A full ERP system designed by Nipplus Systems for professional services companies.

About eSeries5

eSeries5 is a web based business software that integrates Accounting modules with CRM, eMail, Calendar, HR, Recruitment, Documents uploads, Calls & Notes into a single software to enhance productivity and collaboration. The eSeries5 difference is the level of customer, supplier and staff collaboration of CRM functions around core Accounting modules, which includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets and Payroll.

Cloud infrastructure of eSeries5 ensures real-time collaboration by integrating document upload for all transactions, financial and non-financial dashboards, custom reporting, drill down enquiries for quick answers to all queries, email and SMS alerts, calls and notes, diary and more. With over 20 analysis segments, analysis is done by department, product, region, cash flow, branch, item code, employee groups… you decide how far to analyze.

eSeries5 options are best deployed where there are high licensing costs for a multi-location operation. We place no limit on data you can have or the modules you can access. The software utilizes business and account analysis segments to customize your installation specifically to your industry and operations and is particularly powerful in non-inventory based business operations.

eSeries5 Core modules

  • Billing and Accounts Receivable Management
  • Order Processing and Accounts Payable
  • Multi-Currency, Multi-Company General Ledger
  • Fully Integrated Fixed Assets
  • Payroll for US, UK, Australia and more.

eSeries5 Collaboration Modules

  • CRM and Project Tracking
  • eMail, Calendar Integration to AR, AP and Leads
  • Document uploads at transaction level

Bank Reconciliation and Ledger Integration

The eSeries5 bank reconciliation module integrates general ledger bank accounts and bank statements. This is achieved by importing data from bank statement and comparing it to company’s general ledger. Imported bank data forms a rich data source for eSeries5 treasury and cash flow and trend reporting. Split screens for bank and ledger gives you a complete view of entries being reconciled.

Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

The eSeries5 AR provides a comprehensive quotation and billing system backed by solid customer account management routines. AR entry screens are designed to actively cross reference entries with preset prices or rates & product profiles.

Some Key Features

  • Margin Invoice with Estimates & Actuals
  • Inter-Company Invoicing
  • Inter Company Receipts
  • Multi-Currency Invoicing
  • Recurring Invoicing
  • Comprehensive Billing and Invoicing
  • Business Analysis Tools
  • Data Enquiry Tools


Share your schedule with other staff. eSeries5 calendar & diary integrates leads, customer, supplier & staff information. The calendar is also seamlessly integrated with payroll and HR, for staff reviews and key employee milestones. eSeries5 calendar uses contact information from customers, suppliers, leads, contacts and employees data files. The system’s privacy setting manages data visibility for private entries.


The key focus for the eSeries5 CRM is data quality and data availability across all modules.

eSeries5 CRM is browser-based and the system ensures availability of rich data for any strategy that tracks life-cycle revenues, costs, margins, and interactions between individual customers and staff.


The eSeries5 document uploads provides and excellent collaboration medium. Upload supplier invoices, contracts, resumes, leave forms, proposals, reports for easy retrieval and sharing.

Key company documents on projects, customer history, staff, suppliers and leads are shared across the eSeries5 built in document upload & review system.


eSeries5 Recruitment automates the entire hiring process from creating job requisitions to posting job requirements, attracting candidates, qualifying job seekers, resume processing and final selection.


The eSeries5 built-in eMail enables emails allocation to a specific supplier, customer, lead, contact person or employee accounts within eSeries5. Every employee need not have folders on PCs to store multiple copies of emails and attachments.


The project management in eSeries5 can support all projects in your organization, both with an agile and traditional approach. Using up to 20 business analysis segments, each with unlimited number of items, a project can be created in eSeries5 and can include different entities, whether issues, tasks, sub-tasks, documents, discussions, phases, iterations and so on. With tight integration to payables, payroll and assets, project costs are captured from time sheets, supplier invoices for assets and consumables and payroll.


With 20 Analysis Segments, eSeries5 will track each transaction’s impact to your business. 20 Segments decide your analysis by department, product, region, cash flow, branch, item code, employee groups … You decide how far to analyze.

Fully Integrated Fixed Assets

The eSeries5 fixed assets module can be used as a stand-alone system or as an integral part of the eSeries5 ledgers.

You can create multiple asset groups for each company. Additional asset reports are customized to your own requirements as part of our system implementation.

Some Key Features:

  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Reconciliation
  • Integration to Purchase Accounts
  • Detailed Asset Register
  • Asset Entry with Adjustments and Transfers

General Ledger With Drill Down Enquiry

The General ledger functionality is designed to effectively manage balance sheet and income statement reporting.

You get inter-company transaction processing from a single or multi-currency operation. Enquiry incorporates drill down to ensure you have quick answers to all your queries.

Some Key Features:

  • Auto Reconciliation
  • Customizable Functionality
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Data Import/Export
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Ledger and Bank Reconciliation
  • Multi Company Setup
  • Templates for Recurrent Transactions
  • Payments Run
  • Payables and Supplier Enquiry

Multi Company With Flexible Accounting Periods

There is no limit to the number of companies you can create. Reporting is by company or enabled across entire organization. Chart of accounts are company specific. This means every company has its own chart, which is completely independent from charts of other operational units in the group. Multiple Fiscal Years created at company level. The system uses accounting periods to track monthly data and a period can commence in any calendar month.

Multi Currency Transaction Processing

eSeries5 multi-currency enables transaction processing in multiple currencies while your system remains in domestic currency. A third currency is included for each transaction to enable full triangulation where this is needed for reporting.

Order Processing and Accounts Payable

The eSeries5 AP module is designed to simplify the purchasing process and eliminates repeated reference to paperwork through supplier document uploads. eSeries5 has full expense analysis for transactions by branch, department, employee, product cost and more.

Some Key Features:

  • Invoice Processing
  • Multi-Company Setup
  • Inter-Company Bank Transfers
  • Inter Company Payments
  • Multi Currency Bank Transfers
  • Partial Payments
  • Document Uploads at Transaction Level

Payroll for US, UK, Australia and More

eSeries5 currently offers fully integrated payrolls for Australia, UK and USA. The eSeries5 payroll module can handle up to 10,000 employee profiles with ease. You have complete control over which task is allowed for each employee.

Some Key Features:

  • Streamlined Payroll Processing
  • Multi Regional Payroll (US, UK, AUS and more)
  • Time Based Billing
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Varying Pay Cycles
  • eMail Alerts

Recurring Invoicing With Automatic Alerts

Recurring billing and automated invoicing allows you to generate multiple-repeat invoices and automatically send documents at weekly, monthly or yearly intervals. eSeries5 implements automatic billing and enables your business to manage contracts with customers. Your accounts receivable supervisor gets email alerts for all successful bills created and for exceptions.

Time Tracking and Time Based Billing

eSeries5 helps you manage your web timesheets and expense reports on-demand. Our program offers workflow driven time and expense control, project billing and cost tracking using business analysis codes. Streamline timesheets, employee payroll, expense reporting, time and billing, project invoicing, and executive dashboards.

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