HansaWorld Enterprise

An ERP system designed by HansaWorld.

About HansaWorld Enterprise

At its core Enterprise offers the typical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules of accounts, order processing, stock, manufacturing and job costing. By offering a range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules, such as email, document management, graphical calendars and schedulers, and a bulletin board, all in the same application, Enterprise is able to deliver a unique level of interaction between its component elements. Enterprise also provides a series of modules designed for specific industries, all with the same potential for interaction with other parts of the system. It uses an unrivaled range of technologies to extend the software availability throughout your organization and beyond, at the same time reducing reliance on costly interfaces between applications thereby offering the lowest total cost of ownership available in the mid-range.

Enterprise can be run on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and IBM, plus PDAs and Nokia business phones. It supports multiple currencies and consolidation of data from different companies.


The easy accounting solution that comes with integrated contact management and combines Invoicing and Nominal Ledger.

  • Invoicing
  • Sales Ledger
  • Payments
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Purchase Invoices
  • User-definable Chart of Accounts
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Full VAT handling and reporting
  • User-definable stationery
  • Debt chasing reports


Standard Communicator Is a Communications Central. It Lets You Share Contacts, Handle Calls, E-Mails and SMS’s, and Keeps a History of All Communications.

  • Bring your business together by sharing information
  • Keep a history of all communication activities
  • Get in touch with your customers from one place
  • Get more out of your phone system, IP telephony or Skype

Standard Communicator makes it easier for people to receive service orders and follow the communication history of customers, suppliers and partners. The possibility to initiate a call straight from the orders will make customer service much more efficient.


  • Reduce costs with Skype
  • Make, receive and transfer phone calls
  • Shared corporate address book
  • Personal address books
  • Overview of current calls within the company
  • Powerful caller recognition
  • Advanced call history
  • Automatic creation of call activities
  • Built in SMS function
  • Works with most e-mail systems
  • For Mac and PC *Connects to:
    • Skype
    • TAPI compliant switchboards
    • Asterisk based IP telephony systems
  • Available with:
    • Enterprise by HansaWorld


  • Save time With Standard Communicator’s company-wide address book you have all means of communication presented to you in a single window. To call a contact, just click the number. If there is no answer from the office line, just try the mobile number. To send a mail, click the e-mail address. You can even send an SMS, all from one place.
  • Know who is calling Standard Communicator shows you all information you have about the customer who is calling, including previous orders, quotations and service agreements.
  • Create history Each call, e-mail and SMS is logged in the system. An activity is created automatically that lets you enter additional information about the event. Later you can open the customer status report and see not only who talked to whom, but also which topics they covered.
  • Rank calls The call status feature tells you who is on the phone with whom in your company. When a customer calls, you can see if the salesperson that you’d like to transfer the call to is busy in another call. Because you’re able to see who is on the other end of that call, you can make an informed decision as to whether it is right to interrupt the salesperson or not.


For companies who charge for services on a regular recurring basis, such as Internet Service Providers and property and service rental companies.

  • Open-ended and fixed-length contracts
  • Daily, monthly, quarterly and annual billing
  • Create and print invoices in batches
  • Cancel, renew and update contracts in batches
  • VAT handling
  • User-definable stationery
  • Customer Statements
  • Debtor List


The Smartest CRM App for Small and Medium Enterprises

Businesses grow faster using the multi-platform cloud-based solution

Standard CRM is the perfect way to organise, automate and synchronise all your customer relationship management activities. You will increase both efficiency and profitability by improving your company’s daily routines. Simplify sales, marketing, customer service and technical support processes, saving you time and money. Attract new and maintain existing clients, managing information in a positive and rewarding environment.

Intuitive and easy-to-use - The solution is a well-balanced mix of clean design and great functionality that provides you with the essential tools to manage your work and track the key metrics of your business without any special knowledge.

Mobile and cross-platform - Stay connected and access all key data at anytime, anywhere. Add new contacts on the go and collaborate with other team members in a more productive way.

Affordable - Enjoy the benefits of the pay-as-you-go model that permits renting the software on a monthly basis. Add or reduce the number of user accounts and modules to configure the app to your needs as your business grows.

Safe - HansaWorld pays close attention to your privacy and data security in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Responsible - HansaWorld provides customers with all the relevant tutorials and user guides. Feedback is very important as HansaWorld’s team continually works on perfecting the software to enhance your experience.

Expandable - Standard CRM by HansaWorld is available as a stand-alone solution or as a platform that can be extended to include everything in the Standard and Enterprise ranges.

Key Features:

  • Contact Management
  • Document Management
  • Graphical Calendars
  • Task Management

Optional Extras:

  • Analysis
  • Customer Dashboards
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quotations/Pipeline Management
  • Scheduling
  • Skype Integration
  • Workflow


Standard Expenses provides an easy to learn and easy to use solution to help with processing your expense claims.

  • Record your Expense Claims
  • Process Personnel Payments
  • VAT handling
  • Expenses Journal and Personnel Payments Journal Reporting


Standard Hotel is an integrated booking and invoicing solution for small hotels and bed and breakfast establishments.

  • Graphical resource planner
  • Multiple room types and rates
  • Ability to reserve rooms in advance
  • Addition of miscellaneous items to room bills
  • Create and print invoices
  • Simple workflow from reservation through check-in and check-out to invoicing
  • VAT handling
  • User-definable stationery
  • Customer Statements
  • Daily Statistics, Invoice Journal and Debtor List reports


Create invoices easily and register incoming payments.

  • Invoices, Items and Customers
  • Multi Price List
  • Customer Discounts
  • Customer and Item Statistics
  • Receipts
  • Debtor Report
  • Periodic Customer Statement
  • User-definable stationery
  • VAT handling

Job Costing

Professional services, construction and creative companies will benefit from the many functions found within Enterprise software. Project management, costing and job bag capabilities are seamlessly integrated with all areas of the accounting system.


  • Integrated graphical scheduling
  • Real-time work-in-progress
  • Project phases, milestones, retentions
  • Per diems and fixed price
  • True multi-currency projects


  • Quotations
  • Project Overview and Phases
  • Budgets
  • Scheduling
  • Time Billing and Costing
  • Expenses
  • Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Stock Transactions
  • Invoicing
  • Multi-currency and Accounting
  • Links to Payroll

Mobile Inventory

Mobile Inventory is an application that provides you with a real-time client for Enterprise by HansaWorld specifically for inventory taking. You can enter inventory items manually, or using a barcode scanner suitable for use with iPod touch, such as Linea-Pro from IPC Peripherals.

When using a Linea-Pro with your iPod touch, scanning a barcode enters the appropriate item details automatically. All you need to do is specify the quantity manually, or simply scan multiple items of the same kind.

You can use Mobile Inventory to count either your entire inventory or any part of it. Record details of quantity of Items, the Items themselves, and any relevant serial numbers. Restrict your count by location, or by type of stock.

Mobile Inventory collects all details in a central database. If you are using Enterprise by HansaWorld, then all items counted are automatically added to Enterprise’s database. If you are using an alternative accounting and/or Enterprise Resource Planning system, files can be sent automatically by the central Mobile Inventory server for import to the alternative system.

Mobile Inventory is suitable for all environments where inventory taking is done in a location requiring a mobile device. This Includes:

  • Any warehouse equipped with a wireless network
  • Shops
  • Trade shows
  • Vans

Mobile POS

Mobile POS is an application that provides you with a way to process sales using an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. You can enter details of what has been sold either manually, or using a barcode scanner suitable for use with the iPod touch, such as the Linea-Pro from IPC Peripherals.

When using a Linea-Pro with your iPod touch, scanning a barcode enters the appropriate item details automatically, including item description and selling price. Swiping a credit card creates customer details in the central database, and allows Mobile POS to process the payment automatically.

When using an iPhone or iPad without a barcode scanner, Mobile POS offers you a list of products or services available for sale from which you can make a selection. You can also add customer details from a similar list. Completion of payment automatically prints to a network printer.

Mobile POS collects all details in a central database. If you are using Enterprise by HansaWorld, then all sales are automatically added to Enterprise’s database. If you are using an alternative accounting and/or Enterprise Resource Planning system, files can be sent automatically by the central Mobile POS server for import to the alternative system.

Mobile POS is suitable for all environments where salespeople need the mobility offered by an iPod touch, iPhone or an iPad. This includes:

  • Shops, where the salespeople need to move away from the sales counter
  • Trade shows, where no computers are available for entering orders
  • Traveling salespeople, whether selling from vans or simply those that visit customers

Mobile Reports

Mobile Reports is an application that provides you with a real-time client for Enterprise by HansaWorld specifically for reporting. You can run any of the roughly 400 standard Enterprise reports in real-time using the data held on your main server.

Additionally you can run any reports you have set up using the Nominal Ledger reporting engine or the Report Generator module, and any reports programmed in Enterprise’s programming language.

All the reports can be run, displayed and navigated directly on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using Apple’s multi-touch gesture controls in portrait or landscape mode.

Mobile Reports allows you to stay in touch with your business by running any report from your central server in real-time from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile network.

Mobile Reports is suitable for all environments and roles where reporting needs to be done away from your desktop computer. This includes:

  • Sales and other meetings
  • While traveling
  • Trade shows, where no computers are available for reporting

Nominal Ledger

Standard Nominal Ledger is for those companies who need to prepare accounts, run all necessary reports and record business transactions.

  • A user-definable Chart of Accounts
  • Journal Entries
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • VAT reporting

Point of Sale (POS)

Standard POS is an integrated point of sales solution for small shops and retail outlets.

  • Fully customisable interface for entering invoices
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Ability to use Touchscreen
  • Mixed payments (e.g. cash, cheque, credit card)
  • VAT handling
  • Automatic receipt printing
  • Item Statistics and POS Invoice Journal reports

Production (Manufacturing)

With Enterprise by HansaWorld Production you can boost operational efficiency and effectively manage production, including production orders, bills of materials, supply planning, and materials requirements planning. All processes are integrated in one system.

  • Manage production in a demand-driven environment View work in progress and make any adjustments to avoid cost overruns
  • Graphical scheduling Maximizing resource utilization with drag-and-drop graphical rescheduling
  • Take control Optimize production flow by planning effectively and streamline inventory management based on demand and forecasting
  • Accurate Just in Time delivery Track and manage inventory levels and provide reliable promises for delivery
  • Quality Control Perform quality controls on your produced products
  • Multi platform Windows, Linux, Mac and Symbian


  • Bills of Material
  • Machines, Machine Usage and Capacity Planning
  • Production
  • Just in Time Production
  • MRP
  • Routing
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Quality Control
  • Job Costing
  • Resource Graphical Planning

Project Management

HansaWorld brings you a best of breed Project Management solution, helping you and your team be on top of your projects. Every step in the process from lead generation to invoicing and follow-up is handled in one integrated application.

The solution gives project managers a flexible overview of all transactions related to a project or consultant. Before approving and automatically invoicing the project, this can easily be edited, thus updating your nominal ledger and sales ledger in real time.

The graphical resource planner helps you be on top of recources and projects.

The integration in the system gives you the benefit of tying all registered information to the project, making sales, budgeting and follow-up an easy task.

Together with HansaWorld’s mobile solutions project management can be done out of the office with either your laptop or mobile phone.

HansaWorld’s project management solution will help you make sure you are always on time and budget.


  • Quotations
  • Budgets
  • Project Overview and Phases
  • Scheduling
  • Time Billing and Costing
  • Expenses
  • Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Stock Transactions
  • Invoicing
  • Multi-currency and Accounting
  • Links to Payroll
  • Interaction with the Enterprise by HansaWorld


Standard Projects is the ideal invoicing solution for companies carrying out work where time and materials are used.

  • Quotations
  • Detailed budgeting
  • Time sheets to record work done and materials used
  • Invoicing based on budget or on work done, with deposits if required
  • VAT handling
  • User-definable stationery
  • Customer Statements and Debtor List


Ideal solution for rental companies. As well as one-off rentals, it supports charging for services on a regular recurring basis.

  • One-off, daily, monthly, quarterly and annual billing
  • Open-ended and fixed-length rental contracts
  • Create and print invoices in batches
  • Cancel, renew and update rental contracts in batches
  • VAT handling
  • User-definable stationery
  • Customer Statements and Debtor List


Standard Restaurant is an integrated solution for small restaurants and bars.

  • Fully customizable interface for entering table orders
  • Ability to split table orders
  • Saving table orders for later additions
  • Assigning table orders to different members of staff
  • Mixed payments (e.g. cash, cheque, credit card)
  • VAT handling
  • Automatic receipt printing
  • User-definable stationery
  • Reports include Restaurant Journal and Restaurant Daily Statistics

SmartView Business Intelligence

HansaWorld has teamed up with the biggest name in Business Intelligence, QlikTech and has connected the database into their business intelligence tools. HansaWorld SmartView is a series of pre-written Business Intelligence templates, providing full dashboards, trend analysis, what-if analysis and much more besides.

Benefits of Business Intelligence and Integration Solutions by Hansaworld

  • Fast Implementation: live in 4 hours
  • Ease of Use: Almost zero training; highly intuitive BI software
  • Powerful: Nearly instant response time on high data volumes
  • Flexible: Many different measures
  • Interactive: Analyse any dimension of your business with business intelligence erp solution Smartview
  • Low Cost: Immediate deployment delivers immediate return

SmartView Business Intelligence + Advantages

Instant queries

It takes time to set up and run any queries in traditional Business Intelligence tools. They use data cube technologies, requiring technical users to prepare data in appropriate formats usually the day before a query can be accessed. Not HansaWorld SmartView - all queries are run in-memory, meaning that each graphic and table can be refreshed in real-time.

Immediate deployment of BI

Since the templates are already written, all a HansaWorld customer has to do to start SmartView is install the software. You can deploy the full suite in a four hour project, to include the necessary training! Large data volumes HansaWorld SmartView Business Intelligence uses sophisticated loading techniques to allow it to be run on even large data volumes. HansaWorld keeps track of data that was loaded last time, and only loads the latest changes.

Easy to use Business Intelligence solution

HansaWorld SmartView is highly intuitive, working the way your mind does. Just click on any component within SmartView, in order to analyze it further. For example, click on a region in a map, and all other graphics and tables will recast their results just for that region.

Interactive analysis

The approach of clicking into different dimensions means that what used to take several separate reports now takes a few mouse clicks. Use SmartView Business Intelligence solution to understand trends - for example, if you see that sales in the South West are down, you can analyze this by product category. If you track this to a specific product category, you can then recast all graphics for just this product category, perhaps discovering the cause to be one customer having withdrawn purchases of that product category in all regions.

Inline windows

HansaWorld has written a web browser, so screens from the external Business Intelligence applications can be displayed inside Enterprise. Users can configure links from their Personal Desktop and from Key Performance Indicators - these links will open any URL, so they can be set up to open the relevant dashboard from within SmartView Business Intelligence solution.

Hardware requirements

HansaWorld SmartView Business Intelligence solution needs to be installed on a separate Windows server from the main Enterprise implementation, but on the same local area network. Please talk to your local HansaWorld distributor about additional requirements.

iPhone client

It is even possible to deploy HansaWorld SmartView Business Intelligence solution on an iPhone, using Qlikview’s iPhone client. This delivers real-time Business Intelligence straight to your iPhone.


Standard Stock is an an easy to learn and easy to use integrated accounting, order processing and stock solution, perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

  • Receiving goods in stock
  • Issuing goods and raising invoices from sales orders
  • Current and historical stock valuations
  • Stocktaking and easy to use stock adjustments
  • Discounts and Multiple price lists
  • Sales Ledger, Open Invoice Customer Statements and debtors reporting
  • Purchase Ledger, creditors reporting
  • General Ledger
  • Customer and Item Statistics
  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • User-definable Chart of Accounts
  • User-definable document layouts

Warehouse Management

The fully-integrated stock and warehouse management modules allow serial and batch number tracking, unit handling, item variety handling and also allow for the management of items in multiple locations.

Use Enterprise’s Warehouse Management module for more complex warehouse management. You can define fixed and floating positions, the latter particularly requiring special equipment such as forklifts, although in practice representing any temporary storage for an item. Enterprise offers optimised put-away, whereby it will automatically suggest the optimum location for items received. Similarly picking lists can suggest the optimum pick location. Picking lists are sorted by position, to make picking faster.

Enterprise also offers an interface for forklift drivers, designed to be run on a tablet device mounted on the forklift, running on a wireless network. The interface is button-driven, so users can operate it even while wearing gloves. It can display the next pick required, and also has buttons for printing labels and outers and for finishing the pick.


  • Real-time multi-location stock
  • Serial and batch number tracking
  • Automated links to shipping companies
  • Unit handling, dimensions, pallets
  • Size, colour, unit support
  • Real-time barcoding


  • Item Ribbon Status
  • Deliveries
  • Allocations/Reservations
  • Returns
  • Real Time Stock Valuation
  • Location Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Batch/Lot and Serial Numbers
  • Stock Taking
  • Units, Dimensions, and Pallets
  • Varieties (size/color/unit)
  • Consignment Stock
  • Fedex and other shippers Internet Services
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