A web-based software system designed by Acclamare for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Acclamare

Distributors know what distributors need. Acclamare understands this better than anyone, so they have continually sought out distributors’ thoughts, ideas and best practices. The months and years of feedback we have received have been plentiful, exciting and insightful.

Acclamare exemplifies a powerful and sincere effort in professional collaboration. Quite literally, there are hundreds of years worth of experience and knowledge behind the Acclamare software system. Truly, Acclamare is software created by wholesale distributors, for wholesale distributors. It is unlike anything in the industry today.

The Acclamare wholesale distribution software system has been designed from its inception to accomplish a single objective, provide small to medium sized wholesale distributors with a software application that will efficiently automate all business processes today.

Acclamare provides:

  • Sales Processing - from simple price and availability, formal quotations, order processing and the most innovative inquiry methodology in the business, to integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Financial Management - fully integrated general ledger, complete management for banking, accounts receivable and accounts payable functions
  • Replenishment - simple, yet powerful, replenishment logic that combines best practices with every day realities
  • Inventory Management - Multi-warehouse functionality and automation, tremendous tools for updating costs and pricing, cycle counting and integration into a powerful WMS solution for extended warehouse automation
  • Shipping - integration to UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

Acclamare is designed primarily for use in the distribution industry.

User Reviews of Acclamare

Submitted on April 8th, 2019 by Roger

We have been using acclamare for several years. On the surface it appears to have all of the functionality that you will need. Unfortunately, this is not true and I am writing this review to help other business owners to NOT be in the same position that I am in today. This software has cost me tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue and thousands of hours in time wasted and unnecessary stress. Based on your region, you will be assigned a VAR that is responsible to service your account. Just 1 guy who can possibly help you with any request and that one guy will hold your business completely hostage. It is not about money, you can offer ANY amount of money, and you can still not get the tools necessary to run your business. Its a shame, because if there was ANY support at all for any amount of money this review would be much different. Sadly, there is no support. You can have a great idea to help your business, want to spend the money to do it and you can’t. Its such a terrible, sad, depressing feeling. Not only can you not make your business better, you do not even get the courtesy of a response. Not even a “Sorry Im Busy”, “Maybe in 9 months”, Maybe in 2 Years. NOTHING. NO RESPONSE. Its actually unbelievable that this company does not understand that lives are being affected.

The Good…

The design is very clean and easy to use.

The Bad…

The company gives you a VAR based on region. This is the only person on the planet who can help you with your software. You are completely hostage to that person. You can offer any amount of money to fix a problem and still not get help. 1) No 3rd party Integrations 2) No Option to alter the preset rules for replenishment and purchasing 3) 0 customizations possible. Want to add a field to your item maintenence page? Not possible. Want to add a column to your purchase order? Not possible. Want to enter a deposit for an order? Forget it. Want to have a working integration with Amazon,Ebay,Walmart,Magento? Good Luck. Want to create a custom report? Maybe in 6 months. Want to provide sales tracings to your manufacturer? Nope.