An accounting software system designed by Tech Systems.

About IntegraERP

With our streamlined ERP software system, integraERP; finding, grouping, and reporting on your data couldn’t be easier.

  • Search your Products, Customer, Vendor, General Ledger tables your way! You can tailor your lookups to fit your needs. What pieces of data do you wish to search? What data do you wish to display? All customizable to the individual operator.
    • Boost Productivity & Analytics-- Easily export data from your customer file to mail merge documents for sales campaigns
    • Product files to analyze sales data in Excel.
  • Financial Data to chart and graph in Excel.
  • Direct Payment Functionality in Accounts Payable gives you a great way to meet all your payment processing needs. Quickly post and immediately print checks for down payments of Purchase Orders, etc.

Accounts Payable

Manage your vendors and your bills with IntegraERP Accounts Payable. Control when payments need to be made to vendors to avoid late fees, and identify when to pay to take advantage of early pay discounts. IntegraERP Accounts Payable is designed for today’s global economy with currency conversion factors for your international vendors.

Accounts Receivable

About the Module:

Feature rich, yet easy to use. integraSoft Accounts Receivable provides today’s most requested features. It centers around your customer - providing instant access to balance, history, payment patterns, and sales analysis information.

Module Highlights:

  • Customer lookup when customer number is unknown
  • Integration with Order Entry, Job Costing, Job Shop Manufacturing and General Ledger
  • Notes by Customer and by Ship To customer location
  • Full Customer setup and file maintenance during posting
  • Open item or balance forward tracking by customer
  • History inquiry in ascending or descending order and by invoice number or invoice date
  • Cash Receipts Unapplied Cash transaction
  • Identification of source and use of each credit transaction, including the date it was used
  • Stand alone invoice print based on posting date journal number or transaction type codes, providing an excellent technique for invoicing service charges each month end
  • User defined fields to capture and maintain information specific to the needs of your company
  • Ability to track different media types, such as cash, checks and credit cards

Credit Department Functions:

  • Customer credit contact name, credit reference, phone number, and fax number available
  • Average-days-to-pay is calculated each time an invoice is paid and is tracked on a year-to-date and life-to-date basis
  • Balance history for each period is maintained for the previous twelve months and the amounts are updated automatically during month end processing
  • Customer deposit processing

Reports Available

  • Posting Journal
  • Aged Analysis with flexible dating categories
  • All Activity
  • Credit Line Report
  • Hard Copy Inquiry
  • Cash Forecast
  • Sales By Salesman
  • Sales By Product Category
  • Sales By Customer By Category
  • Sales By Product
  • Salesman Commission Report
  • Fax Interface

Benefit to You:

The Accounts Receivable module gives your credit department the power to monitor all customer accounts for past due balances, automatically add service charges, and forecast when cash will be received. With expanded credit reference information, along with user-definable customer notes, you now have the information at your fingertips to help insure that your customers keep their accounts current. Imagine how much easier it will be to collect past due accounts with management information easily available on your terminal.

The optional integraSoft Fax Interface module is integrated with all of integraSoft. This module provides the most convenient way to fax any of the AR reports, statements, customer information or invoices to your customers directly from the integraSoft Accounts Receivable module.


About the Module:

Three programs make up the Datakeys bundle: Report Writer, File Writer, and Database Management. These modules provide powerful tools that allow end user creation of custom reports, custom inquiries and custom data input screens. All four modules allow a non-technical user to easily select the data to be used for their program. Formatting can be either automatic or user defined.

Report Writer and File Writer provide you with a user friendly way to develop your own inquiries and reports that compliment the standard integraSoft offerings. With these powerful yet simple to use modules, you can design queries and extract information from any integraSoft file.

Database Management allows you to add, maintain, and delete from integraSoft or custom data files.

Module Highlights:

  • Automatic interface to integraSoft master and history files
  • Easy steps to create your own file reports, screens and spreadsheets
  • User-defined headings and column layouts
  • All input specs saved for future reuse
  • Menu driven report and file creation easily used by non-technical personnel
  • integraSoft database dictionaries pre-supplied and ready to use

Benefit to You:

Report Writer and File Writer support additional sorting, computation, formatting, data retrieval and output features. Your database can be molded into the information you need for management decisions. Reports can be tailored to your needs through mixtures of primary and secondary files, keyboard data items and soft reports formats.

The Datakeys family of modules provides you with the power to design custom files, reports, inquiries and spreadsheets - without purchasing custom programs. These capabilities help you turn data into information.

Inventory Control

About the Modules:

Inventory Control is fully featured to help you track quantities on hand including multiple warehouses, different units of measure, quantity price breaks, serial number tracking, bar code UPC cross reference, superseded items, and unique customer stock numbers.

Inventory Control is fully integrated with the other integraSoft modules including Order Entry, Counter Point, Job Costing, Production Management, Purchase Orders and Database Management. All product movement is tracked from the time the product is ordered from the vendor until it is sold to the customer. A complete posting history is provided for each inventory stock number.

The Inventory Management module gives you the ability to freeze on-hand levels when physical inventory counting is needed and provides management reporting. History on each product for the past 24 periods is included and is interfaced to the Purchase Orders “RRAR,” Recommended Replenishment Action Report.

Module Highlights:

  • Track products in 1 to 99 Warehouses
  • Full serialized inventory capabilities
  • Automatic price and cost change logic
  • Multiple unit conversions by stock number
  • Multiple Substitute stock items and Alternative Vendor Tracking
  • Set up Related/Companion Stock Items that improve customer service and add to your bottom line
  • Bar Code and Trade Service cross reference
  • Cross reference for Supersede and “Customer’s Own” stock numbers
  • Automatic pricing routings - Multiplier, Straight, Quantity and Cost plus methods
  • Multiple pricing Matrix by customer, customer ship-to, customer type, product number and category
  • Stock inquiries by stock number, vendor, product category, short name or description
  • History displayed in Ascending or Descending order
  • Electronic Bar Code Reading interface available
  • Product number notes setup and inquiry from other modules
  • User defined information file for non-standard information
  • Departmentalized G/L Update based on Warehouse

Reports Available:

  • Inventory Valuation Report
  • Stock Status and Lead Time Reporting
  • Buyer’s Guide Reports
  • All Activity Reports
  • Hard Copy Inquiry for inventory items
  • Price Book and Product List
  • All reports can be displayed and not printed

Benefit to You:

The Inventory Control module contains numerous report programs that provide you with up-to-the-minute information including stock status, buyers guide reports, multiple warehouses, lead time, price book and product listings. Quick and easy inquiry routines give even the untrained inventory clerk easy access to information about individual products.

Multi-State Payroll

About the Module:

Many “good” software systems fall short of “great” in one critical area - the accounting modules. integraSoft does not fall short. Our Accounting modules function with the same sophistication as the other modules and adhere strictly to accepted accounting principles and methods. Endorsed by major accounting firms, integraSoft carries the commitment of excellence all the way from the customer’s order to the financial statements.

Module Highlights:

  • Interfaced to General Ledger and Job Cost
  • Employees can work in multiple states during the same period
  • 999 Cost Centers for G/L Distributions
  • Virtually unlimited deductions, pay modifiers and benefits
  • Flexible taxability by deductions, pay modifiers and benefits
  • Complete Government reporting
  • Direct Deposit Available
  • User defined information file for non-standard information
  • Employees can receive multiple checks in a pay period
  • Tax tables for all 50 states supported
  • Workers compensation tracking
  • Craft Code and Rate Maintenance
  • Vacation, Holiday and Sick Pay-hours tracking
  • Electronic Unemployment and W-2 reporting available

Reports Available:

  • 941-A and W-2 Reporting
  • Federal and State Unemployment Reporting
  • Pay/Benefit/Deduction
  • Union Report
  • All Activity Report
  • Workers Compensation Report
  • Personnel List
  • Check Register
  • Trial Balance
  • Labor Distribution Report
  • Hours Report

Benefit to You:

Flexibility and accuracy distinguish our accounting modules. You can run them in a stand-alone environment or integrate them with other modules in the integraSoft system. Because you handle accounting information only once, multiple entry posting errors are totally eliminated.

Order Entry/ Customer Service

About the Module:

When a customer needs answers, the integraSoft distribution system delivers. The information you need is always just a “Hot-Key” away! With over 20 inquiries embedded in the order processing logic, you simply need to press the “Hot-Key” to obtain the information you need. Imagine being able to tell the exact stage of an order from a Quote to the Invoice with the push of a key. The heart and trademark of the integraSoft Order Processing System - the “Hot-Key” - eliminates frustration: yours and the customer’s.

Module Highlights:

  • Multiple Order Types: Quote, Stock Order, Direct Order, Future Order, Back Order, Cash Sales, Credit Memo, COD Order, Lost Business
  • Complete Order Tracking status by “STAGE” and “TYPE”
  • “Hot-Key” Inquiries include: Customers, Products, Order and Invoice Information, Purchase Orders, Serial Numbers, Warehouses, Ship To’s, Kits, Special Pricing and Discounting, Last Buy, Substitute Products and Vendors, History Transactions, and Warehouse Transfers
  • Automatic Back Order Creation and Tracking System
  • Full File Maintenance of Customers Ship-To’s and Products during the order entry processes
  • Menu jumping for experienced operators
  • User definable “Notes” on orders, order line items, customers, products, and vendors
  • Multiple Ship To and Multiple Warehouse Processing
  • Complete Departmentalized G/L Update based on Salesman, Warehouse, or Route
  • Matrix Special Pricing and Discounting

Reports Available:

  • Order Acknowledgments, Order Exceptions and Order List
  • Pick Tickets
  • Inventory, Order Master and Customer Audits
  • Invoice Register
  • Tax Analysis and Tax Register
  • Customer/Product Backlog
  • Backorder Report
  • Inventory Projections based on “Quotes”
  • Product Ship Report
  • O/E Recovery Journal
  • Fax Interface

Benefit to You:

Provides Customer Service at levels your competition can only dream about. User defined fields in the customer master file allow you greater flexibility in determining what is important to track. Average-days-to-pay calculation shows you customer payment trends and provides a forecast of incoming receipts. The mandatory/optional note capability supports an on-line diary of pertinent customer information.

Purchase Orders

About the Module:

integraSoft Purchase Orders is designed for the business that wants greater purchasing control. The Purchase Order module tracks each PO from the initial input through receiving, costing and payment of the invoices through Accounts Payable. Decisions about what to buy, how much to buy and when to buy are made easier with this module.

Reporting is based on parameters entered at the time a report is run. Specific information is pulled from the system without generating large volumes of paper. Purchase Order reports provide insight to management about what is happening with product movement based on user selected purchasing criteria.

The “RRAR” or Recommended Replenishment Action Report, can be generated from the inventory control files based on Reorder Point, Standard Order quantity and Quantity on Hand. “RRAR” reports can also be generated for direct ship orders.

An Optional “Gordon Graham Module” is available to assist your company in managing your assets using the methodology of the Distribution Industry’s most quoted consultant.

Module Highlights:

  • Purchase Order and Line Item user-definable “Notes” available as required/mandatory or optional
  • Complete PO tracking through entry, receiving, back orders, costing, and vendor payments
  • Multiple order types for stock, direct ship, and credit memos
  • Single touch function keys for inquiries
  • Unit conversions for stock items purchased in different units
  • Purchase control for 1-99 warehouses
  • Single screen for entry and maintenance
  • Exception-based receiving and costing
  • Multiple receipts allowed against a single Purchase Order
  • Optional Serialized Inventory Module item tracking
  • “RRAR” Recommended Replenishment Action Reporting
  • Optional use of master reorder point or warehouse reorder point
  • Direct interface from Order Entry drop shipment and manual line items to Purchase Order eliminates the need to re-enter data
  • Optional use of order/line points or min/max quantities for ordering

Reports Available:

  • RRAR Reports
  • PO’s by due date and overdue PO’s
  • Audit reports for PO Variance, PO Master, Vender Balance, and Inventory available
  • Receipts Reports
  • Purchase Order List
  • Open release report
  • Fax Interface

Benefit to You:

The Purchase Order system provides you with a method to automatically enter a PO from the Order Entry function or the RRAR reports. You may also manually enter items needed for stock. Use Purchase Orders to improve customer service by providing timely information and effective inquiries. The optional integraSoft Fax Interface module is integrated with all modules and printing functions including Purchase Orders without leaving your workstation.

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User Reviews of IntegraERP

Submitted on October 6th, 2020 by Jimmy Kellan from Portman MFG

A ham-fisted attempt to compete in a marketplace filled with far better alternatives. Don’t expect to be able to pull custom reports, because that requires extensive knowledge of their report writing software which is nothing short of a mess. This software is a stripped down economy car at a sedan price.

The Good…

I am struggling to find anything desirable…

The Bad…

Reporting, support and reporting.

Submitted on June 15th, 2016 by Charles

The software is now browser based (GUI), easy to read screens, with print to screen, pdf, email, and fax options. Very intuitive navigation with help on every page.

The Good…

Each user can build customized queries to access any record, plus export directly to excel.

The Bad…

Would like more input on future product enhancements.

Submitted on November 25th, 2015 by an anonymous IntegraERP user.

The software is very outdated DOS software with a so-so GUI interface. Very few reports will even export to Excel. The journal entry method is archaic and causes many errors. Journals cannot be edited. Many report layouts are just scrunched old green-bar paper reports.

The Good…

I think it was low dollar, .i.e. cheap

The Bad…

The interface is difficult for all modules. You cannot have more than one company open at a time either.