GCE Financial Accounting Service

A web-based software system designed by GCE.

About GCE Financial Accounting Service

The GCE Financial Accounting Service is a complete finance and accounting software solution powered by the Oracle eBusiness Suite – the tool of choice for more than 80,000 Oracle business application customers worldwide. For both growing and established companies who want to quickly upgrade their financial accounting capabilities, the GCE Financial Accounting Service delivers a powerful set of tools that manage finances more efficiently, with improved accuracy and integrity of financial data, and better data analytics for rapid, real-time decision making.


The GCE Financial Accounting Solution is pre-built and pre-configured. You can access a complete finance and accounting software suite that is ready to go. We will make small configurations to match your business processes and migrate your legacy data so implementation takes months, not years.


The GCE Financial Accounting Solution’s intuitive, streamlined interfaces increase accuracy and efficiency by automating routine operational functions to ensure complete and consistent records. Visual workflows give you insight and control over the entire financial event’s lifecycle. Your workforce becomes more of a management function rather than strictly a processing function, giving you the ability to handle future transactional volume increases.


Our on-boarding process speeds up implementation so you are up and running in months, not years. We know change is scary – that’s why we are with you every step of the way to make sure your implementation and on-boarding is stress-free.

Our experienced customer care team provides ongoing support and is available to answer your questions, proactively monitor your business, provide recommendations as you grow and resolve even the most complex issues.

Data and Analytics

Empower rapid business decision-making without compromising stringent financial integrity and controls. The GCE Financial Accounting Solution offers data mining tools and advanced reporting functionality to gain greater granularity and visibility into your data to make informed, real-time business decisions.

Additional Services

As a complete financial system provider, GCE has the experience and expertise to provide additional services and the support your finance / accounting department may need.

Accounts Payable

At GCE, we understand that processing invoices and managing accounts payable can be a significant cost of doing business. GCE Accounts Payable offers a comprehensive invoice workflow integrated in real-time for the seamless processing, tracking, and payment of bills.

Our system currently processes nearly 300,000 invoices a year and pays roughly $25 billion worth of bills for our customers. In fact, we’ve helped our customers quickly and dramatically reduce the cost of paying their invoices by millions of dollars with a service that enforces strong internal controls, automates portions of the process, and replaces paper with electronic documents.

Eliminate Paper With Electronic Documents

Scan or email paper invoices into one central application. Review, approve, edit, track, and electronically route digital documents while ensuring against loss, damage, or misfiling. Quickly search across an electronic database and retrieve detailed copies of invoices from prior months or years in order to answer vendor or auditor questions.

Establish Payment Controls and Audit Trails

Payment controls require an approved purchase order and receipt in order to process and pay an invoice. Roles and privileges ensure that the preparer and approver cannot be the same and audit logs record the user, date, and time of any change. Add approval requirements for payments over a certain amount.

Visually Track Your Invoices

Visual workflows give you insight and control over the entire invoice lifecycle. No longer manually route invoices through the office and run the risk of lost invoices, payment delay, or not recording a transaction in the system. Dashboards provide executives with actionable information to manage cash and productivity.

Control When a Bill Is Paid

Clear bottlenecks and provide a quick payment status response to inquiring vendors. Take advantage of vendor accelerated payment terms.

Keep Payments Timely

Identify the status of an invoice in the approval process and prioritize or reroute those at risk for delay. Set payment term thresholds and email notifications to highlight urgent invoices becoming due in order to avoid late payments. Proactively improve your DUNS and credit rating.

Give Management More Insight

An electronic invoice with all of the billing detail is at the manager’s fingertips for review and approval. Managers are able to make more informed decisions and ensure accurate payments.

Convert Manual Processes to Oversight

Accounts payable becomes more of a management function rather than strictly a processing function. Monitor the status of an invoice in the approval process and specifically target those at risk for delay.

Accounts Receivable

The lifeblood of any business is the ability to manage cash, ensuring that receivables are generated and collected in a timely manner. Having an accurate picture of your collections is critical for the accounting department as well as for other stakeholders such as the management team and sales department. Real-time information about outstanding receivables determines your cash position, and is necessary for making important business decisions. Don’t underestimate the value of accurate billing as part of your customer service.

GCE Accounts Receivable provides the functionality you need to efficiently manage your business and features a streamlined billing process for the creation, processing, and collection of customer invoices.

Electronically Create Invoices

Detailed invoices are automatically generated and prepared in your format for swift email distribution. Get your bills out quicker so you can get paid faster.

Organize and Track Your Miscellaneous Collections

Create different classifications of collections so that the proper accounts are consistently credited.

Track Collection and Reimbursement History

Utilize a variety of reports to manage your receivable aging and reduce your cash cycle time. Dashboards provide real-time snapshots of key factors such as receivables aging by business unit.

Ensure Revenue Recognition

The integrated AR and Revenue function of Oracle ensures revenue is recognized in the proper period.

Asset Management

Keeping accurate tabs on all of your assets is no small task. The value of your organization’s assets is substantial and can represent millions of dollars.

GCE Asset Management enables you to financially monitor, track, and account for your organization’s assets from acquisition to disposal. Demonstrate to auditors and stakeholders that you have a process in place to manage the assets

Record and Track Your Assets

Assign an asset type, location information, and identification numbers for easier identification, tracking, and reconciliation of your capitalized assets.

Monitor Your Assets

Generate reports that organize your assets by type and identification numbers to maintain status and accuracy for financial reporting, audit purposes, and protect against theft and loss.

Automatic Depreciation

Establish the acquisition cost, salvage value, and useful life of the asset. Set a depreciation method to automatically depreciate your assets each month and record the balances to your general ledger.


Get more out of your budget. GCE Budgeting utilizes your corporate budget as a financial control and gives you flexibility in the way you manage spending in order to quickly adapt to your evolving business needs. You can apply budgeted dollars to different activities and the tool helps manage your performance.

Allow Managers to Own Their Budget

Reduce dependence on the finance / accounting department by giving company stakeholders real-time management and insight into their available budget.

Distribute Your Budget

Apply budgeted dollars at a high level or distribute to specific activities to function as a financial control while continuously managing performance against objectives.

Set Spending Limits

Identify spending trends with built in reports and monitors to signal warnings when spending approaches the defined thresholds and overall budget limits.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Quickly reassign budgeted dollars from one category to another, and increase or decrease budgets as the business changes.

Control Budget Access

For strengthening internal controls and data security, assign privileges to members of your organization based on the access they require.

Cash Reconciliation

Cash management requires timely and accurate information of available balances to make better financial and investment decisions.

GCE Cash Reconciliation and Management lets you better manage your cash, reconcile your bank statements and resolve discrepancies as the means to maintain an accurate view of your current cash position – a must in today’s fast-paced, changing business environment.

Quickly Reconcile Bank Statements

Easily load bank statements to perform reconciliations as frequently as needed in order to keep cash balance accurate and up-to-date.

Find and Resolve Discrepancies

Match deposits and withdrawals to identify any errors with your cash balance.

Make Decisions on How Best to Use Your Cash

Timely information on your cash balance allows you make investment decisions and put your cash to work.

Analyze Your Cash Expenditures

Run reports to analyze expenditures and identify spending trends.

Credit Cards

GCE Credit Card management enables corporate cardholders to effectively and accurately manage their expenses. Credit card spending ties back to your budget and reduces fraud and abuse by improving the review cycle.

Empower Cardholders to Effectively Manage Expenses

Credit card transactions are loaded as frequently as on a daily basis giving cardholders immediate access to view, verify, and reconcile their charges.

Identify Fraud or Improper Charges

Review activity more frequently to identify internal or external fraud as the means to minimize losses and reduce wasteful expenses.

Foster Accountability

Monitor card user activity to ensure proper usage. Reconciliations can be reviewed and approved.

Maintain Financial Control

Establish approvals prior to card purchases to ensure costs stay in line. Ensure your corporate card purchases fall within your budget so your overall expenses stay in line.

Properly Account for Credit Card Activity

Assign accounting details to track card usage to budget and ensure proper classification in the system. Create more accurate recording by having users reconcile and describe their charges

Enterprise Reports and Analytics

GCE Enterprise Reports and Analytics allows you to search, analyze, and visualize data in real-time to get actionable information for making better business decisions. Produce relevant and accurate reports that make sense of all your financial data by leveraging our distinct, multi-dimensional accounting line structure.

Access Information Immediately With Standard Reports

Quickly and easily run over fifty pre-configured standard reports to analyze company performance or drill down to a particular business process. Generate dashboards to monitor performance and trends over time.

Experience Unlimited Reporting Capabilities

Create, format, schedule, and publish your own customized reports with ad hoc reporting. Set your own parameters based on available data in the system for a virtually limitless number of reports. Plus, take advantage of existing report parameters created by other users.

Robust Report Generation

As your organization grows it becomes important to have a system that can accommodate more users and transaction volume in order to withstand a dramatic increase in demand without sacrificing performance.

Evaluate Project and Cost Accounting

Analyze the accumulated costs in running a division or project and measure whether performance is aligned with the budget. Ensure that overhead rates are current and accurate.

Stand Behind Your Reports

Have confidence in your data through our tracking and control mechanisms. The accounting line and logic ensure consistency in transactions and our user access controls ensure integrity.

Collaborate Across Your Organization

Export reports in multiple formats including CSV, Excel, HTML, and PDF. Save important or common report parameters for future execution in your ‘favorites’ folder.

Visualize Performance With Executive Dashboards

Visually monitor performance and trends over a period of time with executive dashboards.

Financial Statements and Audit

GCE Financial Statements and Audit helps you produce timely and accurate financial information for your external stakeholders like analysts, banks, and auditors, who have a vested interest in how well you manage your financial health. Our system sits on top of Oracle Financials, a recognized, industry leading accounting package.

Establish a Reputation of Financial Maturity

The financial system you use says a lot about the integrity of your financial statements and the seriousness with which your organization views financial management.

Quickly Produce Financial Statements

Make iterative changes and immediately review the impact on your financial statements. With the ability to quickly see changes, the financial statement process becomes more fluid and continuous – even with a vast general ledger.

Recognize the Benefits of a Robust Financial System

Reporting periods experience high volume with the need to meet important deadlines. As your organization grows, it’s important to have a system that can accommodate more users and transaction volume in order to withstand a dramatic increase in demand without sacrificing performance.

Simplify the Auditing Process

Established accounting entries ensures consistent recording in the system with no external access or influence to manipulate data. Extensive reporting and data extracts are designed specifically for auditors to quickly access the information they need and/or respond to inquiries.

Establish an Audit Trail

All transactions and journal entries are automatically mapped back to a user with the date and time of any changes. Being able to trace entries back to the transaction source makes researching audit inquiries quick and easy.

Control Access to Your Financial Data

Defined user roles limit access to sensitive financial data so you are always in control. Financial statements maintain integrity even amongst business process users. Have confidence that you are in control of who can view or access sensitive financial data even though you’ve granted access to many business process owners.

Be Confident in Your Data

Auditors will ask for supporting documents to verify balances. Feel confident in our extensive reporting tools that you can quickly prepare and respond to any inquiries.

General Ledger

The general ledger is the central repository for all of the accounting events that happen across your enterprise. You need a set of books that seamlessly accommodates increased compliance and reporting as your organization grows. The GCE General Ledger provides a flexible, multi-dimensional accounting structure to accommodate all of your business needs.

Enhanced Accounting Structure

Take advantage of an extensive general ledger that features an accounting line structure to improve the way transactions are recorded and analyzed. The accounting line provides many distinct, multi-dimensional fields that expand your ability to classify and track transactions for extensive reporting capabilities.

Gain Insight Into Your Financial Data

Tag data and derive multiple reports from a single transaction. Identify activities that matter most to the organization and group transactions by divisions or locations while maintaining a consolidated financial statement.

Achieve Full Compliance

The accounting line provides multiple fields to accommodate different compliance demands, such as DCAA, so you can have all of the proper tagging. Don’t limit your organization by only being compliant in one facet or partially compliant in a couple.

Balance Between Sub Ledger and General Ledger

Each module has its own sub ledger to record activity before loading into the general ledger. Reconcile and ensure the integrity of your general ledger.

Improve Your Closing Process

Establish templates that are automatically loaded for recurring journal entries. Make your closing process faster, easier, and more accurate.

Flexible Accounting That Grows With You

As your organization grows, you will be faced with increasing internal and external demands – you need a set of books that seamlessly accommodates your current and future needs. GCE provides the accounting package today to meet future demands.

Labor Management

Labor costs are one of the largest expenses an organization incurs. GCE Labor Management enables you to get accurate and detailed information on your labor dollars to help you make critical business decisions about your workforce.

Load Your Payroll Data With Ease

Our robust payroll interface engine assembles and loads your payroll data from any payroll provider, which allows more payroll detail into the system for better budget and reporting purposes. Dedicated payroll reports allow you to reconcile expenses as they are recorded.

Ensure Accurate and Consistent Accounting

Not only is your payroll consistently recorded and properly recorded in your GL, your payroll is mapped to the designated accounting lines in order to provide an extensive multi-dimensional tagging of payroll expenses.

Create Accurate Accruals and Projections

Utilize your most recent pay period data to create accruals that take weekends and holidays into account.

Apply Project Costing Data

Tag your payroll data for project and cost accounting purposes using flexible accounting lines. Payroll data is loaded directly through the Project Accounting Solution or interfaced directly from the General Ledger. Allocation templates automatically divide resource costs across multiple projects and tasks.

Reporting and Analytics

Accurate and detailed reporting provides you with a deeper understanding of where your labor dollars are going and greatly aids in making critical business decisions about your workforce. Proper tagging lays the foundation for understanding and interpreting your payroll data.


Organizations benefit greatly from a complete purchasing process that supports operations and tracks investments in capital expenditures. Keeping tabs on how much is going out the door can be challenging.

GCE Purchasing manages the entire purchasing process including review, approval, ordering, and delivery receipt. It allows managers to operate independently while maintaining the necessary accounting and financial controls.

Streamline Purchase Document Creation

A user-friendly interface guides you through the creation process and ensures complete and consistent records. General information is pre-populated based on user profiles. Attach quotes or agreements for reference. Create templates for recurring purchases.

Quickly Generate Detailed Purchase Orders

An approved purchase request is easily converted to create a purchase order to be sent to a vendor. It contains all the necessary detail to reconcile invoices back to the purchase order for processing.

Establish an Approval Chain and Control Access

Control the individuals required to review and approve purchases at various levels. Start with your supervisor and end with finance review. Assign users role-based privileges which also have the ability to reject purchases that are unauthorized or have insufficient research / supporting documentation.

Improve Approval Times With Flexible Workflows

Assign single or multiple approvers depending on the type and dollar amount of the purchase requested. Email notifications alert the next approver when purchase documents are automatically routed to them for review. Approvers can review documents ‘on the go’ using mobile capabilities.

Verify Budget Balance in Real-Time

Perform a check of your budget during the purchase approval process and create a record of who approved the purchase and the date. Purchases cannot be approved if your budget for that expense is out of money.

Generate an Audit Trail

Audit logs display a complete history for each document. Simple and advanced search features enable you to save time by quickly locating important information. Users can check the status of purchase documents at any time.

Easily Receive Goods and Services

The receipt of goods/services is linked directly to a purchase order to validate the existence of an authorized purchase. Fully or partially accept receipt of goods and services while creating the necessary accrual to ensure completeness in expenses and liabilities.

Decentralize the Purchasing Process

Allow managers to own the business function in order to operate independently while maintaining the necessary accounting and financial controls.

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