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Inventory Management
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CRM Dashboard

About FiO ERP

Holistic and centralized business management system that streamlines your internal process and provides you a measurable ROI. myFiO ERP is the most comprehensive ERP solution for an SMB in the market today.

Advantages of FiO ERP

  1. Automate Manual Processes
  2. Efficient Management of Production Scheduling
  3. Accurate assessment of Inventory
  4. Increased Personnel Productivity
  5. Arrests Paper and Postage Cost
  6. Lead Time Reduction
  7. Reduced Stock Obsolescence
  8. Automated Ordering and Payment Processing
  9. Lowered Payment Processing and Paper Costs
  10. Increased Transparency and Accountability
  11. Anywhere – anytime Access of Accurate Data for Timely Decisions
  12. Facilitates Strategic Planning and Execution
  13. On Deman

Content Management

Every Ecommerce site needs a content management system which automates and reduces the manual processes involved while changing the content, image or design in the site. FiOERP is built with a superior content management system which handles everything from content change , price change and even adding a page. Add and change store information from here.


  1. Create New Category, edit an existing category.
  2. Add general information, meta information, images, associations, products inside the category.
  3. Create a new product.
  4. Use “Single page product entry” to quicken the product addition process.
  5. Create any number of pages and host them online. Add products inside each pages.
  6. Add and edit features.
  7. Set price rules, identify new and existing customer and provide discounts according to that information.
  8. Advanced multi channel SKU management
  9. Add shipment methods and types.

Content Management:

  1. Category
  2. Product
  3. Pages
  4. Feature
  5. Price Rules
  6. Multi channel List
  7. Promos
  8. Stores
  9. Shipping


FiOERP has a comprehensive inbuilt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module which is customer centric and easy to use. It has a separate dashboard for CRM with all the important data on top for quick access. It enables sales automation with the features like Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity Management. It eases the process of support team with cases and activities. It also reduces the workload of the marketing team with its inbuilt campaign management and contact grouping option.

CRM Features

  • Automate sales process from lead gathering to conversion
  • Manage sales opportunities
  • Create sales visibility with forecasts
  • Share calendar and tasks with the entire team
  • Share and manage documents
  • Case management with detailed reports
  • Browser-based email with integration to email server
  • Customer services and case management
  • Quotes, order entry, and order prioritization
  • Manage marketing campaigns, including outbound emails and call management
  • Tracking code reporting and management

CRM Sub Modules:

  • Lead Management
  • Person Management
  • Contact Management
  • Account Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Cases and Activities
  • Marketing
  • Reports and Detailed Custom reports

Data Migration

Import Customer information, Supplier details, Products information, Inventory Items, GL accounts or any information that the ERP needs to work with, you can simply import them instead if manually entering each and every detail into the system.

Migrate all your information from one system to another with FiOERP’s data migration module. This saves plenty of time for and 100 of hours of manual work for the staffs which normally happens during a data migration.


  1. Import Customers Information, supplier’s information, product details, Inventory Items, GL Accounts, Order, Header lines, Order Item Lines.
  2. Even files can be uploaded.
  3. Setup your company’s default company template.
  4. Migrate product, product price, supplier product, category, customer, account, contact, lead and supplier information.
  5. Export everything that is imported,
  6. Reports that show the details list of things that are exported, thus enhancing the security of the data that is inside.

Data Import:

  1. Data import
  2. File Upload
  3. Ledger setup

Data Migration:

  1. Migration Home
  2. Export
  3. Report
  4. Configuration

Financial Management

FiOERP has a powerful financial management module which automates the entire finance and accounting related entries and their impact on the whole system. It helps you to manage the most complex finances of your business with ease and at the same time comply with regulations.

Financial Management and Accounting Features

  • Supports multiple organizations with unlimited hierarchy of accounts
  • Manage accounts receivables (AR) and accounts payables (AP), Including invoices, payments, statements, aging
  • Produce financial and tax statements, including income statement, Balance sheet, cash flow statement, trial balances, tax summary and detail reports
  • Scheduled transactions postings and Recurring invoices
  • Third party billing support Ability to segment financial results using “tags” for divisions, departments, product lines, activities, etc.
  • Budgeting and encumbrance reporting
  • Ordering and invoicing of services
  • Support for Value Added Taxes (VAT) through VAT module
  • Additional reconciliation reports and AR/AP functionality through Enhanced Financials Module

Financial Accounting Sub Modules:

  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Ledger
  • Reports
  • Configuration

HR Management

An Extensive Human Resource Management Module which saves time and automates most of the time and paper consuming manual work. From Basic employee detail to the minute skill set of the employees can be recorded and utilized for designing training programs. Employee skill, qualification, resumes, leave details even their performance can be calculated from here.


  1. A holistic dashboard with the details pertainin to the company.
  2. Create employee, employee positions, performance review, employee leave and leave approval.
  3. Create new skills, qualifications and resumes of the employees.
  4. Manage your recruitment process.
  5. Find the job requisition posted within the organization, View interview’s, approvals, and relocations.
  6. Create and view training calendar and approvals.
  7. Gobal HR settings will help configure Skill types, responsibility types, termination types and reasons, pay grade leave etc.

Human Resource Management Sub Modules:

  1. Employees
  2. Employment
  3. Employee positions
  4. Performance review
  5. Skills
  6. Qualifications
  7. Recruitment
  8. Training
  9. Employment application
  10. Resumes
  11. Leave
  12. Settings

Inventory Management

FiOERP’s inventory management module helps you identify sales trends and prepare for the customer needs. Businesses should always maintain a proper inventory of the products necessary and it is achieved through FiOERP’s inventory Management module. Streamlined operations are always a benefit and this is what FiOERP Brings. It also helps your adjust your lead time in procuring the products and reduces liabilities. With a detailed MRP report MyFiOERP come in very handy in planning the materials needed for inventory.


  1. A comprehensive dashboard providing a holistic view on your inventory and shipping processes.
  2. Add Inventory, find and open requirements, have a look at the approved product, internal and transfer requirements.
  3. Run MRP report and understand where do you stand when it comes to material Planning,
  4. Open back orders, adjust quantities, Trace inventory, receive purchase order, Transfer inventory and do many more using MyFiOERP.
  5. Have track of incoming shipments, outgoing shipments, ready to ship products, create and open picklist, schedule and batch schedule shipments and finally you can also print shipping labels.

Inventory Management Sub Modules

  1. Planning
  2. Inventory
  3. Shipping

Loyalty Management

Customer attrition is the biggest challenge any business suffers. It is important to keep customers glued to the company as with every lost customer we lose hundreds of potentials customers. And the only way to address this issue is to bring in some high quality customer centric loyalty programs. MYFiOERP does exactly the same. It brings in the much needed standardization into your loyalty plans and makes it more customer driven arresting the attrition rate to a great extent.


  1. Create customers and assign them with unique customer id.
  2. Create a loyalty program with different reward options such as Coupon rewards or Gift card reward.
  3. Create a loyalty program common to the entire business or specific to products and categories.
  4. Create campaigns and promotions.
  5. Create unlimited coupons and associate them to any promotion or loyalty program or any campaign.
  6. Detailed reports to understand and analyze the ROI of the campaigns and loyalty programs.

Loyalty Management Features

  1. Customers
  2. Loyalty
  3. Promotion
  4. Coupon
  5. Configuration
  6. Reports


FiOERP’s Manufacturing management provides manufacturers a holistic tool which helps them to optimize each every process in the manufacturing cycle. FiOERP increases efficiency to a great extent. It brings in tighter controls towards operations and this assists in identifying the operational bottlenecks and productivity issues so that things can be sorted which increases resource utilization. MYFiOERP reduces job costs. Items can be tracked in real time as they move in the manufacturing process and this provides an ability to perform cost analysis by the certain area and determine where job costs can be reduced.

FiOERP increases the Real-time visibility of the production process, sales, margins, availability and anticipated current and future inventory requirements enables manufacturers to explore, uncover and analyze decision alternatives and identify opportunities.


  1. Ability to view and Run MRP for high level planning and strategies.
  2. Option to view Inventory information, open and approved requirements.
  3. Add and edit Bill of Manufacturing.
  4. BOM Simulation, Routing information and tasks related to routing.
  5. A detailed warehouse calendar to give you a snapshot of what is going on in your production .
  6. Ability to create a production run, create reverse assembly forms, production transfers.

Manufacturing Feature List

  1. Dashboard
  2. Planning
  3. Bill of Manufacturing and simulation
  4. Production order

Order Management

Streamline your order management and fulfilling process with FiOERP’s advanced order management module. Place your orders in Amazon, Ebay or with the easy integrations available. Increase your ability to sell online by having listed in multiple channels and develop a regular revenue stream.


  1. Integrate your online store with Amazon, Ebay and with
  2. Integrate it with Magento.
  3. Run a detailed shipping confirmation report.
  4. Keep a tab of all the errors that occurs. And manage error codes.
  5. Detailed reporting system that provides detailed information on all the orders placed on all channels.

Order Management:

  1. Order Home
  2. Export
  3. Report
  4. Error code management

Purchasing Management

FiOERP lets you automate and streamline your purchasing and Supply chain process with a module that is specifically dedicated to these two operations.Manage suppliers and their contact details so that you can access it whenever you want it with in few clicks. Keep track of products that is in transit along with the Bill of Manufacturing. Plan your materials and orders in detail MRP planner, Order management with invoice supplies. Estimated date of delivery and indepth reports.

Purchasing Management

  • Manage Suppliers records, including contact information
  • See real time inventory
  • Automate production and purchasing calendar with Material Resources Planning (MRP)
  • Use requirements to streamline purchasing work flow
  • Estimated date of delivery
  • Indepth reports

Purchasing Management Sub Modules:

  1. Suppliers
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Planning
  4. Orders
  5. Reports

Sales Management

FiOERP’s Sales Management provides a transparent and process oriented sales management. Starting from Sales order to Rental Orders, track everything in MYFiOERP. You can create a competitive quote and send it to your prospect in no time from sales management module itself.

Features of Sales Management:

  • View Orders based on your role and access permission in"My Order".
  • View the Order Queue for all open order in a single screen
  • Create and view order returns
  • View the entire shopping list that has been created.
  • Create new quotes for prospects and look at the quotes that have been sent by you.
  • View the products that are ready to be shipped.
  • Instruct warehouse staff to pack the item.
  • Select shipping address from pick list.
  • Schedule or batch schedule a shipment.

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