An on-premises or cloud available ERP software platform.

About Qualiac

Since its inception, Qualiac is built with an original architecture and technology choices targeting technical independence and the latest standards.

One Unique Source Code, Native on all systems, Independent from the technical environment (databases, operating system &)

This now creates a important difference when usage, demand and technology are rapidly evolving.

Core Application Software

  • 1,500 man-years Development
  • ERP Finance (Finances, Purchasing, Billing, &)
  • ERP Production (Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales, &)
  • 2,400 tables – 4,700 screens – 2,000 batches & reports

Upward Compatibility

  • Qualiac is a Strong Upward Compatibility Software
  • Unavailability during the upgrades is less than 4 hours
  • Configuration Settings are preserved

User Interface

  • A Reliable and Friendly User Interface
  • Web 2.0 Technology RIA (Rich Internet Application)
  • Mobile
  • Cloud or Traditional

Open and Independent

  • Up-to-date, Open, Technology Independent
  • Runs as native on multiple major OS
  • Agnostic and native databases
  • Middlewares: Apache, WebSphere, JBoss, Weblogic

Qualiac Finance

Qualiac Finance is based on over thirty years of experience in accounting and financial software publishing. Qualiac draws on its extensive expertise to provide mid- to large-sized companies in France and throughout the world with powerful, effective and scalable management solutions.

Qualiac® Finance is a module of Qualiac® ERP, an integrated management software solution designed and developed around a single core. Its extensive functional coverage encompasses all financial management functions required by companies.

With its powerful budget, analytical and third-party follow-up functions, Qualiac® Finance can handle a wide range of complex legal, fiscal and financial issues with ease.

Its numerous customization and configuration options ensure that Qualiac® Finance is completely user-oriented for optimal user productivity.

Key Functionality

  • Multi-entity support
  • Multiple financial years
  • Multi-currency
  • Customizable chart of accounts
  • Journal management
  • VAT, Sales Tax, and Use Tax
  • International bank transfer
  • Entry matching
  • Reporting
  • Period closing
  • Commitments accounting
  • IFRS accounting
  • Subsidiary accounts
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Cost accounting
  • Budget accounting
  • Pre-consolidation

Qualiac Fixed Assets

Qualiac® Fixed Assets facilitates the management of fixed assets, subsidies, depreciations and inventories. Designed for any type of industry, this solution optimizes and automates the management of fixed assets throughout their lifecycle, from an acquisition to disposal. It covers a large functional scope and is very easy to use. Fully integrated within the ERP, Qualiac Fixed Assets insures a high productivity and full traceability of events of management.

Key Functionality

  • Lifecycle management
  • Legal statements of intangible assets
  • Accounting and extra-accounting entries related to fixed assets
  • Analytics and budgeting
  • Customizable reports and KPIs
  • Native integration with finance, purchasing, maintenance, lease

Qualiac Foundations

Qualiac® Foundations is the technological basis of Qualiac® ERP, and centralizes all the technical functionalities: administration, supervision, automation and operation. Qualiac® Foundations targets both IT services and users. This real IRP (Infrastructure Resource Planning) platform facilitates and automates the operation tasks to service you productivity. Its high level components help the integration of Qualiac® ERP within your IT system and guaranty its scalability.

Key Functionality

  • Reference the users and user profiles.
  • Define the transactions.
  • Secure access to transactions (business screens).
  • Manage data confidentiality.
  • Customize input lists of values.
  • Administer the functional parameters of Qualiac® ERP.
  • Control validity within the data dates.
  • Visualize modules access rights.
  • Manage entity definition.
  • Define the steps of business processes.
  • Access an integrated scheduler for asynchronous batches and reports.

Qualiac Maintenance

Qualiac® Maintenance is the solution for monitoring facilities and keeping expected requirements. It is fully integrated with all the other modules of the Qualiac® ERP Suite, providing an efficient and operational tool dedicated to Maintenance managers.

Qualiac® Maintenance manages preventive, curative and predictive maintenance, from after sales services to spare items requisitions orders, including internal work orders. In addition, Qualiac® Maintenance has flexible configuration capabilities to ensure a perfect fit for your organization.

Key Functionality

  • Control costs to maintain your facilities.
  • Ensure sustainability of your assets.
  • Optimize HR hours for maintenance.
  • Manage spare items inventories and replenishment.
  • List and document your facilities and assets.
  • Ensure reliability of your facilities by analyzing feedback.
  • Pilot subcontracting.
  • Comply with legal requirements.
  • Define and use “best practices”.

Qualiac Project

Qualiac ® Project is a highly configurable project management solution designed to adapt to all types of projects – regardless of your line of business. It is fully integrated with all other Qualiac® ERP modules, enabling project budget, time tracking, status, and benefit tracking to always be up to date through realtime, synchronized updates. Your business executives, financial controllers, and program managers will be able to monitor and always have access to current information for every project.

Key Functionality

  • Manage multi-level projects of all types. MULTIPLE PERIODS
  • Prioritize tasks in real-time.
  • Define project templates.
  • Attach (and access) documents of any type to the project at any level – project, phase, or task.
  • Complete project lifecycle tracking – from creation to close, including benefits realization tracking.
  • Establish and track project milestones.
  • Track project budget at any level with the ability to reference the actual financial transactions associated with the project.
  • Compare actual project progress to the baseline and/or revised project plans.
  • Control project purchasing, invoicing, and activity through real-time integration with other Qualiac® ERP modules.
  • Calculate, approve and communicate price revisions. Easily view remaining tasks.
  • Determine the cost and margin at any level of the project – down to an individual task.
  • Fully customizable reports provide critical information to your business, financial and program decision makers.

Qualiac Purchasing

Naturally multi-channel, Qualiac® Purchasing is the best solution for a fast, scalable and mastered implementation, to meet your business. The flexibility of customizing processes ensures perfect consideration of your organization.

Qualiac® Purchasing manages all your strategic or non strategic purchase workflows, from an internal requisition to invoice payment including multiple statistic reports. With many data about your suppliers such as receipt schedule, in progress orders, stock levels, quality of receipts and invoices payment, the relationship with your suppliers is more reliable.

Serving the performance of the company, Qualiac® Purchasing helps reducing costs and improving delivery times and quality. Thanks to its high degree of customization and its setting power, Qualiac® Purchasing is fully user oriented and adapts to your business.

Key Functionality

  • Powerful and customizable functionalities available for purchasing strategy: requisition order, reorder, call for bids, quote, open order, agreements, investment request and purchase order.
  • Native integration with other domains of Qualiac® ERP: finance, fixed assets, sales, project management, stock, production and maintenance.
  • Manage supplier electronic catalog.
  • Direct access to supplier website.
  • Modeling purchase workflows and electronic signature.
  • Improving supplier relationship and respecting payment terms.
  • Faster processing of supplier invoices through scanning options Manage and plan strategic reorders.
  • Qualiac® Electronic Document Management procures security and traceability of all incoming and outgoing documents.

Qualiac Sales

Qualiac® Sales is the best solution for a fast, scalable and comprehensive implementation to meet your multi-channeled business needs. It is fully integrated with all the other modules of the Qualiac® ERP Suite, coordinating forecasts, production planning and logistics, as well as real-time monitoring of your business profitability.

Qualiac® Sales has flexible configuration capabilities to ensure a perfect fit for your organization. Well-defined, expansive structures of customers, items and prices allow the creation of effective pricing strategies. Qualiac® Sales enables precise control of your business through its many customizable reports and dashboards.

The rapid adoption of Qualiac® Sales by sales teams is ensured by its functional completeness and powerful customization features.

Key Functionality

  • Customer identification
  • Logistics management
  • Invoicing
  • Customer follow-up management
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Posting
  • Commercial terms
  • Pricing management
  • Sales orders
  • Returns management
  • Contracts
  • Subscription

Qualiac Stock and Logistics

Qualiac® Stock and Logistics offers a real-time view of current inventory levels. With its dependable control functions, Qualiac® Inventory and Logistics allows full traceability, particularly critical for certain industries such as food, chemicals or pharmaceuticals. To meet the stringent demands of these industries, Qualiac® ERP complies with several US and international standard agencies, including the US Food and Drug Administration.

Closely integrated with other Qualiac® ERP modules, this solution monitors stock valuation, needs, aging and quality to optimize internal logistics through actions such as automated stock replenishment, stock movement, status updates and periodic inventory count updates. Qualiac® Stock and Logistics is highly scalable and configurable, driving better productivity and making it very user friendly.

Qualiac Time & Activity

Designed to manage time and activities of corporate employees, Qualiac Time & Activity provides an effective tool for monitoring and management. It enables a time entry with control and validation process. With a high degree of customization and configuration, Qualiac Time & Activity is user friendly.

Qualiac Travel & Expense

Qualiac® Travel & Expense, fully integrated with Qualiac ERP, manages and controls expenses in real time. The control of expenses becomes simple and easy with Qualiac Travel and Expenses. In addition, Qualiac® Travel & Expense has flexible configuration capabilities to ensure a perfect fit for your organization.

Key Functionality

  • Centralize your expenses, commitment and forecast, to optimize and reduce their processes.
  • Give your employees the ability to declare their own expenses, even away from home.
  • Use and access to shared Qualiac data: accounting settings, third parties, managers, project&
  • Pay your employees using Qualiac
  • Finance functionalities.
  • Validate expense notes via email.
  • Dematerialize expense receipts.

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