A web-based multi-module management system designed by xpdient.

About xpdoffice

xpdoffice is an enterprise-wide productivity system comprised of xpdtime, xpdhr, xpdproject, xpdcontract, xpdinvoice, xpdreports, xpdexpense, xpdmail and xpdadmin.

It is a powerful web-enabled system that offers an intuitive platform for any aspect of on-line timesheet data entry, collection, approval, status reporting, expense, leave and project management. The system also features digital, paperless invoicing assuring accuracy and timeliness.

Fully enhanced mail capabilities speed up business communications. xpdoffice’s administration module serves as a toolbox for all office functions, with streamlined data import features.

The system monitors, evaluates and reports contract and job data at…

  • task
  • subtask
  • deliverable level
  • identifying discrepancies in actual vs. planned expenditures and schedules.

An on-line signature and approval feature expedites the submittal process. Simultaneously, an electronic audit trail is generated consistently and automatically, so that any organization is prepared for response in a regulated environment, including DCAA compliance requirements.

Reports, such as labor distribution and cost analysis, are delivered in formats suitable for incorporation into external documents or direct analysis. A series of built-in report formats provide immediate access to xpdoffice data; while custom formats support complete flexibility in output.

xpdoffice is one of several web-based enterprise systems designed and developed by xpdient Inc., a division of Scientific System and Software International Corporation (SSSI) .


Definition of contract terms and responsibilities are the central functions of xpdcontracts.

A well written and managed contract is the cornerstone of an effective business relationship.

This module provides tools to define the relationships between customers, contracts, tasks, jobs, and the people assigned to fullfill the contract terms.

Directly tied to the invoicing module of xpdoffice", xpdcontracts" manages the critical information supporting completion of the contract and billing the customer.


Conventional expense reporting often requires substantial paperwork and reworking over the reimbursement cycle. Opportunities to lose or abuse the paperwork abound! The xpdexpense" solution is paperless, accurate, and available remotely.

xpdexpense " allows electronic submission, approval and sometimes disbursement of expense checks prior to an employee’s return from the field.

How simple could it be? Fill out the form, electronically sign it, submit it, get approval… It’s all possible before you complete your xpdoffice" session.


Your most important resource… Human Resource professionals utilize the xpdhr" module to manage employee information and keep contact data fresh and current.

A simple interface powerfully integrated with the other xpdoffice" modules provides limitless flexibility in applying HR information to invoicing and task project management.

As with all xpdoffice" modules, xpdhr" data is available from each piece of the system, offering powerful understanding of where you are and where you will be.


No one gets paid without an invoice.

And invoicing has never been easier!

The xpdinvoice" module integrates with the rest of your xpdoffice" to tie tasks to contracts to hours worked to allow instant billing at the completion of a cycle.

A substantial drop in errors occurs when invoices are written immediately! With xpdinvoice"…

We can do that!


Business communications are essential, but usually end up on the bottom of everyone’s task list. Imagine being able to instantly customize a targeted letter that conveys your message without leaving the xpdoffice" interface.

xpdmail" features over 30 letter templates on the most popular business topics to allow you to rapidly communicate with customers, associates, and co-workers. The output interfaces with MS Word!

With xpdmail" simply fill in contact information available in other xpd modules, add a few specifics, and your communication is ready.


Contract Collaboration Can Require Communicating Over a Vast Distance. Xpdproject" Provides You With the Tools You Need!

  • Central workspace and access to project documents.
  • Project-wide and customer access to deliverables. Virtual roundtable for idea sharing and project management.
  • Closely integrated with contracts & invoice modules xpdproject" is the source for background information and a repository for documents in-process.


When You Need Information - NOW Is Almost Too Late.

You need to be able to access information from one end of your organization to the other. You need contract parameters when your contract officer is not there. You need productivity and cost values to make adjustments.

xpdreports" keeps its finger on the pulse of your organization!


With xpdtime" essential information concerning time, status, and attendance is collected and managed.

  • Eliminate rework and duplication costs
  • Digital timekeeping
  • Electronic approval
  • Leave Requests and Accrual Rates

xpdtime" assures confidential and secure time, activity, and expense account submissions.

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