HarrisData ERP

A web-based ERP system designed by HarrisData for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About HarrisData ERP

HarrisData’s ERP Manufacturing Software gives you all the features needed to construct an MRP2 environment. Multiple modules meet many needs and allow you to achieve several benefits; these benefits will include:

  • Activity Based Costing - cost eliminates defined by you with flexible allocation calculations allow you to perform activity based costing
  • Paperless Shop Floor - all actions can be done in a virtual environment, aiding in organization and reducing the confusion associated with having papers all over you shop. Types of tasks that can formerly done on paper that can now be done in a virtual environment are: Shop Floor Scheduling, Dispatch, Online job reporting, Barcode Control, and Data Collection.
  • Sophisticated Costing Ability - You are able to perform costing by using Standard Cost systems, Multiple Cost sets, unlimited, configurable or detailed cost elements as well as multiple cost views.
  • Variance Analysis - All critical information about your manufacturing processes are managed by HarrisData. This will provide you the foundation needed to achieve efficiency gains throughout the enterprise

All modules in this product fully integrate with HarrisData Financials. By integrating both systems you will automate the posting of transactions to the G/L. Additionally, integration can automate the tracking of receivables and payables.

Cost Management

The cost management module gives you many features that allow you to analyze the profitability of products, product lines, and customers. The result of the effective cost management you will achieve with HarrisData ERP will allow you to make smarter pricing, margin management, promotion, and discount decisions. You are able to set up multiple cost sets such as standard, current, and future, and 90 sets for simulation and cost analysis. You are able to set up as many cost elements (Rolled-up, costed BOM, costed routings, etc.) as you desire. To test scenarios you can uses the cost analysis and simulation function to run ýwhat ifý analyses. In these scenarios you can see potential project margins, selling prices, new item costs, and the effect of proposed changes.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module will allow you to effectively track count, value and analyze your inventory. Inventory valuation can be performed in three ways: standard costs, Actual costs (FIFO or LIFO), or average cost. Analysis of your inventory is done by analyzing: stock status, min/max inventory for period, inactive inventory, inventory ranking, and by performing sales analyses. The module also gives you the ability to perform many types of inventory transactions. Pre-defined transactions such as receipts, POs, sales, adjustments, issues, and transfers give a greater level of automation to your inventory, increasing efficiency. You can also configure different types of transactions yourself; and you are given complete control of the effect of transactions on inventory or the general ledger.

Inventory tracking can be performed on two separate levels: the inventory level or the lot/serial level. Lot/serial tracking allows you to track by vendor or internal lot, and trace lot controlled items such as POs, manufacturing orders or sales orders. You can also identify customers by the vendor lot or internal lot shipped to them, and track lot expiration dates. Tracking on the inventory level allows you to setup an unlimited number of locations and assign inventory items to each location. Location information such as priority and physical dimensions is stored. Finally you are given flexible options when grouping products, allowing you to group by class type, group or inventory type.

Manufacturing Planning

The manufacturing planning module will allow you to effectively plan manufacturing, allowing you to reduce inventories and capital requirements. This module will increase your customer responsiveness and overall productivity. A Master Production Schedule (MPS) will allow you to construct a manufacturing plan from the following key inputs: forecasted customer requirements, customer orders, and inventory availability. The MRP function then takes over by utilizing the MPS and other manufacturing constraints to generate recommended manufacturing and purchase orders for all materials required in the manufacturing process. A capacity requirements planning module the evaluates the work center capacity to plan both labor and machine requirements for any manufacturing schedule. The results of this module is an incredibly detailed manufacturing plan. This plan will give your staff better direction and will optimize the production process.

Order Management

This module will allow you to provide excellent customer service by allowing your staff to more efficiently process and fulfill orders. Within this module you can store a customer information such as name, address, contacts, and ship to/bill to/drop ship addresses; and cross-reference customer item number to your item numbers. This module features complete document management, allowing it to track and store order confirmations, pick tickets, packing lists, invoices, and an unlimited number of comments. Additionally the document management capabilities allow you to automatically fax documents, generate purchase orders, and generate manufacturing orders. All document can be exported to other software systems or users.

This module gives you amazing flexibility in processing order entries, pricing, and payments. You can configure your products to easily generate quotes or estimates, which are managed and turned into orders. You can also setup blanket orders to satisfy several customers/locations. You are given the ability to look up customer or product information (by item number, description, or customer item number). Pricing can be done at multiple levels; levels such as the item, product class, group, warehouse, customer, or region. You are also able to perform dollar, percentage, cost plus, list less, or bracket pricing. If you want to increase the quantity sold of an item, you have the ability to setup promotional pricing and custom pricing. This product is able to fully comply with any sales or usage taxes. Invoices are automatically generated the instant an order is completed. Payments can be accepted in cash or online via credit card. If you have continuous customers you can set up recurring invoicing for any customer billing cycle you define. From start to finish this module will increase the efficiency of your entire sales order process.

Production Management

Production Management allows manufacturers to achieve never before seen detailed control over bills of materials and routing. This module also provides shop floor control, with control over manufacturing order management and WIP inventory management. This product database will allow you to have an unlimited number of BOM levels and multiple part types. Additionally the database will allow you to easily manage bills and routings; while featuring a delivery time analyzer. The presence of a lead time generator and anticipated annual usage calculations allow you to properly plan for and anticipate changes. The shop floor management features of this module allow you to control the shop floor and inventory. Additionally, it will give you he ability to process manufacturing orders, shop packets and audit reports. YOu can also view all manufacturing order status, and view a component shortage summary.

Purchasing Managment

To aid in procurement, the Purchasing Management module will automate the process of organizing vendor information, assessing purchasing requirements, and acquiring goods in an easy, streamlined fashion. To do this the module will store comprehensive vendor information, manage your POs, and provide you with unrivaled flexibility in your receiving.

  • Vendor Information Management - you are able to compile a complete vendor profile including name, address, and contacts. All vendor item numbers are automatically cross-referenced with your item numbers. This product will track a vendor performance history, and let you know the variances of price and delivery.
  • PO Management - This module will automate much of your quote and requisition processing. Using the order management and inventory management modules you will receive alerts when inventory replenishment or MRP orders need to be performed. This module will automatically generate drop ship POs from sales orders, or allow you to manually create POs in an easy manner. Finally, you are able to store an unlimited number of comments on each PO.
  • Receiving Flexibility - This product allows you to receive your products to dock, stock, or inspection areas. Additionally, you can receive items in either the purchased unit of measure or the stocking unit of measure.

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