SunGard Financials

A full ERP system designed by Sungard Financials.

About SunGard Financials

SunGard Financials system is a family of integrated financial modules built around a comprehensive financial repository. At the core of the system is a true relational database, designed by and for financial personnel. It allow fast, flexible access to the financial information necessary to effectively manage today’s operations.

SunGard Financials is a modular client/server financial solution, the system may be used as an enterprise wide financial solution or a subsidiary financial system. Modules include:

General Ledger, Cost, Budget, Unit Values/NAV, Commissions and Expenses, Tabular Interest, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursements.

Accounts Payable

Features of the Accounts Payable Module Include:

  • Control and aging of accounts payables using reporting software
  • Repetitive payments processing
  • Combined checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) for vendors on the vendor table and for one-time vendors
  • Discounts
  • Credit memos
  • Vendor history
  • User-customized accounting data entry screens
  • Online check clearing, voiding, stop payments, and write-offs
  • Tracking of 1099 information for 1099 Dividend, 1099 Miscellaneous, and 1099 Interest
  • 1099 Reporting and magnetic media filing
  • Check reconciliation
  • Positive pay.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Tracks:

  • Rent and other services
  • Agent’s advances/receivables
  • Premiums receivable
  • Other receivables
  • Client billing
  • Fees
  • Charges
  • Expenses/commissions


SunGard Financials provides a highly sophisticated Allocation Module to support multi-level distributions, and the ability to use allocation experience to generate formulas for future distributions. SunGard Financials allows you to build pools of statistical or actual activity, which can be incorporated into formulas to generate ratios for allocation.


The Budget Module provides the flexibility to develop many kinds of budgets. The system offers functionality to support multiple budgets and multiple versions of each budget. Budgets can be created online, imported from a spreadsheet or from existing systems, based on last year’s actuals, and/or based on last year’s (or any other existing) budget. This module includes the ability to report variances between budget and actual.

Expenses & Commissions

The Expense and Commission Module provides an extremely flexible and powerful means to calculate fee income and commissions related to the products that you offer to your customers. These expenses can be directly billed to your customers using the Accounts Receivable Module, deducted from the funds held for investment on behalf of your customers, or implied in the Unit Value price.

Financial Accounting

General Accounting Features Include:

  • Cash management
  • Offsets, reversals, patterns, gain/loss entries, and error corrections
  • Multiple accounting periods open simultaneously
  • Multiple company and/or accounting periods on a single transaction
  • Suspense accounting
  • Foreign currency support
  • Multiple accounting bases
  • Unlimited financial report formats
  • Drill-down financial reports capability using the Crystal Report Writer
  • Account structures by company with consolidation accounts.

Guranteed Interest

The Guaranteed Interest Module provides the ability to track and manage the income, interest, and expense associated with guaranteed interest products. These products are assigned gross guaranteed annual effective interest rates for earnings, and also have unique expenses and other deductibles associated with them.

Investment Accounting

Investment Accounting Features Include:

  • Calculation of amortization, accruals, and realized and unrealized gains and losses
  • Amortization of securities to maturity, call, or worst.
  • Calculation of all SIA yields
  • Fixed Income analytics and modeling
  • Multiple cost basis
  • Multiple sale methodologies
  • Support for a full spectrum of securities, such as CMOs, Asset-backed securities, variable and stepped rate bonds, equities, preferred issues, and options on equities, indexes, and debt instruments.

Unit/Net Asset

The Unit/Net Asset Value Module provides the ability to calculate unit values and net asset values for investment funds and separate accounts on a daily basis. This module includes the ability to import and store the information required to calculate values, to select the calculation parameters and formulas, and to maintain current and historical valuations. Implementing this module will provide you with flexibility in pricing your products by allowing both global and contract specific pricing.

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