A full ERP system designed by Finance Manager for educational services and government & public administration companies.

About nVision

Taking It to the Next Level

nVision takes school business management software to the next level with powerful new features and enhancements that meet the everyday challenges facing today’s school districts and municipalities. This solution will provide business offices with a high-performing application that improves efficiency and streamlines business operations better than ever before. Staff will be able to share more data while automating daily processes for optimal workflow. Modules include Accounting, Budgeting, Payroll, Requisitioning, Receivables, Human Resources, Bidding, Negotiations, and Time & Attendance.

nVision Features

  • Increased Speed and Efficiency
  • Personalized Informational Dashboards
  • Customizable Views Layout
  • Message Center
  • Email Response System
  • Customizable Smart Grids with Microsft export capabilities
  • Ability to add Custom Data Fields
  • File Attachment
  • Personal Customizable Report Builder
  • Workflow Management with Event Notification
  • Powerful New Reporting Options with drill-down capabilities
  • Report Export Options in Microsoft Excel, Word, .PDF, Rich Text Format
  • Role-based Permission Profiles
  • Highly Sophisticated Search Tool


nVision is a completely integrated solution which takes advantage of the latest Microsoft technology and its vast libraries of software tools to allow new and exciting features to be deployed more rapidly and efficiently. Built on the MS® SQL database, it enables Finance Manager to provide an intelligent platform optimized for data integration, reporting and analysis. nVision is easy to use and utilizes familiar Microsoft® Office features and includes a personal customizable report writer, web applications, employee self-service options, and much more.

Finance Manager has always been dedicated to ensuring that all of your organization’s information is secure, and that dedication has been passed to nVision as well. Combining both Microsoft® security standards and Finance Manager’s built-in security tools, you can feel confident that your data is secure with a comprehensive security and user management system that exceeds New York State Comptroller’s requirements.

Dashboard Technology

Dashboards are centralized windows that display real-time operational information. These centralized windows increase operational efficiency by providing key analytics to Administrators and Supervisors for a greater level of control and better decision-making. The dashboards enable the effective management of critical areas such as accounting, attendance, purchase orders, requisitions, payroll and much more.


One of the most critical functions of any software solution is analytical report writing. Having access to all of your data is the key to better decision-making. nVision offers you reporting capabilities that fulfill governmental and district-wide reporting requirements while empowering you with a personalized report writer that leverages inter-departmental data.

The nVision report writer is a customizable tool that allows users to create their own reports which can be saved for future use and/or shared with other staff members. This new tool is easy-to-use and offers more data control by the end user.

Finance Manager continues to offer the wide array of various reports you’ve become familiar with, but with added flexibility. nVision utilizes customizable Smart Grids that give you the option to review data on the screen or export to Microsoft® Word, Excel, .PDF or simply print. Our report viewer not only lists all the available standard reports, but displays a preview and description of each report. All our reports feature drill-down capabilities for better daily analysis.


Accounting is designed specifically to meet the needs of municipalities and school districts by providing the necessary tools to enhance the decision-making process by offering accurate and reliable information to administrators.

Automated features optimize all accounting functions and generate financial documents accurately and efficiently. Accounting offers a flexible and advanced fund-accounting solution with the controls to maintain accounting integrity and balanced entry.

Easily navigate through large amounts of data with SmartGrids and drill down capabilities. Reduce the time you spend trying to analyze information by retrieving data instantly without producing large and cumbersome reports. Organizations can manage and keep track of all accounting activity through sophisticated audit utility. Full integration allows data and transactions from other modules to flow seamlessly into Accounting.

Optimizing Business Office Processes

The accounting software features customizable security settings down to the user-level on account code restrictions, approvals for budget transfers, and signature printing - all which gives you complete control of data security. nVision Accounting includes Purchase Orders, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Vendor Maintenance, Appropriations, Cash Receipts, and Budget Accounting.

  • Accounting dashboard displays the real-time budget information and provides key-analytics for greater control
  • Maintains fully-integrated, single-input accounting system: general ledger, accounts payable, budgetary accounting, receipts/revenue, encumbrances/ purchasing, project/grant accounting. All data is entered once and updates all ledgers therby eliminating duplicate entries.
  • Maintains multiple operating fiscal years/periods concurrently
  • Provides real-time journal entry posting: Unlimited debits and/or credits with double-entry balancing. Unique on-screen totals eliminate out-of balance entries.
  • Track costs by program and project activity across departments by multiple ranges
  • Provides ad-hoc inquiry for all data entry for any user-defined reference and/or date range
  • Generates all financial documents: support multiple check formats, purchase orders, complete account and vendor histories in a wide variety of accounting report formats that comply with the Uniform System of Accounts


  • Streamlines and organizes the entire purchasing process
  • Generate computer or manual purchase orders
  • Easy management of purchase record details
  • Convert requisitions or awarded bids into purchase orders seamlessly
  • Ability to select an item from the Item catalog onto a purchase order for enhances purchasing management
  • Integration with Bid allows you to choose items from an awarded bid to create a purchase order
  • Instantly view POs, both printed and posted on the screen
  • Checks each encumbrance entry against the current remaining balance and issues a warning if the account does not have a sufficient balance
  • Automatically liquidates remaining encumbrances when a purchase order is cancelled or paid in full
  • Ability to easily email copies of POs to vendors

Cash Disbursements & Payments

  • Automates Trust & Agency payments to regulatory authorities and Medicare reimbursements to retirees
  • Provides a check register showing all checks issued, vendor and total check amount by vendor and check number
  • Automated check reconciliation processingChoose from multiple payment addresses by check
  • Multiple vendor addresses with “types”
  • Track vendor items and negotiated prices
  • Flexibility to select more than one 1099 type per check - by individual detail line
  • Line item receiving against a purchase order or on an item by item basis
  • Payments can be made based on shipments recorded by PO number and/or by item
  • Customize check appearance with the Check Layout Designer
  • Easily void and/or void & reissue disbursments either by check number, vendor or schedule selection
  • Quickly lookup and view void & reissue checks through the selection browser to see the original check entry


nVision Accounting offers a wide array of various reports to meet the needs of the accounting department and the business office. Accounting utlizes customizable Smart Grids which give you the option to review data on the screen, or export to Microsoft Word, Excel, .PDF or simply print.

  • Provides all standard reports: Trial balance, revenue status, appropriation status and cash balance for selected funds
  • Produces all required New York State Reports
  • Custom Report Writer gives you the flexibility to design your own reports to meet your needs
  • Run either detail or summary reports and provide users with the ability to define report selection criteria and totaling


Bidding is a comprehensive software solution designed to automate the manual bidding process for school districts and municipalities by effectively creating and managing bids from initial setup to the award stage. All awarded bids can be conveniently converted into requisitions or purchase orders with full historical analysis.

Bidding provides a centralized database to easily input bids, maintain vendors, and log bid response activity which complies with legal, regulatory, and report requirements. Bid Administrators have the capability to restrict requestor access and control the types of items requestors can add to a bid.

Built with the most up-to-date Microsoft development tools written to Windows standards, Bidding has the same look and feel that Windows users are already familiar with.


  • Utilize built-in time saving scenario calculations
  • Reduce bidding workloads
  • Enter data effortlessly with instantaneous records management
  • Achieve greater control of budget development
  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate redundant input efforts between buildings and departments
  • Analyze vendors’ bids to determine the most cost effective price
  • Import directly into Microsoft Office

Streamline Bid Process

  • Seamless integration with Accounting
  • Fully customizable maintenance tables
  • Unlimited bid categories, sub-categories and items
  • Audit trails of all actions made within Bid to ensure accountability
  • Electronic submission of vendor quotes
  • Customizable layout with resizable windows
  • Spell check capabilities for free-form text entry
  • Smart alerts to prevent users from missing important entries necessary to complete a bid
  • Comprehensive bidding analysis with graphical presentation

Seamless Bid Entry and Analysis

  • Build bids easily and efficiently
  • Generate automatic or custom bid number
  • Create an unlimited number of customizable bids with a limitless number of items
  • Add new bid categories and items instantly while creating new bids
  • Import one or multiple items to bid requisitions with the click of a button
  • Illustrate bid details on one easy-to-view window for analysis and reference
  • Assign permissions for an individual requestor to bid on behalf of other staff

Comprehensive Bid Analysis and Award

  • Automatically evaluate and analyze vendor responses to determine the best vendor or item price
  • Simu late various vendor discounts for comparison
  • Award a bid to vendors other than the lowest bidder
  • Document override reasons for rejected lowest vendor bid
  • Award bid by vendor or item
  • Graphically compare vendor quotes through printable color chart analysis
  • Electronically convert awarded bids into requisitions or purchase orders


Our Budgeting solution will help you effectively manage your budget developement, and analyze the information to make the best decisions. Streamlined for efficiency, our budgeting tools simplify the process by allowing you to perform mutliple forecasting to scenarios for analysis and the flexibility to evaluate and understand the effect of various factors. Designed to solve the cumbersome process of budget creation, tracking, analyzing, and reporting. For more sophisticated analysis, users can export budget worksheets to Microsoft® Excel, and then upload new details into the budget module.


  • Enables the user to design and produce the entire budget presentation using the powerful spreadsheet built directly into the budget module or to use a standard spreadsheet program and import current financial data.
  • Provides for import and export of financial information with Microsoft Excel®.
  • Supports a full range of reporting formats including reports sorted by any combination of function, object, location or program.
  • Allows budgets to be printed into the New York State component budget reporting format.


  • Provides for unlimited custom budget worksheets with extensive detail notes for each account code.
  • Performs “what if” budget calculations by increasing or decreasing specific account codes by a user-defined percentage or amount.
  • Provides automatic updating of budget totals as budget amounts are entered or revised.
  • Imports real-time data from Accounting module including the original budget, revised budget, year-to-date expenditures and projected expenditures consisting of year-to-date expenditures plus current outstanding encumbrances.
  • Provides the ability to automatically move the adopted budget into the new fiscal year in Accounting.
  • Imports real-time salary projections from Negotiations including detail by budget code.
  • Allows for input of budget requirements at responsible cost centers.

Human Resources

Human Resources is an advanced personnel management system designed to specifically centralize all employee information. It provides immediate access to a wide array of delicate information for employees during and after employment. This vastly secured module provides all the necessary tools to assist districts and municipalities with meeting the special human resource administration requirements. Human Resources is fully integrated with nVision.

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Customizable user-defined codes and categories
  • Comprehensive position control
  • Position based budgeting capabilities
  • Custom fields with reporting
  • Board Minutes/Agenda creation
  • Email notifications
  • Workflow management with event notification
  • File attachments
  • Sophisticated search and sort capabilities
  • Seamless interface with nVision, eliminating redundant efforts and data entry
  • Streamlines the entire employee recordkeeping process

Personnel Management

  • Displays multiple positions, employee types, building/department associated with each employee all on one easy-to-view window
  • Summarizes negotiated contract for each employee which includes appointment earnings, account breakdowns, anniversary dates, FTE, days worked, number of checks, etc.
  • Maintains and tracks current and past appointment information
  • Customizable fiscal year salary letters by individual employee or groups
  • Ability to connect the appointment to the position
  • Tracks fingerprints
  • Maintains and tracks emergency medical information, insurance and COBRA data, and dependents
  • Facilitates scheduling of required medical tests by employee type
  • Provides for multiple retirement membership information
  • Option to automatically create employee deductions for payroll

Professional Management

  • Ability to track pending and completed evaluations and observations to facilitate scheduling and planning
  • Tracks employee tenure and certifications
  • Maintains an historical record of employee educational credits/degrees including PDP requirements
  • Automatically calculates seniority based on days worked, start date, primary tenure or Civil Service area
  • Prints a wide variety of user-selectable reports including evaluations, tenure, seniority lists, and degree and educational information

Attendance Management

  • Assign user-defined attendance profiles to employees with specific rules
  • Create attendance banks and track available days as time is donated or taken from the bank
  • Tracks leave benefits, leave taken and other absences through attendance codes
  • Utilizes actual work calendars to enter, display and verify attendance data
  • Automated routines to accrue annual leave data and carry forward attendance balances
  • Globally charge or remove time taken or absences for all or specific employee groups – snow days, emergency closings, conference days, etc.
  • Globally records attendance increments donated to an attendance bank
  • Leave of absence adjustments automatically update seniority records
  • Easily indicate substitute identification in the absence record
  • Extensive array of attendance reports for managing data include multi-faceted attendance analysis, transaction reports, and employee attendance correspondence detailing yearly balances
  • Interfaces with SubFinder

Civil Service

  • Simplifies the entry and tracking of Civil Service employees through time, earnings and position
  • Allows retention of Civil Service work history including titles, class and earnings
  • Automates Civil Service record and seniority starting date entry when using position control
  • Generates the New York State required Civil Service Report reflecting wages paid for each Civil Service position


Negotiations is designed to centralize employee contract salaries for negotiation in one easy-to-use module. Specifically, it organizes and simplifies the lengthy negotiation process of employees’ salary contracts. Seamless integration with nVision Budget and Payroll, information is shared to assist in the creation of salary schedules, earnings projections, and budget development. Its analytical tools support you in every step of the negotiations process.


  • Automated processes reduce the time districts spend manually updating salaries
  • Real-time salary projections with multiple scenarios streamline the negotiating process
  • Integration with Payroll and Budget creates workflow efficiencies
  • Built-in familiar Microsoft® Office Excel tools simplify the input of salary schedules
  • Accurate and reliable results build greater confidence during the negotiation process
  • Solid control over the negotiations process allows the business office to quickly effectuate agreed terms

Streamline Workflow Efficiencies

Negotiations brings real-time complex contract negotiations straight to your computer gaining more control over salary contracts. Effortlessly create salary matrices to maintain contract salaries and hourly rates for all personnel. With Microsoft® Office Excel built into the software, you can easily construct salary schedules with multiple steps/levels for development of numerous contract scenarios for simple comparison. These schedules become the foundation on which employee salary earnings will be based. Once approved, salaries can be moved to Payroll Manager in one easy step.

  • Establish unlimited schedules for contractual, annualized, supplemental, hourly and per diem salaries for each step and level by bargaining unit
  • Build new schedules by copying from one fiscal year to the next
  • Increase/decrease past negotiated salary amounts by a percentage or flat amount
  • Generate future salary projections to produce reports on salary increases for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Identify inconsistent employee details with a validation report
  • Project multiple salary contract scenarios for a single fiscal year and produce reports for comparison
  • Modify individual employee salary projections for non-standard circumstances
  • Update standard days, number of checks, FTE or hourly pay for employee groups on a global basis
  • Project concurrent or split earnings spanning multiple schedules with July or mid-year increment dates
  • Analyze current and future earnings for budget development with specialized reporting
  • Create scattergrams to identify the number of employees and total cost at each step and level within each salary schedule

Time-Saving With Seamless Integration

Negotiations streamlines your budget development process with automated exports of salary details. In one quick step, export full salary projections with full notes to Budget. Once salaries are approved, employees’ earnings in Payroll can be updated automatically for the following fiscal year. These automated processes reduce the time spent on updating budgets and salaries for individuals and eliminate the need for manual entries.

Flexible Reporting

Several different reporting options are available in Negotiations providing you with the flexibility to preview information, print, export to Microsoft® Office Excel or save as a .pdf file. These reports will give your district the added support to develop accurate and reliable salary schedules, projections, and budgets.

Reports include:

  • Earning Schedules Report
  • Earnings Projection Report
  • Earnings Scattergram
  • Schedule Comparison
  • Account Breakdown
  • Level Validation Report
  • Earnings Projection Letters


nVision Payroll is designed specifically to deal with the special payroll processing needs of school districts and municipalities. It provides all the necessary tools to help you manage the complex payroll needs that include varying pay cycles, deductions, retirement calculations, and exceptions that arise each cycle. Payroll is fully automated and reduces the amount of time it takes to process payrolls.

nVision Payroll optimizes the processes around your employees’ payroll so you can easily manage, track and analyze all your payroll functions. Payroll is a feature rich solution that calculates many different payroll fundamentals such as lump sum payouts, retroactive pay, rate changes, tax updates, compensation and salary deduction adjustments. Seamless integration with nVision and Timepiece creates higher productivity and efficiencies.

Increased Efficiency

  • Catalogs all relevant employee data into an employee database which allows users to maintain historical data and eliminates the need to manually research employee payroll information
  • Generates a full set of payroll reports, including contract and earnings lists, check registers and account code distributions, as well as the period State Retirement System reports
  • Allows unlimited pre- and post-tax deductions, multiple checks on one payroll, flexible direct deposit options and payroll encumbrance capability

Streamlines Payroll Process

  • Maintains employee demographic information, payroll history and personnel information on-line for review
  • Allows for multiple account coding, including multiple funds
  • Accommodates weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-monthly, annual, special distributions and lump-sum year-end payrolls, including multiple pay rates for each employee
  • Provides an interface to Accounting by summarizing the payroll expense distribution
  • Calculates federal, state, city and miscellaneous withholding taxes from standard tax tables, flat amounts or additional amounts and percentages
  • Enables user to view an on-screen display of any prior payroll check in detail
  • Produces the Form 941 worksheet attachments and New York State 45ATT Quarterly attachments
  • Produces requisite Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) reports
  • Handles multiple appointments in multiple retirement systems
  • Automatically creates “pennies adjustments” for year-end payrolls
  • Produces year-end multi-payment or lump-sum checks for any earning and deduction combination
  • Provides utility to accelerate input of hourly and substitute payroll at departmental level


Receivables is designed to simplify billing and tracking of a wide variety of miscellaneous revenue sources for school districts and municipalities. It provides enhanced tools to manage customers, process invoices, track payments, and manage other activities.

Flexible invoice and statement processing, customization abilities and full integration with nVision makes reconciliation of payments easy while streamlining the management of the entire receivables process.

Achieve greater control over your municipality with this real-time, centralized solution. It incorporates features that provide enhanced analysis and easy access to important data without running cumbersome reports that need to be sorted through, thereby increasing productivity.

Simplified Billing & Invoicing

  • Unlimited number of revenue sources, customers, billing types, invoices and locations
  • Generate and print accurate credit memos with detailed billing items
  • Organize pending charges and credits through billing schedules
  • Produce invoices easily with user-defined defaults for each customer’s profile, revenue source and account codes
  • Integrates with Human Resources for benefits billing
  • Copy recurring billing items from one fiscal year to another
  • Automate recurring billing items and credit memos for timely invoicing
  • Apply adjustments to any open invoices
  • Void and reissue printed and posted invoices
  • Customize invoices and statements with logos, payment terms, instructions and miscellaneous notes

Revenue & Collection Payment Processing

  • Single payment may be applied to multiple customer accounts
  • Record and print customer cash receipts
  • Minimize entry of cash receipts by utilizing data created through the invoice procedure
  • Accommodate for partial payments, overpayments, and negative and positive adjustments
  • Automatically post applied credits to the general ledger in Accounting

Tracking & Reporting

  • Complete audit trails of all activities
  • User-defined tables allow for more accurate and efficient tracking and reporting
  • Produce invoices, reminders, statements, aging schedules, customer histories, revenue sources, and location reports, as well as other management information
  • Real-time queries, invoice status and customer balances
  • Facilitates invoice tracking and organization for administrators through billing and collection process


nVision Requisitions is an automated solution that facilitates the process of managing purchasing activities. Simple, yet sophisticated, it allows users to easily create requisitions that help expedite the approval process that will transform the way your organization manages purchasing. It provides complete oversight and review of the entire requisition process.

Requisitions adds an additional level of encumbrance to the purchase order - a pre-encumbrance. Although not an actual encumbrance, it illustrates a synopsis of possible future expenditures giving a firm indication of how and where future purchases will impact your budget.

Remote requisitioning provides greater awareness of budget constraints for budgetary control. As a fully integrated module in nVision, Requisitions seamless interaction with Accounting ensures that sufficient appropriations are available before submittal of requisitions.

Highlighted Features

  • Automates the requisitioning and approval processes
  • Utilizes dashboard technology to summarize requisition details
  • Flexible routing rules and exceptions for any request type
  • Approve/disapprove multiple requisitions at a time
  • Catalog of items for users to select to add to the purchase order
  • Integrate seamlessly with Accounting and Bidding
  • Add file attachments and scan documents
  • Create custom fields with reporting capability
  • Enables remote users to review their budget codes, status and histories
  • Create and maintain an item catalog with user-defined categories
  • Add requisition line items
  • Unlimited approval levels with customizable paths for each user
  • Approvers and requestors are notified of requisitions that need attention

Easily & Effectively Control Spending

Delivering a comprehensive solution for managing the purchasing process with simple and easy to use tools.

  • Place budget information in the hands requisitioners to provide greater awareness of budget constraints
  • Implement more standardized purchase requisition practices to streamline and manage spending
  • Eliminate overspending by reviewing the accounts used on the requisition and issues an alert if the account lacks a sufficient balance. Requestors are not permitted to continue if sufficient funds are not available
  • Help reduce operating costs for processing purchase orders
  • Save time by entering requisitions prior to the next fiscal year
  • Expedite requisitions quicker with remote requisitioning
  • Reduce time spent gathering information to process a purchase order
  • Eliminate duplicate efforts by converting approved requisitions into purchase orders in one easy step
  • Enhance communication and control over purchase requests

Intuitive Workflow Management

Users can easily request items from a catalog with associated vendors, account codes, departments, projects, shipping and other relevant information. The request is then routed for approval through any pre-defined approval path, depending on the characteristics of the requisition. Automated notification to Supervisors and Administrators allow efficient approval or disapproval of requisitions. All approved requisitions can be converted to purchase orders in one easy step. Throughout each step, the system automatically ensures that funds are available thereby eliminating the ability to drive accounts into the negative.


  • Requisitions Report Viewer allows you to click on any report, view a description of that report, and preview a sample of the report contents
  • Real-time reports and queries can be enabled for requestors and approvers to review their account balances, requisition status and account history
  • Reports and queries include Appropriation Status, Account Status, Individual Account Transaction and Requisition Status Listing
  • Custom report builder for all users
  • Preview and print copies of requisitions and purchase orders
  • Export all reports to Microsoft® Excel, Word, .PDF, RTF, etc

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