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A web-based accounting software system designed by Kojeo for startups and small organizations.

About Kojeo ERP

KOJEO integrates General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Contact Management, Document Handler and Manufacturing seamlessly, ultimately assisting your team to be a leader.

Developed using cross-platform technology enables speed in all areas of KOJEO ERP Software. Active Open-Windows Design enables any company’s infrastructure to make quick accurate decisions, based on past and future information.

Have you or known any company which may have lost sales or taken much longer in supplying a product only because pertinent information was missing, lost, or not conveyed properly?

KOJEO ERP is more a process than a software package. KOJEO helps guide an organization to deliver better communication between staff, customers and vendors. By utilizing KOJEO an organization will be sure to see improved business processes for all staff and higher sales due to better communication and efficiencies within their organization.

All these Modules are integrated and supply pertinent information concerning any client or vendor to whichever member of your organization requires it.

Accounts Payable

KOJEO Accounts payable is a loaded with features to ensure easy tracking of your vendors. Totally integrated with our CRM module to track notes, documents and pertinent information on your vendor all accessible at a glance, no more clicking or printing of reports.

  • Copy invoices from previous AP invoices.
  • Print individual cheques or allow our cheque wizard print a batch of cheques.
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Vendor Transaction History Report
  • Pre-pay for product, when the invoice arrives from the vendor KOJEO will automatically apply the cheque against that invoice.
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Tax system
  • Prioritize your vendors for your payment process.
  • One Time vendor, when the invoice is complete KOJEO will remove teh vendor from your vendor list.
  • Track vendor early pay discounts.

Accounts Receivable

We have automated our Customer functions with options such as automatic statements and invoices VIA Fax, E-Mail or Mail depending on each of your customers preference.

Because you need quick and fast inquiry screens you will find that we also topped our revolutionary active window design with inquiry screens such as which invoices are outstanding, what cheques were applied to which invoices ect. All these windows can remain open and once you select the customer in our customer information window all your other active windows will change automatically.


We built our Contact Manager stronger than most dedicated CRM programs, but with ours its integrated into the Accounting Data. This means no more double entry but best of all it means that now not only are the Sales staff using the Contact Manager for sales prospects but you get to utilize this power for all you staff’s day to day work. After all isn’t knowledge power?

Notes: The notes window sorts all notes by customer or vendor. As you select the customer or vendor in the lookup window the notes window will automatically re-query showing you the notes on that customer or vendor. When you create a new note Koios ERP automatically stamps the user name who created it, and the date and time.

Calendar: Calendar scheduling was built to share employee whereabouts and personal scheduling without having to use a separate package. With Calendar scheduling you can lookup other peoples appointments, schedule group appointments as well as use calendar scheduling to schedule Technicians and Mechanics for specific customer work orders.

Things To Do: Allows you to track tasks which have to be accomplished. This is a personal things to do which means no one else in your organization can see it so you can put your anniversary dates here also!

Document Handler: The Document handler was created to not only organize your word, excel and other office/production type documents but also as a way to share them with other staff members. This document handler will store any applications data, in the case of windows based applications you can actually create templates such as letter head, fax cover sheets etc. With these templates you can link Customer or Vendor information to these templates such as name/address. In this way as soon as you create a new document from a template these fields are automatically filled out in your new document.

A good example of this is if you create a letter head template in word and link your customer name and address information. Any employee can quickly create new letters in the document handler based on your template and have everything filled out for them such as your logo and the customer the are currently on. All they have to do is type their message and print.

Customer Window: Allows you to select the fields you want and search and sort on any field you have selected. Simply type in the Customer Window and the list changes to your key strokes.

User Defined Fields: Fields can be Numeric,Date, Alpha-Numeric or Table Selections (Table Selection is a category and items under it such as Industry and then items such as “Forestry,Fishing, Agriculture, Oil”). This allows you to track extra information on your customer. You can also use these fields in your searches.

Contacts Window: Allows you to store unlimited contacts with name, address, e-mail information and

  • Unlimited Notes per vendor or contact
  • Calendar
  • Stores documents in document window from any windows based application to appropriate Customer Or Vendor.
  • Create Document Templates in any Windows based application complete with linked Customer or * Vendor Information from TeamBooks Software.
  • Contact Window
  • Customer Window sorts are user defined
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Create your own fields tagged to customer entry or order entry; Date, Alpha-Numeric, Numeric or Table * Lists field types
  • User defined fields in extensive searches in conjunction with city, sales rep., order entry keywords, notes, documents and more to narrow customer lists.

Document Handler

Developed with Microsoft’s Visual Basic using thin client technology enables speed in all areas of KOJEO. Microsoft’s Access® is used for reporting functions. This enables users of KOJEO to modify and create reports supplying all pertinent information required to run their business with utmost efficiency. These reports along with on-time Active Open-Windows Design enables any company’s infrastructure to make quick accurate decisions, based on past and future information.

Our Document handler stores all applications information even other programs can be stored there if need be. This information is stored by customer or vendor and is an active window. As soon as you type the customer in the customer window you will see all office documents and the date and time and who created it. Simply double click on the document and KOJEO will open up the original application in which it was created in and open up the document.

If your going to share information between your organization it can’t stop with just notes and customer transactions it must also include your documents. Most companies employees store word, excel and other documents to their local hard drive while their accounting data is probably stored on the server.

The problem with this is it makes it very hard for anyone else to know what file names they are using for their documents and where on their hard drive the information is being stored, worse yet is that this information probably is not being backed up by the network server.

Another great feature with our Document Handler is that you can create templates in other applications such as word, i.e.: Fax Letter Template or Letter Head Template and link fields to your customer or vendor window. In this way even the most amateur computer user can quickly create a professional fax cover sheet.

Once the template is selected KOJEO will create a new document in the same application your template was created in and copy the layout and information over from the template, then KOJEO will store it under the appropriate Customer or Vendor.

All the user has to do after that is type their message. KOJEO will automatically fill out the Customer or Vendor information such as name, address, contact information.

General Ledger

Our General Ledger allows you to group GL codes by departments and summarize these GL Codes by their basic codes.

Also you can separate your codes into multiple GL Structure such as the first 4 digits is the main GL Code the next 2 digits is the division, and the next 3 digits is the department.

Once you create this structure you can use the wild card in your financial statement preparation screen to narrow in on any segment or combination of segments you wish.

The General Ledger also allows you to have as many open fiscal years as you wish.

  • Unlimited Account Codes
  • Unlimited Segment GL Codes
  • Use Wild Cards to narrow your financial searches (i.e.: 1000 – 2220 - 1???)
  • Departments
  • Budgets
  • Financial reports with departments
  • Financial reports by summary accounts.

Inventory Control

Our Inventory Control is trusted by many product distributors and manufactures because of its extensive audit control and price levels. With the features generally found in 6 digit packages, our Inventory Control is second to none in the industry for features.

  • KOJEO inventory control handles:
    • Kitting
    • Serialized Inventory
    • FIFO, LIFO or Cost Average
    • LOTTED items with expire dates
  • Create new items by coping defaults from similar items makes creating inventory items a snap
  • Unlimited Warehouse locations which is integrated seamlessly throughout our package with separate Sales, Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold GL Account Codes per location.
  • Pictures for each inventory item
  • 50 Character Product ID Field, 255 Character Product Description Field, 65000 character memo field.
  • Pictures
  • Special Fixed Asset Inventory allows you to purchase additions and add to the cost of individual inventory. This is great in case of building assets where you might add on to the item extra features which will increase the value of it while increasing the cost of goods sold.
  • Automatic Qty reordering by intuitive reorder formula which you can maintain. Formula takes into account the following parameters:
    • Average quantity per month the item was sold.
    • Last 3 months average, in order to detect if the item is becoming less popular.
    • 3 months at the same months last year in order to detect seasonal items.
    • How long the items have been in stock so that you do not order items that are not moving.
    • Number of invoices processed in the last 3 months on the item so that you do not re-order the item if it was only sold on one invoices to one customer.
    • Deliver time per vendor for that item.
    • Best price per item, so if there is high enough quantity left in stock to receive product from the best price vendor even though the deliver time for the best price vendor is higher consider ordering as much as possible for the best price vendor.
    • And yes you can also set your own reorder points such as minimal you want in stock as well as maximum you want in stock.
  • Automatically notifies account managers when product level is running low for popular items.
  • Unlimited other Inventory Cross References great for manufacture codes, bar coding or your customer and vendor specific product codes. Type this Alias in anywhere in the program and it will find your product.
  • Unlimited price levels. This can be below or above cost, if you sell wholesale and you sell “X” percent above cost this area is perfect for you. We have clients who use this to sell all products at a certain percentage above cost while other clients use the feature to give discount levels below list price. Our price levels is a matrix effect that is customizable to handle any unique need.
  • Quantity price breaks allow you to give discounts if your customer purchases a certain amount of an item. For example, if your customer purchases 1-3 of item A, they pay $4.50, if they purchase 4 or more, they pay $4.00. Also, if they can have discount levels over and above this price.
  • Sale prices with dates where the item will go automatically on and off sale based on the dates you entered.
  • A special pricing option can also be used. You can actual give clients special prices which are over and above their discount levels. A good example of this is if you go out for tender and bid that you will supply to customer X a certain product for $40.00 over the next year. This is known as special pricing.
  • End User price by location so if you have a different location which wants to sell more because of either market value or cost for deliver of product to that location … No Problem!

Job Costing

Job Costing tracks expense and revenue transactions from any module in KOJEO i.e.: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Order Entry, and Purchase Orders into a common location. The job costing module is extensive enough to handle any industry.

Whether you are the master builder or working in a trade this Job Costing module will work for you. Simply create a new job and phases. Assign your budget amounts if applicable and if you need track holdbacks from suppliers or customers. Transactions from all modules are tagged to this job.

  • Track expenses from the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase orders and
  • Payroll Timesheet information to a job.
  • Track income from sales to any customer, against cost of completing the job.
  • Track hold backs either from Vendors or to Customers
  • Detailed Reporting.


Manufacturing or “Bill of Materials” allows you to accumulate raw material and labor into finished goods. Timesheet entries can be posted into any overhead item which is set to actual labor costs or you can just use flat rate overhead costs.

When the manufacturing process is finished you simply post the work orders and KOJEO removes the raw material from Inventory and combines all costs into the cost of the new product and places the finished product into Inventory.

  • Create internal work orders to manufacture products
  • Build work order templates for repetitive manufacturing processes
  • Overhead can be accumulated by a combination of raw materials and overhead costs such as timesheet information or calculated costs such as maintenance of equipment
  • Full Integration with all applications

Purchase Orders

  • Copy purchase orders from previous purchase orders
  • Track purchases by active orders
  • Materials Requisition
  • Automatic Qty reordering by intuitive reorder formula which you can maintain. Formula takes into account the following parameters:
    • Average quantity per month the item was sold. Last 3 months average, in order to detect if the item is becoming less popular.
    • 3 months at the same months last year in order to detect seasonal items.
    • How long the items have been in stock so that you do not order items that are not moving.
    • Number of invoices processed in the last 3 months on the item so that you do not re-order the item if it was only sold on one invoices to one customer.
    • Deliver time per vendor for that item.
    • Best price per item, so if there is high enough quantity left in stock to receive product from the best price vendor even though the deliver time for the best price vendor is higher consider ordering as much as possible for the best price vendor.
    • And yes you can also set your own reorder points such as minimal you want in stock as well as maximum you want in stock.
  • Notifies sales orders managers when product has arrived
  • Can automatically notify customers when backordered or special order product has arrived.
  • Manual purchase orders
  • Purchase Wizard
  • Allows temporary PO selection for quick ordering.
  • Capable of printing checks in Purchase Order stage.
  • Receive Inventory from purchase orders before invoice is received.
  • Saves historical Purchase Orders for later reference.
  • Tracks your returns for credits to vendors until you receive credit notice.

Purchase Orders allows you to print Checks on the fly once you have created to purchase order. This way if you don’t have credit with the Vendor you can cut the check and send your truck driver over to pick up the product.

Purchase Orders allows you to cross reference customer orders to your purchase orders. This way you can lookup the customer order any time you want to see if the product has been received yet!

Our Purchase Order Module allows you to use its wizard to do automatic purchasing by minimal - maximum levels in inventory or by customer outstanding orders.

You can also include entries from KOJEO Material Requisition screen, order by Minimal/Maximum Levels and order for all warehouses at the same time

PO Wizard allows you to shop around for the items you want to and the items you don’t want to shop around you can just tell the system to automatically use default vendors.

When you click on the item you want to shop around the system will automatically show you which orders its allocated in and what it is being sold at.

Also it will show you all vendors which you have purchased it in the past and the Minimal, Average and Maximum price you ever paid for it.

When you select a vendor in the scratch pad to get pricing from that vendor on that item the system will automatically tell you how may of these items you have bought from this Vendor YTD and total purchases from the Vendor YTD allowing the purchase agent to be very informed.

Use the Return Material Authorization Screen to track any returns back to the vendor to insure you receive the proper credit for your goods.


KOJEO Quotes, Orders and Invoice entry screens are very similar to each others creating user familiarity. KOJEO ERP allows ease of use but the power needed for companies with more than 5 employees. With features such as:

  • Copy quotes, orders or invoices from previously ordered documents.
  • Memorized transactions.
  • Multi-Currency
  • Unlimited unit of measure
  • Unlimited warehouse locations
  • Robust tax system capable of handling any countries tax system.
  • Lotted inventory
  • Custom selling prices by customer, you can give different groups of customers different percentage discounts on different products or even charge at a cost plus percentage on some items.
  • Contract flat pricing on items.
  • Tracks all changes or orders and invoices by user and date.
  • Posting sequence allows you to finalize orders and invoices so that users cannot change them after the document has been sent to the customer.
  • Allows for serialized items and also tracks serial numbers by customer. Allowing you to know which serialized items you sold a specific customer and if any work has been completed on that serialized item.
  • Tag items to a job.
  • Labor component allows you to charge for labor tasks by a flat rate or by the hour.
  • Tag labor and tasks to equipment.
  • Tracks sales persons and commissions as well as users who typed the orders or invoices.


We put Rentals in because we found a great need for an Accounting Package with a built in Rental module. Our Rental Module allows you to do automatic billing by the Day, Week, Month or Year.

Lookups by Product Type such as Push Lawn Mower, Manufacture such as Snapper and purchase date for the newest products. Query on what’s in, out, lost or sold. Show complete history on who rented particular equipment in the past and notes on what was said or damage done after product was returned.

Open Rental Agreement is an active window you can have displayed at all times if you like, which will show what that customer has currently out and when it is estimated back.

  • Rental Inventory
  • Rental searches by Manufacturer, Model, Product * Type and Status
  • Rented item history
  • Open agreements listing
  • Automatic billing by hour, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or flat rental charge
  • Query on What’s in, out, lost, or sold

System Manager

System Manager is our Claim to Openness. You really have to judge for yourself but once you have tried our

Active Open Window Concept you will never be able to go back to a to menu intensive application again. Our marketing specialists have researched and concluded that your heavy computer users can save up to two hours per day with this revolutionary active open window concept.

  • Multi-Currency
  • Unlimited Country’s Tax System
  • Multiple Company’s. Changing companies is done by the push of a button, no need to log out or back in. * Each company can have its own separate data path for increased network security.
  • Multi-Location is a snap, simply create as many locations as you have and then assign which employees belong to which locations. Each location can have its own set of GL Codes to track revenue, expenses, inventory and more. Doing internal transactions between different locations are all tracked by TeamBooks as well.
  • Stand Alone, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, SaaS
  • Thin Client Supported - which means it will work under Windows Terminal Services allowing you to use dumb terminals to operate the program or you can install it to your PC and have your PC run the program.
  • Track daily rates.
  • Thin Client Supported.
  • Microsoft Access data structure with optional Oracle & DBF.
  • Tags Transaction Creator in all modules
  • Drill Down to original transactions the General Ledger.

Time Billing

This is not a modular package it is part of the system. Detailed time and expenses of employees are tracked and billed to specific customers.

  • Charge by the hour for labor tasks
  • Special hourly rates by customer and employee
  • Employee job performance statistics
  • Time Sheet entry
  • Interfaces with Order Entry.

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