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A web-based ERP system designed by Oracle.

About JD Edwards World

Introduced in 1996, J.D. Edwards World provides superior ERP applications in an object-oriented, distributed computing environment. We listen carefully to our OneWorld customers. You tell us that you want the ability to continue extending the value of your installed software. So we provide many options to upgrade and add functionality. You can benefit from the J.D. Edwards 5 products that enhance your ERP applications.

Accounts Payable

Oracle’s JD Edwards World Accounts Payable streamlines and personalizes your entire accounts payable operation, enabling you to fulfill your payment obligations in a timely and accurate manner. Prompt, efficient invoice processing means more effective cash management. With the tools to support individual payment preferences, you improve supplier relationships and are able to negotiate more favorable supplier contracts.

Features & Benefits

  • Support individual supplier payment preferences: EFT, bills of exchange, drafts, or paper checks.
  • Negotiate more favorable contracts by accessing account balance and total purchase information by supplier.
  • Establish preferred vendors for improved cost control.
  • Automate discount calculations and prepayment support.
  • Support your suppliers’ multi currency and multiple language requirements.

Accounts Receivable

Oracle’s JD Edwards World Accounts Receivable accelerates receipt processing, provides visibility into current account balances, and improves communications among your billing, credit, and collection functions. Efficient handling of customer invoices helps improve your cash flow and enables you to manage customer relationships more effectively. With accurate, real-time AR information, you can immediately respond to credit and collections issues.

Features & Benefits

  • View real-time information about customer payment habits to better manage credit and collections.
  • Automatically calculate discounts based on user-defined payment terms.
  • Create individual customer accounts, each with its own credit limit and review dates.
  • Report payment history based on user-defined parameters, including sales representative, collector, and regional geography.
  • Immediately recognize cash received and create an accurate cash flow position.
  • Create as many user-defined credit and collection policies as are needed for your business.

Fixed Assets

Oracle’s JD Edwards World Fixed Assets helps you optimize your capital asset portfolio by giving you a complete and accurate picture of your fixed assets, taking into account usage, depreciation, and costs. Integration with accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, equipment management, purchasing, and capital budgeting gives you the information you need to make decisions about the use, transfer, and disposal of your assets.

Features & Benefits

  • Support international depreciation requirements.
  • Maintain information about appropriate financing methods and insurance levels.
  • Respond to changing tax regulation.
  • Minimize equipment downtime by integrating predictive maintenance with operations requirements planning.
  • Speed transaction processing time by automating activities, such as asset account creation and depreciation and disposal posting to the general ledger.

General Accounting

Oracle’s JD Edwards World General Accounting provides a flexible foundation for your financial operations that streamlines processes and enables you to respond quickly to change. With it, you can organize, maintain, record, and analyze financial information. Designed to adapt to your business requirements, it lets you tailor your reporting structure as needed–without reworking your accounting and reporting systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Organize your financial operations by company, business unit, and user-defined codes.
  • React quickly to change, without undergoing a massive data conversion.
  • Access accurate, real-time financial data.


Oracle’s JD Edwards World Multi-Currency is a comprehensive currency management system that seamlessly handles international financial transactions. It enables you to operate in multiple countries, with the flexibility to adapt to local requirements. You gain complete, real-time visibility into your company’s overall financial performance, with the ability to analyze that information, regardless of currency, at any level you specify.

Features & Benefits

  • View real-time data about your company’s financial performance.
  • Bridge communication barriers with multi language functionality, including translated menus, screens, and documentation.
  • Manage a complete range of international tax structures.
  • Restate currencies and consolidate financial reporting across business units that have disparate financial account coding structures.

Planning & Budgeting

Oracle’s JD Edwards World Planning and Budgeting ensures the accuracy and speed of your budgets and forecasts by allowing you to use existing financial data in your general ledger to create budgets and forecasts. You save administrative costs and ensure that your plans reflect real possibilities. Drill-down capabilities enable you to proactively manage your budgets by analyzing significant variances and taking action.

Features & Benefits

  • Save employee time and ensure more realistic budget projections by letting your managers input projections electronically.
  • Maintain as many budgets as needed for meaningful performance evaluation.
  • Track actuals against your requested, approved, final, or other user-defined budgets, at any level of detail.
  • Identify potential problem areas quickly by viewing actual-versus-budget comparisons.

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