A web-based ERP software for logistics service providers in air, sea, and land freight forwarding.

Product Overview

Logi-Sys is a cloud-based ERP software for logistics and freight forwarding companies. The solution covers air, sea, and land modes of transport to assist with freight, warehouse and transport operations. The included functionalities help run sales, operations, finance, and customer service sides of your business. The platform offers centralized management of billing, invoicing, payment reminders, receivables, and financial reporting, and integrates with third-party applications like Odex.


  • Cloud-based ERP
  • Covers air, land, and sea modes of transportation
  • Includes finance and customer services
  • Features separate modules for different Lines of Business


  • Not all modules are integrated
  • Sometimes there are permission issues during software upgrades

Target Market

Businesses in Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehouse, Transport, and Customs that need software to adapt to their unique workflows and processes.

About Logi-Sys

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Logi-Sys Features

  • Freight Forwarding: Handles both international and domestic freight forwarding for air, sea, and land. Includes booking, pickup, HBL/HAWB, AWB/MBL, consolidation, and invoicing.
  • Inland Transportation: Comprehensive management of inland transportation, covering pickup requests, trip planning, tracking, proof of delivery, and invoicing.
  • Warehouse Management: Automates warehousing operations, from Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to Goods Receipt (GR), putaway, pickup, Goods Issue Order (GIO), inventory management, and invoicing.
  • Sales and Service: Manages the entire sales process, from marketing campaigns and revenue targets to lead management, client acquisition, and customer service.
  • Financial Management: Automates accounting processes, including management of receivables, payables, general ledger, balances, credits, and financial reporting.
  • Customer Visibility Portal: Offers real-time shipment tracking, shipment history, and document access for shippers.
  • Customs and Regulatory: Tailored for specific countries, controls operations and links seamlessly with local customs applications.

Product Overview

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