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About ParagonERP

ERP sucks and after almost 30 years in the business, we knew it was time for change. So we went back to the drawing board to create a system from scratch. We made a list of all the things that people hate about bad ERP and designed a solution that is better in every way. From there, ParagonERP was born.


ParagonERP manages all your financial needs and can handle a business’s financials in an unlimited number of currencies. The financial functions in ParagonERP include, but are not limited to, keeping track of all the money coming in and going out of your business, managing financial transactions, preparing government documents required for tax filing, and managing integrated payroll. ParagonERP also tracks and manages all your fixed assets and helps companies with forecasting and budgeting. Finally, the financial functions in ParagonERP are tightly integrated with the reporting/BI functions so you can gain insights in real time and make smarter decisions going forward.

Customer Service

Customer Service is about having access to the right information, quickly. “Has my order been shipped yet? Why is it on hold? What are these charges for?” Customer Service agents are on the front-line - they’re the ones answering questions and addressing concerns, so not having access to the right information when there are anxious customers waiting on the other end of the line can make dealing with these customers a stressful and painful experience. ParagonERP addresses these challenges by ensuring that all the relevant information is easily available to agents, so they can get back to their customers quickly, with exactly the information they’re looking for.

Human Resources

Human resources is about managing your employees. It’s about matching people’s skills with tasks that need to get done and making sure your employees get paid on time. But, how do you do this if you’re not sure who’s working when and for how long, and who’s able to operate which machines, at what level, and for how long? ParagonERP manages all of this.

The Human Resource functionality in ParagonERP is fully integrated with the rest of the system so you can effectively manage work orders by seeing who is qualified and certified to handle which machines, and track who has worked when. By integrating with a host of Payroll providers, we’ve also tried to eliminate the pains associated with having to re-key information from one system into a separate Payroll system. This way, you won’t find yourself losing hours of your day because two systems can’t really “talk” to each other.


Manufacturing is about effectively planning the production of goods by identifying bottlenecks and doctoring them. But, when you’re more focused on reacting to the latest production crisis, getting a grip of your manufacturing processes and creating realistic plans and schedules to satisfy sales demands in an efficient way ain’t so easy.

ParagonERP was designed to overcome these inefficiencies. Many of the manufacturing functions in ParagonERP are tightly linked to the rest of the system so you can better identify and understand the bottlenecks in the production of goods. Moreover, many of the manufacturing functions are automated so you don’t have to re-type a work order from a sales order, for example.

Product Design

The key to product design is translation. At its core, it’s about understanding the needs of consumers and designing products to meet those needs. More specifically, it’s about bridging the gap between conceptual ideas and the manufacturing or production of those ideas. So, product design is concerned with finding solutions to meet a specific set of requirements and outlining the specifications of the solution so that the production teams can successfully produce the design.

For example, after having determined the need for acid wash jeans, the design team outlines what is needed to produce this item (fabric, thread, buttons, pumice stone, chlorine, etc&), and how exactly a good should be made (the number of sizes, the exact placement of the buttons, the size of the hem, the length and waist width of each size, etc&).

ParagonERP facilitates the design process by liberating designers from tedious tasks like determining product costs. ParagonERP also helps designers keep track of product specifications and manage product testing, so they can spend more of their time designing great products.

Product Management

Product management enables you to use and integrate multiple sources of information to develop a roadmap for future products – it’s about combining a bunch of information into articulated ideas, setting a vision, and setting requirements for products that need to be produced.

Essentially, product managers are responsible for everything from creating new products or product strategies, to determining a product’s pricing and setting its sales targets.

Keeping track of all these factors can become a bit overwhelming. ParagonERP keeps track of all the individual pieces that help product managers make informed decisions about what the next evolution of their products should look like and what the requirements should be. That means the only thing they have to be concerned about is getting their ideas across clearly.


Being a good purchaser is about buying the right products and materials at the right time to get your orders fulfilled. Being a great purchaser takes insight and up to the minute, in depth information.

Great purchasing is really about knowing the terms of your relationships with particular vendors, so you know which vendor has the most favourable offerings at any given time. It’s about factoring in exchange rates so you know when to buy from China, instead of India. It’s about knowing the capacity of factories and factoring in shipping costs, so you know when to bundle items and when not to.

Keeping track of all this information can get pretty out of hand. That’s where ParagonERP comes in. ParagonERP can be configured to keep track of all your inventory, vendor relationships, and material requirements, so your purchasing team can spend their time making better decisions instead of just keeping track of all of the moving pieces.


Sales is about three main things. It’s about knowing your product well in order to support a convincing pitch. It’s about discovering and managing leads. And, it’s about understanding the fact that you can’t sell what you don’t have. So really, sales is about making promises and managing expectations about those promises, particularly since you’re not actually the one delivering on those promises - your production team is.

ParagonERP, like many other CRM systems, manages leads and communications with prospective clients. More importantly, ParagonERP facilitates the sales process by giving you visibility on what is going on in the background, so you can make promises that you’ll actually be able to keep.

ParagonERP won’t help you make a perfect sales pitch but it will let you keep track of what’s in the warehouse, what’s in production, and what’s on the shelf. That way you can confidently make promises to customers because you know you’ll be able to deliver on those promises.

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics gets your goods out the door and on route to their destination in a timely fashion. But, when your system isn’t printing shipping labels accurately or preparing the required shipping documentation properly (packing slips, bills of lading, customs papers, etc&), getting your goods out the door causes more headaches than it should – and by headaches we mean brain exploding migraines. So, not getting your products out the door can compromise your relationships with customers and vendors. More importantly, it can also cost your business millions, if not billions of dollars in profits.

We know how valuable each minute is when there’s a shipment in your loading station and you’re waiting on your ERP system to send the truck off on its merry way. So, we designed ParagonERP to address these pains. ParagonERP handles all your shipping and logistical needs so you can spend more time worrying about things that matter, and less time worrying about whether you’re going to get your shipment out on time.

Warehousing and Inventory

Warehousing and Inventory keeps track of all the stock you have at any one time. But, when your system doesn’t accurately reflect what’s on your warehouse shelves, what’s in production, and how much raw materials you have, you may end up tracking your inventory manually. But you shouldn’t have to. You shouldn’t have to find alternative ways to manage your stock because you can’t rely on the system you paid for to do so.

We created a system the way it should work. ParagonERP aims to make warehousing and inventory management a painless process. ParagonERP gives you all the flexibility you need to reliably track and manage inventory throughout your warehouse(s).

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Submitted on August 12th, 2019 by an anonymous ParagonERP user.

We ended up with Paragon - best fit in our opinion. Really lined up nice with our company.