Integrated Office Accounting

A full ERP system designed by IOA Software.

About Integrated Office Accounting

Introducing the final piece of the Microsoft Office Puzzle. Integrated Office Accounting provides total Office Integration. This fully integrated software program offers a variety of drill downs for searching through customers, vendors and inventory items. With plenty of standard reports and unlimited custom reports available this software can fit your individual accounting and reporting needs. The way to manage is through reports. With IOA you control your reports, they do not control you.

Accounts Payable

Designed to speed up the daily routines of business office personnel, this module contains everything necessary to control your payables department. Wizards are available to help process payables by Vendor or Due date. Cheque runs can be batched, edited and printed at will. Easily enter handwritten cheques or produce them directly from using the Quick Cheque Writer! Chequing account maintenance is available here, including a very simple cheque voiding system. As an integral part of the complete Integrated Office Accounting for Windows system, this module allows Purchase Orders to become Accounts Payable Invoices.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module contains a collection of versatile tools for accounting and finance management. These tools include a flexible, professional, Accounts Receivable Invoice system, with a wide range of customer-specific information screens available, to keep track of customer defaults such as Tax jurisdictions, financial history and additional contact information.

This multi-functional Accounts Receivable module offers many methods of searching for customers and products and can provide the user with quick access to additional, critical, customer financial information. With the ability to import from quotes, kits or work orders, additional customer and inventory information a click away, this Accounts Receivable module can satisfy a broad range of industry and fulfill the busiest working environment found today.

Additional Features

  • No need to re-enter your customer’s names or addresses when you want to print a Professional Letter in Word or a Professional Fax Cover Sheet. Just click a button and automatically merge you existing customer information directly into your required application.
  • Search for customers by name, number, credit card number, Zip or Postal Code, city, State or Province and many more.
  • Shipping tab allows the customer to have unlimited ship-to addresses and notes.
  • Allocate your inventory items to individual salespersons to keep track of sales commissions on one of the 28 standard reports.
  • Create shortcuts to most frequently accessed customers.
  • Add new customers on-the-fly.
  • E-mail directly from your customer screen.

Bill of Materials

The ability to customize items to meet customer’s unique need is an important feature in several industries. This module provides for customization by providing a link between manufacturing and inventory. Primarily designed to provide the user with the ability to use inventory and non-inventory items to create specialized products, this module contains all the tools necessary to facilitate a manufacturing environment. Create a template for each product you want to manufacture and IOA puts the required components together, adjusts your inventory and maintains an inventory of all by-products created through the manufacturing process. Multi-layered production allows user to create one or more components, and then use them as sub-components in the assembling process.

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management allows you to keep track of all your fixed assets by category helping you track important information such as; purchase price, purchase date and depreciation term. While providing these basic essentials it also maintains a calculated depreciation which is available at all times. Now whenever you need information about your assets or want to update your balance sheet the Fixed Asset Module provides everything you need.

General Ledger

In business, knowledge is power, and with Integrated Office Accounting for Windows, the power is in your hands. This completely integrated General Ledger Module accumulates information from all of the accounting modules to give you true meaningful reporting on your company. A General Ledger setup wizard is provided to quickly get the software operational. With features such as General Ledger departmentalization and budgeting, you can gain true control over your departmental spending. The system setup includes company General Ledger account defaults to help ensure that the data being entered into the system is being posted correctly. Although this ledger system is easy to use it is and extremely powerful tool.


This module contains many important business tools such as multi-warehouse Inventory Control, Inventory Kits, Product RMA, LIFO or FIFO, or Average Costing, Inventory Adjustments, Serialized Inventory Items, Primary, Secondary & Alternate Vendor Defaults, an Inventory Unit Conversion and complete Work Order System, for Tracking Jobs not yet billed. Working in tandem with the Order Entry, Purchase Order, Job Costing and General Ledger modules, this Inventory System can assist your company in maintaining control and optimizing work flow.

Job Costing

Every company at one point or another will need to keep track of projects, undertakings, assignments or as we call them, Jobs. To keep track of these special functions and to be better equipped to manage the project at hand, we have Job Costing. Job Costing provides the ability to build an estimated cost from a build up method. As the Job takes its course with IOA you can allocate costs to the Job by allocating Purchase Orders Directly, Purchasing from Inventory, Importing from Work Orders, and Allocating Resources of Salaried Employees and/or Sub-contractors.

While entering directly from time sheets, not only will the costs be allocated to the Job but they will also be carried over to the Payroll Module to avoid double entry. The Job Standing Report provides a clear analysis of the profitability of your project to outline the Revenue Generated while considering the Expenses incurred and the Materials and Resources used. All generating a profitability report compared to estimated costs. A contractors dream, and a manufacturers guide to monitoring and controlling your costs. Using Job Costing can help you to be a better project manager.

Order Entry

This module is designed to provide a robust working environment for creating Orders, Quotes and Invoices. You can quickly apply Inventory items or Import from Inventory Kits, Quotes and Work Orders to expedite the creation of new orders. Customers can be added instantly while entering an order.

Multiple drop-ship addresses may be used as well. Each line item provides individual choices for ship or back-order quantity, discount percentage, General Ledger sales account and taxing per line item. The Save and Pay option allows you to create an Accounts Receivable Invoice and clear it by receiving a payment during the same transaction. This function is ideal for Point of Sale applications.


IOP is a completely flexible and versatile payroll module which links directly to the General Ledger of your Integrated Office Accounting. Because payroll is one of the most complex tasks associated with running a business Integrated Office Payroll is designed to help optimize that task. IOP has the flexibility to handle a variety of pay structures including hourly, salaried, commissioned and piece-work type of employees. Twice each year tax table upgrades are available to ensure that deductions being made are accurate &and appropriate according to the individual’s person requirements. Also included are some powerful management tools to monitor employee start dates, termination, vacation time, sick dates, reviews and other historical data. IOP can act as a complete stand alone payroll program or an included Integrated Office Accounting module.

Point of Sale

If you’re looking for a quick method to enter a sale, then Point of Sale is the product for you. You can quickly create an order. You have the option to use a Cash sale or have it applied to an existing account. Layaway also allows you to easily setup a layaway plan to better serve your customers. Having a POS system has never been this easy.

Purchase Order

The heart of an organization’s prosperity can lie within the disciplines of Purchasing. This user friendly module supported by reports from Inventory and Accounts Payable will indicate when inventory items have fallen below critical levels or are required to fill back orders. Other reports can provide historic trends to help predict future requirements.

Knowledge of primary and secondary vendors is available as well as quick access to historic purchase prices. The key to maintaining any Purchase Order system is to use the system with discipline. Purchase Orders are a tool to ensure that the amount you are ultimately invoiced from a vendor matches up with the prices that were agreed to at the time of purchase. This function in itself can help to maintain profit levels by controlling your costs of goods. Let IOA’s Purchase Order System help your company to better organize your purchases today for beneficial gains tomorrow.

Report Writer

  • A/R Analysis Report includes the ability to report on sales by currency grouped A/R account.
  • By utilizing customer type as a method of reporting you can easily obtain valuable sales information grouped by country. This report is a percentage breakdown by country of total sales complete with a summary and breakdown by percentage of total sales.
  • A/R Aged & Retroactive reports can be prepared to help analyse the effect international customers will have on your cash flow depending on which currency they pay in:
    • Selecting all customers will convert entire A/R report to home currency.
    • Selecting a particular customer will report on that customer in their default currency.
    • Selecting a particular currency will report all customers with defaults in that currency unconverted.
  • New Gross Profit by customer, coupled with existing Gross Profit by Item reports provide a great tool to monitor Gross Profit margins that are essential to maintain healthy bottom line.
  • In the Order Entry – Reports sub-module, A new commercial invoice & customs declaration report has been added to satisfy the conditions of Canada customs.

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