Accord Integrated Accounting

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An accounting software system designed by Accord Software.

About Accord Integrated Accounting

Accord’s Integrated Accounting is available in three distinct implementations to provide the best adaptability and price/performance ratio to various levels of business requirements.

The entry level is based entirely on Microsoft Access. Integrated with other Accord’s Access based software solution, it is a very efficient tool for small organizations.

The standard level is based entirely on Progress 4GL & Database. It stands for its robust implementation of accounting and auditing requirements, and its strong level of stability in a demanding host based environment.

The master level utilizes the power of Uniface to deliver a greater degree of complexity in the most acclaimed databases and environments: your choice of DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, and other standard relational databases.

Accounts Payable

The Accord Accounts Payable System will provide you with greater control and flexibility in tracking vendors’ activity as well as every transaction that can affect the accounts payable balance.

Making payments is an easy and flexible process. Documents may be placed on hold, selected individually for payment or selected automatically by the system under user control designed to maximize cash flow and take advantage of available discounts.

The system is tightly integrated with a number of specialized applications or it may be run simply as a stand-alone package.

Accounts Receivable

The Accord Accounts Receivable System will provide you with greater control and flexibility in tracing customer sales activity and payment behavior. Each customer’s sales history, payment history, ageing, and internal note system are carefully monitored and reported, enabling management to make timely and informed decisions.

The system is tightly integrated with a number of specialized billing systems or it may be run simply as a stand-alone package.

General Ledger

The Accord General Ledger System provides flexible financial reporting and accounting necessary to fulfill the needs of a large or growing multi-faceted organization. Recurring, reversing, and adjusting entries are available to minimize data entry.

The Financial Report Generator enables the user to produce statements in a variety of formats and combinations of departments, divisions, or companies. The system employs two formats: horizontal for headings and column definitions; vertical for account groupings and totals. An extensive audit trail traces every transaction back to its original source.


The Accord Payroll System provides maintenance and historical tracing of employees along with the control of cheque writing, government reporting, and tax reporting.

The system is tailored to each company’s needs through parameters defining earnings, benefits, and deductions categories, tax tables, departments, and report formatting.

Transactions may be automatically generated for fast payroll preparation, or entered from employee time sheets. Cheques may be quickly edited, reviewed, and amended prior to printing. Unlimited multiple pay periods are supported. Automatic cheque cancellation simplifies an otherwise cumbersome procedure. Electronic funds transfer, adhering to the specifications of major banking institutions using remote job entry, is also available.

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Submitted on June 4th, 2018 by subham

it is a very simple accounting software. i am very easily oparate this software please download this software to oparatemy company acccounts prpoperly

The Good…

the best part of accord software is simple ledge creation

The Bad…

ledger creation