A full ERP system designed by Mitchell Humphrey.

About FMS

MH&Co.'s ERP solution for government offers a broad range of software including Financials, Community Development, and Vehicle for Hire applications.

The Financial Software audience ranges from state and local government, to insurance companies, to mid-sized private sector firms and non-for profits. FMS offers the following modules:

Financial Software

  • General Ledger: Provides unsurpassed flexibility and power. Enables clients to gain maximum control over your accounting operations.
  • Accounts Payable: Delivers the tools clients need to meet current cash requirements while planning for future outlays.
  • Budgeting & Financial Planning: Provides the tools clients need to control the budgeting process. Makes budget building quick and easy.
  • Fixed Assets: Allows clients to track and manage fixed assets of the organization.
  • Fund & Grant Accounting: The specialized fund accounting management features clients need for not-for-profit, for-profit, and grant funds.
  • Purchasing: The information clients need to effectively manage the purchasing cycle, from requisition through receiving.
  • Accounts Receivable: Provides complete billing, statement, cash receipts, adjustments, and receivable management capabilities. Gives you complete control over the entire Accounts Receivable process.
  • Inventory: Gives your organization the automated approach to effectively maintain physical control of the materials in each of your storage locations.
  • Applicants & Recruiting: Enables clients to gather and manage all applicant data via the organization’s website. This is provided by our partner, PDS Software.
  • Human Resources and Payroll: Streamlines all employee information, from applications to terminations. Delivers efficient payroll processing with the flexibility to address individual customer requirements. This is provided by our partner, PDS Software.
  • Benefits: Accommodates benefits management policies and procedures. This is provided by our partner, PDS Software.
  • Self-Service: Enables employees and managers to view and update employment related data. This is provided from by partner, PDS Software.
  • Business Intelligence: A variety of reporting and query tools that provide users an easy way to access all their data.
  • Workflow Management: Workflow that is tailored to client business processes.

FastTrackGov Community Development

Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov (FTG) provides government organizations with an easy-to-use, feature-rich suite of web-based Community Development solutions for Licensing, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Inspections, and Citizen Request Tracking. The solution is built on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform so that data is automated and easily shared among departments for citizens, office staff, managers, and inspectors to work together fluidly.

Licensing and Misc. Permits

With Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov Solutions, you may apply for Licenses and Miscellaneous Permits. Below are a few examples:

  • Business Licenses
  • Auctioneer Licenses
  • Food Establishment Permit
  • Food Handlers License
  • Liquor License
  • Marriage License
  • Swimming Pool Permit


With Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov Solutions, you may apply for Construction related permits. Below are a few examples:

  • Septic Tank Permits
  • Rental Registrations
  • Construction Permits
  • Land Use Permits
  • Zoning Permits
  • Engineering Permits


Request or schedule an inspection directly in the public facing portal.

Citizen Interaction

With Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov Citizen Requests and Complaints, your citizens may report conditions, such as pot holes, property violations, or enter complaints for issues, such as nuisance vehicles and stray animals, to name a few. You may also search on conditions or complaints entered by other citizens.

Public Records Request

With Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov Public Records Request, your citizens may request copies of government records, such as copies of board minutes, ordinances, or resolutions.

Vehicle for Hire Regulation and Reporting

Enables regulators to improve efficiency and accuracy and maximize revenue. Accommodates unique regulation and reporting requirements for all types of transportation for hire.

Vehicle for Hire Portal

Provides access 24/7 for drivers, owners/operating authorities, and citizens

Licensing and Permits

Streamlines your process for accepting, reviewing, and issuing licenses and permits

Supports the following functions:

  • Drivers licenses/permits and renewals
  • Owner/operating authority permits and renewals
  • Vehicle registrations, renewals, and status changes
  • Instructions for application completion and attachment of required documentation
  • Payment of fees and penalties
  • Instant messaging between portal users and agency staff
  • Various status reports
  • Citizen complaints, requests, and compliments
  • Event (e.g. accident, altercation, etc.) reporting

Inspections, Enforcements, and Case Management

Manages your inspections and enforcement activities in real time

  • iPhone App
  • Supports enforcement activities in the field.
    • Citation/warnings
    • Spot inspections
    • Inquiries (while online)
    • Photo attachments
    • Barcode scanning
    • Electronic signatures
    • Printing from the field

Interface Options

Supports integration with other systems such as:

  • Background checks
  • Insurance verification
  • Badge and decal printing
    • Barcode scanning
    • Financials

Accounts Payable

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Accounts Payable software system provides the tools you need to meet current cash requirements while planning for future outlays. The system saves you money by automatically calculating due dates and discounts in order to select optimal payment dates. And the system includes comprehensive cash requirements forecasting.

With the FMS Accounts Payable solution, you can:

  • Ensure that you get what you pay for. It automatically matches the invoice to the purchase order. On-line tolerance checking verifies quantities and amounts. And the system automatically allocates expenses to the appropriate general ledger accounts.
  • Get a solution tailored to your requirements. The system handles virtually any kind of document including invoices, debit and credit memos, installment payments, etc.
  • Save substantial time and effort. For example, the system can perform automatic reconciliation using data provided by your bank. And 1099 reporting is included.
  • Achieve the efficiencies of a paperless office. Our imaging product, FMS-DocuView, allows you to conveniently store supporting payables documents electronically.
  • Automate the process of approving invoices for payment via FMS-StreamLine tool, our integrated workflow solution.

Accounts Receivable

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Accounts Receivable software system provides a complete billing, statement, cash receipts, and receivables management solution. No matter who your clients are, the system provides the tools you need to reduce manual effort and improve your control over your entire accounts receivable process.

With the FMS Accounts Receivable solution, you can:

  • Save substantial time and effort by automating the computation of volume and prompt payment discounts, freight, sales and excise taxes, commissions, etc.
  • Streamline your collection process via the system’s user-defined age classes, up-to-the-minute aging information, and collection history module.
  • Improve your cash flow and profitability via special tools that help you to identify both profitable and problem clients.

Budgeting & Financial Planning

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Budgeting & Financial Planning software makes entering your budget quick and easy. The system provides standard data entry screens or you can customize a budget entry program to suit your unique requirements. If you’d rather budget in your favorite spreadsheet, you can upload the results using our FMS-EXEC spreadsheet data upload/download tool.

With the FMS Budgeting & Financial Planning solution, you can:

  • Automate many computations, saving you time and effort. For example, the system can base your new budget on a percentage increase or decrease from last year’s actuals or budget, distribute a single budget amount across multiple periods, or automatically compute allocations.
  • Gain better control over your the budgeting process. Quickly and easily attach supporting documentation and justification for your budget.
  • Automate the budget approval process via FMS-StreamLine, our integrated workflow solution.
  • More effectively use your budget to manage your business via powerful, intuitive inquiry and reporting tools which allow you to see how your actual performance measures up to your budget. Variance, variance percentage, unit variance, and virtually any other performance measure are at your fingertips.

Cost Accounting

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Cost Accounting software system helps you evaluate financial performance for all types of manufacturing, maintenance, and construction jobs. You can track both committed and actual expenses by job. And you can quickly and easily compare those measures with budgeted expense, budgeted revenue, or actual revenue.

With the FMS Cost Accounting solution, you can:

  • Accommodate the unique way you do business. You define the chart of accounts for your Job Costing ledger. You can include fields for department, job, cost category, client, asset, employee, or any other category which is important to you. And you can have custom descriptive data to define the details of each job.
  • Accurately determine the costs of products and services. The system supports Activity Based Costing, allowing more accurate measurement of overhead and indirect costs. By job, the system accumulates statistical data such as hours of machine time or units of production.
  • Save significant time and effort. If the Job Cost ledger is required to tie into the General Ledger, subsidiary systems such as Payroll and Accounts Payable can update simultaneously. Both ledgers will balance at all times with no extra effort on your part. And the FMS II Accounts Receivable system can automatically bill for jobs performed for clients using terms established per job.
  • Facilitate your budgeting process. You can budget at any level desired - day, week, month, or year. You can even budget by year for multi-year jobs. You can track revisions to the original budget using multiple budget files. And powerful computation techniques assist you in performing forecasts and what-if analyses.
  • Store and report on the data you need, the way you want to see it. All information - actual, commitment, and budget - can be reported at any level of detail you want, such as day, week, or month. Naturally, you can also report at summary intervals such as quarter, year, or job-to-date.

Fixed Assets

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Fixed Assets software system provides you with all the tools and information you need to effectively manage your investment in fixed assets.

With the FMS Fixed Assets solution, you can:

  • Save substantial time and effort thanks to a comprehensive integration with the FMS General Ledger module. For example, the single action of disposing of an asset automatically generates all the necessary GL transactions. It logs the sale, records depreciation, gain/loss, ITC recapture, cost, and accumulated depreciation.
  • Eliminate manual calculations and accommodate all of your reporting needs. It includes full support for all standard depreciation methods and conventions, as well as for specialized methods such as days, machine hours, miles traveled, and units of service. And, the system accommodates FASB reporting.
  • Achieve the benefits of the paperless office. Capital budgeting makes use of our FMS-StreamLine solution for electronic approvals. In addition, you can take advantage of our FMS-DocuView imaging solution to store electronic images of asset-related documents such as warranties and service records.

General Ledger

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS General Ledger software provides unsurpassed flexibility and power. It enables you to gain maximum control over your financial and accounting operations.

With the FMS General Ledger solution, you can:

  • Customize your chart of accounts. Segments in the account number, as well as the roll-up structure within each segment, reflect your unique needs. And you can define alternate roll-ups for each segment.
  • Store and report on multiple types of data, including both financial information and statistical data such as hours worked or units produced.
  • Get efficient and secure data updates. Whether the data is manually entered or imported from other systems, it’s subject to a full range of financial and security controls.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other FMS systems and with all your external systems.
  • Perform allocations via one of the most powerful allocation mechanisms in the industry. With it, you can perform simple allocations, multiple levels of step-down allocation, and virtually any other computation you might require.
  • Manage your budgets with powerful budgeting tools. These tools can be used in the FMS General Ledger software or in an optional budgeting ledger.
  • Gain a number of other features including support for special-purpose ledgers; support for multiple fiscal years; and storage of data at daily, weekly and user-defined intervals, as well as at the period level.


Your considerable investment in inventory must be monitored and managed. Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Inventory software system gives you an automated approach to effective physical control of materials at each location.

With the FMS Inventory solution, you can:

  • Accommodate your unique needs for transaction processing, inventory classification, and accounting. For example, you define your own availability classifications such as back-ordered or in transit.
  • Facilitate effective cost management. The system helps you to identify slow-moving or obsolete items. It forecasts replenishment requirements based on user-defined reorder points, safety stock levels, minimum and maximum order quantities, and lead time.
  • Save time by simplifying physical to book reconciliation. The system automatically creates labels, tags, and count sheets. It tracks both count and recount data, as well as physical condition and comments.

Project Accounting

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Project Accounting software provides you with accurate and timely project information, which results in opportunities for tighter cost controls, more profitable decisions, and improved project performance.

With the FMS Project Accounting solution, you can:

  • Accommodate the unique way you do business. The system features a flexible chart of accounts which allows you to track project information by employee, asset, department, client, or any other category which is significant to you. Naturally, you can store both standard and user-defined data about each project. You can also customize other aspects of the system such as data entry screens and project approval procedures.
  • Gain powerful budgeting and project planning capabilities. Built-in analysis functions, including FMS-ONRAMP, our on-line analytical processing module, allow you to evaluate your progress vs. the plan. You can analyze performance over time (month-to-date, year-to-date, and project-to-date), measures of success (variance, percent variance, average cost), and projected costs based on percent complete, ratio of actual to budget, or user-defined assumptions.


Astute management of the purchasing cycle is a key ingredient in controlling costs. Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS Purchasing software system provides you with the information you need to more effectively manage the entire cycle - from requisition through receiving.

With the FMS Purchasing solution, you can:

  • Save significant time and effort by improving workflow. You can create specialized document types and rules-based document flows to support your unique needs for document control, processing, and accounting.
  • Take advantage of decentralized electronic requisitioning. Our FMS-WebLink tool gives remote users complete access to the FMS Purchasing software system, using the same friendly, easy-to-use interface they would see in the local office.
  • Utilize vendor performance inquiries to improve your ability to negotiate favorable terms with vendors.

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User Reviews of FMS

Submitted on April 13th, 2022 by Jeff Jensen

Since we implemented FMS and its tools, our efficiency has increased substantially. Our double-entry efforts for general ledger and purchasing data are a thing of the past. Plus, since we are able to scan documents and download data directly into the FMS system, our staff is able to simply pull up what they need versus the old procedure of searching through file drawers and storage.