A full ERP system designed by Faspac Systems.


FASPAC-SQL is a windows-based Enterprise Software System combining sophisticated financial capabilities with advanced distribution and manufacturing features to minimize inventory costs, increase profitability, and improve customer service.

The FASPAC-SQL financial solution offers deep financial functionality and superior usability. The seamless integration with Microsoft Office, BackOffice and the Internet, combined with its exclusive optimization for the Windows and SQL Server platform, makes it an ideal solution for the ever changing needs of today’s growing businesses.

The FASPAC-SQL distribution solution helps you effectively manage your inventory, ensure on-time delivery, and maximize your productivity. It delivers advanced capabilities for tracking, managing and replenishing inventory throughout the entire distribution cycle, from order entry through warehousing and replenishment.

Critical information could be the difference between profit and loss, and FASPAC-SQL’s Manufacturing software solution is ready to deliver. With innovative features to give you the ability to monitor and streamline manufacturing processes and capitalize on just-in-time material purchases and inventory methods, you will achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

Accounts Payable

The FASPAC-SQL Accounts Payable module helps you save time, reduce administrative costs and gain better control over your business processes by automating a wide range of vendor-related tasks.

With a variety of customization options, FASPAC-SQL Accounts Payable lets you specify vendor management procedures and processes to best suit the needs of your organization. Flexible check printing capabilities let you use a variety of criteria to select invoices.

  • Importing of Vendor Information
  • Multiple Vendor Addresses
  • Automatic Payment Selection
  • User-Definable Fields
  • Multi-Year History Retention
  • 1099 Processing
  • Accounts Payable Trial Balance
  • Vendor Purchase Analysis and History
  • Unique Voucher Numbers and Recurring Voucher Processing

Accounts Receivable

The FASPAC-SQL Accounts Receivable module helps you improve cash flow while enhancing customer service through more effective management of your entire collections process.

Accounts Receivable gives you the power of automation to speed up and streamline every step in your collection efforts, from invoice entry to mail merging Past Due letters to the recording of payments. The system automatically calculates sales taxes, discounts, commissions and due dates, and automatically distributes invoice amounts to the appropriate General Ledger account based on the item sold.

  • Importing of Customer File Information
  • Invoicing Capabilities via Fax & E-mail and Recurring Invoice Processing
  • Ability to attach drawings/documents to line items on invoices.
  • Unlimited notes per line item on invoices
  • Multiple Currency Handling (optional)
  • Customer Inquiry at any level of detail
  • Detailed Invoice History
  • Multiple Customer Bill-to Addresses
  • User-Defined Fields on Invoice Item Level

Advanced Consolidations

FASPAC-SQL Advanced Consolidations keeps you in firm control of your business by giving you the power to quickly gather and consolidate financial data from every entity in your organization.

No matter how widespread your business, how many currencies and charts of accounts are involved, or how fast you business is growing and changing, Advanced Consolidations can provide a comprehensive, highly accurate, up-to-date view of every aspect of your organization.

Cash Management

With the FASPAC-SQL Cash Management module, you can quickly and accurately reconcile all your bank accounts. This module also collects information to provide a basis for accurate cash forecasting. Cash Management creates detailed logs of all cash transactions that flow through your bank accounts, providing accurate audit trails for security purposes.

Cash Management enables you to quickly and easily handle and track a wide range of bank transactions – including deposits, withdrawals, adjustments, interest earnings and charges, bank fees, and transfers between bank accounts – with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, the module’s extensive drill-down capabilities give you fast, convenient access to transaction details and source information.

  • Unlimited Banks and Bank Accounts
  • Multicurrency Capabilities
  • Wide Variety of Bank Account Transactions
  • Easy Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Multiple Tender Types
  • View Super and Sub-Categories Easily
  • Cash Flow Projections


FASPAC-SQL eCustomer maximizes revenue with an intelligent e-commerce solution designed specifically for business-to-business sales transactions. eCustomer’s intuitive design makes it easy to set up a unique Web storefront on your Web site. Customers can place orders online, review order and shipment information, and maintain their own accounts, all via a secure Internet connection.


Do you know if a new part is going to make you money or cost you money? Do you lose business to your competitors because your estimates are too high? FASPAC-SQL provides detailed estimating capabilities to help you increase business while improving your bottom line.

FASPAC-SQL Estimates provide more than an educated guess regarding total cost of production because they include materials, outside processing, and labor as well as overhead rates, and one-time charges for tooling and engineering.

General Ledger

The FASPAC-SQL General Ledger (GL) module puts you in control of your business by giving you quick access to mission-critical financial data. The General Ledger combines power and flexibility with ease of use to provide you with the critical information you need to make timely and informed business decisions and manage your business more effectively.

With the FASPAC-SQL General Ledger, you can set up an unlimited number of companies. Versatile account codes streamline your workflow and easily accommodate complex company structures.

Generate a vast array of financial and managerial reports with the well-known FRx financial report writer. Maximize the flexibility of your reporting options by combining text, amounts, calculations and summarization in an unlimited number of ways. Save time with extensive drill down capabilities including the ability to drill down from an FRx report to the General Ledger source document.

  • Importing and Exporting of General Ledger Account Information
  • Intercompany Transactions
  • Flexible Accounting Periods and ýSoftý Period Close
  • Flexible Account Structure
  • Unlimited Number of Budgets
  • Future Posting
  • Nonfinancial Accounts
  • Recurring Journals
  • Reversing Journal

Inventory Management

Save your company time and money with the FASPAC-SQL Inventory Management module. Its warehouse-centric design lets you track costs and sales histories by warehouse, and use multiple locations in the same warehouse for a single inventory item. Quickly locate the items your customers are requesting and continue taking orders during inventory cycle counting, ensuring that your business continues to operate at peak efficiency.

FASPAC-SQL also provides complete tagging, lot and location management capabilities, and flexible lot traceability attributes. Inventory options include receiving, picking and moving stock locations. FASPAC-SQL also provides multi-level tagging, kitting and warehouse transfers.

  • Quick access to on-hand, on-order and pending quantities for every defined warehouse and company in your enterprise
  • Advanced inventory capabilities including rework, 3 step warehouse transfers, location inventory management and inventory allocation
  • Inventory management for multiple companies and unlimited warehouses and locations
  • Powerful lot attribute tracking capabilities from receiving through shipping operations
  • Flexible item identification and user-defined item attributes/groupings

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

To understand material and distribution requirements across the enterprise, you need advanced planning tools. FASPAC-SQL Material Requirements Planning (MRP) uses historical data and advanced replenishment formulas to help you understand current and future material and distribution requirements and how they will affect your business.

The planning activity provides insightful information to help you make purchasing and production scheduling decisions based on industry-standard practices and flexible, real-life circumstances.

Multicurrency Management

The FASPAC-SQL Multicurrency Management module provides multiple currency capabilities for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. You can enter transactions in different currencies, and use multiple currencies per vendor or customer.

This module tells the system where to post realized and unrealized gains or losses upon exchange, and allows multiple exchange rate schedules. You can perform revaluations in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. You can also have multiple currency versions of registers and agings in the sub-modules, as well as in vendor and customer trial balances.

  • Unlimited Number of Currencies
  • Records Exchange Gains and Losses
  • Flexible Exchange Rate Maintenance
  • Custom Schedules
  • Automatic Reversal

Purchase Order

The FASPAC-SQL Purchase Order module helps you reduce administrative costs through more effective management of your purchasing process. It gives you the ability to track received goods by matching the delivery receipt with the invoice and the original purchase order. You’re assured of tighter tracking, and more accurate inventory control within your warehouse.

  • Integration with Accounts Payable invoicing
  • Ability to attach documents (drawings, certifications, etc.) to line items
  • Unlimited notes per line item on Purchase Orders
  • Easy creation of Standard and Automatic Purchase Orders
  • Standard or Custom Purchase Order Printing
  • Matching of Purchase Orders and Inventory Receipts to Vendor Invoices
  • Extensive drill-down capabilities
  • Save time and improve ordering accuracy through use of automatic defaults
  • Maximize productivity with quick access to transaction details and source documents.

Radio Frequency (RF)

The FASPAC-SQL Radio Frequency (RF) System replaces the manual entry of information for warehouse operations with real-time information updates using computer terminals. The terminals communicate with the host computer via radio frequency network.

FASPAC-SQL RF includes functions to perform inventory operations as well as order picking, and product putaway to random and fixed storage locations. Implementing RF will help to increase productivity, improve inventory accuracy and reduce order fill time as well as the number of returns.

Sales Order

Save time with quick access to vital customer and inventory information with the FASPAC-SQL Sales Order module. Easily price your inventory items based on customer class, location, discounts and more. Each line item can have its own ship-to address, sales person, tax rate, ship date, ship-from location, drop ship, plus user-defined fields.

FASPAC-SQL also gives you a variety of options for communicating with your customers such as built-in faxing, and e-mailing of invoices. An Order Desk feature gives your customers the ability to make reservations and inquiries on stock and order status from the convenience of their own computers.

  • Integration with invoicing in Accounts Receivable
  • Capability to attach documents (drawings, certifications, etc.) to line items on invoices
  • Unlimited notes per line item on sales orders and invoices
  • Extensive drill-down capabilities
  • Item availability and price inquiry
  • Set up and automatically apply elements such as pricing, credit limits, commissions, discounts and sales tax for each transaction
  • Order desk reservations by lot and package type
  • Contract ordering
  • Multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses
  • User-defined item attributes/groupings

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