Lean ERP Software System

A full ERP system designed by Weber Systems for manufacturing companies.

About Lean ERP Software System

Access Your Biz Lean ERP System is an integrated system combining Lean Manufacturing and Office Lean concepts into one complete system. The concepts of Lean manufacturing are fully integrated with our accounting systems producing a totally efficient cost effective software solution for your entire organization. It is similar to an MRP or ERP system except that this system was designed from scratch with the objective to reduce non-value activity in all departments and to increase the net throughput of your entire company.

This is the first software product focused on net corporate throughput using global Lean Concepts and providing US manufacturers a completive edge in the world market. Lean Manufacturing and Concepts are recognized as truly valuable campaign, so much so that the US Governments provides grants to assist companies who are interested in becoming Lean.

With our Lean ERP System, your company will significantly reduce the administrative overhead of running your business. Your company can enjoy the benefits of reduced inventory, increased inventory turns and freed up working capital working. If you are not ‘Lean’ yet, our product will take you there while providing an efficient traditional ERP/MRP system.

Lean Features:

  • Lean Manufacturing
    • Paperless Kanban Replenishment System
    • Lean Receiving
    • Maximizes Point of Use (POU) Inventory Practice
    • A Fully Bar Code Enabled System
    • Dynamic 2 Bin Kanban Quantity Control
    • Consolidated Vendor Optimization
    • No Kanban Card Feature
  • Lean Purchasing
  • Lean Invoicing
  • Lean Office

Accounting Features:

  • Sales Orders
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchase Orders (Lean Purchasing)
  • Accounts Payable (Lean Invoicing)
  • Inventory Control
  • General Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll
  • eCommerce
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Multi-Company & Consolidated Financials
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • System Monitor
  • Consolidated Ledger

Manufacturing Features:

  • Bill Of Materials Control
  • Back Flushing
  • ECN / Revision Control
  • Job Order and Job Costing
  • Lot/Serial Number Control
  • RoHS Enabled
  • Make to Order
  • Make to Stock
  • Job Shop
  • Work Orders

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable supports the Lean Office campaign and has Lean features which streamlines your invoice approval process, automate vendor-related tasks, and simplify voucher entry. This feature is call Lean Invoicing and has a comprehensive management of Vendor Invoices, Payments, Terms and more. Accounts Payable module is integrated with Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger.

  • Post and Edit Invoices
  • Custom Payment Terms
  • Print Checks
  • Unlimited G/L Distribution
  • Add Vendors and G/L Accounts ‘On the Fly’
  • Predefine G/L Accounts for each Vendor
  • Full Integration with Check Register for Bank Reconciliation
  • Handle Foreign currency variations when posting A/P Check
  • Recurring Invoices
  • 1099 Support
  • Temporary Vendors
  • Separate Remittance Addresses
  • Void Computer or Handwritten Checks
  • Add Invoices ‘On the Fly’ when posting Handwritten Checks

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable process improves your cash flow and customer satisfaction by effectively managing your collections process. You’ll have complete control of your receivables and invoicing processes. Our drill-down functionality allows you to quickly obtain critical information and communicate effectively with customers. Our AP module in integrated with Sales Order, Inventory Control, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger. Additional features include:

  • Track Open Receivables
  • Customer Aging and Average Pay Days
  • Credit Limit Warning
  • Line Item Based Commissions
  • Dunning Letters
  • Multiple Invoice Formats
  • User Definable Payment Terms
  • Charge Interest to Over Due Accounts
  • Print Customer Statements with or without Payment Detail
  • Sales and Profit Reports
  • Process Payment Discounts
  • Custom Payment Types
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Print Invoices with or without a Logo
  • Online Inquiry System with Drill Down Interface
  • User Definable Aging Columns
  • Customer Aging report for any point in time
  • Eliminate $0 balance invoices and payments from printing on customer statements

Bank Reconciliation

Our software provides ease of matching and comparing figures from your accounting records against those presented on a bank statement. Our process efficiently provides the balance of the accounting ledger to be reconciled with the balance of the bank statement and provides to tools to uncover any possible discrepancies.

Our Bank Reconciliation is Integrated with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, Accounts Payable, & Payroll.

Additional features include:

  • Process all transactions for an unlimited number of banks.
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Track Deposits in Transit
  • Clear Transactions in Bulk via Date or Check Number
  • Unlimited Options for Sorting and Searching Transactions
  • Process Wire Transfers
  • Print Reconciliation Proof
  • Gathers Cash Receipts from A/R into Separate Deposits
  • Add Missing Entries ‘On the Fly’
  • Print Non-Vendor Checks
  • Tracks Separate Numbers for Handwritten and Computer Checks
  • Add Entries Without Affecting G/L Balance
  • Post ATM and Bank Fees
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Download your Bank Statement
  • Full Integration with G/L and All Other Modules

Bill of Materials

Our BOM feature includes the Lean Manufacturing thought process with drill down to any level in a BOM. Our drill down has no limits to the depth you can go. Our BOM functionality was designed by an Engineer for the needs of an Engineer, efficient in operation by a Lean Consultant, able to capturing costs for the Accountants, Configuration Control and Lot Control for the Government Agencies plus ease of use for the human component.

Features Include:

  • Infinate Drill Down To Any Level
  • ECN, Revision Control Features
  • ISO, GMP, Medial and Military Compliance
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Multi-Level BOM Functionality
  • Cut and Paste Feature From Ecel

Consolidated Ledger

Our Consolidated Ledger feature provides an easy-to-use features for financial consolidations, providing the ability to quickly combine each multiple company’s account balances and budget information into a single comprehensive ledger.

Credit Card Processing

Although a component to eCommerce, our system will allow credit card processing at Point of Sale (POS).


Our eCommerce functionality allows for online sale of goods or services by credit cards or PayPal

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Our system support EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which is the computer-to-computer transmission of business data in a standard format which replaces a traditional paper business document. This data exchange can be from customer to vendor or from a vendor to customer. The transfer of data between different companies uses networks, such as VANs or the Internet. As more and more companies get connected to the Internet, EDI is becoming increasingly important as an easy mechanism for companies to buy, sell, and trade information.

General Ledger

Our General Ledger features a comprehensive interface with all other modules to maintain a complete interactive accounting system. You’ll be able to monitor the financial health of your company with financial statements that utilize departments and budgets.

GL Features include:

  • Post to Any Period Within the Current Year or Two Years Prior
  • Warnings when posting to a prior period or a date outside the ‘posting window’
  • Budget Analysis
  • YTD and MTD Comparison Financials
  • Departmental Profit and Loss
  • Distribute Overhead Costs to Departments
  • Recurring Journals
  • Create Journal Entry templates for easier entry of routine journal entries
  • Import Journal Entries from other software
  • Common reports used by Accountants
  • Trial-balance is available at any time for any stored period or year.
  • Balance Sheet provides ‘actual’ and ‘budgets’ at any time for any stored period or year.
  • Journal entries ; This includes ‘reversing journals’ and cost-center journals.
  • Audit Trails with ‘drill-down’ to invoices or payments.
  • Multi-Company to support with options for Networking.
  • Multi-User with options for Networking.
  • Automatic Pre-payments and Accruals are provided with reversing capability.
  • Export Feature to formats such as Excel, FRx, Lotus 123 and Dbase.
  • User-Defined Account Key to allow the General Ledger to conform to your organizational structure
  • User-Defined Journal Keys to categorize journal entries to create virtual sub-ledgers
  • Asset Rebalancing System to maintain your investment mix by automatically making journal entries to recalibrate asset balances to preset targets.
  • Forced balancing of debits and credits with each financial unit to have a fully balanced general ledger

Inventory Control

Maintain a perpetual inventory by processing daily operations. This module is fully integrated with Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order and General Ledger.

  • Lot Control
  • Kanban and Kanban Bin control
  • Track Units on Hand, Available, Back Ordered, On Order, and Committed
  • Multi-Level Pricing & Standard Price List
  • 5 Year Sales Comparisons
  • Establish Re-Order Points, Re-Order Quantity based upon past Sales
  • Unlimited Product Descriptions
  • User Defined Units of Measure
  • Supports Standard UPC Bar Codes or User Defined Bar Codes
  • Service and Non-Service Item Support
  • Inventory Procurement allows automatic replenishing of stock, via P/O creation or Warehouse Transfer, of Inventory based upon reorder levels
  • Category and Product Line Tracking
  • Capture Product Images
  • Multi-Warehouse and Location Support
  • Track Average Price, Average Cost and Profit
  • Supports Serial Numbers
  • Setup Inventory Specific Commission Rates
  • Supports Units of Measure conversion
  • Transfer inventory between warehouses
  • Supports scanning and printing of bar codes
  • Easily add new products by copying an existing product
  • On Hand Value report for any point in time

Lean Manufacturing

Our product was designed to support your Lean Manufacturing or Lean Office campaign. Our product provides:

  • Kanban Paperless Procurement System - our system will reorder Kanban Controlled Material with just a scan of the products’ Part Number without paper or the Buyers involvement. Our system knows who to procure it from and for what cost. The cost is automatically provided when a Consolidated Vendor Agreement is established, see below.

  • Kanban Bins - our system controls dynamic Front Bin and Back Bin quantity Control. These bins and the inventory status are reportable globally to the organization.

  • POU - the system knows the dynamic Point-Of-Use (POU) locations of inventory and informs the Receiving Professional what Point Of Use locations to refill Kanban Inventory as it is delivered. It will provide the information to distribute the appropriate amounts to the Kanban Front and Back bins.

  • Consolidated Vendor Agreement - the system knows which items have agreed prices based on Consolidated Vendor Agreements (CVA) and with established re-order quantities.

  • Kanban Signals (Replenishment) - The system recognizes two types of Kanban initiated replenishment methods:

  • External to the company - The instant the Kanban reorder signal is identified; an electronic Purchase Order is generated and sent to the vendor via FAX or Email.

  • Internal to the company - The instant the Kanban reorder signal is identified, a Built-To-Stock Work Order (or Pull Signal) is created which is perfect for Stock Sub-Assemblies controlled by Kanban.

  • Back Flushing - Inventory can be Back Flushed to relive inventory of raw material and add to inventory finished goods or stocked sub assemblies. This feature maintains perpetual inventory accuracy.

  • Lean Purchasing - A paperless procurement system to instantly convert a Kanban reorder signal into an electronic Purchase Order. Typically 80% of your purchases will be Kanban Controlled items and with the increase of purchasing frequency from increased inventory turns, the purchasing department can maintain the additional work load without any impact.

  • Lean Invoicing - With increased inventory turns, there will be an increase of vendor invoices. We offer a fast and efficient method to manage and reconcile vendor invoices.

  • Lean Receiving - An efficient Bar Coded process to receive Kanban replenishments with POU put-away and Front Bin and Back Bin replenishment quantities.

Lean Office

As a part of the Lean Office campaign, we have incorporated all office related functions into the Lean Philosophy. With Lean Purchasing, Lean Receiving and Lean AP, our product provides the lean logic into the code and required transaction to increase office personnel through put for all functional departments. The lean efficiency built into our system from source code to human interface. That means the administrative overhead of your company is reduced to a fraction of the typical amount, their workload increases and the frustration of dealing with labor intensive programs is removed.


Administer payroll for Salaried, Hourly and Time Card employees. This module integrates with Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger.

  • Print Payroll Checks
  • Custom Deduction Types
  • Track Sick and Vacation Days
  • Monitor Employee Reviews and Raises
  • Keep Full Employee History
  • Manually Override Deductions
  • Transfers Payroll Taxes to Accounts Payable
  • Print 1099, W2, 940 and 941
  • Track Direct Deposit Info
  • Emergency Contact Numbers

Purchase Orders (Lean Purchasing)

This feature makes our product unique, as a part of the Lean Office campaign, we have incorporated Lean Purchasing. Our product maintains conventional purchasing feature for a conventional application but take advantage of the efficiency built into our system. Normally a purchasing professional will batch orders because of the labor intensive purchase order generation process. Some companies place an administrative overhead cost of $50 per PO. With our product purchases are fast and easy and can take seconds. That means the administrative overhead is reduced to a fraction of the typical amount.

Make as many or as little purchases orders as you need, it is paperless and the related departments, Accounts Payable and the Receiving Department have the same streamlined process so they are not impacted with additional purchases.

Our product has a ‘Purchase Order Grid’ for Kanban replenishments, the purchasing professional adjust quantities and check inventory status in a virtual dashboard in the Purchase Order Grid.

Our system supports all purchasing functions:

  • Purchase to Stock
  • Purchase to Order
  • Purchase to Kanban
  • Vendor Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consolidated Vendor
  • Primary Vendors assigned per SKU
  • Multiple vendors per SKU

Sales Order

Our program recognizes that the customer is number one! Our product provides a plethora of software support for the Sales professional. Starting with the ‘sale’, our software supports that action with a ‘Lean’ perspective of Inventory Management, Inventory Replenishment and Purchase Order modules. The incorporated efficient and lean design supports the specialized needs of your customer plus maximizes corporate profitability.

Features Include:

  • Production Notification to Build
  • Customer Blanket Orders
  • RMA Processing
  • Pre Payments
  • Letter of Credit
  • Credit Checks
  • Miscellaneous Charges
  • Sales Commissions
  • Price Tables
  • Order Tracker
  • RFQ s Received and Quotations
  • Sales Order Management
  • Shipment / Delivery Note
  • Sales / Customer Invoice
  • e-commerce
  • EDI
  • Track Open Orders
  • Monitor Customer Request Dates
  • Access Prior Sales and Costs
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Process Internet Orders
  • Process Deposits
  • Process Commissions, Discounts, or Up Charges on a line items basis
  • Maintain Multiple Price Levels
  • Customer Alert Messages
  • Contract Pricing
  • Recurring Orders
  • Print Packing Lists, Pick Tickets, UPS COD Tags, Sales Orders, Invoices and more
  • Add Customers and Inventory On the Fly

System Monitor

Control all system functions, track user and program errors while monitoring the system integrity. This module integrates with all modules.

  • Multi-User Support
  • System and User Logs and Time Stamps
  • Transaction Processing and Rollback
  • Capture Your Company Logo for printing Invoices, Packing Lists, Statements, etc.
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Maintenance Routines
  • Auto Lookup of City/State from Zip Code
  • User Defined Posting Window
  • End of Month and End of Year Routines
  • Drill Down Inquiry System
  • E-Mail Alerts
  • Error Log Tracking
  • Integration with Microsoft Office

Product Overview

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