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About 360 Contract Billing

360 Recurring Revenue was built on NetSuite’s platform. It eliminates the need for training staff on a few system and frees up valuable resources. The solution enables billing to run like clockwork and in turn improves accuracy of invoicing and timing.

360 Recurring Revenue allows users to manage usage based and fixed rates, frequency of billing, promotions/discounts at the contract line item, and much more. 360 Recurring not only offers users a rich feature set and robust reporting capabilities but is completely in-sync with the rest of the business.

Manual invoicing is subject to error, automate it!

Product Overview

User Reviews of 360 Contract Billing

Submitted on November 11th, 2015 by an anonymous 360 Contract Billing user.

360RR is a recurring billing automation solution. It enables my business to provide accurate invoicing to customers, allows me to report on invoices and manage renewals, up-sells, billing information and much more. Highly recommended to anyone with subscription based billing.

The element I liked best about 360 Recurring Revenue was it’s ease of use and reliability. Since the product is built-on NetSuite’s platform, there was no need for training and it looked just like native NetSuite. After a contract is complete, I let the 360RR finish the process for me.