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A full ERP system designed by Software Concepts.
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DS90 is an integrated and comprehensive software application ideal for small and emerging businesses. It is comprised of ten modules optimized for the IBM iSeries i5 server family, and includes a function-rich suite of applications available in both a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and character-based interface.

Software Concepts creates software that sets a new standard in quality - defined by ease of use, stability and performance. We leverage our domain expertise and understanding of our customers’ environments to provide the most capable software at the lowest price. In addition, this design expertise is evident in user-customizable menus and keywords, consistent navigation, multiple environment support, security, ease of reporting and efficient customization at the code level.

There are significant benefits associated with the DS90 solution provided by Software Concepts, and many are compelling for small and growing businesses:

  • Turnkey systems installation experience & support;
  • Flexible pricing & licensing designed for small businesses;
  • Published report cards on performance, reliability and total cost of ownership;
  • Source code licenses provided to clients at no charge;
  • Deep levels of functionality and features to support present needs;
  • An on-site development staff to make software changes efficiently and economically for your business needs;
  • Solid migration path for growth that minimizes complexity and costs.

Software Concepts provide all hardware installation, network interfacing, data conversion, application training, custom programming, internet integration and on-going support functions as a true single-vendor solution.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module provides you with the flexibility and control you need to manage a variety of activities related to your vendors/suppliers. All transactions provide cursor-sensitive help, allowing users to become proficient quickly. Extensive search capabilities, provides simple access to vendors, invoices, general ledger accounts, terms and all other critical data. Multiple vendor invoice entry modes permits fast-path transaction processing and integration to the purchasing module.

With high-function, low-cost laser printers becoming the standard in business forms production, we’ve given you the option to print your AP checks on a single-sheet laser check form.

With multi-currency support, we’re ready to handle your foreign exchange. With any currency there can be the need for more than one disbursing bank account; this module provides the necessary controls for all bank accounts used to run your business.

The Accounts Payable module gives you full visibility to the transactional data with interactive inquiries and reports. Our drill-down searches provide quick answers from vendor to voucher, for both open and historical transactions.

Vendor Inquiry has everything that you would want to know about a vendor; payment information including aging, last payment dates, terms and much more. Drill down to invoice, check and purchase order detail. Maintain vendor notes and get vendor contact information. This module provides deep functionality and a rich set of useful features:

  • One time vendor support
  • Run past of future aging reports
  • Accounts payable to purchase order matching
  • Extensive vendor activity inquiry
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple bank support
  • Comprehensive vendor notes
  • Laser or dot matrix check printing formats

Additional Features:

  • Manual check processing
  • Multiple invoice entry methods
  • Partial payment support
  • Prepaid Invoices (check and invoice entered simultaneously)
  • Quick check print (prepaid invoice or manual check)
  • Multiple vendors associated to single ‘Remit to’
  • Multiple vendor search methods
  • Void or Reverse AP checks
  • Open payables inquiry
  • Open payables inquiry by company
  • A/P Check Inquiry
  • Invoice Selection for Payment by Vendor, Due Date, or Discount Date
  • Vendor History Report
  • User defined hold codes for invoices and/or payments
  • Multiple check register formats with user defined parameters
  • AP Inquiry by vendor, by Invoice, By PO, By Inv date
  • On screen remittance and Check view
  • AP Check renumbering and reprinting
  • Multiple Accounts Payable general ledger numbers supported via Vendor classifications
  • Daily or Monthly Cash flow inquiry
  • 1099 Invoice eligibility and reporting
  • Historical view/print accounts payable groups
  • Ability to process customer refund via Accounts Receivable
  • User controlled integration with commission module
  • Held Invoice report
  • Bank reconciliation program
  • Bank Reconciliation report
  • A/P History by General Ledger report
  • A/P Subsidiary Ledger detail report
  • A/P Subsidiary Ledger Balancing report
  • Vendor Listing report
  • User defined vendor classifications
  • User defined vendor purchase requirements via Vendor maintenance
  • Auto application of vendor credits against existing debit invoices
  • Date based historical transaction data requires no month end processing
  • Unlimited General ledger distributions per vendor invoice
  • User defined summary or detail General Ledger posting
  • General Ledger account search during invoice entry
  • Ability to reprint/renumber check prior to posting

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module gives you complete control over cash flow and facilitates the timely application of cash collection. This flexible module saves user’s time by making every day tasks efficient.

Our transaction processing enables fast, accurate cash and credit application. Full or partial payments by cash, check, credit card or bank transfer may be applied to customer invoices with the click of a mouse button. Miscellaneous cash, customer refunds, adjustments, returned payments, and automatic credit application are also available.

With the variety of customers from those corporate holdings to individual entities, statement requirements vary. Our statement program can deliver on what your customers demand. We can produce individual statements as well as the power to consolidate subsidiary customers into a corporate statement. Statement cycles are user defined and assigned by you so they print when you decide they should.

With high-function, low-cost laser printers becoming the standard in business forms production, we’ve given you the option to print your accounts receivable statements on a single-sheet laser print form. You can reprint a statement any time, for any customer.

Our Aging Reports allows you to sort and summarize by customer, class and sales representative. You may age from either the invoice date or due date, and all aging values are interactively determined. In addition, you may dynamically assign customers into different aging classes for the purpose of maintaining stricter control, you decide the aging intervals. The aging report can also be back dated to give you an historical snapshot of your accounts receivable.

Credit checking a customer account demands access to a variety of historical data. That’s why our accounts receivable module provides instant visibility to your customer’s information. Our drill-down searches provide quick answers from customer invoice to payment, for both open and historical transactions.

Here are a few features that our customers use every day:

  • Multiple customer search methods
  • Extensive Customer Activity Inquiry
  • Fax/Email statements or invoices from AR inquiry
  • Generate on-demand statement
  • Run past or future aging reports
  • Multiple methods for payment processing
  • Flexible aging periods by customer
  • Credit card processing
  • Comprehensive customer collection notes
  • Automatic application of credits via sales order entry or cash application
  • Generate customer refunds with integration to accounts payable

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of other features available:

  • Age by invoice date or due date
  • Sort aging report by customer number, name, or by sales rep
  • Multiple aging formats
  • Flexible statement cycles per customer
  • User defined finance charges per customer A/R Class
  • Multiple A/R General ledger account support
  • Field sensitive security on customer credit limit
  • Miscellaneous cash entry
  • Deposit slip generation
  • Accounts receivable detail inquiry
  • Open accounts receivable inquiry
  • Accounts receivable check inquiry
  • Customer accounts receivable history
  • Daily customer payment/invoice history
  • User defined AR adjustment codes
  • Customer mailing labels
  • Automatic application of terms discounts with user override capability
  • Customer Listing with user defined parameters
  • Historical view/print cash groups
  • Unapplied cash entry and distribution with reference invoice number
  • Overpayments supported
  • Customer class designation for sales analysis
  • Daily cash edit report
  • Multiple customer ship to addresses
  • Multiple phone number and contact entry per customer and/or ship to address
  • Balance forward or open item statements
  • Multiple salesperson support per customer
  • Additional security within customer maintenance to control add/change/delete per user
  • Re-open of paid invoices
  • Check reversal
  • Multiple bank support
  • AR Summary inquiry
  • AR balance inquiry
  • User defined summary or detail General Ledger integration
  • Customer Detail AR report
  • Customizable terms codes including terms discounts as well as split terms

Advanced Applications

Advanced Business Process Automation

Software Concepts delivers software solutions to customers across many different industries. As many customers have unique or sophisticated business requirements, we efficiently develop software enhancements to meet their needs. We can repackage these new automated business functions as modules, and incorporate them into any customer’s environment.

Advanced Integrated Functions

  • Offline and Remote Ordering - take orders via hand-held units (PDAs, laptops, Telxon) for batch or real-time ordering
  • Import orders from e-commerce servers
  • Shipping System Integration - integrate with UPS (WorldShip, RPS) FedEx, Clippership
  • EDI support with all current EDI standards
  • Credit card processing - real time
  • Email and fax processing
  • Bar coding
  • Accounts Receivable lock box payment processing
  • Support for dot matrix or laser printer forms

Industry Specific Enhancements

Call Management - track and make telephone calls to facilitate customer reorder process. This module is especially useful to companies that are in constant contact with their customers and want to be more proactive.

Flower Distribution - identify inventory availability by product attributes; e.g. grower, variety, grade. This module is ideal for companies that have perishable products of any kind.

Paper Converter - track and process custom orders that have hundreds of possible sizes and attributes, while also acquiring detailed production and shipment data.

Advertising Specialty - branding and printing on a customized basis for hundreds of different kinds of products. This functionality is helpful to companies who offer custom printing, embellishment, finishing, packaging and more.

Advanced Quoting - creating complex quotes quickly for telephone inquires for prospective customers. This capability is helpful to companies that have complex products or multiple pricing configurations.

Importing Logistics - This module allows the user to track true costs associated with importing goods from overseas. These costs may include ancillary shipping charges or a variety of unusual costs. This module allows user to build containers from one or multiple purchase orders by line item.

Calendar tracking - Automate tasks and activities to manage customers and vendors on a daily basis.

Application Control

The Application Control module enables secure, easy, and flexible means of navigating throughout the entire DS90 software application. It provides a secure means of granting or denying authority to different applications, menus, or menu options by User or by Group. With one single sign on, users enjoy secure access to all DS90 modules.

This flexible module empowers you to control the content and organization of your user menus, keywords and security access to critical functions. You can even integrate the menu interfaces from your favorite third-party applications – right into the menu of the DS90 application!

Its powerful search feature helps you even when you don’t know where to look. The design includes easy-to-follow navigation, choice of interfaces and cursor-sensitive help to advance user task efficiency.

Customizable Menus

  • Create your own menus
  • Assign menu views by permissions or authority
  • Create your own options
  • Change option text
  • Share menus within Groups
  • Incorporate other software vendor menus
  • Customizable Menus

Ease of Navigation

  • Create your own keywords
  • Share within Groups
  • Execute from anywhere
  • Menu option search
  • Fastpath entry for user-defined key words
  • Cursor-sensitive help

User defined keywords enable the creation of shortcuts for frequently used menu options. Keywords eliminate the menu option searching that can become frustrating and time consuming. Let your users spend more time working on the task than looking for it.

Multiple Environments

  • Train system users
  • Customize applications

Using our built-in Multiple Environment Support feature, you can run DS90 programs over separate copies of data. Ideal for training, you can use this feature to maintain a library of data files for testing and educational purposes. This greatly enhances your user’s application skills, and allows you to test the implementation of new software features without the danger of corrupting your live business data. An additional feature is the ability to utilize this environment setup to run multiple entities on the same server. Within a single environment the user may also setup multiple companies as well as multiple locations within each company.

Integrated Security

  • Secure by application
  • Secure by company or location
  • Secure by option type
  • Secure by User Group
  • Secure by individual
  • Only authorized menu options are presented

The comprehensive security features of the system allow you to grant or deny access to application functions by user, or by user group. This allows a departmental security profile, which may be overridden for an individual user. In addition, you may permit or prohibit access to an AS/400 command line from within application programs.

Application Imports

  • Single user interface
  • No programming required

Application Control was designed with compatibility in mind. It allows you to set the application library list to include non-Software Concepts program libraries, enabling the execution of imported application products under our menu and security architecture. Our interface takes care of the security and group job support for the imported application.

Multi-tasking in One Session

  • Suspend & resume jobs
  • Security controlled

Our integrated Group Job Support allows you to alternate between up to 16 programs at a time, as a function of security. The Group Job function is controlled entirely by the application and enables the user to access other application programs from within their existing menu structure.

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of other features available:

  • Control record maintenance to tailor DS90
  • User registration
  • User profile security profile copy function
  • User printer options per document type
  • Default document type notes with date sensitivity
  • Environment maintenance control (train versus live)
  • Customized Group/Individual Menus
  • Default User Menus via user registration
  • User or group defined keywords
  • Faxing/Email integration with all generated output
  • Point and Click or Cursor Selection or Option Selection ability

Commission Management

No matter how complicated your commission schedules may be, our powerful commission module provides the flexibility and functionality you need to track and pay commissions accurately and on-time. This module provides unique calculation tools, giving users the ability to automate their commission processes. Commissions are automatically synchronized to accounts receivable collections, as well as any adjustments that are flagged to affect commissions.

Whether commissions are calculated at the invoice or line item level, or if you pay your sales representatives at time of invoice or collection of payment, you have the ultimate flexibility. This function-rich application operates in real time with all applicable modules. Here are some of the top features that our customers use every day:

  • Ability to support multiple commission methods:
  • Fixed - based upon a fixed amount per quantity sold
  • Margin - based upon margin percent or margin dollar amount
  • Sales - based upon the invoice or line item sales amount
  • Total - based upon a period total either sales or margin
  • Integration with Accounts Payable for paying outside (1099) vendors or contractors.
  • Flexible commission payment methods:
  • Pay on pay full (payment due when your customer pays in full)
  • Pay on pay partial (payment due based upon percentage of payment received)
  • Pay immediate (payment due when customer invoice is generated)

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of other features available:

  • Ability to setup a default salesperson for all reps eliminating timely maintenance functions
  • Commissions based upon invoice or line item
  • User controlled A/R adjustments to affect commissions
  • Omit/Inclusion capabilities through commission rule setup
  • Commission rules for the following types:
  • Customer class
  • Item class
  • Customer number
  • Customer/Item combination
  • Customer/Item Keyword combination
  • Customer/Item Class combination
  • Item Keyword
  • Item Number
  • Multiple break levels for
  • Profit margin calculation
  • Profit margin percentage calculation
  • Line item sales amount calculation
  • Sold Item quantity calculation
  • Total Sales per line item period calculation
  • Total Quantity sold per period calculation
  • Total sales per period calculation
  • Total Margin per period calculation
  • User defined commission adjustment codes
  • Commission adjustment entry per salesperson
  • Commission adjustment entry per invoice
  • Split commission support
  • Commission report by invoice
  • Commission report by line item
  • Non-commission report
  • Commission report reprint
  • Commission inquiry
  • Field sensitive help text
  • Integration with third party reporting tools w/ODBC compliance

General Ledger

The General Ledger module reduces your operational costs while maintaining a high level of control over your fiscal activity. Other DS90 modules, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, order entry and inventory control post into this module, so users always see a real time view of their financial status. The General Ledger also provides the ability for manual transactions, recurring transactions and auto-reversing transactions.

DS90 is a ‘soft close’ system. This functionality permits transactions from other DS90 modules to be processed based upon the modules respective transaction date that can span multiple accounting periods.

Flexibility is also an important aspect in managing fiscal data. DS90 General Ledger has the capacity to open, close and reopen fiscal periods as it becomes necessary for maintaining accurate financial information. DS90 General Ledger maintains high standards of internal control to prevent unauthorized access.

Here are some top features that our customers appreciate:

  • Quick view financial statements
  • Custom report writer
  • Drill up to original source entries
  • User defined fiscal periods
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Soft period closing
  • Budget entry and reporting
  • Automatic allocation by percentage
  • Flexible user defined account structure
  • Multicurrency support
  • One step historical balance loading

Users enjoy many levels of additional functionality — commonly used features include:

  • Copy with reversal option on posted journals
  • Extensive GL account number search capabilities
  • Periodic and Comparative reporting in Detail or Summary
  • User controlled security for opening prior closed periods or years.
  • User defined GL account classes
  • Multiple company support
  • GL Account balance inquiry by period
  • GL Account balance inquiry by transaction date
  • Fiscal period status inquiry
  • GL Trial Balance Report
  • General Ledger Summary Report
  • GL Journal Detail by Date
  • GL Journal Detail by Account number
  • Preformatted Comparative Income Statement
  • Preformatted Periodic Income Statement
  • Preformatted Balance Sheet
  • Integration with spreadsheet applications
  • Historical view/print posted General Ledger groups

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control module is designed to provide all the tools you’ll ever need to efficiently and effectively manage your inventory. This function-rich application operates in real time with all applicable modules within the DS90 application and offers seamless communications with EDI services.

Our uniquely powerful global item search methodology makes searches faster and easier. The item search gets instant results by using any combination of the following: item number, description, manufacturer’s item number, unit of measure, item class, keyword or even partial criteria.

This module supports multiple units of measure and flexible pricing — buy in one unit of measure and sell in one or more units of another measure. The system does all the conversions for you! DS90 offers a variety of pricing methodologies saving you significant time and reducing the number of clerical errors. These pricing methods include date sensitivity, special pricing combinations as well as contract pricing for specific customer and items.

Extensive ad hoc reporting and real time inquiries provide immediate access to: inventory levels, inventory valuation, inventory audit, sales analysis, customer and item rankings, orders by items, order pipeline, purchase orders and an as of inventory inquiry.

All transactions provide cursor-sensitive help, allowing users to become proficient quickly. This application is the most flexible and feature-rich in the industry. Here are some time-saving features that our customers use every day:

  • View inventory availability and purchase orders from order entry
  • Store, view and fax any image or document for confirmations
  • Real time suggested purchasing
  • View date-sensitive inventory availability
  • Lot and serial numbered inventory control and tracking
  • Kit production and bill of materials support
  • Global Cost/Price update with future effective date options

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of additional features available:

  • Bar coded Item List
  • Bar coded Item Labels (Thermal or Laser)
  • Bar coded Put-away List
  • Multiple Company Support
  • Multiple Warehouse Support
  • Multiple Bin Location Support
  • Inventory Adjustments with user defined reason codes
  • Multiple Vendors/Vendor Items
  • Vendor Item Cross Reference ability during sales order entry
  • Customer Item Cross Reference ability during sales order entry
  • Discontinued Item status with Replacement item support
  • Alternates Item setup for display during sales order entry
  • Complementary item setup for display during sales order entry
  • Item Copy function during item maintenance
  • Unlimited Extended Item Description
  • Kit Routing Steps
  • Customer/Item contract pricing
  • Matrix level pricing
  • Order group pricing
  • Special pricing combinations
  • Customer class/item class
  • Customer class/item keyword
  • Customer class/item
  • Customer/Item class
  • Customer/Ship to/Item class
  • Customer/Item keyword
  • Customer/Ship to/Item keyword
  • Customer/Item
  • Customer/Ship to/Item
  • Stock Transfers with PO and Sales Order integration
  • Cycle Count support
  • Physical Inventory Counts
  • Buyer Alerts
  • Item Ranking Reports
  • Inventory Valuation Report
  • Item Inactivity Report
  • Negative Inventory Report
  • Basic Suggested order report
  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Inventory Allocation Report
  • Kit Production Report
  • Inventory Audit Report
  • Inventory Status Report
  • Item Ranking Report
  • Inventory Transaction Audit Report
  • On hand/On order inquiry
  • Order inquiry by item number
  • On hand inquiry with lot/serial number inquiry
  • Shortages by item inquiry
  • Purchase order inquiry by item
  • Kit inquiry/Production inquiry
  • Item Price inquiry
  • Lot/Serial Number inquiry
  • Customer/Item Price inquiry

Light Manufacturing

The Light Manufacturing application is designed to help you manage production, kit assembly or processing of components into a finished good. This function-rich application operates in real time with integration to applicable modules within the DS90 application.

Flexibility is inherent in the design of this module. Make to order production orders can be created individually from Sales Order Entry or a group of sales orders can be grouped into one Production Order. Make to Stock orders can also be entered via the purchase order entry module.

Real time production status reporting provides a view of the production line and alerts you to any priority jobs. When requesting the report, you can easily organize the order of the jobs to appear by customer, item number, production order number, routing step or priority. Selections can be made for a specific customer, item, range by due date, route and production order number. Integration of a bar code scanner simplifies and reduces clerical errors during the process of updating production order steps.

In this module design, we recognize the need to enable a simple kitting process, while accounting for other process complexities. Our customers use different methods for organizing their assembly operations, and depending on their needs, they are supported in these ways:

  • One step kit production
  • Make to stock production
  • Make to order production
  • User defined routing steps
  • Consolidation of multiple sales orders to a single production order
  • Optional user defined item routing
  • Bar coded production order
  • View item status during production process
  • Reverse kit production

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of other features available:

  • Bill of materials version history
  • Bar coded routing steps can be scanned for status and completion update
  • Integration with sales order entry
  • Component allocation during production order creation
  • Component inventory is relieved from inventory upon completion of the production order through purchase order receiving
  • Finished good inventory is placed on order during production order creation
  • Finished good inventory increased during receiving of production order
  • Kit production item routing is optional
  • External processes user defined within routing steps
  • User defined tasks can be assigned to routing steps
  • Lot/serial numbered inventory tracking
  • Real time kit requirements report
  • Real time suggested purchasing for components
  • Kit production report provides an historical view of kits produced
  • Kit production inquiry
  • Kit Inquiry with recipe print option
  • Kit cost rollup

Order Management

The Order Management module streamlines your daily business tasks — from identifying existing customers and creating new ones - to order entry, warehouse picking, shipping and billing. The standard graphical user interface is engineered for high volume transaction processing, so orders are entered quickly and efficiently. Clerical and administrative costs are reduced, as orders are conveyed through DS90 modules in real-time. It also integrates seamlessly with EDI services, offline and remote order entry systems.

As a result, your company’s level of customer service is dramatically enhanced. Your staff can now provide customers with immediate answers by having instant access to customer’s buying history and product availability. With integrated drop ship support and secure access to specialized maintenance functions, order entry is a powerful module that offers the maximum flexibility to a variety of customers.

Quotes may be entered and printed without updating inventory. If the quote is approved and accepted, it can be used to create an order, eliminating duplicate entry. All transactions provide cursor-sensitive help, allowing users to become proficient quickly. Extensive search capabilities provide easy access to customer, item, terms, bill to, ship to and all other critical sales order information. Multiple line item or single line item entry formats provides the user with the ultimate flexibility in processing sales orders quickly and efficiently.

This application is the most flexible and feature-rich in the industry. Here are some of the top features that our customers use every day:

  • Single keystroke instant access to extensive customer order history
  • Order directly from customer history
  • Email and fax any document: invoices, orders, statements, price lists
  • Instant access to real time inventory levels
  • Optional user-controlled purchase order generation for drop ships, special non-stock items, backorders or ‘make to order’ production orders
  • Multiple order entry formats
  • Import orders from remote devices: laptops, PDAs, or other handheld devices
  • EDI integration
  • Multiple pricing methods with optional date sensitivity
  • Comprehensive point of sale / counter sales support
  • Comprehensive order notes
  • Laser or Dot-Matrix printed form support
  • Bar code scanner support
  • Credit card integration – real time
  • Create an order directly from a quote

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of other features available:

  • Ability to entry special items (items not in item master file)
  • Drop ship processing support per line item
  • Ability to add or maintain customers and items within order entry if authorized
  • Extensive item search options (item number, item description, vendor item number, vendor, department, class, keyword, unit of measure
  • Extensive customer search options (customer name, contact name, city , state, zip code, phone number, address
  • Lot/Serial control
  • Integration with third party shipping systems (UPS, RPS, Pitney Bowes, Federal Express)
  • Real time inventory allocation.
  • Line item comments
  • Cursor-sensitive help menus
  • Point of sale mode with full invoice or 40 character receipt
  • Point of sale mode with credit card, check, cash processing
  • Point of sale mode with cash draw reconciliation
  • Vertical credit checking against specific customer credit limit with inclusion of open orders and current A/R balance
  • Horizontal credit checking against specific A/R Aging bucket
  • Optional display of customer collection notes
  • Customer specific Purchase order requirement setting. On user specified customers the purchase order number may be required as well as validated against duplicates.
  • Standard search option for minor master files (such as salesperson, terms, ship to addresses)
  • Multiple ship to support (99999 additional ship to addresses per customer)
  • Corporate customer setup
  • One-time ship to entry
  • Default customer or order specific shipping instructions to print on pick list
  • Default customer or order specific invoice instructions to print on invoice
  • Default customer or order specific miscellaneous information for internal use
  • Standard fixed messaging system for invoices, statements, pick tickets, purchase orders
  • Access to maintenance functions based upon security (customer, item, terms, salesperson)
  • Pay before delivery terms to prevent shipping to customers who are required to pre-pay for their order prior to shipping.
  • Credits entered via order entry
  • Credits reference original invoice (RMA) to check pricing and to apply to outstanding invoices in A/R
  • Order group processing
  • Order discount entry (manual or defaulted from customer)
  • Multiple price levels (manual or defaulted from customer)
  • Ability to ship from different physical warehouses on single order
  • Integration with commission system
  • Split commissions with multiple salesperson support
  • User defined order source for order tracking
  • Alternate and complement item support
  • Phantom kit support
  • Buyer alert on item shortages
  • Gross margin calculator during item entry for margin analysis
  • Item history inquiry
  • Ability to display graphical images assigned per item (multiple images per item)
  • Extended text message per item
  • Kit inquiry/availability of components within bill of material
  • Integration with quote system (convert quote or line item to order)
  • Cross reference to customer item number
  • Online quantity inquiry with drill down to actual purchase orders
  • Sales tax processing with exception handling
  • Shipping & handling entry per order
  • Special charges for user defined charges
  • Unlimited user defined shipping methods
  • Multiple payment methods including check, cash, credit card
  • Invoice and Dot Matrix Forms (reprint capability included on all forms)
  • Pick ticket
  • Packing slip
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Invoice
  • Quote
  • Integration to inventory, purchasing, production and accounts receivable modules
  • User defined integration with general ledger
  • User defined hold codes
  • Automatic or manual assignment of order numbers
  • Automatic assignment of invoice numbers
  • Multiple bin locations per warehouse
  • Ability to print pick slips in bin location sequence
  • Integrated facsimile and email support
  • Multiple company and location support
  • Backorder processing
  • Integrated quotation module
  • Make to order processing
  • Multiple unit of measures
  • Quantity break pricing
  • Combination quantity break pricing
  • Contract pricing
  • Multiple ship by dates per line item
  • Reason code entry for restocking during credit memo entry
  • Open customer order inquiry
  • Customer A/R inquiry
  • Release held order processing
  • Shipping labels
  • Barcode integration
  • Third party reporting tools with ODBC compliance
  • Reports
  • Selected Order Report
  • Due to Ship report
  • Cancelled order report
  • Held order report
  • Orders booked report
  • Backorder report customer/item
  • Quote Report
  • Invoice registers
  • Sales Tax Audit report
  • Customer price list


The purchasing module is a fully-featured and flexible application for automating the creation, receiving and tracking of all vendor/supplier purchase orders. This function-rich application operates in real time with all applicable modules within the DS90 application and offers seamless communications with EDI services.

The real time suggested purchasing module empowers you to analyze future supply and demand, easily identify your inventory needs and place purchase orders — all in one place. Vendor or vendor/item minimum and maximum settings, by quantity, dollar, cube or weight, allow the user to define parameters used while generating purchase orders. Vendor Inquiry has everything that you would want to know about a vendor; purchase history, payment information including aging, last payment dates terms, and much more. Drill down to invoice, check and purchase order detail. Maintain vendor notes and get vendor contact information in a few clicks.

This application is the most flexible and feature-rich in the industry. Here are some of the top features that our customers use every day:

  • Real time suggested purchasing
  • Extensive vendor activity inquiry
  • Purchase order to Accounts Payable matching
  • Link sales orders to purchase orders
  • View purchase orders during sales order processing
  • Comprehensive notes entry
  • One-step drop ship processing
  • Purchase in multiple units of measure

Other features include:

  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Multiple release support
  • Stock Transfer capability
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Purchase order inquiry
  • Purchase order inquiry by item number
  • Purchase order inquiry via sales order inquiry
  • Automatic internal to Vendor Item conversion within Purchase Order entry
  • User defined buyer codes
  • User defined inventory adjustment codes
  • Kit Production
  • Ship To Override
  • Pull Down Options Menu
  • Purchase Order line item comments entry
  • Purchase order comments entry
  • Item inquiry
  • Visibility to component availability
  • Visibility to item routing
  • Vendor Item search
  • ‘Special’ Or Non-Stock Orders
  • Receive by P/O, internal item number or Vendor
  • Reverse P/O receiving by Receiver number
  • Real time inventory balance update
  • G/L integration
  • Partial receivers
  • Lot/Serial number tracking
  • Bar coded item labels can be printed at receiving
  • Bar coded put away list printed at receiving
  • Buyer alerts
  • Allocation inquiries
  • On Hand/On Order combined inquiry
  • Open P/O report
  • P/O Receiving report
  • Buyer Alert report
  • Stock Transfer report
  • Production status report
  • Thermal or laser printer support

Sales Analysis

The Sales Analysis module enables efficient analysis of sales and profit information in numeric and bar chart formats, giving you greater insight into your marketplace and more control over your business. Sales Analysis offers several analytical displays for sales, profit, comparison sales and bar graphs.

Here are some top features that our customers use every day:

  • Most profitable customers
  • Fastest moving items
  • Hot sales trends
  • High performance sales representatives
  • Integration with spreadsheet applications and third party query tools
  • Compare any sales year with another
  • Bar chart format for sales, quantity, profit and cost

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list:

  • Compare sales for:
  • Current month this year versus last year
  • Current month versus last month
  • Year to date this year versus year to date last year
  • 24 month sales comparison for user defined 2 year period
  • 24 month profit comparison for user defined 2 year period
  • Multiple sales record types
  • Customer number
  • Sales representative and customer number combination
  • Customer number and item number combination
  • Item number
  • Customer class
  • Item class
  • Sales representative and item class combination
  • Returned item number
  • Sales representative
  • State
  • Monthly return recap report
  • Sales by vendor and item class report
  • Sales by item class and sales rep
  • Item sales by item class report
  • Inventory sales movement report
  • Active customer sales history
  • Customer class sales report
  • Customer/item sales report
  • Customer sales report by month
  • Customer sales ranking report
  • Item sales ranking
  • Sales report by salesperson
  • Accounts receivable or by sales rep
  • Power report (shows up to 7 years of history/comparison)
  • Executive inquiries
  • Accounts receivable inquiry
  • Accounts receivable balance inquiry
  • Open order inquiry
  • Sales item summary
  • Accounts receivable summary inquiry
  • Customer order history
  • Financials on screen
  • General ledger account balance inquiry
  • Vendor summary inquiry
  • Customer sales ranking
  • Item sales ranking
  • Order entry statistics
  • Cash flow inquiry

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