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About SouthWare

SouthWare Excellence Series - ERP Software SouthWare combines traditional accounting functions with innovative products and services to make work easier for organizations of all sizes in many industries. Our family of integrated financial and management information software is easily personalized for each client to meet specific business needs.

An end-to-end, fully featured business solution, SouthWare combines all your management needs into a single comprehensive system that includes Financials, Inventory Distribution/Management, Service Management, CRM+, E-Commerce, E-Business, and live interactive reporting so you can eliminate the “islands of automation” that slow employee productivity and cut into your profits.

Whether you want to increase business agility, streamline supply chains, or control inventory, we have the industry based solutions to help you run your core business more efficiently, with more flexibility and with greater ease.

Specific industries and vertical markets include:

  • Accounting
  • Distribution
  • E-Commerce/E-Business
  • Warehouse Tracking
  • Job Costing
  • Services Management
  • Copier and Imaging Dealers
  • Generator Sales and Service
  • Telephone Equipment Sales and Service
  • Appliance Dealerships
  • Manufacturing
  • Overhead Door Sales and Service

Many of the SouthWare Excellence Series modules can be deployed individually to meet application-specific software needs.

SouthWare Excellence Series - ERP software also comes in versions focused by industry-vertical:

SouthWare Financial Management Series -Software for Integrated Financial Management

SouthWare’s Financial Management Series is a fully integrated family of business software for your accounting and related processes. The features of this robust system have been refined over many years to handle the most challenging needs of thousands of businesses of all sizes.

Providing comprehensive visibility, you can combine key information from all financial areas, including accounts payables and receivables, general ledger, cash flow, payroll, and more. So you are always up-to-speed on what’s impacting your finances.

Financial Management Applications:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Invoicing
  • General Leger
  • Cash Flow
  • Fixed Assets
  • Job Cost
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources

Software for Sophisticated Distribution Methods

SouthWare produces a comprehensive line of modules for your inventory-related operations. Our sophisticated Inventory Control includes tracking numbers (serial/lot/etc.), various costing methods, multi-location flexibility, and many related capabilities help you manage inventory levels and information. Purchasing features help you buy what you need, when you need it, and at the right price.

With SouthWare, you can track the assembly of items from inventory, returns to vendors, and returns from customers. Sales options include Point of Sale, Order Entry (and related shipping processes) and Rentals. Plus, powerful management tools ensure that you always know where you stand in reaching your goals for profitability and service.

Distribution Applications:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Entry
  • Point of Sale
  • Purchasing
  • Assemblies
  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Return Authorizations
  • Warehouse Tracking
  • Rentals
  • Credit Card Processing

Software for Your Service Management Business

SouthWare’s Service Management Series is a complete service management system with specialized service functions and unique integration with accounting, inventory control, sales processing, and sales management software. Combine the modules you need for seamless dispatching, scheduling, billing, contracts, equipment repair history, warranty information, technician tracking, and other service functions. With service this efficient, you will reduce service costs, increase revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Service Management Applications:

  • Service Orders
  • Service Contracts
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Service Billing
  • Multi-Meter Tracking and Billing

Software for CRM++

Taskwise helps build smarter companies. Strengthen all business relationships (Customers, Prospects, Vendors, Employees Board of Directors and others). Give better service. Focus your attention on the important work. Reduce training needs. Spot problems immediately. Intelligent Alerts notifies you of tasks that need attention. Would you like to be able to do all this and at the same time make your job easier?

TaskWise includes:

  • Task Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Self-monitoring Alerts
  • Pipeline Management

Software for E-Commerce and E-Business

Strengthen customer relationships and lower costs at the same time with secure browser-based network access to company data. Your customers can submit orders, quickly check account balances, check status of orders, submit service requests, review product history, report changes of address, request product literature, and many similar functions in a self-serve environment. And with SouthWare, your business management systems are integrated with your eCommerce solution-so data your customers access is always up-to-the-minute accurate. It’s so efficient; your customers will appreciate the ease and practicality.

  • NetLink

System Administration Tools:

Off-the-shelf business management software can’t meet 100% of your needs-but SouthWare can. One of the most valuable benefits you get with SouthWare is the ability to tailor the features of your system to meet the special needs of your business while remaining compatible with current and future versions. Our powerful administration tools are flexible enough that you can easily change screens, customize forms, add new data fields, design reports, and build in your own custom business rules and processes that make you unique.

  • ExecuMate II
  • ReportMate
  • ImportMate II
  • WorkFlow
  • Extended Data
  • SouthWare Forms
  • Doc Transfer (EDI)

A/R Invoicing Adapter

The first step in getting paid for your sales is getting a clear and accurate invoice to your customer right away. The longer you wait to bill a customer the longer you can expect to wait to get paid. And if the invoice doesn’t clearly detail the reason for the bill then you may wait even longer. For a great solution to your billing needs, get SouthWare’s A/R Invoicing Adapter.

The A/R Invoicing Adapter is an add-on option for SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable. With it you can enter the details of your invoices and print them to give to your customers. You get many of the powerful features found in SouthWare’s other invoicing modules (Order Entry, Point of Sale, Service Invoicing) without paying for features you don’t need. You also get invoice history and an automatic interface to A/R and G/L for even more efficient processing of your billing.

With A/R Invoicing Adapter, You Can:

  • Produce an invoice quickly
  • Streamline the handling of complex sales situations
  • Put as much detail on an invoice as you need
  • Bill jobs and retainage if you use Job Cost
  • Ensure that standard pricing is used on your invoices
  • Get your invoices recorded in A/R almost instantly
  • Know the details of past invoices
  • Standardize your miscellaneous add-on charges
  • Keep your A/R system updated with sales tax and commission information

Make billing an easier task in your business. Get faster and better invoicing with SouthWare’s A/R Invoicing Adapter.

Key Features of A/R Invoicing Adapter

Billing Entry Features

  • Streamlined entry and printing of an invoice
  • Standard service codes for default descriptions, pricing, and other info
  • Handles returns, special orders, pricing adjustments, and payments on account
  • Option to bill jobs and retainage if using Job Cost
  • Option to change billing or shipping info
  • Commission and sales tax info
  • Option to add a customer on an invoice
  • Credit limit checking
  • Option to look up past invoice pricing
  • Unlimited text lines on an invoice
  • Any combination of cash, check, credit card, or on account payment
  • Up to 4 miscellaneous charges per invoice
  • Notes and optional Extended Data

Integration With A/R Features

  • Invoices update A/R open items, sales tax, commissions, G/L, customer info
  • A/R inquiry option to zoom on invoices
  • Statement option to print invoice detail Reporting Features
  • Interactive or batch invoice printing
  • End of day sales register
  • Billing history report for invoice detail Other Features
  • User-defined miscellaneous charges
  • User-defined standard services

A/R Invoicing Adapter Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • How can we be sure that we get our invoices out the same day as the sale?
  • How can we make sure our customers know the details of the services and items they purchased?
  • How can we eliminate the lost time spent trying to explain to a customer the details of each invoice on their statement?
  • How do we produce a customer receipt for a payment on account?
  • Can we reduce the time we spend figuring out the details for our sales tax reports?
  • How can we make sure we don’t accidentally pay commission on the sales that are not subject to commission?
  • How do we check on past invoices to answer customer questions?
  • What was the customer PO number on this invoice?

Accounts Payable

Managing the payables to your vendors is a routine, yet important part of any business. You need tight control over your checkwriting, but you would like to minimize the time involved. SouthWare’s Accounts Payable is a great way to get better control over payables…with less time and effort. SouthWare’s Accounts Payable is a complete system for recording vendor transactions, writing checks, and tracking vendor activity. You can quickly take care of all your routine and not-so-routine payables tasks. You will be able to monitor your payables situation at all times. Plus, cash planning lets you prepare for your cash needs instead of just reacting to them.

With Accounts Payable, You Can:

  • Have complete and accurate vendor records at all times
  • Know which vendors are due to be paid
  • Plan for future cash needs
  • Control when each invoice gets paid, how much gets paid, and where the check is sent
  • Create a check whenever you need one
  • Make sure you take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Prioritize your payments when cash is tight
  • Know which invoices have questions that must be cleared up before payment and make sure they don’t get paid before they should
  • Evaluate each vendor’s performance
  • Spend your time only on the non-routine payment situations that need your attention

Key Features of Accounts Payable

Vendor Database:

  • Extensive standard data
  • Payment status and priority
  • 1099-MISC payments
  • Automatic expense distribution option
  • Up to 99 pay to addresses per vendor
  • Excellence history per period for 5 years
  • Notes and optional Extended Data


  • Invoice, credit memos, prepaid invoices
  • Entry features customized per operator
  • Multiple A/P, Discount and Cash accounts
  • Allows one-time miscellaneous vendors
  • Option to cancel incorrect postings
  • Optional interface to Purchasing
  • Expense to Accounts or Jobs
  • Hold status for transactions with questions
  • Customer Refunds

Payment Processing:

  • Cash requirements forecasting
  • Automatic and/or individual selection of invoices to be paid
  • Hold payment on an invoice or vendor
  • Partial payment of an invoice
  • Optional separate check for an invoice
  • Pre-check authorization report
  • Manual and Void check processing
  • Single or batch check printing


  • Inquiry into open items and history
  • Check history inquiry and reporting
  • Aged analysis of open items
  • Trial balance to reconcile with G/L
  • Check registers and reports
  • Purchase journal
  • Cash requirements report
  • 1099-MISC forms or magnetic media

Other Special Features:

  • Cash basis accounting option
  • Recurring transaction subsystem
  • Optional interface to Cash Flow Ledger
  • Optional interface to Vendor Returns

Accounts Payable Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • How much money do we owe to vendors?
  • Are we overdue on any invoices?
  • Can I get a check now for this C.O.D. package?
  • What was this check paying?
  • From which vendors have we been buying our office supplies?
  • Which invoices are currently in dispute with vendors?
  • How can I be sure we don’t write any checks to this vendor until we get this matter cleared up?
  • How much cash are we scheduled to need next week?
  • To what accounts did we expense this invoice?
  • How can I make sure all checks are approved before we print them?
  • Which vendors are most important to us?

Accounts Receivable

Your receivables are one of your most valuable assets. Managed right, they encourage higher sales with minimal cost. Managed wrong, they could put you out of business. A great way to manage your receivables right is with SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable.

SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable is a complete system for promoting and tracking sales, payments, and other activity with your customers. You get efficient recordkeeping, accurate records, and the tools to help you get paid on time. You also get instant answers to the questions you or your customers ask about customer accounts.

With Accounts Receivable, You Can:

  • Know which customers owe you money and when it’s due
  • Regularly remind your customers that you’re watching their accounts closely and encourage timely payments
  • Instantly answer a question about a customer’s current or past activity
  • Keep accurate commission records for your sales people
  • Reduce the time you spend on sales tax reporting
  • Know the aging status of each receivable type, customer, and invoice
  • Evaluate each customer’s sales and payment performance
  • Spend less time entering data and more time managing your customer relationships

Give your customers the service they want and get the results you want. Improve your business with SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable.

Key Features of Accounts Receivable

Customer Database:

  • Extensive standard data
  • Credit terms, credit limit, credit rating
  • Multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses
  • Excellence history per period for 5 years
  • Notes and optional Extended Data

Sales Transactions:

  • Invoices, credits, debits, from SouthWare Invoicing or entered in A/R
  • Entry features customized per operator

Customer Payments:

  • Apply as Open item or Balance Forward
  • Allowances and discounts
  • Cash, check, credit card
  • Entry and reapply of open credits
  • Review mode for fast entry


  • Commissions based on sales or profit
  • Option to pay on paid items only
  • Split among multiple salespersons
  • Option for sophisticated commission schemes on Inventory/Sales invoices

Sales Tax:

  • Summary/detail reporting per tax locality
  • Automatic or override tax calculations
  • Line item tax cutoff or maximum tax per invoice if using SouthWare Invoicing

Statements and Late Fees:

  • Statements on demand, for past due only, or based on scheduled frequency
  • Option to print invoice detail
  • Late fees can be calculated per invoice


  • Inquiry and numerous aging, sales analysis, and other management reports

Other Special Features:

  • Option to reprint invoices
  • Cash basis accounting option
  • Track Vendor Refunds
  • Interface to SalesMark clients
  • Optional A/R Invoicing Adapter
  • Optional Collections Adapter

Accounts Receivable Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • Who owes us money?
  • Which customers are past due on their accounts?
  • Which customers have less sales this year than last year?
  • What invoices did this check pay?
  • Are we reminding our customers to pay on time?
  • Which invoices are currently in dispute with customers?
  • What did the customer buy on this invoice?
  • Which commissions are due to be paid this month?
  • What’s our breakdown of sales tax liability per tax locality?
  • Why did we issue a credit to this customer?
  • Which customers are most important to us?

Assembly Work Orders

When You Assemble Your Own Products

Inventory management and work order control is a real challenge when you have assemblies and components. Not only do you have to keep track of the items that come in and out of your business, but also you have to keep track of them as they flow in and out of assemblies. A good solution to this challenge is SouthWare’s Assembly Work Orders module.

The Assembly Work Orders module integrates with SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series to give you a complete sales and inventory management system. In the Inventory/Sales Series you can also get Inventory Control, Purchasing, Point of Sale, Order Entry, and UPS/Shipping options. With Assembly Work Orders you’ll be confident that you’re keeping good records of the flow of inventory within your business.

With Assembly Work Orders, You Can:

  • Create, track, post, and analyze work orders that document all your assembly activity.
  • Take an order from a customer via Order Entry and interactively create a work order to produce his customized shipment. You can select optional components that increase the selling price. When it’s ready to ship you can then optionally print the details of the customer’s assembly bill of materials on his picking ticket and invoice.
  • Check the availability of each component on an assembly and then reserve stock or substitute, backorder, purchase, or sub-assemble needed items.
  • Put component parts back into inventory when you break down an item.
  • Generate work orders for make-to-stock items.
  • Make sure the costs of your assemblies reflect the actual cost of the components, including variable and fixed costs.
  • Post work orders as they are finished or even partially post made-to-date quantities.
  • Pre-define all your standard bills of material for faster and more accurate processing.

Simplify your task of tracking the production of assembled items. Get SouthWare’s Assembly Work Orders.

Key Features of Assembly Work Orders

Assembly Bill of Materials Features

  • Assembly Bill of Materials Features
  • Pre-define primary and alternate bills of materials for each item you assemble (not required if each assembly is custom)
  • Optional Assembled Item features include Production U/M, Minimum Run Qty, Partial Unit Control
  • Optional Component features include tracking number, multi-location, conversion U/M, Fixed or Variable quantity, Confirmation option, W/O Effective Date
  • Up to 9999 components per assembly

Assembly Work Order Features

  • Assembly Work Order creates a stock item from multiple stock items - components can be sub-assembled for multi-level assembly
  • Comprehensive Work Order info, with option for Notes and Extended Data
  • Assemble for stock, sales order, work order
  • Optional Reserve process commits inventory and can generate sub-assembly work orders - also allows substitutes, backorders, or purchase order requests
  • Use standard or custom assemblies
  • Optional work order add-on costs for overhead and other variable costs
  • Printed Work Order Form
  • Automatic Costing that may be overridden
  • Option to automatically generate work orders for make-to-stock items
  • Optional interactive and partial posting updates stock file immediately
  • Optional completed data per component
  • Optional two-step update first reserves inventory to the work order, then completes update when posted
  • Breakdown-type work order to disassemble a stock item

Assembly Reporting/Inquiry

  • Work Order Inquiry (open and history)
  • Component Availability Inquiry
  • Work Order Status Report
  • Assembly Requirements Report
  • Component Where Used Report
  • Work Order History Report

Integration With Inventory/Sales Features

  • Direct interface with Order Entry for sale of assembled items, including increasing the selling price based on optional components
  • Print assembly on picking ticket or invoices

Assembly Work Orders Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • Which work orders are currently in progress and what is their status?
  • How do we make sure that we don’t forget to include some items in a packaged assembly?
  • How much did the components cost for this special assembly?
  • What would be the customer’s price if he chooses the deluxe options?
  • Can I go ahead and ship/invoice what I’ve made so far?
  • Can we return an assembly back to component inventory?
  • Do we have enough components on hand to build 45 of these assemblies?
  • What’s the status of the sub-assemblies we’re waiting on to complete this work order?

Cash Flow

Knowing your cash flow situation is vital to your business success. You’ve got to have complete insight into your cash, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing data. If this sounds like you, get Cash Flow Ledger.

Cash Flow Ledger puts all the information about your cash right at your fingertips. Cash transactions from your SouthWare Excellence Series business system flow automatically into Cash Flow Ledger. Without any extra work you’ve got all the information and tools you need to answer your cash flow questions. And when you reconcile your bank account the system will automatically show you where your G/L differs from your bank account.

With Cash Flow Ledger, You Can:

  • Capture cash flow history as it happens without any extra work
  • Understand how today?s cash balance got that way
  • Review daily cash balance fluctuations
  • Quickly reconcile your G/L cash to your bank statement
  • Review each type of cash flow to look for trends
  • See the details behind any cash flow transaction
  • See the detail cash, check, and credit card payments in each day’s deposit
  • Look at cash flows over any period of time n Easily identify accounting errors involving your cash accounts
  • Track the cash for a single bank account using several G/L cash accounts

Don’t risk your peace of mind by guessing on something as important as your cash. And don’t spend your precious time doing something manually that your business system can do for you. If you want better cash information in less time, get Cash Flow Ledger.

Key Features of Cash Flow Ledger:

Automatic Tracking of Cash Data

  • Updated when G/L is updated
  • Reflects cash in from invoices, A/R, and G/L adjustments
  • Reflects cash out from checks and G/L adjustments

Bank Reconciliation

  • Interactive reconciliation of cleared items
  • Reconciliation report
  • Option to search or zoom on cash transactions
  • Unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Unlimited number of cash accounts per bank account
  • Bank adjustments in G/L are automatically reflected in Cash Flow

Cash Flow Management

  • Cash Flow Inquiry with running balance of cash per day
  • Display or report by date and type of cash flow
  • Zoom to the detail source document for a cash flow

Other Reporting

  • Deposit Detail Report to see detail transactions in each day’s deposit
  • Check Number Audit Report

Cash Flow Ledger Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • What’s our cash balance right now?
  • What cash came in last week?
  • What’s the lowest balance we?ve reached in our bank account so far this month?
  • What type of cash adjustments have we had to make lately?
  • Which A/P checks from last month had not cleared the bank as of the end of the month?
  • How does each day?s deposit break down between cash, check, and credit cards?
  • Why did our cash balance drop so low last week?
  • What were the total daily cash flows last week?
  • What was this check paying?
  • Have we been maintaining enough cash cushion in our checking account or should we transfer some from savings?

Collections Adapter

Make Sure Your Customers Don’t Forget You!

Following up on past due customer accounts is not one of the most pleasant business tasks, but it is an important one. Every business has customers who seem to procrastinate on sending a check until you give them a polite but firm reminder. If you’d like to make your collection efforts more organized and easier, get SouthWare’s Collections Adapter.

The Collections Adapter is an add-on option for SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable. With it you can schedule followup calls, enter collection call information, and track customer commitments. You’ll get a better return on your time spent doing collections because you’ll have a complete record of what’s been done and said, plus you’ll also have the tools to eliminate excuses for non-payment.

With Collections Adapter, You Can:

  • Know who needs a collection call
  • Systematically follow up with every customer who needs attention and keep track of customer promises
  • Review and record the status of each outstanding invoice during a collections call
  • Know what was said on past collection calls
  • Know when to withhold further credit to a customer
  • Know which customers have exceeded their credit limit
  • Decide how frequently to follow up with each customer
  • Instantly access the details of an invoice to answer any questions

Help your customers remember their promises. Give them the reminders they need and get the results you want with SouthWare’s Collections Adapter.

Key Features of Collections Adapter

Collection Call Entry

  • Automatic selection of customers who need a call
  • Review previous calls
  • Record who you talked to and what they promised to do
  • Call Date and Promised Date per invoice
  • Zoom into the details of any invoice
  • Interactively reprint an invoice via A/R

Collection Call Scheduling

  • Identify new situations based on past due invoices or balances in excess of credit limit
  • Follow up on previous calls based on review date, status, or payment commitment dates

Optional SalesMarkInterface

  • Option to access Collections Adapter invoice screen from a SalesMark call
  • Integration with SalesMark provides scheduling of calls per contact person, ability to create a WordPerfect merge letter, and automatic tracking of info sent out (such as duplicate invoices)

Integration With A/R

  • Access A/R inquiry for details of any invoice
  • Customer balance and aging totals display during a call
  • Easy access to all current and past customer info during a call

Reporting Features

  • Customer Collections report of calls to be made
  • Credit Hold report to identify customers with problem accounts

Collections Adapter Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • Who needs a collection call?
  • Who did we talk to about this invoice?
  • What other invoices does the customer have outstanding besides the delinquent one we’re calling about?
  • Which customers are abusing their credit privileges?
  • When did the customer promise to pay this invoice?
  • Are there any invoices that have become past due since the last time we talked to the customer?
  • How many times have we had to call this customer about late payments during the last six months?
  • What did the customer purchase on this invoice since they don’t have a record of it?
  • When did we promise to call them back if we didn’t receive payment?
  • When was the last time we talked to the customer about this specific invoice?

Contract Management

Reduce Your Contract Workload!

Effectively managing your service contracts can be one of the biggest challenges your service business faces. Service contracts tend to be complex and may include pricing exceptions, different levels of coverage, and even different billing cycles. Your contract information must be accurate, but it takes a lot of work. A great way to minimize this workload is with SouthWare’s Contract Management.

Contract Management handles the service contract functions for SouthWare’s Service Management Series, a complete system for service businesses. In the Service Management Series you can also get Service Invoicing, Service Orders, and Equipment Servicing options. With Contract Management you get the help you need to record, track, propose, renew, service, and bill your service contracts accurately and efficiently.

With Contract Management, You Can:

  • Keep your service contracts current and accurate with less work
  • Know how profitable each contract has been
  • Make sure that you don’t let any service contracts lapse without first proposing a renewal
  • Check on all service work done against a particular contract
  • Know the correct amount of earned and unearned contract revenue without doing a lot of calculations every month
  • Instantly know whether a piece of equipment is covered by a service contract
  • Make sure you propose a service contract on every piece of equipment you sell
  • Eliminate billing errors by ensuring that different contract rates, limits, and coverages are automatically considered on service orders
  • Make sure you don’t forget any regularly scheduled work
  • Make sure your contract billings are sent out on time

Reduce your contract workload while improving the accuracy and value of your contract information. Get SouthWare’s Contract Management.

Key Features of Contract Management

Contract Information

  • Extensive Standard Information
  • Multiple contracts per customer
  • Contract assigned to service location, territory, and route sequence
  • Contract detail may include recurring billing, recurring services, or negotiated pricing
  • Pricing may be based on equipment, services, or a negotiated amount
  • Pricing may be based on unit rate table
  • Handles contracts based on meter usage
  • Standard renewal frequencies and automatic renewal option
  • Option to generate renewal proposals
  • Option to print contract/proposal addendum
  • Option to copy a contract into new contract
  • Assign equipment to contracts - interface to Inventory/Sales to help ensure you propose a service contract on all equipment you sell

Billing Features

  • Flexible billing frequencies to generate invoices for cycle billing
  • Option to accrue unearned revenue and amortize over life of contract
  • Option to prorate initial and final bills

Contract Coverage Features

  • Define billable status of parts, labor, travel, and other services
  • Define price levels and accounting

Management and Reporting Features

  • Contract inquiry
  • Contract profitability analysis
  • Contract renewal status
  • Unearned revenue analysis

Other Special Features

  • Create proposals / turn into contracts
  • Generate scheduled service orders
  • Prepaid contract amounts may be applied to future service orders

Contract Management Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • Which contracts are due to expire next month and how much are those contracts worth?
  • What service work has been done so far against this contract?
  • What’s our total amount of unearned contract revenue as of the end of this month?
  • How can we add 2% to our standard rates for contracts that are billed quarterly instead of annually?
  • Did we make a profit on this contract last year?
  • What will be the price of this contract this year with the new equipment that has been added?
  • How can we quickly present a customer with proposals on the three different levels of coverage we offer?
  • How do we make sure that our service contract customers get higher priority than other customers?
  • What’s the right amount to bill on a contract that covers only part of a normal billing cycle?
  • How do we charge for excess meter usage on a contract?

Credit Card Interface

This Modules Offers You:

  • The ability to customize the interface file used to send credit card requests to your card processing software (ICVerify or PC Charge) so that you can handle unique requirements of your card processor or bank. This interface file is a comma-delimited text file for ICVerify or an XML-formatted file for PC Charge.
  • An integrated tree manager to simplify the job of reviewing/configuring your credit card interface features.

Module Features:

With the Credit Card Interface Manager you can:

  • Review/customize the fields sent to ICVerify or PC Charge for each type of card transaction (Pre-Auth, Sale, Void, etc.).

  • On Windows workstations you can add/rearrange fields via a grid.

  • Add data dictionary fields to the interface file - you can reference the data dictionary ID of a field as one of the output components. This is limited to fields available from XX99, but in conjunction with WorkFlow offers flexible ability to send custom data.

  • Add literals/flags to the interface file

  • Define/edit XML tags (PC Charge interface)

  • Save the format of your custom layout in a text file - this allows editing via a text editor for users on textual workstations

  • Option to accept commercial purchase cards

  • Option to void transaction if address verification fails

  • Optionally use multiple custom layouts if you run multiple merchant copies of the software

  • Utilize an integrated Tree manager to:

  • Review/edit the Credit Card Interface IDs used in configuring the interface

  • Review/edit the credit card types/options defined in Accounts Receivable

  • Review the current layouts for each transaction type via the tree manager screen

  • Review the NetLink-related credit card setup features if you process credit card pre-authorizations via NetLink

When you define a custom layout for a transaction type the credit card processing features of SouthWare will use the custom layout each time that transaction type is submitted.


Create and Receive Electronic Document Files

The use of electronic document trading is on the increase. Document transfers may be a recent requirement of your larger trading partners, or you may want to offer the option as a cost-saving measure. Your trading partners might have different document requirements and may even dictate your choice of EDI or other communications software. How can you meet your electronic document needs without excess cost or complexity?

Get SouthWare DocTransfer. DocTransfer serves as the interface between your SouthWare system and document flat files, a common transfer file format for exchanging documents. With DocTransfer’s features you may easily create and import document transfer files so that you can electronically exchange selected documents with your trading partners. You can:

  • Directly exchange documents with customers and vendors who also use the SouthWare Excellence Series. This allows you to avoid the expense of extra software on SouthWare-to-SouthWare type exchanges.
  • Interface your SouthWare documents with EDI software so that you can exchange EDI documents with customers and vendors. Any EDI software with a good mapping utility can map to the standard SouthWare flat files.

With DocTransfer, You Can:

  • Output vendor purchase orders and customer invoices to electronic transfer files.
  • Import vendor invoices and customer orders from electronic transfer files.
  • Transfer other documents that can be processed with the DocTransfer Type features.

The actual transmission of the document transfer files is left up to you or your other software product(s) (such as EDI software) so that it may be customized for each trading partner. DocTransfer’s job is to simplify the actual creation or importing of data from the transfer files.

If you want the ability and flexibility to handle electronic document transfers, get SouthWare DocTransfer.

Key Features of DocTransfer

  • Flexible DocTransfer Types
    • Outbound Invoices
    • Outbound Purchase Orders
    • Inbound Customer Orders
    • Inbound Vendor Invoices
    • Optional File Handling Methods
    • Default ýExtraý fields for outbound documents
    • Default Directories
    • Default File Name Template
    • Default Follow-up Processing
  • Individualized Trading Partner Records
    • Record per Partner per DocTransfer Type
    • Optional override of default Type info for Method, Directory, File Name, Follow-up Processing
    • Trading Partner ID info included in each outbound document file
    • Optional customized ýExtraý fields for outbound documents
    • Specify whether outbound invoices and POs are Required or Optional
  • Easy Import/Export of Document Data
    • Direct interface from Billing Entry to outbound invoice transfers
    • Direct interface from Purchase Order Entry to outbound PO transfers
    • Simple pop-up transfer window to initiate any inbound or outbound transfer
  • Flexible Handling of Document Files
    • Extra records for outbound documents can include Extended Data" fields, text lines, or literals
    • Use of ImportMate II formats for inbound documents allows customization for differences between trading partners
    • Follow-up Object for each transfer allows for file archiving and/or start up of a transfer process such as EDI translation or communication
    • File names can include variables such as customer number, vendor number, or document number

Sample Situations You Will Be Able to Handle Include:

  • Creating a purchase order transfer file to send to your vendor
  • Creating an invoice transfer file to send to a customer
  • Turning a customer’s purchase order document file into a sales order
  • Turning a vendor’s invoice file into an A/P invoice
  • Invoking an operating system command after creating a file to copy/move the file and/or start a communications process or EDI translation
  • Customizing the process used for each trading partner
  • Customizing the data sent or received from each trading partner

Equipment Servicing

Detailed Service History

Keeping track of all the important information about your equipment, customer equipment, equipment returned to the manufacturer, and equipment currently under repair is a demanding task. Equipment is constantly on the move and changing. A great way to keep control of your equipment is with SouthWare’s Equipment.

With Equipment Tracking You Can

  • Know the detailed service history for each piece of equipment you service
  • Know the warranty dates on each piece of equipment you sell so you can bill service work accurately and know when to offer a service contract
  • Keep track of a piece of equipment as it moves between customers or contracts
  • Automatically schedule preventive maintenance service work on equipment that is under contract
  • Price your service contracts based on rates per piece of equipment on the contract
  • Instantly know whether a piece of equipment is covered by a service contract
  • Make sure you propose a service contract on every piece of equipment you sell
  • Keep track of metered usage on certain equipment
  • Know the profitability and repair history of each model of equipment you service
  • Equipment Servicing handles the equipment tracking functions for SouthWare’s Service Management Series, a complete system for service businesses. With Equipment Servicing you get thorough equipment records so you can provide great service and get paid for your service.

Key Features Equipment Tracking

  • Standard Equipment Model Features Extensive standard information
  • Manufacturer info
  • Standard preventive maintenance schedules
  • General warranty periods and warranty periods for up to 10 components
  • Skills/training needed for servicing
  • Contract pricing

Key Features of Customer Equipment

  • Track by serial #, tag #, or system
  • Specific warranty dates based on model
  • Sales information
  • Loan, rent, out-of-service indicator
  • Complete contract history
  • Contract pricing information
  • Complete history of service orders
  • Meter reading history
  • Billing, cost, and profit information
  • Notes and optional Extended Data

Preventive Maintenance Features

  • Up to 10 schedules per equipment model
  • Based on time elapsed or metered usage
  • Generate PM service orders for equipment
  • Meter Readings
  • Option per equipment model
  • Contract billing provides for base units and rate table for excess usage
  • Unlimited history of meter readings
  • Record initial, actual, or estimated readings

Interface With Return Authorizations Module

  • Track returns for credit, repair, exchange, warranty work
  • Internal or customer-owned equipment*

Integration With Contracts and Service Orders

  • Link to contracts and service orders
  • Contract billing, service warranties
  • Interface from Inventory/Sales
  • Automatically create service records for sold equipment
  • Interface with parts Inventory, Purchasing

Equipment Servicing Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • What equipment is under service contract to this customer?
  • What warranties will expire next month on equipment that we’ve sold so we can offer service contracts?
  • Which equipment models have had a poor reliability factor over the last 12 months?
  • Do we have the parts we need to do the preventive maintenance scheduled for next week?
  • Didn’t we have this same problem with this piece of equipment a couple of months ago?
  • How many excess units did we bill on this copier last quarter?
  • Are we still waiting on an exchange unit to finish this service order?
  • Which customer equipment records are not currently covered under a service contract?
  • Is the fan in this unit still under warranty?


Finally, Business Software to Help You EXCEL!

ExcelReport helps you set excellence goals, grade your progress, and train your people to excel. You get the tools you need to achieve excellence:

  • A way to set goals for success
  • Automatic analysis of your normal business processing
  • A way to capture the non-financial information that is so important to your business
  • An easily understood report card with grades to tell you how you’re doing
  • Complete ability to explore the reasons behind every grade

With ExcelReport, You Can:

  • Know instantly how well you are achieving your goals n Remember and respond to errors, complaints, ideas
  • Monitor and improve your customer, vendor, and employee relationships n Measure and improve the quality of products and services
  • Identify the sources of poor or outstanding performance n Regularly remind your employees of the things important to your success
  • Track your progress toward excellence by month or year

You won’t find these results in any other business software system. If you want excellence in your business, you need ExcelReport.

Key Features of ExcelReport

Success Report Card

  • Six success factors
  • Trend analysis
  • GPA analysis
  • Search grades for particular Customers, Vendors, Products, etc.
  • See all details behind grades


  • Hot key instant entry
  • Standard and user-defined types
  • Relationship ratings
  • Cost of Errors and Complaints
  • Excel point estimate

Grading Factors

  • User-maintained A-B-C-D-F grading scales
  • Quality grades
  • Financial grades
  • Customer/vendor/employee grades
  • Future preparation grades

Period History

  • Dozens of excellence-related totals and statistics
  • Per record per period for last 5 years
  • Updated and accessible through other SouthWare modules

Questions You’ll Be Able to Answer Include:

  • Which areas of the business need attention?
  • Are we making progress toward our goals?
  • Are we able to fill customer’s orders?
  • Are we shipping orders on time?
  • What’s the average approval rating on sales orders?
  • Which items are returned the most (poor quality)?
  • How much are errors and complaints costing us?
  • What do our customers think about us?
  • Are we hitting our financial goals?
  • Which vendors are giving us good service?
  • What are the recent events involving this customer?
  • Have we responded to all the ideas and suggestions we’ve received lately?
  • How solid are our vendor relationships?
  • Are our employees satisfied with their careers?
  • How well are we preparing for the future?

ExecuMate II

Tap Into the Financial Pulse of Your Business!

In today’s fast-paced world you don’t have time to dig through mountains of reports to answer questions like these. If you need instant and total insight into your financial picture, you need ExecuMate II.

ExecuMate II is an Executive Information System that gives you a window into the financial health and activity of your business. You can press a key to bring up a review screen that presents an up-to-the-minute summary of the thousands of pieces of information in your SouthWare Excellence Series" business system. In less than a minute you can check all the vital signs for your company. Then spend as much time as you need zooming into the details of the areas that need your attention.

With ExecuMate II, You Can:

  • Know your up-to-the-minute overall financial picture
  • Review a summary of each important accounting area
  • Zoom into deeper layers of detail all the way down to individual transactions
  • Interactively review your financial statements at any level of detail
  • Get Alert warnings for key financial areas
  • Check financial results for different profit centers
  • Continually monitor today’s sales
  • Know your current cash situation and how it got that way
  • Graph trends and relationships in your financial data
  • Keep and analyze summary statistics on all your business activity

There’s not a better way to stay on top of your business. For smart, complete, and fast insight into your business, you need ExecuMate II.

Key Features of ExecuMate II

  • Summary Analysis
    • Company Totals or Profit Center Detail
    • Cash and Aging totals
    • Trigger Alert warnings
    • Financial Statement totals
    • Zoom into details behind each number
  • Accounting Area Summaries
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Inventory/Sales Series
    • Service Management Series
    • Payroll
    • Job Cost
  • Cash
    • Current balance
    • Cash Worksheet
    • Last 10 weeks actual cash flows
    • Next 10 weeks projected cash flows
    • Uses actual trends and assumptions
    • Comparative A/R and A/P aging
  • Business Indicators/Statistics
    • Monitor Today’s Sales
    • Status of Key Files
    • Summary Activity Statistics per day, week, month, etc.
    • Trigger Alerts for G/L accounts or financial ratios
  • Interactive Financial Statements
    • Zoom from totals to section to account to transaction details
    • Option to include data not yet in G/L
  • Graphs
    • User-defined bar or stacked-bar display
    • Automatically updated
    • Output data to other graph software

Fully Integrated With SouthWare Excellence Series

People Who Benefit From ExecuMate II Include:

  • Owners - Who get an easy way to keep tabs on their investment
  • CEOs - Who get quick access to the info they need to make great decisions
  • Managers - Who can quickly spot which areas are going well and which areas need attention
  • Directors - Who get a concise, elegant way to oversee operations
  • Bankers - Who get brief but informative financial status reports
  • Controllers - Who get the info they need to supervise each accounting area
  • Consultants - Who can spend more time solving problems and less time summarizing data
  • Employees - Who get timely feedback and information to help them do their jobs right

Extended Data

Get Customized Data Without Custom Programs!

With Extended Data you’ve got the ability to add new and specialized information to your SouthWare Excellence Series business system. It’s very simple to use so you don’t have to be a programmer. And best of all you won’t affect your ability to add future updates to your system.

Extended Data is an add-on module that lets you add new data fields to your standard Excellence Series files. These new fields can become part of the normal entry and reporting for your system. Extended Data makes all your other modules more valuable by blending your unique information needs into the standard system information.

You can also use Extended Data to create simple stand-alone databases. For example, if you need a database of the locations of all your office equipment you can set up a custom database file in Extended Data.

With Extended Data, You Can:

  • Add information your business needs to the major master files in your system
  • Add extra data fields to the major transactions you process - you can even print selected fields on invoices, POs, picking tickets, and service orders
  • Smoothly integrate custom fields so they appear to be part of the standard system
  • Define your own sales period history that is automatically maintained as you process invoices
  • Create your own prompts and defaults for your custom data
  • Add new ways to search through your master files
  • Create your own custom databases

Wouldn’t it be great to tailor your business system to your special needs without the cost and risk of custom programming? You don’t need expensive technical solutions. Get Extended Data, the smart business solution to your special software needs.

Key Features of Extended Data

Custom Master File and Transaction Fields

  • Add fields to over 20 different master files
  • Up to 26 fields per file
  • Can link up to 20 additional screens for a maximum of 546 new fields per file
  • Add fields to over 20 different transaction files
  • Up to 15 fields per file
  • Can link up to 20 additional screens for a maximum of 315 new fields per file
  • Optional or automatic entry
  • User-defined names, prompts, defaults
  • Data for a field may be validated against an optional file of valid values
  • Hot key for quick access

New Master File Search Fields

  • Up to 8 new search fields per file
  • New fields automatically integrate into standard search feature

Stand-Alone Databases

  • Up to 26 fields per database
  • Up to 8 search fields per database
  • Special entry program
  • Option to add to standard menus
  • Accessible with ReportMate

Create Your Own Sales Period History

  • Create your own period history records that are automatically updated by invoicing
  • Up to 10 types of records for invoice header information
  • Up to 10 types of records for invoice line item information
  • Up to five key fields per type
  • Up to 15 fields per type

Total Integration With SouthWare Excellence Series

  • Master file fields print on master file listings
  • Transaction fields print on edit listings
  • All fields accessible with ImportMate and ReportMate and WorkFlow
  • Transaction data may be printed on invoices and other forms

Fixed Assets

Know the Location and Value of Your Assets!

Tracking, valuing, and depreciating your assets is a time-consuming and tedious chore. Fortunately, you can automate much of this workload with SouthWare’s Fixed Assets.

Fixed Assets is a complete asset tracking and depreciation system. With it you can easily keep track of the locations and values of your various equipment, furniture, machines, buildings, and other assets. You get your depreciation calculations done for you, and you can transfer asset and depreciation information directly to SouthWare’s General Ledger. You can even get asset reports by location to help you with your property tax reporting.

With Fixed Assets, You Can:

  • Keep current records on all your assets
  • Easily handle the recordkeeping and accounting for acquisitions and disposals of assets
  • Know exactly where each asset is located to help you with your property tax reporting
  • Have your depreciation calculations done automatically for you
  • Have your asset information and depreciation automatically updated in your General Ledger
  • Easily handle asset splits
  • Track asset usage such as hours or mileage
  • Handle many different depreciation methods and schedules for each asset

If You’d Like Some Help Keeping Up With Your Asset Records, Get Fixed Assets.

Key Features of Fixed Assets

Asset Database Features

  • Extensive standard data
  • 15-character Asset ID number or code
  • Numerous search options
  • General location for property tax reporting
  • Specific location notes
  • Various values including cost/basis, salvage, replacement, and insurance
  • Usage unit accumulations
  • Numerous tracking dates
  • Owned, leased, borrowed indicator
  • Notes and optional Extended Data

Flexible Depreciation

  • Up to 99 depreciation schedules per asset
  • Option to manually adjust calculated schedule for non-standard depreciation
  • Numerous methods including straight-line, declining balance, usage-based, sum-of-the-years digits, statutory, ACE, and non-depreciable
  • Partial period conventions of daily, full-year, full-month, half-month, half-year, mid-month, mid-quarter, and mid-year
  • Optional user-defined statutory methods
  • Amortization of intangible items such as prepaids - even credit items such as unearned revenue
  • Flexible rounding and weighting options

Minimal Data Entry

  • One-step entry of asset information
  • Optional use of ImportMate to create asset records from other files
  • Fast entry of usage information
  • G/L accounting is based on asset categories
  • Standardized property tax authority file
  • Standardized asset location file
  • Automatic G/L entries for acquisitions, disposals, depreciation
  • Option to import Fixed Assets (Rev 7.0)

Management Reporting

  • Detailed asset listing per location
  • Asset valuation reporting
  • Asset trial balance
  • Timing difference report
  • Numerous depreciation schedules/reports Asset usage reporting

Fixed Assets Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • Where is that asset located?
  • What’s our depreciation cost for this month?
  • Which assets are located in this property tax jurisdiction?
  • What accounting needs to be done for the disposal of this asset?
  • What’s the difference between our book and tax depreciation on this asset?
  • How do we update our records for this depreciation error we made two years ago?
  • What is the estimated insurance value of our assets?
  • What is the current G/L value of our assets?
  • What’s the remaining value on this capital lease?
  • What’s our total tax depreciation for this year?
  • How do we record the split of this asset?
  • What has been the machine hour usage on this truck during the past year?
  • What are the serial numbers of the equipment items we have at this location?

Forms Adapter

Tailor Your Forms to Your Needs

Your business forms are a very important part of your business. You rely on forms to communicate with your employees, your customers, and your suppliers. If your forms aren’t right, your communication isn’t right either. Using standard forms gives you the lowest cost, but what do you do if the standard forms don’t meet your needs?

Get SouthWare Forms, an optional adapter for the SouthWare Excellence Series that lets you create alternate formats for the standard forms available from SouthWare products. You can add data, change data, move data, or remove data from the standard forms to create multiple alternate formats for each form. You may then define the situations when an alternate format should be used. Best of all, these changes don’t require source code changes and will be compatible with the future revisions you get from SouthWare.

With SouthWare Forms, You Can:

  • Get the excellence look you want from your business forms
  • Adapt forms printing to match your non-standard forms - add additional data to your forms, change the positioning of data on your forms and omit standard fields from forms
  • Have alternate form formats for different situations, such as a different invoice format for each location
  • Get custom changes that stay compatible with future revisions

If you want the power and benefits of customized forms without any long-term maintenance costs, get SouthWare Forms.

Key Features of SouthWare Forms

  • Customization of Many Forms
    • All Invoices, including Order Entry, POS, Service, and A/R Invoicing
    • Order Acknowledgement
    • OE Quotation
    • OE Cash Receipt
    • POS Layaway
    • Collections Invoice Reprint
    • A/P Check
    • Payroll Check
    • A/R Statement
    • Inventory Label
    • Shipping Label
    • OE and SV Picking Ticket
    • Purchase Order
    • Service Order
    • Rental Contract
  • Handles Common Changes
    • Move fields
    • Remove unneeded fields
    • Add fields from related files
    • Change text
  • Easy Modify/Test Process
    • Requires entry of changes only, not entire form
    • Changes made in a text file
    • Text file turned into custom form
    • Interactive edit, validate, test, edit, etc. cycle for debugging
  • Selective Use of Custom Formats per Form
    • Based on location, transaction operator, or terminal
    • Option to override interactive printer
  • Special Character String Files
    • Handle special printer instructions such as font changes
    • Easy reference of long text messages
  • Low Cost Custom
    • No long-term maintenance - remains compatible with future revisions
    • No source code required
    • No special compilers required

Sample Situations You’ll Be Able to Handle Include:

  • Changing invoice print to work with an existing supply of custom forms
  • Changing the format of your service order to handle the requirements of your service department
  • Modifying your picking ticket to meet different needs of each location
  • Printing special messages in different printer fonts
  • Printing additional quantities on your invoice
  • Printing special info on your purchase orders
  • Printing user-defined customer data on your statements
  • Making your quotation look different than an invoice
  • Having a different form for your order acknowledgements
  • Printing your payroll checks on a custom check form
  • Defining a different format for faxed invoices than for printed invoices
  • Printing quotes to a different interactive printer than invoices

General Ledger

Make Your Financials Make Sense!

Your general ledger is where all your financial information comes together. For up-to-date information, attractive financial reports, and insight behind the reports, get SouthWare’s General Ledger.

SouthWare’s General Ledger gives you daily financial management tools, not just a once-a-month report. Your other SouthWare products can keep General Ledger as current as the last transaction. Your financial statements are ready whenever you want to see them. And the answers to why your financial statements got that way are only a keystroke away.

With General Ledger, You Can:

  • Get the financial reports you need when you need them
  • Have financial reports that look the way you want them to look
  • Get today’s financial statements, not just last month’s
  • Easily provide the information your auditors request
  • Eliminate most manual work in G/L as your other SouthWare products automatically update your financial information
  • Compare this year’s performance to previous years
  • Compare actual performance to your budget n Quickly update your budgets throughout the year as your estimates change
  • Analyze the performance for your different financial reporting entities as well as for your entire company

Key Features of General Ledger

Financial Statement Features

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Source/Application of Funds
  • FASB 95 Cash Flow
  • Custom supporting schedules
  • Standard reports for easy set up
  • Option to customize report layout or columns of information
  • Column choices include variances, trends, department or multi-company comparisons
  • Up to 16 columns per report
  • Period, Quarter, Year reporting
  • Multi-company consolidation
  • Print options include footnotes and output to spreadsheets or word processing

Transaction Features

  • Ledger-look for easy entry/review
  • Interface from other SouthWare products
  • Accruals with automatic reversal
  • Prior-Year adjustments that automatically roll the change into the current year
  • Memo-type entries for non-financial data

G/L Account Features

  • User-defined account number structure - up to 4 parts and 6 digits per part with a maximum of 15 characters including dashes between parts
  • Predefined chart option for easy set up
  • 12 or 13 accounting periods
  • Current, Original, and Pending budget per period per account Comparative amounts for last 5 years
  • Budget workfile for interactive budget review and change
  • Assign accounts to reporting entities

Inquiry/Other Reporting

  • On-screen review of an account and zoom to any source document for a transaction
  • Trial balance and Transaction History
  • Optional interface to Cash Flow Ledger, ExecuMate II, ExcelReport, ImportMate
  • Optional use of spreadsheet interface

General Ledger Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • What do our financials look like so far this month?
  • How do I get a condensed version of these reports for our bank?
  • How did each of our departments do last month?
  • What was the source of this G/L transaction?
  • How do our sales this month compare to the same month last year?
  • What would our financials look like at year end if our sales were 10% over budget?
  • Now that the auditor finally gave us last year’s adjustments, how do we adjust last year and this year?
  • What transactions have been posted to this account during the last week?
  • Can I see these same reports for the last four quarters?
  • The auditor wants a trial balance for the entire last year - can we get it?
  • What do our consolidated statements look like?

Human Resource Management

Essential HR is an affordable human resource system that is comprehensive, yet easy to use. It eliminates the drudgery of having to maintain numerous employee paper files, and ensures information is instantly available. EHR is designed to fit companies of all sizes, therefore it is possible to track only the information you need today, then as your company grows, you can take advantage of additional features.

Employee benefits require almost constant management attention in today’s fast paced legislative climate. EHR gives you control over this critical area with ready access to benefit plan information and employee demographics. EHR will keep you on top of regulatory reporting for FMLA, EEOC, OSHA, COBRA, 1-9, Citizenship verification.

Essential HR can be used as a stand-alone application or integrated with the SouthWare Payroll system. When used with Payroll, users enjoy even more productivity gains and improved service to their employees resulting in better employee morale.

When using EHR with Payroll, adding new employees to HR automatically adds them to Payroll. Subsequent changes to all shared information, will automatically update Payroll with the changes.

EHR produces cost savings and fast ROI in many ways. The system expedites placement, promotion, benefit and compensation processing. EHR promotes accuracy in the creation of personnel records while dramatically decreasing paperwork. The system assists you in adhering to government regulations and reporting requirements. Most of all, EHR makes sure workforce administration is done correctly which protects your company from unwarranted legal actions.

EHR can manage, report and analyze a wide range of benefit plans including life, disability, and medical insurance; cafeteria, retirement, dental, vision, pre-paid legal, investment, savings, child care, employee loans, and stock options.


  • Comprehensive pay and Performance Administration
  • Government Reporting Compliances
  • Monitor, track and document critical HR activities including:
  • Absenteeism
    • Employee leave
    • Grievance documentation
    • Accident & Injury information & history
    • Job related medical history
    • Licenses, certifications, permits
    • Disciplinary actions
    • Continuing education requirements
    • Skills inventory
    • Formal education
    • Additional Training
    • Test results
    • Much more

ImportMate II

Update Your Data Automatically!

With SouthWare’s ImportMate II you’ve got the ability to take data files created by other software products and add new records or update existing records in your SouthWare Excellence Series business system. It’s very simple to use so you don’t have to be a programmer. And it’s very flexible so you can use it in many different ways.

ImportMate II is an add-on module you can use to automatically input data into selected Excellence Series files. You simply specify how each field in a file is to be affected by an imported file. ImportMate II prompts you for all the information it needs and checks to make sure that the data you are bringing in is valid. You get the ease and speed of automated updates with the same verifications you would get if you keyed the data directly into your system.

With ImportMate II, You Can:

  • Create Excellence Series files with data from your old system to help you in converting to the Excellence Series n Access data created by most software products via commonly-used data formats
  • Create valid new records even if your incoming data file doesn’t contain all the necessary fields
  • Update selected fields in existing records while leaving other fields unchanged
  • Test incoming data files before importing to make sure there are no surprises
  • Streamline common updates for such situations as electronic time clocks and vendor-supplied price files
  • Use ReportMate to output Excellence Series data to be changed, then use ImportMate II to change it
  • Use SouthWare’s DocTransfer module to streamline the process of importing data from EDI products or other trading partner document files

Get ImportMate II, the business solution to your data transfer needs.

Key Features of ImportMate II

  • Defining an Import Format
    • Formats are saved for future use
    • Define only how the SouthWare® file is to be affected - you don’t have to define fields in the import file that won’t be used
    • Option to assign a key for selected key fields or assign a default for other selected fields
    • Option to insert a fixed value in a field
    • Option to leave a field unchanged in existing records
    • Option to add new records, to update existing records, or both
  • Input File Options
    • Fixed Format ASCII files - format with fixed position fields such as found in text files, spool files, print files
    • Fixed Position Text files (often called a Flat File when used in conjunction with EDI products)
    • DIF format - data interchange format commonly used by spreadsheets
    • Comma-delimited format - easily-created format commonly used by databases
    • Other-delimited formats - delimiter can be tab, merge code, or any ASCII character
    • Multiple record types
    • Combine multiple record types for a single target record
    • Handles special editing characters such as dollar signs, minus signs, and slashes or dashes in dates
    • Option to assign key fields, assign fixed data to a field if not available in the input file, and leave certain fields unchanged
    • Option to use SouthWare’s ReportMate to output selected data and then use ImportMate II to change it during import
  • Testing and Updating Data
    • Option to test a range of input records
    • Automatic testing with error report prior to update
    • Option to skip testing for frequently used imports
    • Ability to import transactions with errors and Hold until corrected
  • Open Component Technology
    • Allows direct access to import capabilities from within other programs and software

Sample Uses for ImportMate II Include:

  • Convert accounting data when switching to SouthWare from another business system
  • Regularly update inventory pricing from vendor-supplied electronic catalogs
  • Create payroll exception hour entries from data captured in an electronic time clock
  • Add new stock items from a vendor price guide
  • Create physical inventory transactions from an electronic hand-held count device
  • Import (create or change) trading partner documents such as orders and invoices
  • Import a file of the checks that cleared your bank to automatically mark them cleared in Cash Flow
  • Create A/R transactions from invoice data generated by a special customized billing system
  • Create A/P transactions from invoices stored in a database package
  • Change the product category code for a group of stock items
  • Create G/L journal transactions from data in a customized package you are using
  • Assign an A/R account number based on customer type

Inventory Control

When you have a large inventory you must manage it well if you want a successful business. SouthWare’s Inventory Control gives you up-to-the-minute detailed information on each item in your inventory. You’ll know exactly how much inventory comes in, how much is on-hand now, and where it goes.

  • Get the up-to-the-minute quantity status for any item in your inventory at the touch of a key
  • Know the value of your current inventory
  • Know the details of each time you’ve received inventory
  • Keep separate records for each inventory location you use
  • Easily verify your spot check counts against your inventory records
  • Produce shelf labels for your stock items
  • Access a perpetual ledger of all quantities in and out for each stock item
  • Track selected stock items by serial number, lot number, size, color, or other tracking breakdown
  • Adjust your inventory records for breakage, spoilage, or other defective quantities
  • Move quantities between inventory locations as needed
  • Keep extensive supporting information about each inventory item

Item Group Matrix

Do items you sell belong to groups or styles that can be presented via a row/column matrix such as color/size? Do you want to be able to enter and review quantities for items via a row/column matrix? With SouthWare’s Item Group Matrix Adapter, an add-on module for SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series, you may use a matrix-oriented entry interface to efficiently buy, sell, and receive items within a matrix group. For example, you could set up colors as matrix group rows and sizes as columns and then easily buy, receive, and sell items within the group. You can quickly enter multiple quantities for items within a group and the system will generate the necessary related transactions.

  • Utilize different matrix types of row/column combinations such as clothing color/size, show color/size, variety/size, product/user count, pants waist/inseam, lumber dimensions, plant size/variety, etc.
  • Identify all the row/column attributes that apply to a matrix type.
  • Specify which attributes apply to each group matrix.
  • Use the same group definition in multiple locations.
  • Automatically generate stock records needed fro group row/column combinations OR use existing stock numbers.
  • Indicate that certain row/column combinations are not applicable within a group.
  • Inquire stock item information for items in a matrix group.
  • Easily view and edit quantities for group matrix items via a grid or tree in the following entry programs: Sales order entry, Purchase order entry, Purchasing work file entry, Service order entry, and Receivings entry.

Job Cost

Make Less Work of Your Jobs!

When your business revolves around jobs you’ve got to have a good job tracking system. Most jobs involve so many types of costs that you need comprehensive records on each job just to know whether you’re making money or not. A great solution for job tracking is SouthWare’s Job Cost.

SouthWare’s Job Cost gives you the tools you need to keep your jobs under control without getting bogged down in paperwork. Setting up new jobs is easy, and you can even copy standard jobs. Your costs and revenues can be automatically updated by other SouthWare products. Overhead, recognizing job progress in G/L, and Work In Process updates can all be done in minutes. And there are adaptations to help you whether you?re a contractor or a job shop.

With Job Cost, You Can:

  • See all the information about a job at the touch of a button
  • Know the profitability on each job
  • Know the types of costs that you’ve incurred on each job
  • Track all changes to a job’s budget and compare actual performance against budget
  • Automatically keep your job information current as a byproduct of A/P, Payroll, Inventory, and Invoicing processing
  • Easily assign overhead to your jobs
  • Know your Work In Process status and transfer costs from Work In Process as a job is finished
  • Spot cost overruns n Predict expected job profit
  • Know how much work is left to be done on a job
  • Know what’s been paid and what should be paid on a job

Keep the right facts available for each of your jobs without spending too much time doing it. Get SouthWare’s Job Cost.

Key Features of Job Cost

Job Database Features

  • Job header info includes customer data and general pricing
  • User-defined cost code structure with up to four breakdowns such as phase and cost category
  • Job detail tracks each aspect of a job by cost code and includes accumulated units and costs
  • Completed contract or percentage complete
  • Revenue recognition options
  • Labor burden and Overhead
  • Master job group for related jobs
  • Copy function to quickly duplicate a job
  • Flexible set up of accounting to be done for each job

Job Transaction & Billing Features

  • Jobs updated by A/P invoices, Invoices, Inventory adjustments, Payroll, A/R payments
  • User-defined transaction types
  • Option to automatically generate billings from jobs

Contractor/Construction Adaptations

  • Automatic AIA code set up option
  • Subcontractor retainage
  • Subcontractor cost category
  • Certified Payroll report thru Payroll
  • A/R customer retainage balance
  • Cost Plus or Fixed Fee pricing
  • AIA Invoicing option
  • Change order subsystem
  • Recognized profit or revenue/cost

Job Shop Adaptations

  • Automatic set up options
  • Time sequence for tracking status
  • Stock number to manufacture
  • Option to update job status based on quantity finished
  • Overhead allocation or calculation
  • Work in Process relief

Job Cost Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • What is today’s status on this job?
  • Which jobs are over budget?
  • How much more resources will it take to finish this job?
  • Which jobs currently need to be billed?
  • What is the profitability on our current jobs?
  • What were the materials that were costed to this job?
  • Have we already allocated overhead to this job?
  • How much customer retainage are we due on this job?
  • How much retainage will we owe to subcontractors when this job is finished?
  • What is the breakdown of our current Work In Process?
  • What budget changes have been approved for this job?
  • How much profit has been recognized in G/L for this job?
  • What are the totals for all jobs in this subdivision?
  • What percent complete are we on this job?

Multi Meters

Service and Bill Based on Multiple Meters

This module is an adapter for SouthWare Service Management. It adds the capability to track multiple meters for a piece of equipment and to bill for combined equipment usage based on meter readings. This adapter addresses complex meter billing issues needed for copy/scan machines and for heavy equipment usage and maintenance. An integrated manager simplifies the job of reviewing the metering features.

With the Multiple Meters Adapter You Can:

  • Define various types of meters used on your equipment
  • Assign standard meter types to equipment models
  • Specify meters per piece of equipment
  • Enter or import meter readings per meter
  • Generate billings for single meters or combinations of meters
  • Generate preventive maintenance service orders based on metered usage

Equipment Consumables

With this program you may analyze the usage of consumable items (supplies or maintenance items) for your equipment. This is a very sophisticated report that compares actual usage of consumables with expected usage. The report uses the records in the consumables file (SV-07-21-07) to identify the consumables you want to track per equipment model, then determines actual usage of these consumables from invoice history.

This helps you:

  • Identify and research abnormal usage situations
  • Review consumable costs and profitability per contract
  • Review equipment model costs
  • Determine how much usage to expect for future contract pricing considerations

Remote Meter Reading Entry via SouthWare NetLink

You may use SouthWare NetLink to provide remote entry of meter readings for your metered equipment via the Internet. This may be used either for customer entry of readings or for remote field service.

Link Your Business to the World of E-Business SouthWare NetLink is a revolutionary tool that lets you provide simple and controlled browser-based network access to your company data files. It can be used for Internet, intranet, and extranet applications.

Many businesses today are wrestling with the concept of doing business over the Internet. E-commerce (receiving sales orders) is one application that can make sense in this environment. But the larger concept of E-business has much more potential value to most businesses. For example, if your customers could not only submit orders but could quickly check account balances, check status of orders, submit service requests, review product history, report changes of address, request product literature, and many similar functions in a self-serve environment, you could strengthen your relationship with them and lower costs at the same time. And you may give similar options to your suppliers, employees, and others.

SouthWare NetLink works with existing technology in the SouthWare Excellence Series to provide a comprehensive e-business solution. You may easily publish any of your business data to authorized users and receive data back from them that is validated before updating your files. You can customize every aspect of your e-business site, and there are many features you can customize yourself without hiring expensive help.

Your Business Gets the Best of Two Worlds:

Since NetLink is tightly integrated with the SouthWare Excellence Series you can get the best of the two computer worlds:

  • For high-volume processing of business information you get the power, speed, control, and built-in sophistication of SouthWare’s mature business applications running on your internal system. Your day-to-day work is not hindered by the limitations of browser-based access.
  • You and your partners can use Web browsers to access selected data and send data to be updated using the stateless transaction-based mode of intranets and the Internet. You are working with the same data file formats as the standard applications, so your data can be on-line if you wish.
  • Easy Set Up
    • Works out of the box for SouthWare users
    • Works with standard SouthWare data files
  • Flexible Server Configuration
    • Portable to any Server that supports CGI
    • Allows live or off-line data
    • Supports single or multiple company files
  • Controlled Data Access
    • Valid requestor logins
    • Security masking per requestor and request
    • Data access limited to fields you include in a request - no free-format data requests
    • Session info links each request to a valid requestor login
    • Automatic Time Out for sessions
    • Optional Logoff function
  • Unlimited Customizable Request Types
    • Numerous pre-defined requests
    • Option to create requests for any data or requestor type
    • Customizable HTML templates provide look for each request page - easily edited via HTML editor or text editor
    • Numerous standard variables and unlimited user-defined variables to extract data
  • Comprehensive Order Entry Function
    • Order shopping cart is saved until order is submitted
    • Provides defaults and pricing per customer
    • Catalog lookup
    • Automatically create customer for new sale
    • Easy add/change/delete of line items
    • Numerous options to show item pictures, notes, and discount from List Price
    • Optionally supports SSL encryption for secure transmission of data
  • Data Extract via ReportMate
    • Any data available in ReportMate may be included in a Request
    • Option for browser table formatting
  • Data Input via ImportMate II
    • Receive form data as importable data files
    • Validation to ensure data integrity
    • Allows interactive or batch (off-line) update
  • Sales orders submitted from customers and employees
  • Customer request for account balance and related details
  • Employee request for customer-related info
  • Customer requests for service (to result in a service order)
  • Requests for marketing materials
  • Changes of address or phone number
  • Request for details of an invoice
  • Request for details of a purchase order
  • Review of product history
  • Vendor review of open purchase orders
  • Review of shipped status of open sales
  • Review of product catalog and pricing
  • Dispatch status of open service calls
  • Internal review of current financial statements
  • Access to employee personnel info
  • Anything else you can access with ReportMate and ImportMate

Order Entry

When your customers call in with an order, you want to be able to record the order accurately and then deliver it right the first time. This means your people need a system that helps them be efficient, accurate, knowledgeable, and timely. SouthWare’s Order Entry integrates with SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series to give you a complete order processing and inventory management system. With Order Entry you’ll be confident that you’re getting orders recorded accurately and courteously, shipping them right the first time, and getting them invoiced promptly.

  • Get your customers’ orders recorded in less time
  • Immediately answer your customers’ questions about pricing, availability, order status, etc.
  • Instantly access past sales orders for a customer and even duplicate one
  • Keep accurate records of returns, billing adjustments, no charge shipments, and other special situations
  • Sell what the customer needs even if you have to special order it or ship it from another location
  • Know exactly how and where the customer wants an order shipped, and even have an order drop-shipped from your vendor
  • Make sure a customer’s credit status gets checked before and after you record an order
  • Automatically handle complex situations involving special pricing, special commission structures, or special sales tax rates
  • Produce picking tickets and shipping labels to help you get the right items shipped to the right address at the requested time
  • Provide order acknowledgement forms to your customers to make sure the order is right before you ship it
  • Create sales quotations and then turn them into orders when the customer agrees to buy


Get Your Payrolls Out Faster and Easier!

Payroll is an important and very sensitive function in most businesses. You need your payrolls to be accurate and on time, but you’d like to minimize the administrative time and cost it takes to prepare them. A great solution for your payroll needs is SouthWare’s Payroll.

With SouthWare’s Payroll you get a sophisticated and flexible system for payroll processing, tracking, and reporting. You benefit from an exceptional design that lets you set up all normal information for an employee so you only have to enter exceptional or one-time information with each payroll. You get the flexibility to handle the many special earnings and deduction situations your employees have. And your governmental reporting information is ready when you need it.

With Payroll, You Can:

  • Depend on accurate and on-time payrolls
  • Experience less hassle with the various employee deductions and other special payroll situations your employees have
  • Rest easier when it comes time for your quarterly or year-end tax reporting
  • Analyze your payroll costs to know exactly where your money is going
  • Know the details of each employee’s payroll situation
  • Know the details behind each check you write
  • Know your total costs for each payroll and zoom into the details for more information
  • Spend less time on payroll administration each month - you can even eliminate checks with a direct deposit option
  • Have the information you need to report to other organizations such as credit unions and insurance companies

Key Features of Payroll

Employee Database Features

  • Extensive standard personnel data
  • Normal pay info such as pay frequency and normal rate or salary
  • Normal tax information for withholding
  • Distribute salary to multiple G/L accounts
  • Optional recurring earnings, deductions, and employer expenses
  • History of checks, tips, earnings, taxes
  • Notes and optional Extended Data

Earning/Deduction Features

  • Standard and user-defined types
  • Taxable status and limits for situations such as 401-K, Cafeteria plans, and garnishments
  • Deductions may be amounts, rates, or percents of gross pay

Tax Features

  • User-maintainable tax rates and tables
  • Flexible tax status and calculation

Check Processing Features

  • Data entry required only for exceptions to the normal employee information
  • Speedy exception entry for hours and other exception overrides
  • Allows 2 checks per employee per payroll
  • Multiple exception files may be in progress
  • Pre-check report for verification
  • Numerous registers and reports
  • Manual and Void check processing

Reporting Features

  • Inquiry into summary totals of past payrolls, check history details, and employee info and totals
  • Employee and check reports
  • Retirement, review, leave and other reports
  • Quarterly tax reporting info
  • W-2 forms or magnetic media

Other Special Features

  • Optional Direct Deposit software interface
  • Period-end accruals
  • Option for departmentalized accounting

Other Benefits You Get From Payroll Include:

Confidentiality - Personal Earnings and Other Data Are Secure From Unauthorized Access

Efficiency - not only do you spend less time entering data, but features such as the optional Direct Deposit add-on can even save you and your employees the time it takes to go to the bank

Peace of Mind - knowing that your taxes and other reporting information are readily available helps lessen the stress of dealing with the various governments

Safeguards Against Mistakes - reports such as the pre-check authorization report help you make sure the checks are right before the employees get them

Responsiveness to Tax Law Changes - most of the tax rates and amounts are in maintainable tables so you can update your own payroll system for government changes

Answers to Questions About Past Payrolls - all the important totals and check details from each payroll are ready for instant review

Point of Sale

For simple sales situations, you want to process the sale fast so the customer can be on his way. If the customer has questions you want instant access to the answers. For more complex sales situations you want to handle returns, discounts, delivery, split payments, and other needs quickly and accurately.

SouthWare’s Point of Sale integrates with SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series to give you a complete inventory sales and management system. With Point of Sale you get the power of an order entry system with the speed and convenience you need in a point of sale station. And you can customize the entry features and integrate hardware options to create the system that’s right for your business.

  • Get your customers’ purchases checked out quickly
  • Customize which keystrokes should be required to record a sale
  • Combine returns and new sales on the same invoice
  • Capture as much or as little information about each customer as you wish
  • Make your people more efficient with hardware options such as electronic cash drawers and bar code readers
  • Easily handle special situations such as layaways, requests for delivery, and special orders
  • Instantly know the availability and location of any stock item
  • Remind your operators to suggest related add on items
  • Monitor your sales throughout the day
  • Tightly control receipts by tracking your cash, check, and credit card payments and reconciling them per operator


The key to excellent purchasing is to provide great inventory service and get the most value for the money you invest in inventory. Your customers and employees want inventory to be available when they need it. But if you’re not careful you can eat up all your profit in inventory carrying costs.

SouthWare’s Purchasing integrates with SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series to help you achieve your inventory goals. You get the help you need to set and maintain target stock levels, to analyze usage trends, and to check vendor performance. Whether you’re maintaining a well-stocked inventory or ordering for just-in-time delivery, Purchasing has the tools to help you.

  • Have all the work of creating suggested POs done for you
  • Use your judgment more efficiently by focusing only on any needed adjustments to suggested purchases
  • Trust that your purchasing decisions are based on assumptions that are continually updated for recent trends
  • Create just-in-time POs from your sales orders
  • Make special adjustments to the purchasing controls for any stock item
  • Identify seasonal sales items and adjust suggested purchases for seasonal needs
  • Recognize normal and abnormal usage patterns for your inventory
  • Order the most profitable quantity levels based on EOQ or other quantity discount calculations
  • Take into account line buying and other special vendor requirements
  • Know which vendors are giving you the best performance on each item

Rental Department

Process the pricing, renting, tracking, and management of your rental contracts and inventory with SouthWare’s Rental Department. Designed as an add-on module to SouthWare’s Inventory Control, Rental Department makes it an ideal solution for the business that both rents and sells items.

You can sell Resale Items and rent rental items in the same bill, and your invoices for rental contracts flow into the Normal Invoicing Process history and reporting options available for other SouthWare invoicing products. And if you service your equipment, SouthWare’s Service Management modules integrate to give you a complete sales/rental/service solution.

  • Quickly create a rental contract from any normal SouthWare billing entry program.
  • Add inventory items, services, or other types of line items handled by the billing entry program to a rental transaction
  • Track availability and scheduling conflicts for each rental item.
  • Identify items which are past due for return.
  • Handle various rental pricing structures with the system automatically figuring out which rental unit (hours, days, weeks, etc.) to use for each rental transaction.
  • Track Rental Items by specific Tracking Number or by quantity only.
  • Easily rent and analyze kits or combinations of items via Inventory/Control Standard Bills and Kit Codes.
  • Handle special commission and taxing override situations.
  • Transfer rental inventory between locations with the option to treat these as sub rentals for additional control.
  • Report on scheduled deliveries and pickups of rental items from customer sites.
  • Analyze customer and rental ID rental performance.


Get All the Reports You Need! The value of the data in your business system is directly related to your ability to get to it. Your standard reporting needs are well addressed with reports provided within the SouthWare Excellence Series. But what about those special reports for your unique needs?

With SouthWare’s ReportMate you’ve got the answer to your custom reporting needs. You can access the data in any major file in your SouthWare Excellence Series business system and produce a report or a reporting file. It’s very simple to use so you don’t have to be a programmer - you’ll be creating reports in minutes. And you can lay out the data on the report the way you want to see it!

With ReportMate, You Can:

  • Create a report that shows information the way you want to see it
  • Combine information from several files on one report
  • Know which files can be combined with any particular file
  • Perform calculations on your data
  • Show special reporting statistics such as record counts, averages, and running totals
  • Select the records to appear on a report using several flexible criteria
  • Create special files from your business data for use with spreadsheets, word processors, and other software products
  • Create a table view for spreadsheet-like review or editing (Windows only)
  • Put your customized reports on the menu to give them the same appearance as the standard system reports
  • Make sure data on sensitive reports is available only to authorized persons

Key Features of ReportMate

  • Pre-Defined Data Dictionary
    • Files/Fields are easy to find and reference
    • Relationships between files are already set up - the hard part is done for you Range of Records Options
    • Up to 5 selection ranges per report
    • Each range may be defined at runtime
  • Sort Sequence Options
    • Up to 5 sort sequences per report
    • Ascending or descending
    • Subtotal and page break options
    • Define which fields print at subtotal break
  • Other Selection Criteria Options
    • Up to 5 special selection criteria per record
    • Up to 5 selection criteria per field
    • Test a field to be Less Than, Greater Than, Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than or Equal To, Less Than or Equal To, or Match on Masking Characters
    • Record tests may be required or optional and changed at runtime
  • Output Options
    • As a report to printer, screen, or file
    • As HTML file or table to a browser
    • As a DIF, Delimited, or merge file
    • As XML data
    • As Fixed-position or Fixed-Length text
    • As a file to use with ImportMate
    • As ExecuMate II statistics
  • Defining a Report Layout
    • WYSIWYG entry lets you see and edit what the report will look like
    • Up to 264 columns per line
    • Up to 10 lines per record
    • Heading and spacing controls
    • Default column headers (up to 5 lines)
    • Easy lookup of files and fields
    • Allows runtime options for dates and other constants used in calculations
  • Table View Subsystem (Windows only)
    • Turn a report into a spreadsheet-like grid
    • Option to edit data
  • Special Features
    • Specify variable time periods for reporting from Excellence Period History
    • Special comment lines let you give instructions to anyone running a report
    • Totals Only option
    • Option to add ReportMate reports to menu

Simple Uses for ReportMate Include:

  • Producing a special sales analysis report
  • Listing customers who meet a special set of criteria
  • Searching for a particular transaction by writing a report to print all transactions for a certain amount
  • Creating a WordPerfect merge file for a mailing to selected vendors
  • Creating a DIF file with General Ledger amounts for use in a spreadsheet
  • Listing SalesMark prospects who live in a certain state or zip code
  • Creating a file of data to be changed so that you may use ImportMate to change the data as you import it
  • Creating reports that include special Extended Data fields that you have added
  • Creating special statistics in ExecuMate II for analysis and graphs
  • Creating special customized mailing labels for an employee mailing
  • Creating a report of the average sales per period for each product you sell

Return Authorizations

Confidently manage both the process of customer returns to you and the process of your returns to vendors with SouthWare’s Return Authorizations. Designed as an add-on module to SouthWare’s Inventory Control, Return Authorizations lets you manage your inventory in conjunction with items being returned from customers and items being returned to vendors.

Other processes such as receivings and sales returns integrate seamlessly with Return Authorizations so your return information is always as current as the last related information entered anywhere in the system. And if you sell/service equipment, Return Authorizations integrates the information from the Service Management Equipment Tracking module and Service Orders module for such situations as exchanges.

  • Easily record each item you return to a vendor
  • Handle complex situations such as exchanges, warranties, and advance swaps
  • Track the status of returned items to identify situations that need follow up attention
  • Know whether you’re expecting a vendor repair, replacement, credit, or refund
  • Automatically close your vendor returns from other modules
  • Track the items you’ve authorized your customers to return
  • Know what you’re supposed to do when you receive a particular customer return
  • Keep track of labor reimbursement amounts owed to you by a vendor
  • Automatically create the appropriate inventory and general ledger adjustments as you process returns
  • Inquire and report on the status and handling of customer/vendor returns
  • Be confident that your return situations are under control

Service Invoicing

Get Fast and Accurate Service Invoices!

To have a successful service business you need a billing system that gets invoices to your customers promptly and with the right information. Ideally you could also save time by having your service order and contract information flow automatically into your invoices. For these results and more you should be using SouthWare’s Service Invoicing.

Service Invoicing provides the billing system for SouthWare’s Service Management Series, a complete system for service businesses. In the Service Management Series you can also get Service Orders, Contract Management, and Equipment Servicing options. With Service Invoicing you’ll be confident that you’re getting your service invoices processed efficiently and accurately.

With Service Invoicing, You Can:

  • Enter a service invoice quickly
  • Instantly bill a completed service order from Service Orders
  • Produce invoices from contracts in Contract Management
  • Streamline the handling of complex sales situations
  • Put as much detail on an invoice as you need
  • Ensure that standard pricing is used on your invoices
  • Get your invoices recorded in A/R almost instantly
  • Know the details of past invoices
  • Standardize your miscellaneous add-on charges
  • Keep your A/R system updated with sales taxes, commissions, and other information from the latest invoices

Key Features of Service Invoicing

Invoice Entry Features

  • Streamlined entry and printing of an invoice
  • Standard service codes for default descriptions, pricing, and other info
  • Handle credits, special orders, pricing adjustments, and payments on account
  • Option to change billing or shipping info
  • Commission and sales tax info on parts and service are automatically calculated
  • Option to add a customer on an invoice
  • Credit limit checking
  • Option to look up past invoice pricing
  • Unlimited text lines on an invoice
  • Any combination of cash, check, credit card, or on account payment
  • Up to 4 miscellaneous charges per invoice
  • Notes and optional Extended Data

Integration With A/R Features

  • Invoices update A/R open items, sales tax, commissions, G/L, customer info
  • A/R inquiry option to zoom on invoices
  • Statement option to print invoice detail

Generating Invoice Features

  • Generate from contracts
  • Generate from service orders
  • Generate from equipment service pricing

Management and Reporting FeaturesM

  • Sales analysis reports
  • End of day sales register
  • Billing history report for invoice detail

Service Invoicing Can Help You Answer Such Questions As:

  • How can we get our invoices sent out the same day that we’re ready to bill?
  • How can we make sure our customers know the details of the services and parts that we’re billing?
  • How can we eliminate the lost time spent trying to explain to a customer the details of each invoice on their statement?
  • How do I quickly print an invoice for the service order when a customer picks up his repaired equipment?
  • How can we make sure we’re charging the right sales tax on our parts and services?
  • How can we reduce the amount of time we spend generating invoices for contract renewals?
  • How can we easily create an invoice for the miscellaneous services not related to a service order?
  • What was the customer PO number on this invoice?
  • How did the customer pay for this invoice?
  • Should we have paid commission on this invoice?

Service Orders

Improve the Service in Your Service Calls!

Service orders are the heart of your service business. You need to take your customer requests quickly, schedule normal service calls, get the work assigned, keep track of the status of the work, and get the work billed when it’s done. Your solution to all these needs is SouthWare®’s Service Orders.

Service Orders handles the service order functions for SouthWare’s Service Management Series, a complete system for service businesses. In the Service Management Series you can also get Service Invoicing, Contract Management, and Equipment Servicing options. With Service Orders you get the help you need to record, dispatch, schedule, track, assign, and close service orders with minimum work and maximum results.

With Service Orders, You Can:

  • Quickly record the important facts about every request for service
  • Efficiently handle both your regularly scheduled and your on-demand service requests
  • Get the right technician dispatched or assigned to a service order
  • Know the current status of each service order and know which ones need special attention
  • Quickly record the parts and services used on a service order
  • Ensure that a service order is billed accurately and promptly
  • Know the service history of each customer and piece of equipment
  • Make sure that fees such as travel or zone charges are charged when appropriate
  • Eliminate errors by ensuring that contract rates, limits, and coverages are automatically considered on service orders
  • Instantly answer your customers’ questions about the status and details of the work being done for them
  • Evaluate the work being done by each of your technicians and service locations

Key Features of Service Orders

Service Order Info

  • Extensive standard info
  • Security, defaults, and other options may be configured per operator
  • Option for multiple service locations
  • Option to add a new customer
  • Service history for customer or equipment
  • Indicate equipment to be serviced
  • Interface with Vendor Returns
  • Interface with Customer Returns
  • Problem description, problem codes
  • Estimates, comments, and actions taken
  • Track dates and times for each step
  • Option to service multiple equipment on one service order
  • Multiple technicians per service order
  • Subtotals for parts, labor, other charges
  • Billing percent per line item considers equipment warranty and contract coverage
  • Access preventive maintenance schedules
  • Record meter readings
  • Commit parts from Inventory Control
  • Notes, text, and optional Extended Data

Dispatching Features

  • Display service orders to be dispatched along with a list of possible technicians
  • Check technician skills, territory, priority

Integration With Contracts and Equipment

  • Consider contract limits and coverage
  • Check equipment covered by contract
  • Relate each service to equipment
  • Integrate PM schedules and meter reading
  • Exchange/loan/rent equipment

Billing Features

  • Partial or full billing of a service order
  • Closing function for travel/other charges
  • Batch or interactive invoices

Management and Reporting

  • Service Order inquiry
  • Current status/schedule reports
  • Service order analysis reports
  • Technician analysis reports

Service Orders Helps You Answer Such Questions As:

  • Are there any service requests that have not yet been dispatched?
  • What’s the status of this service order?
  • What actions has Joe already taken on this service order and what parts has he used?
  • What has been our average repair time over the last six months for this type of problem?
  • What other service work have we done for this customer lately?
  • Do any of our technicians seem to have a productivity problem?
  • How can we make sure that Joe gets assigned to all service calls for this type of equipment?
  • How do we make sure that our service contract customers get higher priority than other customers?
  • How do we separate the non-billable and the billable work on this service order?
  • How long did it take us to complete this service call?

Shipping Interface

Integrating Your Orders With Shipping Software

Shipping your orders is a vital link in your operation. You need to get the orders on their way to the right location with a minimum of hassle and paperwork. You need to calculate the right shipping charges, produce shipping labels and tags, report the shipments to the shipper, and keep a history of the shipment for later review. There are specialized software packages to handle the shipping functions, but how can you integrate this with your order information?

With SouthWare’s Shipping Interface you may interface order-related information to and from a third-party shipping software package for a seamless order fulfillment system. You get the powerful features and options of a specialized shipping system, and you get the benefits of this shipping information in your order processing.

With Shipping Interface, You Can:

  • Pass order shipping address information from SouthWare to your specialized shipping software
  • Pass the shipping method to the shipping software
  • Quickly access the third-party shipping software from your SouthWare system to enter the boxes to be shipped for any order n Use your shipping software to process the shipments
  • Receive back box information from the shipping software
  • Know the correct shipping charges for each order as computed in the shipping software
  • Optionally charge your customers for the actual shipping charges or a multiplier of the actual shipping charges
  • Inquire into box history information for an order Save time, simplify your shipping paperwork, and integrate your specialized shipping software into your SouthWare system.

Key Features of Shipping Interface

  • Easy Set Up
  • Simple Interface Configuration Records
  • Optional Configuration per Workstation
  • Specify shipping product software code for each shipping method

Multiple Product Interfaces

  • Interface to/from StarShip" (by V-Technologies)
  • Interface to/from Clippership" (distributed by Evcor)
  • Open interface can be utilized by other shipping software that supports ASCII file transfer/polling

Seamless Access to Shipping Entry

  • Access shipping software entry program from Order Entry
  • Access shippng software entry program from special Interface search program
  • Option to interface shipments not related to orders for complete shipping history

Flexible Billing of Shipping Charges

  • Optional multiplier to determine amount charged to customer
  • Freight code and accounting is definable per Interface Configuration

Box History Inquiry

  • Option to search for box information by:
    • Shipping Control Number
    • Customer Number
    • Order Number
    • Ship Date
    • Tracking Number
    • View box information/charges provided by shipping software

Sample Situations You Can Handle Include:

  • Allowing your shipping department to enter an order number in SouthWare to automatically display the box entry screen in your shipping software
  • Looking up the tracking numbers for boxes on a particular order
  • Providing the shipping address and method to your shipping software without any data entry
  • Accessing the weights and charges for boxes you’ve already shipped
  • Notifying operators when an order to be invoiced has not yet been updated with shipping information
  • Charging your customers a markup of actual shipping charges


For an Excellent Business System, Start Here!

When you buy a computerized business system you’re also buying the environment that your people will be working in every hour of every day. You need it to be easy to learn so that everyone feels good about the new system. But you also need it to be sophisticated enough for your special security, communication, and other company-wide and personal needs.

SwiftMate is the system environment for SouthWare’s Excellence Series business software. You get a friendly user interface that’s easy to learn and fun to use. Your people get an environment that can be custom-fitted to the tasks they perform. And your entire system is made more valuable through the special functions and benefits provided by SwiftMate.

With SwiftMate, You Can:

  • Get your system up and running quickly and smoothly
  • Control which functions each operator may access and use
  • Adapt the menus for each user to show only the functions available
  • Know and monitor who’s using the system and what they are doing
  • Send and receive electronic mail between operators at any time
  • See instant on-screen help explanations about the function you’re using and control the amount of help given per operator
  • Interrupt any task to do another function, then return and resume where you left off
  • Have a common menu environment for all your software, even your non-SouthWare products
  • Configure your system to match the terminals, printers, and other computer hardware that you use
  • Customize your user interface with SouthWare Style options, including variable graphical menus, pull-down menus, and button bars
  • Program new features into your SouthWare products with Objects, Field-Level Objects, and Field Filters
  • Create Zoom Views to provide unique summaries of your data with road maps to further information

Key Features of SwiftMate

  • Installation Features
    • Automated product installation
    • Define terminal features per user - functions keys, colors, compress display, pass-thru printing, cash drawers, fax interfaces, phone dialers, etc.
    • Unlimited printer configurations
  • Security Features
    • Security level per operator per product
    • Option to add selective customized security
    • Menus change to match operator security
    • Optional logging of selected system activity
    • Secure certain features such as access to operating system and direct program calls
    • Each set of files (company) has its own security and file subdirectory
  • Operator Convenience Features
    • Multi-level personal breakout to interrupt any task, access other programs, then resume your original task
    • Keystroke macros
    • Style options (including graphical features)
    • RapidKeys and variable button bars
    • User-defined links between programs
  • Menu Features
    • Standard or user-defined shortcuts
    • User-definable graphical menus
    • Processing menus serve as checklists
    • Optional customizable pull-down menus
    • Add non-SouthWare products to menu
    • User-maintainable menu appearance
    • Zoom Views for EUI Style
    • Independent task windows (Windows only)
  • Help-Related Features
    • Customizable help for menus and fields
    • Automatic or manual help display
    • Results index, Q/A database, Extended Help and Hints for further explanation
  • Other Special Features
    • StopCheck for automatic system checking and status reporting
    • Print manager program for spooled reports
    • Send mail between operators or over Internet
    • Message feature for broadcasting to users
    • Objects, Field-Level Objects, and Filters
    • Numerous special-purpose utility programs

SwiftMate Makes Your Entire System More Valuable:

  • Multi-user capability is built-in, not just added on
  • Your security scheme can be as simple or as complex as you need
  • All products are integrated into one menu
  • Choose from various user Style options, including graphical and non-graphical features
  • Your system is very portable and runs on hundreds of computers of all sizes
  • Customize your system with Views, Objects, and Field-Level Objects
  • You can customize Help and a Question/Answer database so your people can answer their own questions
  • You know who’s been doing what on the system


A Smarter Way to Work!

Are you interested in building a smarter company? Do you want to strengthen business relationships and give better service? Ever wonder if you are focusing your attention on the important work? Need some help reducing training needs? Want to be able to spot problems immediately? Would you like to be able to do all this and at the same time make your job easier?

TaskWise can help! TaskWise is an exciting innovation in business software that combines the vital functions of task management, relationship management, exception management, and information sharing into a single company-wide system that integrates with your financial data! Its purpose is to enable you and your co-workers to work smarter and more efficiently with access to the information you need to do your job in an excellent way.

Traditionally the company functions listed above have not been integrated. Financial software has tracked its own numbers, CRM software has its version of customer data, different departments have tracked their own work schedules in their own ways, information is not easily shared company-wide, managers are forced to hunt for exception conditions that need their attention, and so on. TaskWise incorporates all these functions and breaks down the barriers between them to create an incredibly valuable system that links and benefits all individuals and departments.

When You Use TaskWise…

  • Your customers and partners should get better service and followup
  • Your management and staff can focus on task lists that show:
    • What needs to be done and why?
    • Who needs to be involved?
    • When does it need to be done?
  • Your business exceptions and followups are identified, tracked, and resolved on-line:
    • You’re not forced to print a report and resolve issues off-line
    • You don’t have to wonder if an e-mail message has already been resolved
  • You can manage your daily work through one convenient portal that provides access to all the programs in the SouthWare Excellence Series
  • Your other SouthWare Excellence Series modules become the engine that drives intelligent alerts and tasks and the means of completing tasks
  • You can train new users much faster - they only need to know how to work from a department or personal To Do task list
  • As you automate task and exception management your system continually grows smarter and your job becomes easier

The TaskWise Vision

Imagine logging into your computer in the morning and seeing a summary of what’s going on in the company. You click on a list of the tasks that have been assigned to you or your department. You take care of a couple of the items by clicking on a button to access the related financial software program for the task. You decide to forward one of the tasks to a co-worker and send an accompanying e-mail.

Next you check your department’s alert list, situations that you told the system to watch for and give notification when they occurred. You zoom to the accounting data behind a couple of the alerts for more details. The alerts automatically created tasks for the responsible individuals so you don’t need to take further action. You return a couple of calls to clients and one to a vendor, make notes, and generate a couple of related e-mails and one followup task (with an RSVP so you’ll automatically be notified when it’s done). You’re not sure about a company policy question during one of the calls so you look it up in the on-line AnswerReady database. Later that morning you check the alert list again and see that all but one of the previous alert situations have been addressed but there are now two new ones. In the afternoon you continue to work your task list and zoom to supporting functions as needed. You add a new alert test so the system starts looking for a new potential problem that has come to your attention. You add a policy decision to the on-line database for future access by everyone.

At the end of the day you have the satisfaction of knowing that you worked on the right things and got a lot done. You also go home with the confidence that your system continues to work, looking for the issues that need your attention tomorrow.

The scenario above only touches on the vision of what you can do with TaskWise.

Key tools you’ll have at your fingertips with TaskWise include:

  • Integrated Relationship & Contact Info - these are linked together in TaskWise and with all related business data in the SouthWare Excellence Series
  • Task Scheduling/Management - scheduling, creation, forwarding, followup, closing options for tasks such as calls, appointments, to do items, etc.
  • Alerts - the system can scan through any SouthWare data for any exception conditions you want to identify - option to generate related tasks for followup
  • AnswerReady - reference database with search and an interactive Table of Contents
  • Powerful Supporting Functions- Automated scripts with variable text, literature fulfillment, projects, task instructions, many more
  • Optional Interface to Microsoft Outlook - replicate data in Outlook Optional Internet Access to TaskWise data via NetLink

Warehouse Tracking

Do you want better management of your warehouse without more work? Do you need a warehouse tracking system that gives you the information you need without too much complexity? Would you like to process warehouse activity more efficiently without a lot of retraining of your operators? SouthWare’s Warehouse Tracking module adds multi-bin tracking and warehouse transactions to the capabilities of SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series.

With Warehouse Tracking you get supporting warehouse details for the information in Inventory/Sales while keeping your warehouse records separate from your stock and order information. Your Inventory/Sales operators don’t need to enter warehouse information, and your warehouse operators don’t work with anything but warehouse information. This gives you the benefits of an integrated system for purchasing, receiving, put away, stocking, selling, picking, staging, shipping, etc. without requiring complicated data entry functions.

  • Identify each storage ID or bin
  • Use both fixed (bins, slots) and moveable (pallets, license plates) storage IDs
  • Organize the storage IDs into zones/areas for easy review
  • Know which items are in a storage ID
  • Store a stock item in multiple storage IDs
  • Know the current storage ID(s) for an item
  • For putaway, use pre-assigned or floating assignments
  • Keep track of items in moveable storage IDs such as pallets and trailers
  • Do directed putaway with option to receive directly into bin
  • Option for separate Putaway transactions
  • Do directed picking with option for combined picking (wave) or zone picking
  • Option for separate Packing/Shipping transactions
  • Suggest picking locations based on oldest received, locator preferences, or largest quantity
  • Plan and track the movement of items between storage IDs
  • Assign and reassign warehouse work to different stations
  • Optionally specify preferred sequence of storage ID assignment for each station
  • Optionally match attributes of storage IDs with required attributes of stock items (such as refrigerated, hazardous, secured, etc.)
  • Build custom rules (via SouthWare WorkFlow) for the assignment of transactions to storage IDs
  • Optionally keep warehouse details of tracking/serial number


Tailor the Flow of Your Business Processes

One of the major strengths of the SouthWare Excellence Series is that its processes and built-in business rules/procedures have been proven successful by thousands of businesses over many years. But what do you do when standard functions aren’t enough to handle your needs or desires in a particular area?

Certainly one option is to make custom programming changes. This makes your system non-standard and not readily upgradeable, but it does give you the functions you need. But wouldn’t it be great if you could add the functions and keep your system standard?

That’s where SouthWare WorkFlow comes in. With its unique WorkFlow Controller technology you have the ability to insert new functions at many different points in a process. In many cases these functions, called FlowMods, will eliminate the need for any custom programming. Or if custom programming is still required you may be able to use a FlowMod to call the custom program at the right time and still keep your system standard!

With SouthWare WorkFlow, You Can:

Review the Information Flow

SouthWare WorkFlow includes a database with information about processes, programs, and flow points within programs. With the WorkFlow Controller you can zoom between these levels of information to see how the pieces fit together. Each record can contain comments that explain its use and other information such as options that affect its use. By reviewing a process, program, or field with the WorkFlow Controller you can learn more about its function in your system.

Add FlowMods to Customize the Flow

With SouthWare WorkFlow you can add one or more FlowMods to a particular work flow point (field, question, or other processing point in a program). When the related program gets to that particular point, it calls WorkFlow to perform whatever FlowMod step(s) you have specified.

Key Features of SouthWare WorkFlow

Comprehensive WorkFlow Info Database

  • Process Overviews
  • Program Explanations
  • FlowPoint Lists and notes
  • FlowMod identification and comments

WorkFlow Controller Review

  • Zoom in/out of Database for Flow review
  • Identify FlowPoints to Modify

Extensive FlowMod Functions

  • Up to 99 FlowMods Before or After a FlowPoint
  • Up to 10 Steps per FlowMod
  • Validated step entry so there’s no programming language syntax to learn
  • Flexible Step Types including:
    • IF, AND, OR, ELSE testing
    • Insert a value in the current field
    • Change the value in another field, even another file
    • Execute an object
    • Display data/literal/line/graphics on the screen
    • Calculate a value
    • GOTO another FlowMod
    • Call an external program
    • Display a message and accept an answer
    • Execute a Field Filter
    • Call a WorkFlow Utility
    • …and more!
      • Built-in documentation and debugging aids
      • Built-in temporary storage fields

Imbedded Customization Throughout the Excellence Series

  • SouthWare programs contain FlowPoints at:
    • Entry fields
    • Update steps
    • Other special processing points

Powerful WorkFlow Utilities

  • Automatically create:
    • a customized e-mail message
    • a SouthWare event
    • a Scheduled Action
    • a record-related Note
    • Customize the contents based on current data
    • Override parts of G/L accounts

Sample Situations You’ll Be Able to Handle Include:

  • Adding your own operator-specific customization of keystrokes and security features
  • Conditionally changing the value of one field based upon the value entered in another field
  • Automating situations such as adding a service line item to an order if the stock item requires a special service
  • Activating a special flag when a particular situation occurs, then testing that flag in other processes
  • Calculating and accumulating amounts not stored in the standard system
  • Stopping the normal flow from continuing if a special condition has not been met
  • Creating an Internet e-mail message to a customer or to a salesperson when one of his orders ships
  • Creating an event to record a situation that needs to be monitored

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

Ratio of reviewers by sector.

Other Industries:
  • Hospitality (5%)
  • Health Care (5%)
  • Consulting (5%)
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources (4%)

User Reviews of SouthWare

Submitted on February 13th, 2017 by an anonymous SouthWare user.

The most complete ERP solution I’ve ever used. Coming from a QuickBooks world, SouthWare has everything QuickBooks does not. The service and inventory modules are outstanding, and my people didn’t have any trouble learning the interface.

The Good…

Service Modules Inventory System

The Bad…

Mobile device interface could be better.

Submitted on December 21st, 2016 by an anonymous SouthWare user.

If you are looking for your sales people to do more data entry then sales, this is the product for you!

The Good…

There is nothing I like about this program. I believe the creators did not take into account the end users of this program. To do anything in this program it is multiple steps.

The Bad…

Multiple steps have to be completed to do anything, program freezes when adding multiple items. When mistakes are made it is not easy to correct them, multiple steps must be done to correct!

Submitted on January 22nd, 2014 by Richard

Southware has great flexibility and built in customization tools. It grows as your business grows.

The Good…

Web portal interface with graphs, charts and business performance summaries right when you need them.

The Bad…

Too many customization options.

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by an anonymous SouthWare user.

The software was purchased because of it’s value to the service industry and dispatching.

The Good…

The service module

The Bad…

The design