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A full ERP system designed by GO Business USA.

About GO Business

GO Business

GO Business provides a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution which satisfies the operational needs for a variety of businesses, from the very large to the very small.

As a multi-user, multi-company, multi-location, multi-lingual and multi-currency system, the GO Enterprise Suite offers a one stop software solution specifically designed to handle the diverse needs of a growing and expanding business.

And, most importantly, it is very easy to learn and very simple to use& in fact, with minimal training, new GO users can be up and running, productively using the system in a very short space of time.

Business Processes

The GO Enterprise Suite addresses the business needs for:

  • Quoting and Sales
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Costing

and the associated financial accounting -

  • Debtors Accounts Receivable
  • Creditors Accounts Payable
  • and General Ledger.

GO Enterprise Suite

The GO Enterprise Suite provides all of the features required to run and manage an enterprise’s activities across all of their operating groups, including consolidation of financial reports across multiple related companies, consolidation of bank account reconciliations and the propagation of base data such as GL Chart of Accounts, Product, Supplier and Reporting Definitions across similar companies and locations.

The GO Enterprise Suite is instrumental in the critical business processes of:

  • Purchase-to-Pay
  • Quote-to-Cash
  • Inventory Management
  • Make-to-Order
  • Make-to-Stock
  • Financial Reporting

The GO Enterprise Suite is optionally available for On-Premise customer implementation or on the GO Business Cloud platform.

The choice of either the On-Premise or Cloud option can be made with the assurance that your company can migrate to the alternative as your business needs change. Your data can be moved to the new environment and your personnel can remain productive.

GO Business Features

  • Integrated Document Management
    • All manner of documents can be stored inside the customers’ own SQL Databases, linked to whatever data-entities required, including Products, Customers, Suppliers and even individual transactions such as Quotes, Sales Order and Purchase Orders.
    • Additionally, GO Business software supports the creation, editing and storing of all Microsoft Office Document types including Word documents, Excel spread sheets and Power Point presentations.
  • Integrated Email
    • While this feature also eliminates the need to use Outlook, Exchange or any other 3rd party email system, it is also able to be fully integrate with such other email systems.
    • Contact Lists are fully integrated with Employee, Customer and Supplier Contact records stored in the customers’ SQL Database.
    • Email messages can be created, sent and received directly from relevant GO Enterprise Suite forms.
    • Emails are automatically stored and maintained against related records of information including Customers, Suppliers and individual Users.
    • Email attachments are automatically created and retained in the SQL Database, especially when for example one is emailing documents such as Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders etc. to Customers and Suppliers.
    • Copies of Emails sent from the GO Enterprise Suite can automatically be sent to users’ own external email in-boxes, such as in Outlook or Hotmail etc.
  • Integrated Messaging
    • Messages sent to other GO Enterprise Suite users are transmitted internally via the GO Enterprise Suite, never ‘leaving the building’. By avoiding the need to use public gateways and internet transmission, the GO Enterprise Suite is able to deliver the highest level of efficiency, security and confidentiality possible.
    • Using the data encryption features within the GO Enterprise Suite, messages can be further protected from unauthorized viewing, even within the enterprise itself.
  • The Mail Room
    • All messages sent through the GO Enterprise Suite are handled via the Mail Room feature.
    • The Mail Room enables organizations to vet, review and fully control all communications received and sent either within and/or outside the organization.
    • Mail messages can be linked to any and all relevant data records within the GO Enterprise Suite. Once linked they will automatically appear in the ‘sent’ and ‘in’ boxes of the relevant forms that enable information to be viewed and maintained.
    • No Email message is ever lost within the GO Enterprise Suite and can be made visible in many places at once.
  • My GO
    • Provides each individual GO Enterprise Suite user the means to view and maintain their own profile information, such as their current address, their electronic and email signatures, their web presence blurbs and photograph
    • Maintains each users Email ‘In’ and ‘Sent’ mail boxes.
    • Maintains each user’s personal and business related Office and other documents, drawings, photos, music etc.
    • Manages user contact lists and contact notes.
  • Activity Logging
    • ALL activity within the GO Enterprise Suite is able to be logged and reviewed for operational and security purposes.
    • Activity is logged for information access, changes and deletions, thus enabling easy identification as to ‘who-did-what-and-when’.
    • Key information about events can be retained indefinitely.
    • Activity logging provides full auditing of user’s actions
  • Data Synchronization
    • Multiple companies and locations can be managed through single, specified ‘master’ and ‘subject’ company and location definitions.
    • Related Companies and Locations can be maintained in synchronicity with respect to the products they carry, their Groups and Class structures, Customer and Supplier details, GL Accounts and Financial Report definitions.
    • This feature delivers significant savings in time and effort when setting up and maintaining companies and locations that share similar sets of activities and information sets.
    • This feature also ensures that consolidation reports and activities can be achieved with minimal effort and minimal potential for errors.
  • Language Support
    • All GO Enterprise Suite application modules support up to 32 different languages (and more if necessary).
    • All languages can be instantly reversed back to English, with a single click.
    • Translations can be updated and maintained by end-users where local business rules dictate.
  • Universal F1 Help
    • Help key is active on all forms and controls.
    • Every form, every report and every control on every object is documented in the online help.
    • End-Uses can enter and modify the help text displayed, permitting organizations to tailor the documented procedures to their own needs.
  • On Screen ‘HOW DO I’ Instructions
    • Each form has a toolbar that provides for the ‘How Do I’ key, indicated by question mark “?”.
    • The ‘How Do I’ feature provides a step-by-step description of each of the major processes that apply to each form.
    • Each step is described by highly visible sequentially numbered green ‘bubbles’, that are positioned on the screen, together with a brief description to focus the user’s attention. A detailed description at each step further describes what each step does.
    • The ‘How Do I’ text can also be edited and maintained by end-users, if required.
  • GO Administration
    • The GO Administration Module provides end-users with numerous powerful system configuration options. There are options for the setting up of new companies, new locations, new users, security access and many more.


  • General Ledger Chart of Accounts
  • Journal Generation from Financial Transactions
  • Journal Entry and Posting
  • Standard and Recurring Journals
  • Standard Reports
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit and Loss
    • Trial Balance
  • User Defined Reports
    • User Defined Fields
    • User Defined Column/Row Formats
    • User Defined Report Layout/Structure
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Reporting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • GST and Report Processing

Customer Account - Sales Processing

  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Picking Dockets
  • Dispatch Notes
  • Invoices
  • Credits
  • Receipts
  • Statements
  • Analysis
  • Credit Limits and Control
  • Integrated Email
  • Integrated Documents

Customer Account Information

  • Account Controls
  • Delivery Addresses
  • Linking and Consolidation of Related Customer Accounts
  • Credit Limit Controls
  • User Defined Fields
  • Notes and Follow Up
  • Attachments and Documents of all Types
  • Integrated Email


  • Multiple Warehouse Locations
  • Multiple Bin Locations
  • Stock Items
  • Non-Stock Items
  • Service Items
  • General Items
  • Groups and Classes
  • Stocktake Adjustments
  • Stock Transfers

Job Costing

  • Job Items with Bills of Materials
  • Job Estimates and Quotes
  • User Defined Quote Letter Format
  • Actual versus Estimate Costing
  • Job Listing
  • Labor Listings
  • External Jobs
  • Internal Jobs
  • Projects (Job grouping and Summarization)
  • Profit Reporting and Analysis
  • Job Types
  • Issues and Returns of Materials
  • Timesheet Hours to Jobs
  • Integrated Email


  • Materials Usage and Requirement Analysis
  • Min-Max Stock Re-Ordering
  • Direct Purchasing for Back-Ordered Non-Stock Sales Order Items
  • Job Requirement Purchasing
  • Request for Quotation and Bid Processing
  • Procurement Management
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Goods Receival
  • On-Cost Processing
  • Back-Order Allocation and Processing
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Supplier Credits
  • Remittance and Payment Generation
  • EFT Payment Processing
  • Check Printing
  • GST and Regulatory Reporting
  • Integrated Email


  • User Defined Reports
    • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
    • Drag and Drop Fields
    • Single Click Level Total Definitions
    • Single Click Column Sorting and Grouping
  • User Defined Query Builder
  • Report Security via User-Defined Passwords
  • Automatic User Classification of Reports (via Tree View Structures)

Supplier and Supplier Contact Information

  • Contact Information Entry and Maintenance
  • Integrated Email
  • Integrated Documents

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