Empire Suite

A multi-module management system designed by WSG Systems.

About Empire Suite

The Empire Suite is an integrated, Web enabled client server application, developed by WSG Systems, Corp. The Empire Suite provides the solution you need to gain complete control of resource management and the planning, tracking, accounting and billing of your project deliverables.

The Empire Suite takes an innovative and comprehensive approach to projects and project development. The applications in the Empire Suite provide solutions at every step of the project development life cycle; Best Practices, Project Planning, Estimating, Resource Management, Time and Expense Tracking and Billing/Chargeback - so that nothing is overlooked. Your project and financial managers always have the most accurate and timely information available.

Built as a true client/server application, the Empire Suite has a scaleable and open SQL database that can accommodate any size organization. Its unique design, which provides both external billing as well as internal chargeback capabilities, makes it the ideal solution for Professional Services organizations, corporate Information Technology departments and any other project oriented organization.


The Empire Suite is flexible enough to accommodate almost any project accounting requirement. You may set up projects using a variety of billing and earnings methods, including time and materials, fixed price, percent complete, not to exceed, and scheduled billing, to name a few.

You may establish a different billing configuration for every project or client or you may choose to use enterprise-wide standard rate schedules. You can change billing methods during the project, so your projects always reflect your contractual requirements. You may also combine different billing and earnings methods for the same project. When you are ready to generate invoices, select from the system’s invoice styles, or interface with your own in-house financial system to create customized invoices.


For projects that bill and incur costs in multiple currencies, Empire MULTI-CURRENCY provides true, multi currency capabilities and can accommodate the most complex currency conversions.

For example, you may be a U.S. company needing financial reports in U.S. Dollars, have a German client who requires billing in either Euros or Deutschemarks, and have a French employee working on the project who needs to be reimbursed in Pounds Sterling.

Empire MULTI-CURRENCY supports all billing, expense and reporting scenarios and can handle this complexity effortlessly. No matter how global your project, Empire MULTI-CURRENCY is up to the task.


Even when away from the office, project staff can continue to enter time and expense data off-line through Empire REMOTE. When convenient, your staff simply connects to the server and submits their timesheets and downloads new project assignments. The main database is synchronized automatically.

Empire WEB provides the ability for Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer users to enter data through a Web browser for Internet or Intranet entry, with no need for any additional workstation software.


The Empire Suite offers a wide variety of financial, administrative and project management reports, including many rarely found in other systems. Most of the Empire REPORTS allow the user to specify selection and sort criteria, so the output can be customized to your specific needs. In addition, ad-hoc reporting is supported through a variety of query and reporting tools, such as Microsoft Access, Excel and Crystal Reports.


You can use Empire RESOURCE, WSG’s Resource Management Module, to make educated resource assignments by staff level, skill set or availability and to maintain a repository of employee skill and proficiency information.

Empire RESOURCE lets you assign individual as well as staff level resources to see at a glance how and where your limited and critical resources are allocated. You can easily determine whether a resource is over allocated because the system alerts you when there is a potential conflict, and you can also reassign resources based on changing priorities. Empire RESOURCE gives you the flexibility to anticipate and respond quickly to your project’s needs.

Empire RESOURCE is a full-featured resource management application that you can use independently, or in combination with your favorite project planning software and the other Empire Suite solutions. For example, assignments made in Microsoft Project can be viewed in Empire RESOURCE and conversely, changes to assignments made in Empire RESOURCE will be reflected in your Microsoft Project plan.

Empire TIME

Empire TIME uses a familiar spreadsheet-like format. You can easily customize screen formats to focus on only the data you want to see. When a user logs on to the system, their timesheet can be automatically populated with client, project, task and estimate-to-complete information. Empire TIME’s unique features are specifically designed to support fast, accurate and easy entry of time and expenses. The entry screen reflects your specific business needs as defined by you to ensure that all critical information is captured. In addition, daily or general commentary information promotes better communications between management and project resources by providing the opportunity to raise issues before they affect schedules and budgets.


The Empire Suite is designed with all the stages of the project life cycle in mind. Use Empire PROJECT INTEGRATION and your project planning applications, such as Microsoft Project to create all your task and resource assignments in Empire TIME.

Empire TIME can use the Microsoft Project plan to create a complete financial estimate from the rate schedules you have established. Entries in Empire TIME automatically update your project plan with actual information so your plan is always up to date. As your project progresses, any changes to the plan, including the addition of new tasks or changes to resources, are automatically updated in your project estimate. If your organization does not currently use project-planning software, Empire TIME offers full project estimating capabilities.

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