A full ERP system designed by Western Canadian Software.

Product Overview

AIMS (Accounting Information and Management System) is an ERP software tailored for distribution, manufacturing, service, rental, and construction companies. It offers a suite of modules to cover most functionalities.The main modules include order entry, invoicing, accounts receivable, inventory control, and sales analysis, among others.

AIMS software is designed for multi-user environments and supports multi-company, multi-branch, and multi-currency operations. It works as both a Tier II and Tier III ERP solution. AIMS operates on Red Hat Linux or Microsoft Windows Servers. Each license includes computer source code.


  • Offers continuity between all modules


  • Has a poor graphic interface

Target Market

Distribution, manufacturing, service, rental, and construction companies.


Modules and Features

Accounts Payable

  • Manages vendor files and invoices.
  • Efficient cheque printing and aged listings.
  • Answers vendor queries and provides payment analysis.
  • Stores extensive vendor information, including contacts and payment terms.
  • Supports invoice entry, multiple G/L accounts, and multiple currencies.
  • Allows selective invoice payments and partial payments.
  • Features cheque printing, bank reconciliation, and invoice updating.
  • Includes detailed vendor inquiries and management reports.
  • Integrates with Purchasing, General Ledger, Job Costing, and Fixed Assets.

Accounts Receivable

  • Simplifies customer file maintenance.
  • Facilitates invoice creation and payment applications.
  • Manages customer credit and collections effectively.
  • Prints statements and generates finance charges.
  • Tracks sales information and maintains customer data.
  • Supports direct invoice entry and cash receipt processing.
  • Provides customer inquiry for credit management.
  • Stores transaction histories and prints customer statements.
  • Includes various management sales reports.
  • Integrates with Order Entry, Rental Billing, Service Order, and General Ledger.

Bill of Material

  • Manages bills of material, including additions and modifications.
  • Supports multi-level bills and work order management.
  • Posts costs against work orders, including labor and materials.
  • Offers comprehensive inquiries and reports for work orders.
  • Stores master bills and manages work order modifications.
  • Closes work orders, updating inventory and assembly costs.
  • Provides explosion display, where-used display, and work order status.
  • Includes scheduling reports and work order history.

Contact Manager

  • Maintains detailed contact information for customers and prospects.
  • Differentiates between customers and prospects and links to AIMS data.
  • Manages to-do lists and provides management statistics.
  • Integrates with AIMS for order and sales history access.
  • Offers to-do entry management and history updates.
  • Integrates with Order Entry, Quotations, and Sales Analysis.

Fixed Assets

  • Maintains detailed equipment/asset files.
  • Automates monthly depreciation entries.
  • Facilitates cost and revenue transaction postings.
  • Charges assets against work orders and jobs.
  • Serves as an item file for Rental Billing.
  • Provides inquiries and management reports.
  • Tracks various costs and repair time for assets.
  • Integrates with Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Job Costing, Bill of Materials/Work Order, and Rental Billing.

General Ledger

  • Simplifies chart of accounts and budget file maintenance.
  • Efficiently manages journal entries, including recurring and allocation entries.
  • Provides financial statements for various periods and detailed transaction access.
  • Supports multi-company consolidations and unique statement formatting.
  • Offers flexible account number configuration and stores extensive budget data.
  • Includes a comprehensive journal entry process with auto-reversing and allocation features.
  • Features detailed account and financial statement inquiries.
  • Integrates with all AIMS modules.

Inventory Control

  • Eases maintenance of inventory files and supports multiple warehouse locations.
  • Manages inventory in multiple units of measure and tracks multiple suppliers.
  • Streamlines physical stock counts and handles item substitutions and supersessions.
  • Offers an automatic reorder system and comprehensive inventory reports.
  • Stores detailed item information, including vendor and location-specific data.
  • Simplifies inter-warehouse transfers and physical inventory routines.
  • Provides various inventory inquiries and detailed transaction histories.

Job Costing

  • Supports fixed price or time and material jobs with budgeting options.
  • Posts costs, billings, and budget revisions efficiently.
  • Tracks open purchase orders as committed costs.
  • Offers detailed job cost inquiries and comprehensive management reports.
  • Utilizes detailed cost code structure for versatile job tracking.
  • Facilitates job opening, budgeting, and cost tracking processes.
  • Provides various job-related reports for financial analysis and forecasting.

Order Entry and Invoicing

  • Streamlines sales order entry and accommodates multiple pricing structures.
  • Handles purchase requisitions, kits, core charges, serialized items, and deposits.
  • Manages customer credit and back orders efficiently.
  • Offers comprehensive inquiries and reports for order management.
  • Automates pricing with various options and supports electronic requisition notices.
  • Simplifies back order management and cash sales processes.
  • Facilitates direct invoicing with tax and invoice printing capabilities.


  • Maintains detailed employee files and facilitates time entry.
  • Automates cheque printing and supports direct deposit.
  • Prints employment forms and year-end documents.
  • Stores multiple pay rates and benefits/deductions per employee.
  • Provides detailed pay run previews and comprehensive inquiries.
  • Offers various payroll reports and union reporting options.
  • Integrates with multiple AIMS modules for comprehensive payroll management.


  • Streamlines purchase order creation and tracks outstanding orders.
  • Maintains vendor pricing and adds P/O details efficiently.
  • Converts received items into landed costs and manages purchase returns.
  • Offers detailed purchasing inquiries and historical data analysis.
  • Facilitates the addition of purchase requisitions from various AIMS modules.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting on vendor performance and purchase analysis.
  • Integrates with multiple AIMS modules for streamlined procurement.


  • Enables efficient customer quotation creation and management.
  • Converts open quotes into sales orders or lost history for tracking.
  • Maintains comprehensive quotation history for analysis.
  • Offers detailed inquiries and reports for outstanding and historical quotes.
  • Facilitates the transfer of quotes to orders or lost history with reason codes.
  • Integrates with the Order Entry & Invoicing module for streamlined sales processes.

Rental Billing

  • Manages rental quotes and converts them to rental orders or contracts.
  • Handles rental returns and automates or manual invoices contracts.
  • Maintains detailed rental history information for analysis.
  • Offers various inquiries and reports for rental contract management.
  • Stores detailed rental invoice histories for customer service purposes.
  • Integrates with Fixed Assets, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger.

Sales Analysis

  • Provides detailed inquiries and reports on sales history.
  • Offers diverse report selection based on multiple criteria.
  • Includes customer, salesperson, and inventory-related reporting.
  • Analyzes order fill rates and item fill percentages.
  • Retrieves invoices by serial number for detailed tracking.
  • Facilitates comprehensive sales analysis for strategic decision-making.

Service Order

  • Efficiently creates service quotes and orders for fixed price or time and material work.
  • Manages labor and material cost transactions against service orders.
  • Converts completed orders into invoices with detailed costing.
  • Maintains historical service information for invoice and customer unit analysis.
  • Offers inquiries and reports for service order management and work progress.
  • Integrates with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, and optionally with Payroll.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of AIMS ERP

Submitted on October 23rd, 2019 by Brian Barclay

We use almost all aspects of AIMS. Sales, Service, Rentals, Manufacturing, Project/Job Costing, Inventory, Purchasing AR AP and AIMS integrates them seamlessly

The Good…

Ease of use, continuity between all programs / modules

The Bad…

Graphic interface