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A full ERP system designed by Grasp Software.

About Visual Grasp Accounting Sofware

Visual Grasp Accounting Software has been designed to work in a number of industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service oriented companies.

Continuing to improve on the software, Visual Grasp Accounting Software starts with core modules of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Order Entry. After speaking with customers about what they want to see in a software program, the company created a number of add-on applications that, when purchased and installed, integrate completely with the other applications for smooth transition of data between users. Visual Grasp Accounting Software is available in a number of ways.

  • Visual Grasp Accounting Software Base
  • Visual Grasp Accounting Software Site License (for larger installations up to 50 seats)
  • Visual Grasp Accounting Software Site License (for larger installations over 50 seats)
  • Visual Grasp LITE Accounting Software-Available at a fraction of the cost of the above options without a lot of the extra functionality. This version does not allow for add-on modules.

Check out the individual applications to see how this software will work for your company.

Canadian Payroll

Next to your customers, your employees are the most important people to your business. Time to pay them and using the add-on payroll application, will make payroll processing day much easier.

Grasp Software offers three different payroll applications with the major difference is the number of employees each application can handle. There three applications are for companies up to 10 employees, up to 30 employees or you can purchase the payroll application that allows for unlimited employees.

All three offer the same functionality:

  • Set up pay level templates for easy rate changes
  • All Canadian provinces (except Quebec)
  • Up to 10,000 earning, deduction or accrual codes
  • Direct deposit to most Canadian banks
  • Password protection for limited staff access
  • Commissions
  • Alimony or support
  • Union dues …and much more!


GraspWEB provides a bridge between Visual Grasp Accounting Software and the internet. It is an add on module that allows Customers to log in to enter orders, RFQs, view inventory and more. You control what gets ported to the internet.

Other key features include:

  • You control the set up and design
  • Display selected inventory control
  • Customers requesting COD can be directed to a secure payment site of your choice
  • Remote entry for sales representatives for order entry and inventory control
  • Up date your customers and investors by entering news and product updates

Job Costing

This add-on application to the Visual Grasp Accounting Software allows you to:

  • Track job work in progress
  • Create and track hold-backs
  • Track up to 1 million jobs
  • Create your own job cost codes and categories for easy grouping
  • Retainage tracking
  • Work in progress (WIP) management
  • Detail breakdown of costs on an invoice
  • Detailed analysis of transaction by supplier, job and contract

Sales Assistant and Contact Software

Don’t know who your prospective clients are? Have you received a lead from another customer or acquaintance but don’t know what to do it the information? How about your current customer database? Have you marketed your business to them lately?

The Sales Assistant & Contact Software application interfaces with Visual Grasp Accounting Software for tracking of current and prospective clients helping you maintain current business and follow up on new opportunities.

Check out some of the things you can do with this application:

  • Maintain up to 10 contacts per client record
  • Ability to create over 16 million records
  • Create searchable filters to identify customers by city, name, etc
  • Create standard emails for campaigns and email in bulk directly from the software.
  • Track contact history by sales representative

Service Manager

If your business provides field service work such as repair services, then check out the Service Manager application. This tool is another add-on application to the Visual Grasp Accounting Software.

With this tool, you can schedule service calls for technicians. When a customer calls in for service, you will pull up the customer information, enter make, model, serial number and dealer information as well as note the issues the customer is having. At the same time, look you the warranty information to determine if the service call is covered under a warranty or the customer will need to be billed for the services.

After the issue is identified and noted, schedule the service call. Each day you can print out service tickets for each field technician. After the work is performed, the technician will note the actual work performed and provide the information back to the service department. From there, an invoice is created and up to three separate invoice recipients including the customer, warranty company and other third parties will be sent the same invoice or have it broken down by who is to pay what.

You will then go back into the Service Manager to close out the service call and enter notes regarding the call including work performed and any other additional and pertinent information.

Visual Grasp Base AP

Visual Grasp Accounting offers many features including a robust accounts payable module. Your users can create a specific supplier code with up to eight alphanumeric characters. After creating the customer code, you have lots of room to enter contact and address information for your suppliers.

Here are a few more features:

  • Up to nine A/P control accounts
  • See supplier performance
  • Up to 500 A/P terms
  • Print user defined A/P cheques
  • EFT payments and email payment advices to suppliers

All of these features work in conjunction with other modules in the Visual Grasp accounting software.

Visual Grasp Base AR

Tracking customer payments is vital for any company. Visual Grasp Accounting has created an accounts receivable module that allows you to track your customer contact information, outstanding invoices and A/R history.

In addition to the features above, the A/R module includes:

  • Up to 500 A/R terms
  • Calculate early payment discounts automatically
  • Customer transactions on-line all the time
  • Sales reporting by sales person
  • Collection Manager
  • E-mail invoices to customers
  • Print A/R statements

With many more features, the A/R module includes functions that any business can use.

Visual Grasp Base GL

General Ledger is the core module of the accounting system and Visual Grasp provides a robust general ledger. In addition to real-time accounting, this full feature module also allows for:

  • Multi-user and multi-currency
  • 12 or 13 period accounting
  • Departmental accounting
  • Set up and manage recurring entries
  • Report generator
  • Three years of historical data
  • All entries stamped with user and session ID for accountability
  • Post transactions to previous years

In addition to the features above, the GL module also includes MARIA© (Management and Report Intelligent Analyzer) which allows you to track and compare financial rations and viewing of up to the second financials.

Visual Grasp Enhanced IC

Inventory control is easy with Visual Grasp. Here is a brief summary of some features you will find in the inventory control module:

  • Attach photos and graphic files to inventory items
  • Set Min/Max stock levels by location and season
  • Sales performance by sku
  • Create markup matrix for graduated default pricing based on most recent cost, average cost or historical highest cost
  • Unit of measure conversion
  • 40-60 characters for description and a 16,000 character notepad for each item
  • Global price and cost changes
  • Track what customers are buying by product.

The inventory control module integrates with the general ledger and order entry modules for easy flow of data, avoiding duplicate entry of information.

Visual Grasp Enhanced OE

What good is an accounting and inventory system without the ability to create sales orders? Your sales representatives and sales managers will have many tools at their disposal, once again, integrating the information with the general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory and purchasing. Check out some of the features of the order entry module:

  • Issue and track quotations
  • Reprint orders and invoices at any time
  • See selling price by customer
  • Alerts for insufficient inventory levels with back order tracking and historical lead time
  • Customer specific messages when entering an order
  • Emailing of invoices to customers

Visual Grasp Purchase Orders

Running your business without a purchasing program? Look no further than the Visual Grasp purchase order module. With full integration to the accounts payable, inventory and general ledger modules, you can use the purchase order module for purchasing stock items and non-stock suck as office supplies.

Additionally, the purchase order application allows:

  • Design your own purchase orders
  • Track items returned to the supplier for replacement or credit
  • Post an A/P invoice when goods are received
  • Generate a true landed cost
  • Track serial numbers
  • Identifies and tracks back orders
  • Historical cost tracking by supplier

Visual Grasp Steel Manager

The Steel Manager module is an add-on application that is designed for companies buying and selling steel. This application requires the use of Visual Grasp Accounting Software.

If your company buys and sells steel, check out what features are available to make your life easier:

  • Unit of measure conversion; weight, piece, linear footage, area
  • Actual weight
  • Interfaces with sales orders for shop delegation and a Pick/Cut stage
  • Add cutting information directly on the sales order or on the Pick/Cut sheet
  • Allocate stock for cuts directly from the sales order screen

Visual Grasp Time & Billing

Time and billing is critical for any professional services firm. Visual Grasp has realizes that not every company utilizes a Time and Billing module, which is why they have created it as an add-on application to their Visual Grasp Accounting Software.

The time and billing module allows users to set up various codes each posting to a GL account with specified tax calculation. Each user is defined by their role on a project (ie. technician or professional) allowing you to set up various billing sources. Log time with start and finish times, time adjustments, flat fee adjustments and work detail.

After logging the time, you will now need to invoice the customer. You bill out the time based on filters and print the invoice and time docket detail. Finally, print performance report by billing source (ie. technician or professional).

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