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About Exact Globe

Exact Globe is a commanding and versatile ERP business solution that allows organizations to gain a deeper insight into the operational health of their business — across all departments, as well as with customers, suppliers, and vendors.

Exact Globe’s full suite solution is entirely suited for any organization that performs light manufacturing and/or light assembly, distributes a range of products to various market segments, or bases their business on a service-oriented business model.

At the core of Exact Globe is an embedded document management system that makes use of real-time, workflow-driven business processes, such as cash management, order processing and production planning.

This means that organizations can seamlessly interact and conduct business with customers and suppliers, no matter where their location, in real time, using active documents and up-to-date pricing, in multiple currencies and multiple languages, if needed. Businesses with global operations will significantly benefit from Exact Globe’s ability to natively adhere to different country business and legal rules, substantially reducing operational overhead associated with owning and maintaining different ERP applications.

Exact Globe gives users greater vision into their organizations, across departmental and geographical boundaries, whether it be through project management, financials, document management or workflow. By including within its technology the key components of what it takes to run a business, Exact Globe actively involves employees, customers, suppliers, inventory and production to interact together.

  • Project Management within Exact Globe can either be revenue-focused or internal-oriented projects such as R&D and marketing, focusing on financial transactions, document management, task and activity management.
  • Financial performance reports such as a departmental P&L can easily be extracted, reflecting the real-time health of the organization at any time.
  • Workflow Management is embedded within Exact Globe and is associated with cash management, sales, and purchase order processing, including production order processing. This provides users with analysis into where key processes are actually occurring in their lifecycle, without having to make guesses.
  • Inventory Management and as a result, costing, is a real-time affair with Exact Globe, throughout the system and through to the General Ledger. In addition, organizations with multiple locations are able to plan inventory, requirements and production, at both the individual warehouse level and at the net primary local level.

Operational flexibility in today’s customer-centric business world requires that your ERP solution be just as flexible. Exact Globe, by design, directly reflects an organization’s operations, and is resilient in its business processes so that organizations can immediately react to changes in the way business transactions must be handled.

By tying all the processes of an organization together, Exact Globe provides vision and control throughout the entire business, delivering consistent, measurable processes and up-to-the-minute information that supports profitable decision making. Synergy unites the workplace and reveals the costs, inefficiencies and redundancies hidden by the complexities of your business.

Synergy’s Web-based collaboration platform unifies the people, processes and knowledge that matter most to your business, creating an accurate, up-to-the-moment view of your organization’s personnel, finance, workflow, documents and asset information, enhancing decision-making, analysis, scenario planning, and ongoing management across your entire business.

Benefit from Synergy is derived by its emphasis on the whole business as well as the interdependence of its parts. The Synergy platform integrates and consolidates corporate data into a single database, allowing all members of the value chain to view and modify information based on their access and roles within the system.

Synergy energizes the traditional corporate infrastructure by providing an active portal view into the workplace: for employees, business partners, suppliers and customers.

CRM - centralize every aspect of your business around your customers and prospects

Document Management - constant business and knowledge retention across your organization

HR Management - manage your personnel with security, roles and rules based access

Project Management - seamlessly connect budgets, resources, documents and tasks to projects

Reporting - real-time reporting and analysis for informed operational decision making

Workflow - increase operational efficiency and replace manual, unsecured processes

Portals - securely allow employees, suppliers, resellers and customers to access critical business information through Internet portals, anywhere and anytime


Registering assets can be a time-consuming and complicated process. In particular when you acquire assets that are not yet registered in your administration. With Exact Globe, registering and managing assets is easy. A new asset can be registered directly when you make an entry in your purchase journal. All asset movements are linked to financial transactions to ensure completeness. After the assets have been created, monthly depreciation entries are calculated and created automatically. Each asset has an asset card listing historical transactions, ensuring easy traceability.


A single entry system minimizes errors. So, you save time and increase your ability to exchange accurate information via all standard functions for periodic output, import/export functions, data exchange and automatically generated overviews. Information is rapidly moved beyond your backoffice system – to your accountant and financial controller, for instance – so that you can amass the required overview for tax return preparation. The system also supports several types of taxes, including Value Added Tax (VAT) and sales taxes.


Exact Globe makes it easy to enter and adjust budgets for both amounts and quantities at general ledger account level. You can also budget using a foreign currency, or automatically convert budgets into other currencies. Budgeting is possible at a detailed level – against articles or per employee, for example. You can create different budget scenarios, drawing comparisons between a normal budget, a positive change and a negative change.

Cash Flow Management

Every company needs clear insight into its cash flow(s). Are your customers paying on time? Who are you paying and when? Exact Globe gives you up-to-date and historic insight into cash flows, the overall cash situation and the value of your company.

You’ll know the payment behavior of your debtors, via electronic banking that automatically shows the bank statements corresponding to the invoice. This eliminates the time consuming job of comparing lists of invoices to lists of payments, on paper or different screens.

Customer and Sales Analysis

View the performance of each sales representative or revenue per customer. You can then identify your most important customers. The overview of the current sales figures allows you to compare the results with last year’s sales figures. Thus you will have immediate insight into any increase or decline in sales figures. You will also be able to compare your budgets to revenues

Exact Synergy

For more extensive CRM, Exact Synergy is the front office tool that seamlessly integrates with Exact Globe, offering advanced functionalities such as opportunity management and marketing automation. Invoices and sales orders can be shared online with everyone throughout your organisation.

Built-in workflows align your customer-facing roles in the process. Work is routed automatically to the next person in the chain. Exact Synergy ensures clarity of ownership and enables flexible workflow routing which ensures that your customers request is handled by the right person at the right time.

General Ledger

Registering assets can be a time-consuming and complicated process. In particular when you acquire assets that are not yet registered in your administration. With Exact Globe, registering and managing assets is easy. A new asset can be registered directly when you make an entry in your purchase journal. All asset movements are linked to financial transactions to ensure completeness. After the assets have been created, monthly depreciation entries are calculated and created automatically. Each asset has an asset card listing historical transactions, ensuring easy traceability.

Global Integration

With Additional Management Functions:

  • Customer Relationship Management - All customer information available at a glance, any time, from anywhere
  • Price Management - Prices and agreements are maintained at a single, central location
  • Business Analysis & Reporting - Vital management reporting available 24x7 from one database
  • Financial Management - No need for manual entries, balance sheet and profit & loss account always up to date
  • Human Resource Management - Central, integrated employee information with easy analytics and reporting
  • Assets Management - Access to all relevant information stored in one central location
  • Warehouse Management - Real time inventory, procedure based receiving, embedded document management
  • Document Management - Unlimited document storage, integrated with Microsoft Office, enhances productivity and retains essential business knowledge never losing sight of critical tasks
  • Project Management - Creates links between all primary and supporting activities for specific projects

Exact Globe Enterprise operates on a single database, manages all the processes in the enterprise, and provides total control of every aspect of the business, accurately and in real time. It ties all the processes of an organization together, providing vision and control throughout the entire enterprise, delivering consistent, measurable processes and up-to-the-minute information that supports profitable decision making.


Detailed invoice management allows for complete processing of sales invoices. This includes advanced payment conditions, pre-payment, and direct invoices for over the counter sales. You can also calculate and grant sales commissions to employees and partners such as re-sellers.

Item Assortments

Exact Globe helps you manage your product portfolio via clear assortment categories. This will give you better insight into your product offering, while different levels of assortment will give you more insight into the results of your assortment. You will know if the assortment is complete, and by linking to sales, you will know which products are doing well. You can also detect item redundancy and analyze the performance of items.

Material Requirements Planning

Exact Globe offers multiple calculation scenarios, so you can choose the one that’s ideal for your situation. It also allows for the ‘pegging’ analysis of your MRP run. This enables you to identify the sources of requirements at a detailed level, greatly simplifying the inventory replenishment process. From within this MRP capability you can access all your logistic transactions, from sales order to delivery. This helps you with your own internal efficiencies, as well as with important issues of compliance and regulation.

Extract a Material Requirements Plan at the unique warehouse level or aggregated at the company level

  • Allocate material on a hard or soft basis, interactively providing significant flexibility ensuring customers receive products on time
  • Provide for a variety of product configurations for assembleto-order requirements with dependencies, exclusions and other relationships
  • Complete drill down to a manufacturing order from a sales order gives insight into when products will be ready
  • Discretely manage material requirements at the unique item category assignment, not just the entire MRP plan
  • Material control center greatly simplifies the inventory replenishments process
  • Multi-faceted Bill of Material incorporates machine activities, labor requirements and costs as well as production work centers and operations, within one entry / view screen

Order Processing

To keep your inventories low while keeping your customers happy, you need a flexible ordering system. Stock control must therefore be up-to-date, the purchasing department must know exactly when to buy, and the production of assembled products must be synchronized from the order, through to the demand for end products. Of course, the need for efficient ordering becomes even more important if your company does not hold stock.

Exact Globe provides direct insight into stocks during order entry. You can then allocate goods against current stock availability. As the process develops, you can create and issue credit invoices and reminders, offer drop-shipments, and compare returns with fulfillments to avoid fraud. Exact Globe also permits credit line checking before doing business with a customer.


Manage your pricing per item, per unit, per assortment, per customer, per supplier and per period. This includes specific pricing agreements with customers and suppliers. All your prices will be instantly available, and you will be able to make changes including temporary sales promotions. You will be able to calculate competitive pricing and discount structures in percentages, new prices or mark-ups. Regulation based charges can be handled and reported separately

Production Costing

Cost price calculation scenarios can be used to enable unique cost calculations for each endproduct. It means you can compare the total production order costs with the sales price to obtain the profit margin for the manufactured item. You can also look at overviews of the actual cost of end products by taking into consideration specific cost factors.

When there are changes in the cost price at any level of the bill of materials (BOM), the cost price will be updated all the way to the end product


Project control is notoriously difficult due to lengthy duration, complex sub-processes and a non-transparent cost structure. Exact Globe overcomes these issues by automating your entire project organization within a dedicated project environment. You will have an at-a-glance view of all project data from the project master card, with multiple project levels possible. Project-related transactions can be identified at all times (throughout all functional areas within Exact Globe) and handled according to projectspecific financial consequences.

  • Create master projects and subprojects, and link projects to cost centers
  • Link people, budgets, materials, documents and products to projects
  • Define projects as internal or time-and-material-based
  • Establish employee and vendor rates for each project
  • Determine best practices for each project type
  • Use functions for budgeting, forecasting and cost estimation

Purchase Invoices

Because all transactions are linked, Exact Globe provides detailed overviews that allow you to zoom into details effortlessly and instantly. This enables you to check invoices to ensure they match the receipt and create a purchase invoice based on the purchase order or receipt, without having to type it all out again. You will save time by defining exactly who is allowed to approve invoices via the incoming invoice register.


Purchase orders can be initiated on the basis of future stock levels, sales orders, production orders or forecasting. They can also be optimally matched with supplier contracts. Exact Globe achieves this with fast entry of purchase orders, multiple and customizable purchase order layouts, and the ability to link purchase orders to receipts. The moment a purchase order has been generated, a proposal for the payment terms is created, demonstrating a perfect integration of your logistics and your financial processes.


To deliver an accurate quotation, you need as much up to date information as possible with regard to pricing agreements, discounts, stock levels, delivery times and previous quotations. Exact Globe enables you to store and retrieve this information. You will be able to easily create a sales order straight from a quotation with one click, saving duplicate entry.

Resource Planning

Allocate resources in terms of personnel and machinery. You’ll know the availability of all capacity at all times, so that you can plan machines and labor hours in advance. You can generate a detailed overview of planned time by cost centre, subordinate or project

Service Activities

  • Access all customer contacts, correspondence, transactions, and activities in a single central database, securely from anywhere via the Internet/intranet
  • Search for individual customer records or segment target customer groups with up to fifty variables, including industry, company size, location and project
  • Provide an online portal for your customers and partners to check status reports, billing details, work in process, and submit requests.
  • Manage marketing activities effectively with advanced project, scheduling, budget, reporting, and workflow functions in addition to complaint management and customer surveys
  • Generate automatic communications to customers and prospects as well as automatic follow-up activities and reminders using Exact Event Manager

Stock Control

Exact Globe permits clear insight into your stock levels at all times – you’ll know your optimal stock levels and exactly what you need to order, and when. You will be in a position to save time and money with central warehousing that lets you process orders from multiple sales offices then dispatch goods to customers from one central warehouse. Exact Globe also offers cycle counting to ensure that the stock in the system equals the physical stock. And by providing a sampling function, it will help you to reduce waste and comply with regulations.

Stock Handling

All warehousing transactions – such as incoming goods, outgoing goods, location transfers – can be handled in Exact Globe. They can be optimized by means of barcode equipment in batch communications, or with real time radio frequency. By registering data electronically in this way, you avoid errors and always have an accurate, up-to-date insight into the status of any order, from a single screen. You will also achieve better service levels and delivery reliability. Exact Globe allows for replenishment from bulk to pick locations, cross docking, route optimization and pick and pack. Efficient replenishment with Exact Globe will significantly reduce your lead times. Products are verified as they are packed and shipped, and you can automatically print product labels for received items.

Supplier Management

Determining the right suppliers is vital to a successful purchase policy. Exact Globe gives you reliable supplier analyses by measuring and reporting supplier performance against benchmarks such as on-time delivery, quality of product samples and number of returned goods. It means you’ll be able to negotiate with suppliers based on clear pricing and the history of previously ordered goods


It pays to have instant knowledge of which customers received which products and when, and which suppliers supplied which products and when.

With Exact Globe you can track and trace items from supplier, to production, to customer. This is important when complying with government regulations, for example, or when monitoring customer demand.

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User Reviews of Exact Globe

Submitted on December 28th, 2015 by Anonymous

I am new with this software, yet to comment more about it. But its okay, except some problems I found

The Good…

Graphical Display, Menu arrangements, Excel Exporting and its formating, Reconciliations Etc are best…

The Bad…

No confirmation for Edited Transaction Sales. No option to print the vouchers (Or I did not find?) If you edit a transaction, no option to discard it unless you individually delete each line in that transactions. If its having more lines… you will end up in losing your day! Edited documents eventhough if you close, it is getting saved without any confirmation. No discard option. There is no unique transaction number, which should be continuous whatever transaction its… (Or may be its in the background, but not showing to the end user?) it must show to the end user… Need more time to comment more… I am a new user

Submitted on May 31st, 2015 by Anonymous

i no have much experiences how to use Exact Globe software, my company no have any training & gave documents about use it. I only know some functions to do, i want to open my eye & understand deeply. And i really need a catalog Exact Globe

The Good…

I see there’re a lot of product strengths, especially about Warehouse, the link documents between OSC dept & Accounting Dept, Purhcase, Assets Allocation automatic …

The Bad…

I’m new comer in my company, so it’s the first time i use Exact Globe, and i no have so much about this. I see some function no have offset account item (no show the account althought had column Offset account) such as Finance / General Leger / Select Search (it never show).