FourGen Enterprise ERP

A software system designed by Gillani for professional services companies.

About FourGen Enterprise ERP

You have outgrown your separate legacy systems for ERP, accounting, HR, WMS, Assembly, and Supply Chain Management and are looking for an Enterprise level ERP solution. Like most IT organizations, your staff has been cut and the workload has increased, creating a growing mountain of backlogged WMS, Assembly, SCM, accounting and ERP database application development and modification requests.


FourGen Enterprise ERP, provides a complete end-to-end enterprise wide ERP automation and Supply Chain Management solution with a unique combination of planning, execution, collaboration and monitoring capabilities delivering extraordinary business results for its users. Delivered via the web, the system provides advanced Order Management capabilities, integrated with a comprehensive Warehouse and Branch Inventory Management and Replenishment System. Business Intelligence tools like Cognos and Crystal Reports are also seamlessly integrated in to the application.

As part of the Gillani Global Enterprise Solution, the FourGen" Enterprise ERP seamlessly integrates with other systems and can also function as a stand-alone full ERP system. The Gillani FourGen" Enterprise ERP integrates all other Gillani products like Financials, WMS, HR, etc. All application modules are based on MBD", the Modifiability by Design" concept, which means the base functionality can be customized and configured without programming for each customer’s unique business practices, while preserving the ability to upgrade and patch the base solution.

Fully integrated data from all aspects of the enterprise functions gives users readily available real time information in order to make effective decisions. You can run dozens of separate tax ID companies and unlimited business division and branches and still have separate warehouses, sales force, and accounting books and still be able to look at consolidated information on demand in real time and drill down for details. Deploy executive dashboards for views into multiple results on PDA to laptops.

Improved Customer and Vendor relationship management is achieved through instant access to real time information.

Whether you are concerned about credit limits, holds on invoices, inventory, replenishment, shipping, or simply finding an address and phone number, Gillani Financials makes inquiries fast and presents the user with the information in a graphic interface that is easy to read and understand.


  • Order capture, validation and execution.
  • Product sourcing, inventory management and WMS*
  • Advanced planning, inventory replenishment and purchasing
  • Order fulfillment, settlement, assembly, packing, shipping, and tracking
  • Integrated financials, IBM POS, analysis multi-currency, multi-lingual, and security
  • Support for third-party electronic commerce, reporting, data warehousing, and tax compliance
  • Dramatically increase productivity without adding staff
  • Free-up previous development time for vital projects
  • Gillani Endura Retail ERP can help you improve performance by providing reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Standard 300 reports included and create new custom reports quickly
  • Ad hoc query and reporting for better insight to compete in today’s economy
  • Analysis of large volumes of financial data
  • Executive dashboards for views into multiple results

Compatible OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, SUN Solaris, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, System z/OS

Compatible IBM Software: Informix, DB2, WebSphere, Lotus, Cognos, IMS, System z Tools

Compatible Hardware Platform: Intel x86, System x, System i, System p, Power, and System Z


  • Intel x86, System x, System z, or IBM Power
  • Quad core dual processors
  • 8 GB RAM Minimum
  • 500 GB Disk Space Minimum
  • Single application server or may scale-up & scale-out and deploy virtual or physical Production, Development, Test, and Database servers

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  • Real Estate (5%)
  • Hospitality (5%)

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