transactions


  • Batch, company and contract control
  • Definable check stock
  • Manual and auto onetime checks
  • Voided checks
  • Phase-in rates and accounting
  • Max number and amount of benefits
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Labor rate and accounting table


  • Benefits/deductions
  • Pay check adjustments
  • Overtime transactions
  • Same pay period splits
  • Salary, hourly, unit and commission calculations


  • Changes and transaction audit analysis
  • Government reporting/compliance analysis
  • Company contributions
  • Regular, vacation, overtime, sick codes and analysis
  • Termination codes


  • Assignable and budgeted positions
  • Department and division classifications
  • Skills inventory
  • Job and entity labor classes and distribution


Finesse Purchasing saves you time by simplifying and improving vendor evaluation, performance tracking and quality inspection. It saves you more time by integrating your acquisition, material planning and supplier releasing functions and supporting your entire purchase order lifecycle…from supplier quotations to receiving and product inspections with one comprehensive management system.


  • Handle multiple companies, stocking locations, buyers, vendors, addresses and requisition sources
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • User-defined data
  • Job costing
  • Quotation capabilities including status and vendor responses
  • Ability to track inspection information
  • Quality control and material disposition capabilities: accept, reject, use-as-is, scrap, return for credit, rework
  • Provide quality control receipts
  • Easier management with auto requisition numbers and assigned requisitions
  • Easily define priority status
  • Simple unit of measure conversion
  • Run detail, pinpoint, history/analysis, scroll and summary inquiries
  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats


  • Blanket orders and order releases
  • Blanket status and comparison totals
  • Assigned blanket orders


  • Purchase order instructions, status, printing and receipts
  • Automatic purchase order numbers and order closing
  • Payment terms
  • Purchase authorization controls
  • Minimum order quantities


  • Services shipping data
  • Delivery instructions
  • Part instructions


  • Vendor catalog
  • Identify primary and inactive vendors
  • Vendor ratings, approvals and certifications
  • Vendor price breaks, part numbers and miscellaneous
  • Track best vendor selections
  • Complete vendor performance tracking: on-time percentage, days late, material quality, etc.

Shop Floor Control/Preventive Maintenance

From raw material through end item assembly, Finesse Shop Floor captures detailed actual data down to the unit level by serial number, providing you with comprehensive ýas builtý product data. By using production scheduling, you can create finely tuned schedules for each production work center and manage availability and capacity with an online calendar. Release an order to the production floor and the system helps you monitor and control workflow.


  • Multi-company, plant, warehouse and shift capabilities
  • Multi project
  • User-defined information
  • Automatically updates job cost, payroll, capacity and project status
  • Problem reporting
  • Handle detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries
  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats


  • Crew size actuals
  • Yield, factor, quantity and percent variances
  • Operation quantity complete and scrapped
  • MFG flow by barcode, lot and batch, order and serial
  • Actual begin and end date and time
  • Earned, allowed and actual hours
  • Yielding and revised yielding


  • Employee and machine hours calculations
  • Work center load profile, capacity and scheduling
  • Operation sequencing, inserting and overlap


  • Collect all employee hours
  • Operation set up and process status
  • Operation lot sizing
  • Operation quantity in QC
  • Backflushing
  • Debug and rework operations

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User Reviews of Finesse ERP System

Submitted on February 20th, 2018 by Anonymous

It did everything we needed it to we think. None of us ever got it to work right.

The Good…

It is reasonably effective

The Bad…

Zero and I mean zero tutorial support. Very complex and no help from the company at all.