Advanced Protheus

A multi-module management system designed by GM Brothers.

About Advanced Protheus

AP6 Master is a corporate management solution (ERP/CRM) that includes all processes of a company related to administration, manufacturing and relationship. Aimed at the most different sectors of the market, it is ready to meet specific needs, allowing the economic, financial and productive situation to be controlled, activating decision-making processes and optimizing results.

In order to better meet its customers’ needs, Microsiga has created many modalities of its product making possible to use it completely, from its implementation phase up to the final use. Among AP6 Family products, we point out the Master category composed of application developed in ADVPL maximum configuration, with or without limit of concurrent processes. It is divided into 4 categories: AP6 Master Full, AP6 Master Four, AP6 Master Light and AP6 Master T (terminal).


FRONT OFFICE - CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Call Center system that includes all services executed by the operator, containing telemarketing, telesales, active/receptive, phone calls schedule, automatic dialing, EFTS, promotions, contacts, history, prospects, etc.

Field Service system that deals with the customer’s installed base technical maintenance control. It includes budgets, service orders, contracts, repair centers, preventive and corrective maintenance, parts and services invoicing, trackability, help desk, allocation and monitoring of technicians and services, project control, MTBF (mean time between failure) and MTTR (mean time to repair), etc.

Sales Administration through it, it is possible to administrate and visualize the sales forecast, the pipeline, etc,.

TFA – Technical Force Automation (Mobile): automatic/mobile record designed for procedures related to technical assistance.

SFA – Sales Force Automation: system that makes the AP6 communication with handhelds possible, allowing external sales force teams to execute online or offline activities using wireless technology.


BACK OFFICE – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Administrative and Financials: Fixed Assets, Copyright Control, Financials, Accounting, Tax Records and Costs.

Manufacturing and Distribution and Logistics: Inventory, Purchases, PPC (Production Planning and Control), Data Collection Automation, Advanced Planning System (APS-Preactor), Shop Floor Control Integration (SFC-PPI-Multitask); WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transportation Management System), IMS (Inventory Management System), OMS (Order Management System), Traditional Invoicing.

Project Management: PMS (Project Management System) – it allows the management and integrated control of costs, terms, executed works, maintenance and development projects.

Human Resources: Positions and Salaries, Personnel Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Time Clock In & Out, Recruitment and Selection, Kiosk Solution and Training.

Quality Management: Auditing, Documents Control, Inflow Inspection, Processes Inspection, Metrology, Corrective Actions / Non-conformance Control and PPAP (Production Parts Approval Process).

Supply Chain: Management of the whole supply chain from suppliers to the final consumer.

e-Procurement: large corporations’ purchasing system involving great amount of products where suppliers are registered in a electronic catalogue. According to established parameters, it is possible to automate the selection process and the Internet transactions.


AP6 – Fixed Assets Maintenance: it comprises all company’s corrective and preventive processes.


AP6-Foreign Trade (Export and Import): It deals with all operational, management and financial functions related to export and import processes.


AP6 - Mobile Enterprise: solution developed by Microsiga to allow data of an ERP/CRM system to be remotely accessed. The functions already available for the product are: Sales Force Automation, Delivery Control and Technical Assistance.


AP6-Commercial Automation: Management solution that comprises from point of sales to back office processes. It is a solution which provides fast transaction, safe and qualified, regardless of segment.


OFFICE BI (Business Intelligence)

TWR – Control Tower

In order to make the access to information simpler, Microsiga has developed the TWR (Control Tower), a tool with more than 40 pre-set models aimed at management searches in areas such as sales, purchases, inventory, invoicing, PPC, costs, financials, accounting, telemarketing, human resources and management indicators (balance analysis). By making use of this tool, the Board of Directors can monitor and manage the company analyzing critical situations, identifying opportunities and losses due to rework and waste.

EIS – Executive Information System

System based on OLAP technology that generates executive information by making use of DataWarehousing. Through charts and indicators, it allows management searches in the AP6 Database or any other current Database.

Crystal Reports Integration

Integration with Crystal Reports form generator, which is considered the best one in the market in its category.

MS Word, MS Excel and MS Project Integration Interface designed to create spreadsheets, documents and online access to all system’s data with no need for transcription.

Lotus 1-2-3 Integration

Interface designed to create spreadsheets and online access to all system’s data.


Tool that changes AP6 into an active system instead of reactive. Through electronic messages use (Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.) or pre-set intelligence routines, AP6 tells users what to do.

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