An ERP designed with the food industry in mind

About Icicle ERP

Icicle is an advanced food production software that enables food processors and producers to manage most aspects of their food business in one unified system. Through connecting food safety, traceability, quality assurance, inventory, procurement, production, maintenance, and more, Icicle simplifies operations and ensures compliance with the latest industry standards so users can focus on profitability, growth, and long-term goals.

Icicle was designed with the food industry in mind - simplifying food safety, traceability & more.

Icicle ERP Features

Icicle is an adaptable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution tailored to food & beverage and cannabis production industry requirements. The full suite of integrated features helps organizations collect, store, manage, share and interpret data across departments to streamline operations.

The Icicle system is built to ensure compliance against food safety and certification requirements. Its core features include:

  • Vendor Management
  • Quality Control
  • Advanced Food Safety
  • Enhanced Traceability
  • Maintenance Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • IoT Integration
  • and much more!


Icicle ERP is available for an annual subscription fee per facility which includes unlimited user seats. The starting price is $15,000. There is no free trial available.

Industries Served

Food Producers and Processors, as well as Cannabis Companies. Food Safety and Quality Assurance Professionals appreciate Icicle’s audit-ready systems that ensure compliance against the latest industry standards. Operations and Production Staff benefit from it’s integrated view of the business that connects departments with all documentation, training records and requirements, providing the most up-to-date data required for seamless operations, inventory management, production run information, and so much more.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Icicle ERP

Submitted on October 13th, 2021 by Dave Maguire from Hayter's Tukey Products

Using Icicle software as my HACCP portal allows me the ability to store all documentation in a centralized location, but still allows the flexibility for any supervisor to bring up the HACCP Plan in front of them. This is useful for finding proper corrective action procedures, handling audits and allowing the information to be at anyone’s finger tips instantly, versus having to get the appropriate HACCP binder from the plant office.

When changes are made, the program creates the appropriate HACCP maintenance log reports, and the changes are applied instantly. This reduces the need to print a new document, find the old document in the HACCP binders and replace the document with the most current version.

Submitted on October 13th, 2021 by Dean Blignaut from TMRW Foods

We wanted to make sure that we had a really robust traceability system, not just so we can appease regulators, but because if anything happened, we wanted to feel like we could very confidently go and trace it, and be able to report that information to whomever it might have affected. That part [of Icicle] was really cool for me, and I think that the way that we’ve managed to incorporate [traceability] and the way that it’s followed all the way through our system, is really helpful.

I obviously do a ton of financial modelling and we follow a lot of assumptions. [Dynamic production costing] is incredibly useful because it’s wonderful to be able to see or to vet your assumptions based on what’s actually happening on the floor, based on your output, and everything that went into that, including waste.

Submitted on October 12th, 2021 by Mitchell Pugh from Chewter's Chocolates

It gives me a great peace of mind in the sense to know we have all our information prepared and anything that an inspector is going to ask for, whether they’re looking for one product, a general system, a certain hazard, or a bill of ingredients or materials or an allergen, it’s easy for us to search for it, pull it up, and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our last audit was not too long ago, I believe it was about two weeks ago, from the government of Canada. They asked for a certain product and what the hazards were there and I was able to pull that up within five minutes. They were in and out within an hour.

Submitted on October 12th, 2021 by Esther Falk from Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry

Icicle exceeded my expectations. There are a lot of features that stand out. I’m starting to really appreciate the corrective action and incidents section as well as the training, which allows us to track employee training for each procedure. We do a lot of work with consultants, so the HACCP plan and audit trails with visual representation really helps! We are looking to make better use of some other features, like inventory management and shipping.

Submitted on October 12th, 2021 by Terry Goulah from FreeYumm

We were looking for a very robust, user-friendly system and that was really important to us. When we went through the initial presentation for Icicle, those two items were marked off quickly. We rapidly got the sense, having not used software before, that we needed lots of customer support. It was evident that we would get all of that with Icicle. It came together as the best option for us in terms of the functionality of the system, the usability of the software, and the customer support. We knew the relationship would be well-managed, so it was a pretty easy decision and we didn’t bother looking any further.

For us, being an allergen-free facility, it is very important for us to have a really strict formal management process of our suppliers. We didn’t really think it through in the beginning that we could do our vendor management through the system. We have all the vendors and inventory in there so it’s easy to track documents for vendor approvals, etc. It was really a nice extra feature that we didn’t think through at first because we were so focused on the traceability.

[My favorite feature is] the mock recall feature in [Icicle’s] traceability system — to be able to generate a report of exactly what our products are within seconds to a minute. Since we market our products as allergen-free, it’s so key for us to be able to pull up that information if any issue ever arises.

Submitted on October 12th, 2021 by Chris Lerohl from Honest Dumplings

Icicle is phenomenal at handling that complexity. Once Icicle is set up, it’s so easy to add a new product or do a product extension and implement that into the HACCP program because [Icicle] is already pulling from the generic product that has already been set up.

I don’t have time to really “project-manage,” but Icicle is doing it for us. And it’s even more than that; we have amazing people who are able to execute their roles in the system we’ve developed through Icicle.

I love when I talk to some of the other food manufacturers that we know and they spent like four or five hours with an auditor because they picked something hard, and I can just click a button. Sometimes I end up spending more time with the auditor arguing with them that I don’t need to complete more steps — Icicle is already doing it.