ActiveApplications SQL

A full ERP system designed by UDS Green Industry Software.

About ActiveApplications SQL

ActiveApplications SQL is a fully integrated accounting system for Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape, Seedling and Garden Center Companies or associated industry segments. This version is designed for large transaction volumes and user counts. It incorporates unique technology to efficiently accomplish enterprise accounting functions.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable manages the recording and payment of invoices from vendors. Incorporated in the payables functions is the ability to create and manage vouchers. The easy to user Purchase Order Interface allows for the verification of receipt of merchandise before payment.

Accounts Receivable

The UDS Accounts Receivable application tracks and reports customer balances, calculates and applies service charges, and maintains a complete record of payments and credits by customer and date.

Features Include:

  • Salesman Commission Report on Collected funds
  • Easy to Learn Payment Recording
  • General Ledger Interface to AR
  • Automatic Invoice Support
  • Statement Support
  • Service Charge Support
  • Interactive Cash Receipts
  • Partial Payment Support
  • Complete Payment History
  • Automatic Account Aging
  • Readable Reports
  • Sale Tax ID

Base Module

Master control application program. It includes query tool (Inquisitor) and all application interfaces. This is required to run all applications.


UDS Active Billing is the process of creating and sending invoices. Drag and Drop invoicing lets you see and apply item and customer information to an invoice. Payments can be applied while creating the invoice. Balance information and credit limits are supported during billing.

Features Include:

  • Fast Complete Invoicing
  • Clear Good Looking Bills
  • Many Discounts Schemes
  • Terms Discount Support
  • Multiple Tax Code Support
  • Estimating Interface
  • Ship To Address Change Support
  • Extensive Commenting Capability
  • Picture Printing Option
  • Salesman Capture and Reporting
  • Automatic Sales Analysis Support
  • Optional Credit Limits
  • Freight Calculation
  • Unique Item Search
  • Common & Scientific Names
  • One Step Invoicing
  • Pull Location Support
  • Multiple Printer Support

Customer Information

Customer management applications assist you to contact and respond to your customers and monitor that process.

Features Include:

  • Customer Lists
  • Customer Label Printing
  • Customer Email Create
  • Request Management

General Ledger

UDS General Ledger application provides the tools you need to prepare financial statements that help you and your personnel understand your companies progress. Once properly set up and interfaced into other applications the preparation of financial statements is simple and automatic. Simply select the format of the income statement, balance sheet or cash flow report you wish to see and print it.

Features Include:

  • Multiple Income Statement Formats
  • Inventory to GL Interface
  • Department and Sub-Class Accounting
  • Sub-Class Income Statements
  • Departmental Income Statements
  • Balance Sheet Formatting
  • Job Costing to GL Interface
  • Income Statement Formatting
  • Purchase Order to GL Interface
  • Multiple Year Income Statements


Pricing information, common and scientific name, catalog descriptions, cost information, item type information, availability, and much more information about your items is contained in this application.

Features Include:

  • Multiple Location Support
  • Invoicing Interface
  • Date Support
  • Time Dependent Inventory
  • Component Definitions
  • Common and Scientific Names in Inventory
  • Multiple Discount Levels
  • Catalog Descriptions and Creation
  • Time Line Inventory Report
  • Easy Price Levels
  • Intelligent Change Routines
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Bar Code Support
  • 5 or 25 Digit Keys
  • Quick Receiving Routine
  • Special Price Level
  • Invoicing Interface
  • Production Planning Interface

Job Costing

The AA Costing application performs many functions in addition to tracking cost versus estimate on jobs. Costing acts as an interface between Ledger, Customer, Receivables, Inventory, Estimating, Invoicing and Scheduling.

Features Include:

  • Inventory Interface to Job Costing
  • Automatic Hard Good Totals
  • Flexible Costing Reporting
  • Automatic Green Good Totals
  • Estimated VS Actual dollar cost
  • Estimated VS Actual unit quantity
  • Automatic Labor Totals
  • Use Tax Support in Costing
  • Automatic Equipment Totals
  • Estimating to Costing Interface
  • Automatic Subcontract Totals
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Instant Payroll Interface
  • Multiple Costing Invoice Methods

Order Entry

UDS Order Entry allows the recording of items and customer information for shipment of products at a future date. This application provides order takers with information needed to determine everything about item availability at the time of the order. Inventory is automatically selected from future availability. Inventory that is ready later will be reserved not that it is available now.

Features Include:

  • Fast Complete Ordering
  • Clear, Good Looking Order Acknowledgments
  • Many Discounts Schemes
  • Terms Discount Support
  • Multiple Tax Code Support
  • Estimating Interface
  • Ship To Address Change Support
  • Extensive Commenting Capability
  • Picture Printing Option
  • Salesman Capture and Assignment
  • Optional Credit Limits
  • Freight Calculation
  • Unique Item Search
  • Common & Scientific Names


Payroll prints checks, track hours, calculates withholdings and calculates overtime. With the fast and varied input methods payroll becomes easy to use and administrate.

Features Include:

  • Check printing
  • Check Reprint
  • User Maintained Tax Tables
  • Automatic Deduction Calculations
  • Employer Deduction Expense Support
  • Magnetic Media Filing
  • FICA & Medicare Support
  • Multiple Departments
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Employee Picture for Time Cards and Records
  • Automatic Tax Calculation

Point of Sale

Point of sale is designed to capture retail check out transactions on a PC for forwarding to the Main system at a later time. Built into POS is the ability to use to power of the Internet or modems to poll remote sites and capture transactions as well as update inventory and customers. This highly reliable system is designed to be easy to use and quick to train new personnel.

Features Include:

  • Store & Forward Design
  • High Reliability Design
  • Touch Screen Option
  • House Charge Support
  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Credit Card Reader Support
  • Bar Code Scanner Support
  • Network Capable Credit Card Verification Option
  • Optional Invoice Sizes
  • Cashier Accounting
  • End of Day Report
  • Posting Report
  • Customizable Interface Options
  • Multiple Tender Types
  • Automatic Data Transfer
  • Cash Drawer Attachment Support

Production Planning

Inventory Planning is a fast and easy way to track, predict and control the growing process for nursery and greenhouse companies.

Features Include:

  • Crop Note Capability (limited)
  • Time Line Inventory Report
  • Crop Schedules
  • Product Cycles
  • Season Support
  • Product Projections
  • Forward & Backward Plans

Purchase Order Tracking

Active Purchase Orders is a fast way of keeping track of what has been ordered at what price from what vendors. It tracks what was ordered and what was received. The very fast entry allows you to control this difficult process.

Features Include:

  • Inventory Interface
  • Common or Scientific Names
  • Quick Receiving
  • Tag Print from PO’s
  • Expected Receipt Date
  • Vendor Interface
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Immediate ‘Availability’
  • Many History Reports
  • Time Line Inventory Report
  • Item Location Support
  • Average, Last or Current Costing

Sales Analysis

Active Sales Analysis provides a way of recapping sales by customer, item, customer and item, item and customer as well as immediate invoice recall. This application demonstrates the power of UDS ActiveApplications because it happens automatically as you are creating invoices. The information is saved for your easy recall when it is convenient.

Features Include:

  • Ship to Customer Analysis
  • Item Analysis
  • Bill to Customer Analysis
  • Bill to & Item Analysis
  • Salesman Analysis
  • Item & Bill to Analysis
  • State & Type Analysis
  • Ship to & Item Analysis
  • State & Bill to Analysis
  • Item & Ship to Analysis
  • Item Type Analysis

Scheduling and Route Billing

Scheduling and Route Billing provides a convenient way to control crew and job schedules for easy transaction recording and billing.


Shipping schedules orders to be shipped, prints pick tickets or pull sheets for the loads, schedules trailers and prints bills of lading.

Features Include:

  • Order Capacity
  • Order Weight
  • Building Loads
  • Pick Lists by Load
  • Pull Sheets by Load
  • Accurate Trailer Loading
  • Accurate Rack Count
  • Production Quantity Option
  • Multiple Trailer Support
  • Multiple Orders Per Load
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Drag & Drop Functions
  • Fast Load Processing


TAGmaker is an application designed for the purpose of giving you the power to print plant tags, signs, and labels of any size and shape. Database Fields, Bar Codes of many types, long descriptions, and pictures can be placed on the output where you want them.

Features Include:

  • Tag to Estimating Interface
  • Create Your Own Tag Design
  • Tag to Inventory Interface
  • Easy Tag Format Selection
  • Tag to Order Interface
  • Inventory Location Support
  • Tag to Purchase Order Interface
  • On Screen Tag Design
  • Multiple across Support
  • Any Size Support
  • Large Volume Capable

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