LAMP Enterprise

A full ERP system designed by IMPART Solutions for professional services companies.

About LAMP Enterprise

LAMP Enterprise is a subscription-based ERP system that gives companies financial and operational control at a reasonable and predictable cost. The LAMP Solution is comprised of four suites, available individually or by collection of suites and processes. LAMP defines ERP affordability, ease of access, application integration and support.

  • Financial Applications and Analytics - Designed to monitor a company’s efficiency as well as their short and long term financial health
  • Operations - Supply chain operations create sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities as a result of highly agile and smart systems
  • Sales and Service - Facilitate web-based orders, quotes and product information/Access via Web browser or a PDA, to enter and track customer order/shipments
  • HR and Time & Expense - LAMP captures all employee specific data from position assignment to time and expense reporting

Accounts Payable

Features include:

  • Automated invoice processing that includes tax and discount calculations helps minimize input errors and allows you to benefit from supplierýs terms
  • Multi-currency support facilitates currency conversion and recognition of foreign exchange gain and loss
  • Informative reports allow you to accomplish your payment obligations on time and enjoy supplier discounts for effective cash management
  • Flexible payment transactions allow you to make partial payments and apply debit memos ensuring proper payments
  • Integration with purchasing and inventory provide matching information ensuring correct payable amounts

Accounts Receivable

Features include:

  • Integration with sales, services, and advanced distribution modules provide matching information ensuring that customers are properly billed
  • Invoice management includes automated tax, freight charge, and discount calculations to minimize input errors
  • Fast and easy receipts application to customer invoices
  • Customer credit and balance information helps you make immediate decisions about credit extension and collection
  • Multi-currency support facilitates currency conversion and recognition of foreign exchange gain and loss

Cash Management

Features include:

  • Simple and systematic bank reconciliation processing makes it easy to identify errors and missing transactions
  • Timely cash position achieved from integration of payments and collection
  • Supports multiple cash forecasting allowing you to compare projected cash flows for decisions on future investments or loans
  • Adjustment entries available in cash management module facilitates the bank reconciliation process

Fixed Assets

Features include:

  • Extensive asset information is stored to maintain tight control over the assets in their life cycle
  • Customizable depreciation methods allow user defined depreciation rates giving you the flexibility needed to incorporate any changes on the accounting and taxation standards
  • Physical count of fixed assets updates the company records to reflect the real value of the assets
  • Depreciation calculation detail per asset provides counter checking of computed depreciation amounts
  • Tax book can be separately maintained to consider differences in tax and accounting for fixed assets

General Ledger

Features include:

  • Multi-currency support facilitates currency conversion and revaluation
  • Direct control over expenses by providing encumbrance control per account specified for budgeting
  • Full integration with other modules provides the facility to recognize financial impact of all recorded transactions
  • Flexible chart of accounts can be customized to fit your company structure and to provide you more comprehensive information
  • Standard financial reports are readily available and easy to generate

Human Resources

Features include:

  • Repository of employee information provides vital information for each employee
  • Integration with Admin module features user assignment to employees
  • Employee positions and roles control the behavior and access to specific transactions
  • Approval hierarchy provides the facility to specify the relationship, authority and limit of each employee to approve a document


Features include:

  • Robust inventory structure provides an adaptive solution for more control over your items and warehousing requirements
  • Full range of inventory transactions enables your organization to perform various functions effectively managing your inventory
  • Traceability and real-time tracking of item availability to effectively monitor and track the status of each item
  • Physical and cycle count facilitates your organizations procedures to maintain actual inventory and account for variances
  • Integration with planning enables your organization to maintain optimum inventory levels
  • Inventory’s financial integration automates the generation of accounting entries while costing provides various valuation methods enabling you to properly account your inventory


Features Include:

  • Advanced planning controls provide various methods of planning allowing you to accurately account for daily requirements, supply, and demand details in order to maintain your inventory
  • Materials requirements planning (MRP) allows you to plan for the total items needed accounting all the sources of supply and demand details
  • Planning provides in-depth material activity and analysis of your inventory projections
  • Action messages provides suggestions on what activity take in order to meet the requirements and demand for inventory
  • Various integration points provides more flexibility on what document to create when converting planning suggestions


Features Include:

  • Support both discrete and process manufacturing providing a single, flexible entry-point for your production operations
  • Integrated production planning enabling you to recognize the need for production components for planning
  • Industry standard batch production process to achieve efficiency and accuracy of production tracking each component that goes in and out of the batch
  • Financial integration where journals are automatically generated allowing you to account for the usages, yield, and variances of materials, resources, and products
  • Product cost rollups used for accurate costing of finished goods
  • Detailed monitoring of production activities providing you with essential production information


Features include:

  • Integration with planning enables automatic PO creation to meet inventory replenishment requirements
  • Facilitates the approval of purchasing documents through HR approval hierarchies
  • Accounting transactions are facilitated through various purchase order details that include down payment, automatic tax computation, costing
  • Collaboration provides for the seamless transition from company purchases to supplier sales expediting the order process
  • Buyer workloads are easily monitored to assess performance
  • Status of purchasing documents are easily monitored from the creation of purchase requisitions up to purchase order receipt and billing


Features include:

  • Full-cycle integration with other modules enables you to identify defective items from multiple checkpoints
  • Industry-standard quality controls enable you to perform quality checks through various sampling and test specifications to ensure an itemýs quality standards
  • Repository of quality management data for analysis provides the facility to take corrective action to ensure the continuous supply of quality products
  • Flexible sampling procedures provide multiple sampling sources that can originate from the supplier, warehouse inventory, or production
  • Systematic sampling against various specifications provides comparison of results enabling you to evaluate the itemýs final disposition

Sales Allocation, Integration and RMA

Features include:

  • Order reservation provides a facility to allocate inventory to a sales order
  • Fully featured RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) facilitates customer returns and replacement transactions
  • Integration with advanced distribution for managing sales order shipment
  • Integration with web ordering provides seamless transition from the shopping cart to the sales order

Sales Transactions

Features include:

  • Flexible B2C/B2B online channel module which is fully integrated with inventory and financials
  • Multiple sales order types enables you to adapt to any situation from blanket sales agreements to over the counter sales
  • Sales order transactions include various details to accurately capture the customerýs order and related overhead
  • Price formulas allow you to define customized prices for each customer
  • Automates computation of charges applied to sales orders to speed up the ordering cycle

Service and Maintenance

Features include:

  • Services provides you with the ability to service and maintain internal assets as well as research and schedule maintenance for external customers.
  • Maintenance history enables you to monitor prior transactions taking it into consideration for subsequent activities
  • Job order information is readily available allowing you to effectively manage and track job order status and details
  • Service types and job order controls expedites and facilitates user entry of various job order details
  • Inventory integration allows you to use parts needed to process the job order
  • Service performance indicators enables you to gauge the execution level of your service staff

Time & Expense

Features include:

  • Timekeeping through biometrics prevents fraudulent entries
  • Online leave and overtime application decreases the administrative and accounting costs while increasing productivity
  • Project monitoring allows management to gauge the number of hours used by the employees per project
  • Online expense entries and approvals facilitates employee reimbursements

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