iBusiness Suite

A suite of modules designed for the retail, ecommerce and wholesale markets.

About iBusiness Suite

iBusiness Suite software can help you reach all of your potential revenue streams and manage your business effectively with fewer resources.

Your business can leverage all of the growing opportunities to expand your revenue and reach through the ever growing technologies we have available. Customers and businesses expect you to interact with them in the most secure and efficient manor, at anytime and anywhere. Business may or may not be transacted during regular business hours. 24/7 technologies are available to leverage your business advantage with proven ROI (Return on Investment).

iBusiness Suite integrates the complete life cycle of the business relationship with your customer. Your Customer Is Your Revenue Provide the best tools to your staff to enable them to provide outstanding customer service. Enable your customers to self-service and engage with you and in the most efficient manor…


Moving your business to the web is a big step and calls for the right software to help you manage all aspects of your web store. iVerticle offers a number of features to help make your eCommerce presence as painless as possible.

eCommerce Sites-Have one eCommerce sites or several! Create unique products or services per site and brand them differently but all of the transactions will display in the back-end system for handling like any other order type.

Online Payments-Take payments online with secure Authorize.net

Self Service Accounts-Customer manages their account, prints out their order information, etc…

Business to Business Portal-Allow your wholesale customers or businesses to transact with you online. You can customize the data you collect from them for your particular business model. They can purchase product or schedule service calls etc…

Recurring Subscriptions-Create subscription type orders that automatically transact in the system and charge your customers account.

Add or Link to Images-Branded to match your business image and or website and link directly from your website or have us create one for you.

Self Managed eCommerce-Add products or service, pricing etc, all from an easy to use product configuration screen. You do not need a web developer to be able to manage the products or services you post.

Shipping Integration-Direct shipping integration to pricing and print shipping labels.

Custom Branding-Add image files to products or services as needed.

Event Management System

Event Management System is a fully hosted & secure online event scheduling and management system customized for your business. With multiple functions, such as staff management, product and service records, contract and event printing, custom reporting, and automatic reminders, our Event Management System is sure to save your business time and money.

  • Online Event Scheduling 24/7
  • Alerts You and Staff When Events are Made
  • Automatic Custom Emails to Clients
  • Branded to Your Business - Your Colors and Your Logo
  • Fully Hosted and Secure System
  • Manage Multiple Rooms and Locations
  • Contract & Event Info Printing
  • Product & Service Expense Recording
  • No Training Needed for Users

Expo Management System

Expo Management System is a highly customizable, fully featured, ERP system designed to increase profitability and to give your business a competitive advantage in the industry.

  • Setup Event Locations With Local Tax Rates and Commissions
  • Easy Import of Exhibitor/Participant Information
  • Inventory Tracking and Delivery Forms
  • Accounting AR/AP/GL
  • Order Entry (POS, Sales Orders, Work Orders, Quotes, Proposals)
  • Financial Reporting
  • e-Commerce and Self Service
  • Flexible Platform Multi: Organization, Currency, Accounting, Tax, & Language
  • Secure, Role Based Access and Logging
  • Platform Independent
  • Extremely Customizable

Freight & Logistics Management

Use one module to allow you to book and ship 3rd party freights from all points of US, Canada and Mexico. The logistics module to track Less Than Load services and fully optimize load delivery. Implemented the Maintenance & Repair module to support maintenance and repair services to external customers or company owned equipment.

  • Integrates with accounting modules
  • Generates Orders / Purchase Orders / Work Orders / Invoices
  • Automatically generates Carrier’s AP information into the System
  • Generates Delivery & Shipment - Status EDI Customers /Consignees.
  • Fully tracks loads from origin to destination
  • Tracks equipment (trailers, trucks, flatbeds) usage and repair history.
  • Tracks profit margins by customer, consignee or sales representative.
  • Tracks Inventory
  • Generates Inbound and Outbound Manifests.
  • Inbound load tracking by PRO number and customer
  • Provides logistic tool to optimize outbound creation based on cargo load, distribution route, and appointment date/time.
  • Automated delivery rate calculation - flat rate or variable rate based on weight and distance.
  • Reporting capabilities to track profit margins by customer, consignee or sales representative.

Meals Management System (MMS)

Meals Management System is highly customizable, fully featured, ERP system where meals ordered and menus drive everything, including inventory and purchasing.

  • Manage in Real-Time
  • Calculate Ingredients Per Menu Item Automatically
  • Client Database
  • Data Import/Export
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Location
  • Mass void orders

POS - Point of Sale

The POS function of the iBusiness Suite offers a robust set of features including:

  • Secure Login
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • User Friendly
  • Electronic Singnature
  • Mobile Phone Access
  • Use Brava On Your Tablet
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Till Management
  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • Sync To Quickbooks
  • Text Message Notifications
  • Inventory Management
  • Live Security Cameras
  • Gift Cards
  • Process Payroll
  • Intercative Chat
  • Price Restriction Control
  • Accounting
  • Wholesale Purchase Orders
  • Full Wholesale Solution
  • Offline Mode
  • Internet Browsing Control
  • Commission By Location
  • Commission By Product
  • EMail Receipts
  • Unique Kit Feature
  • Debit With a Pin Pad

Retail Management

The iVerticle Retail Management System is developed with both key businesses features and Web Technologies. With POS features and inventory management to advanced trade accounting, CRM(Customer Relations Management) and performance management, it is the complete and ultimate solution to manage retailing businesses with multiple locations. Our system has been designed to be secure, reliable and compatible. Moreover our web-client-server architecture also allows the simultaneous and real-time management of multiple stores or organizations with one instance.

The iVerticle Retail Management System is designed to give your business the tools needed to thrive in this competitive market. Consolidation in the retail industry means that you have to work even harder to differentiate your business. That’s why improving customer service is key to success. Knowing who is buying what and which promotions are successful–and then using that data to shape strategic decisions–can help you streamline your business and increase your profits.


  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Layaways, Up-selling
  • Graphical Real Time Charting and Reports
  • Commissions, Employee Clock In
  • Payment Options: Cash, Card, Check
  • Multiple Till and complete Accounting
  • Inventory Moves and Management
  • Customer Returned Orders
  • Promotional Offers and Discounts

The iVerticle Retail Management system is compatible with any operating system, allows mobile access, works with personal computers and POS hardware, and offers touch screen, barcode readers and thermal printers.

Smart Scheduler

Smart Scheduler (S2) Smart Scheduler is a fully hosted & secure online appointment scheduling system customized for your business. With multiple functions, such as client self scheduling, online payments, custom reporting, and automated reminders, our Smart Scheduler is sure to save your business time and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling 24/7
  • Alerts You When Appointments are Made
  • Clients Can Self Register and Self Book Appointments
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders to Clients
  • Branded to Your Business - Your Colors and Your Logo
  • Fully Hosted and Secure System
  • Manage Multiple Locations
  • No Training Needed for Users
  • Affordable

Time & Expense Manager

Time & Expense Manager is a fully hosted & secure online time & expense management system customized for your business. With multiple functions such as, task & project scheduling, expense recording, custom reporting, and automated reminders, our Time & Expense Manager is sure to increase company efficiency and save your business money!

  • Online Task & Project Scheduling 24/7
  • Job Costing
  • Expense & Mileage Recording & Reporting
  • Real Time View of Expenses
  • Alerts & Reminders for Your Staff When Assignments and Tasks are Scheduled
  • Branded to Your Business - Your Colors and Your Logo
  • Fully Hosted and Secure System
  • Manage Multiple Locations, Projects, and Employees
  • No Training Needed for Users


Here are just a few of the many benefits of Wholesale.

  • Wholesale option allows you all the benefits of an eCommerce site.
  • Additionally it allows you to deal directly with your wholesale customers and/or businesses without a phone call or an email.
  • Wholesale customers are able to log in to make a purchase schedule service calls etc.
  • Encourage a steady and more predictable revenue resource.
  • Build your revenue each month.
  • Use data from wholesale customers to improve your business model
  • Allow a wider distribution of your brand and products

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