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Realizing that financials are just one of several vital components, K9 ERP allows you to manage every aspect of your business in one integrated software package. K9 ERP offers customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management, inventory management, inbound and outbound logistics processes, full GAAP financials, workflow management and much more.

Customizable reports and dashboards allow managers to see, in real time, everything that is happening both in their departments and within the company at a glance. Reports can be generated to include cross-department information so everyone is working off the same information; sales, warehouse, finance and management are always in-tune with each other.


K9 ERP includes an integrated customer relationship module with full customer lifecycle management including lead tracking, price quotes, sales orders, shipments, financial tracking and more. Marketing and sales force automation within K9 ERP provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools that manage sales representatives, pipelines and channels while maximizing marketing efforts.


  • Executive Sales Forecasts - Executives need visibility into the future, so they can set sales objectives (quotas) and incentives, analyze sales results to commensurate compensation and learn from actual performance to make improvements. With K9 ERP, executives receive real-time information and have the analytical tools needed to build forecasts confidently plan future actions.
  • Forecast Analysis - Slice and dice sales pipeline opportunities by region, timeline, sales rep, product line, quantity, and other dimensions. Roll up data to generate aggregate reports across dimensions (product, region, sales team and more), or drill down to the details that comprise the aggregates.
  • Customizable Dashboards, Reports and Charts - Customize and create charts, reports and dashboards using K9 ERP’s custom wizards. Home pages can be configured by user with preferred dashboards to fit their job role and responsibilities.
  • Customer/ Account Management - View a real-time picture of every customer, including contacts and roles, tasks, sales opportunities, price quotes, order backlog, shipments, invoices, payments, aging receivables and everything else that applies to the customer, all accessible through a consolidated account view.
  • Lead Management - Define lead qualification parameters, assign leads to the right sales reps, keep track of lead-to-customer progress, manage communications using K9 ERP’s integrated Workflow notifications.


K9 ERP provides companies with complete financial management features to enhance productivity, streamline processes and be more profitable.


  • Regulatory Compliance - K9 ERP was created based on the core standards established by GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and is a key tool for companies striving to achieve and maintain financial regulatory compliance and control. The K9 ERP software solution and development team’s first priority is to provide a functional, compliant business management solution.
  • Invoicing & Billing - K9 ERP includes numerous billing functions and methods. Like all other financial activities within K9 ERP, invoices are tightly linked to revenue recognition methods and controls. Use K9 ERP’s invoicing to create a controlled, automated process rather than a tedious manual process.
  • Report & Statement Generator - Create customized reports and financial statements including balance sheets, profit and loss reports, trial balances, and supporting schedules that present as your company needs them. Additional reports can be generated on the fly and saved for future use, with just the information required for that document.
  • Cash Flow Management - Cash management provides complete, detailed oversight of order-to-payment and purchase-to-payment processes. Built-in Workflow rules enable close tracking of time sales are outstanding, aging receivables and cash flow projections.

Warehouse Management

K9 ERP offers its own integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS), eliminating the need for additional third-party software. The K9 ERP WMS module is designed to help automate and manage routine warehouse tasks, such as inventory counts, returns, warehouse transfers, and other processes required to run an effective warehouse.


  • Advanced Picking - Streamline the entire pick to complete process by attaching as many pick items as it takes to fulfill the order in one picking slip.
  • Complete Financials Integration - Every change to on-hand inventory is logged and inventory transactions are valued automatically.
  • Virtual or Multi-Warehouses - Control an unlimited number of physical warehouses or set-up virtual warehouses. Location-level controls allow for complete management oversight of inventory.
  • Lot & Serial Numbers - Products can be tracked by lot and/or serial number. Tracking can be assigned to items in the warehouse or only on shipments or receipts. Manage date-controlled items automatically, ensuring pick and replenishment processes are determined by expiration dates (first expiration, first out). Our lifecycle management capability flags lots that are approaching their expiration date for immediate attention.


Workflow within K9 ERP ensures processes are set-up to run with your company’s specifications and, most importantly, ensures that those processes are followed. Easily map out your everyday processes to eradicate bottlenecks, control costs and ensure the effectiveness of the employees involved in the processes.


  • Process Automation - Ensure all instances and executables within business processes are controlled through automated directives pre-set within the Workflow. Margins for error are reduced as all team members and participants in the process are guided through each step.
  • Advanced Analytics - Quantitatively determine how processes are working in terms of serving the needs of customers and, most importantly, impacting your bottom line.
  • Document Management - K9 ERP is 100% cloud-based. Documents can be attached at any point to be viewed company-wide. Regardless of where team members or collaborators are physically located, they are always connected and able to access the latest information.

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User Reviews of K9ERP

Submitted on August 5th, 2015 by Angela

K9 ERP let us go into the future. We had accounting software (the Q word) but everything else was done by spreadsheets. With K9 ERP, we are paying the same almost but getting full ERP instead of just accounting software. I am so happy we found it!

The Good…

K9 ERP has EVERYTHING we need in one software and is at a price that makes sense to us.

The Bad…

Honestly, we haven’t run into anything that is an issue. We are so excited with all the integrated modules after being stuck in spreadsheets and Q-books for so long.