DBA Classic

A full ERP system designed by Ezijobz Software for manufacturing companies.

About DBA Classic

DBA is a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system consisting of 25 integrated modules designed and priced for small to mid-sized manufacturers and job shops.

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • 10 character alphanumeric vendor code
  • Complete integration with Purchase Orders module
  • Integrated with Contact Manager module for follow-ups and vendor history
  • Global payment selection or individual selection by vendor

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • 10 character alphanumeric customer code
  • Integration with Contact Manager module for follow-ups (such as collections) and history

Bills of Material

Features Include:

  • Eight decimal ýquantity perý
  • 15 lines reference remarks per component
  • Scrap percentage
  • Line number sorting alternative
  • Standard cost rollup
  • Global replace and delete
  • Copy and merge capability
  • Allows duplicate components with warning
  • Approved substitute parts
  • Approved vendors
  • Approved manufacturers

Contact Manager

Features Include:

  • Integrated with DBA customer and vendor files for follow-ups and history
  • Allows multiple users with password control
  • Downloading from non-networked computers allows Contact Manager to be used in field with laptops
  • Separate files maintained for customers, vendors, and personal contacts

Data Collection

Features Include:

  • Real time labor tracking
  • Supports keypad or bar code entry
  • Labor and parts produced entry
  • Labor only entry
  • Parts only entry
  • Labor status inquiry
  • Transactions editing
  • Shift schedule entry


Features Include:

  • Up to 10 quantities per estimate
  • Multi-level assemblies
  • Five markup categories
  • Inventory set up on-the-fly
  • Customer set up on-the-fly
  • Bill of material entry
  • Bill of material copy/merge
  • Dimensions yield calculator
  • Routings entry
  • Routings generator
  • Routings copy
  • Extra costs entry

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • 10 character account code followed by optional four character department code
  • Current, budget, and one and two years past history maintained
  • Batch posting by transaction type and date range
  • Complete integration with all DBA modules


Features Include:

  • 15 character item number, two lines 30 character description, 12 lines 30 character specifications
  • Multiple units of measure including purchase unit of measure and receiving conversion
  • Last, average, FIFO, LIFO, standard costing supported
  • Customer cross-reference part number and description
  • Contract pricing
  • Multiple locations (warehouses)

Job Costing

Reports Include:

  • Job cost (detailed or summary; single job or consolidated)
  • Profit projection
  • Labor transactions
  • Overhead transactions
  • Material transactions
  • Outside purchases
  • Labor efficiency
  • Work order history
  • Production by work center
  • Production by machine
  • Production by tool
  • Job cost summary

Job Shop

Features Include:

  • Sales orders can be automatically converted to work orders
  • Contract Price file holds quoted prices by item by customer
  • Customer item numbers can be cross-referenced to internal numbers
  • Each work order holds an unlimited number of start/finish dates
  • Estimated costs are recalculated when work orders are opened
  • Labor costing and reporting is on a real-time basis throughout
  • Purchase orders can be charged directly to work orders
  • Service orders are used for outside processes such as heat treating
  • A variety of job cost reports compare estimated vs. actual costs
  • Work order tracking is provided by various reports and inquiries
  • Work Order Schedule and Work Center Backlog prioritize orders
  • Lot Control module provides complete traceability of raw materials

Lot Control

Features Include:

  • Complete tracking of lot numbers through all phases of receiving, production, and shipping
  • Lot control by item number
  • Lot number notes
  • Lot number expiration dates


Features Include:

  • Features & Options module creates custom bills of material
  • Sales orders, estimates, and quotes can be converted to work orders
  • Estimating module can be used to modify existing products
  • Work order routings and bills can be changed for specific orders
  • Copy capability allows bills or routings to be easily copied/merged
  • Costs are automatically recalculated for custom configurations
  • Routing templates provide for quick entry of common operations


Features Include:

  • Manufacturing system provides inventory and shop floor control
  • Multiple pricing and discounts available for sales orders and quotes
  • Tracks usage and sales history of purchased and manufactured items
  • Month-end reports and journals simplify inventory accounting
  • Standard costs maintained for setup, labor, out-processing, overhead
  • Supports inventory and production by multiple plants or warehouses
  • Reorder report provides time-phased inventory requirements
  • Inventory Inquiry shows all stock status and master file information
  • Inventory Value report values inventory at average and std cost
  • Physical inventory is conducted via the Adjust Phys Levels program
  • Items can be purchased for inventory and issued to work orders

Material Requirements

Features Include:

  • Forecast entry
  • MRP parameters entry
  • Time-phased work orders and purchase orders
  • Expedite and delay messages for rescheduling existing orders
  • Automatic work order generation
  • Automatic purchase order generation
  • Automatic RFQ generation


Features Include:

  • Integration with Work Orders for Labor collection
  • Integration with Accounts Payable for voucher payment

Physical Inventory

Features Include:

  • Freezes inventory and provides for tag counts
  • Updates inventory with choice of average, last, or standard cost
  • Allows operations to resume immediately and the updating of inventory to take place at a later time

Purchase Orders

Features Include:

  • Scheduled (blanket) orders
  • Unlimited comment lines and notes
  • Service orders
  • Direct posting to job costing in receiving
  • Make-from processing
  • Vendor price file
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) processing
  • Conversion of RFQ’s to purchase orders
  • Inspection receiving
  • Over/under receiving
  • History inquiry


Features Include:

  • Routing sequences can be designated for labor, outside processing, alternate operations
  • Template copy for standard operations
  • Integrates with tool file and machine file
  • Notes and specifications templates can be attached to routing sequences
  • Routings cost rollup
  • Work center overhead by hourly rate or percentage of labor
  • Machine maintenance
  • Tool maintenance

Sales Analysis

Reports Include:

  • Daily sales and bookings
  • Profit by invoice
  • Customer sales (detail and summary)
  • Customer class sales (detail and summary)
  • Salesperson sales (detail and summary)
  • Inventory detail sales
  • Product class sales
  • User Defined Detail and Summary

Sales Commissions

Features Include:

  • Salespersons can be set up as employees or outside agents
  • Fully integrated with Accounts Payable and Payroll Link modules
  • Commissions due upon invoicing or customer payment
  • Split commissions allowed per order
  • Contract commissions by customer

Sales Orders

Features Include:

  • Unlimited comment lines
  • Full screen notes
  • Customer on-the-fly setup
  • Inventory status and price lookups
  • Instant invoicing
  • Note templates for forms such as certifications
  • Customer cross-reference part numbers
  • Selling kits
  • Scheduled orders with multiple ship dates
  • Sales commissions at header or line item level
  • Features and options order configurator


Features Include:

  • Infinite and finite scheduling
  • Master schedule entry
  • Work center schedule entry
  • Machine scheduling
  • Work center load inquiry
  • Lead time estimator
  • Lead time generator
  • Shop calendar

Serial Control

Features Include:

  • Complete tracking of serial numbers through all phases of receiving, production, and shipping
  • Serial control by item number
  • Serial number notes
  • Serial number expiration dates

Work Orders

Features Include:

  • Labor, material, and outside processing inquiry
  • Supports kit issues and backflushing of material
  • Labor entry from time cards or directly from data collection
  • Editable work order routing
  • Editable work order bill of material
  • Multi-date work order generation
  • Multi-assembly work order generation

Product Overview

Industry Focus

DBA Classic is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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