A multi-module management system designed by ACTIVE Network for accommodations & food services companies.


Products. How well do you know and understand your customers? ACTIVE Network can help you understand your customers’ purchases, tailor your product offerings and maximize your revenue.

By keeping all online and on-site purchases consolidated in one customer record–including ticket sales, retail store purchases, food and beverage purchases, equipment rentals and activities–your staff can easily track your customers’ transactions. RTP|ONE helps you use patterns from customer data to discover new opportunities for engaging your customers even more.

Why are ACTIVE Network’s software solutions so unique? When you’re running the RTP|ONE all-in-one commerce engine, the memories of running less efficient or separate and incompatible systems will disappear. Our software solutions include: ticket and pass sales, RFID access control, food and beverage, inventory retail and rental solutions, activity management, and snowsport school. Each is designed to simplify how you interact with and process your customers’ transactions. And since everything is integrated, you’ll quickly get them to the experience that they really came for–your resort, park or attraction.

Access Control

RFID Access Control

What does it mean for the future of your operation? When RFID (radio frequency identification) is mentioned, no longer do you have to think about a retailer’s supply chain or that chip on the back of the last DVD you bought. In today’s active world of resorts, park and attractions, RFID ticketing and access control is synonymous with hands-free entry for visitors and a deeper understanding of who is visiting your operation.

How It Works

Visitors purchase a ticket or pass and receive an RFID card, which is about the size of a credit card. When the visitor enters through an access point, a radio frequency gate will pick up a signal from the card without having the customer remove it from his or her pocket. If the visitor doesn’t have a card or holds an invalid one, the gate will not open. If the visitor has a valid ticket or pass, it will be automatically validated through the RTP|ONE software.

Benefits for Resort, Park and Attraction Operators

  • Automation of operations – A quicker flow of visitors through access points makes for shorter lines and smoother operations. Additionally, you can automatically manage who enters particular areas at specific times.
  • Better customer insight – By capturing complete visitor data and better understanding who your visitors are and how they spend, you can target products and marketing messages based on the data.
  • Increased revenue – By using data to better understand your business, you can find opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Decrease in fraud – With height detectors on gates and the ability to display photos, access can be blocked if there is evidence of fraud.

Benefits for Park, Resort and Attraction Customers

  • Shorter lines - RFID gates move visitors through access points more quickly.
  • Hands-free experience – RFID cards can stay in the pockets of visitors as scanning can take place through clothing.
  • Reusable tickets – As plans change and visitors what to add a day to a vacation or come back next year, value can be added to the RFID cards.

Bar Code Access Control

RTP|ONE supports both bar code and RFID technology, giving you complete control over your operations, and improves access to your terrain or attraction for your customers.

For many resorts, parks and attractions, bar code access control is still the preferred method for their operations. For bar code users, ACTIVE Network offers a complete range of products and services to help improve and streamline operations at the access or entry point to your property, including:

  • Gate access – reduces the need for multiple operators at entrance lines.
  • Handheld devices – ACTIVE Network supports multiple hand-held devices via the Microsoft Mobile Platform.
  • PC and Web access – validate the ticket or pass using a PC and Internet connection.
  • Access reporting – get up-to-date information about customers to help you operate efficiently
  • Complete integration with RTP|ONE


RTP|Online E-Commerce Suite

Drive revenue while extending profitability and system flexibility with eStore and bStore. ACTIVE Network’s e-commerce offerings include eStore and bStore applications.

Easy online shopping for customers and third-party sales are integrated into one financial, inventory management and master customer data management system with the RTP|Online e-commerce suite. The e-commerce solution from ACTIVE Network has two components:

  • bStore - a business-to-business store that allows third-party partners, such as retailers and online travel agencies, to easily sell tickets and passes, retail items and reserved services to customers.

  • bStore also offers back-end accounting and reconciliation functions

  • eStore - customers can quickly purchase items such as tickets and passes, rentals, reserved products and retail items by making a few simple clicks–all within a single shopping cart experience.

The RTP|Online suite uses the latest Web 2.0 technologies to improve the user experience. For example, customers can add items to and update their shopping cart, seeing real-time updates without having to reload Web pages, which leads to a faster checkout process with fewer clicks. Both products use Ajax, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and ASP .NET, which is faster than the traditional e-commerce technology that required transaction-slowing and time-intensive Web page refreshes and reloads.

Both eStore and bStore offer simple and intuitive navigation to expedite transactions. The RTP|Online suite also offers a stored value option for loading and reloading season passes, and it includes built-in support for Web analytics so you can track sales activity and performance.

A more flexible e-commerce solution and easier shopping experience translate to:

  • Increased e-commerce transactions and profitability, which save labor costs and improve financial and guest management tracking.
  • Enhanced ability to track special marketing promotions and easily measure ROI and third-party contribution.
  • More third-party partners selling products and services seamlessly driving new and incremental revenue.

Extended Management Solutions

Extended Management Solutions

Looking to reach more customers, through more efficient online and third-party channels? Use our online, e-commerce and integrated third-party solutions, which are designed to optimize and extend your operations.

So you’ve decided you want to sell and distribute your products and services online or through third-party channels? Before you take the plunge, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many channels do you want distributing your products and services?
  • Do you want your electronic distribution channels to be fully integrated with your software system and website?
  • Do you have other third-party systems you want to connect to each other to be more efficient?

By using ACTIVE Network’s extended resort management solutions like RTP|Distribution Services, RTP|Kiosk and our e-commerce tool called ONE|Store, you’re giving your customers more choices and better outlets to buy the products you sell when they’re ready to buy.

RTP|One Itinerary

Package and sell all destination travel elements in one transaction.

Easily package and sell all travel elements – transportation, lodging, tickets, activities, rentals, lessons and more – in one transaction.

Using the RTP|One Itinerary turnkey solution, resorts and attraction operators can smartly package and sell all destination elements in one transaction, with:

  • Built-in access to numerous distribution partners
  • Direct access to RTP|ONE products, such as tickets, activities and more

Expected Results

Destination venues using a system like RTP|One Itinerary are seeing these results:

  • 92% increase in th number of online reservations
  • 20% increase in reservation revenue
  • 20% decrease in agent hours

Out-of-the Box Solution

With RTP|One Itinerary, destination resort and attraction operators can bundle their own products – and those from multiple partners – flexibly managing discounts and other itinerary characteristics to maximize yield. It also greatly reduces the need for consumers to shop multiple websites and increases the likelihood of consumers booking all elements of their trip through the operator’s commerce engine, increasing top and bottom lines. There is no need to develop custom itinerary technology.

The Solution Offers:

  • One-stop, one-itinerary, comprehensive shopping for consumers with access to transportation, lodging, tickets, activities, rentals, lessons and other products.
  • The ability to offer unique packages not available elsewhere.
  • Items typically not available for advance purchase, such as some private lessons.
  • The ability to more accurately manage yield on tickets, lodging and other items that have flexible pricing and inventory constraints.


Increase early ticket purchases and integrate with RTP|ONE in real time. With so much information available on travel sites and search engines, planning a trip and buying tickets can be confusing. Many customers therefore spend a great deal of time searching, comparing and waiting, rather than committing and purchasing. How do your customers know now is the time to buy?

An early commitment from a customer enables your business to better plan, both operationally and financially. The longer a customer waits to make the purchase, the more open you are to competition and fickle weather.

Use ACTIVE Yield to&

  • Create quantity-driven deals to drive early commitment
  • Utilize a calendar view to establish purchase confidence with your guest
  • Guarantee the best price
  • Integrate with RTP|ONE in real time–no coupon redemption, no reconciliation, no pre-arrival prep
  • Control your rates and inventory in real-time to meet demand and manage yield

With ACTIVE Yield, not only can you implement a successful yielding scheme to generate greater revenue, you can establish high confidence with your consumer on the purchase. Through a calendar view, consumers see all pricing and inventory available. When the first 25 tickets at $50 for June 1 are purchased, another 50 can be offered at $60. And as purchases occur, you can adapt both pricing and inventory to meet demand, thereby improving yield.

ACTIVE Yield is powered by Inntopia booking engine, and sets up quickly. It’s simple to configure and you only pay when you sell tickets.

RTP|Distribution Services (RTP|DS).

Selling products online and on-demand through third-party resellers and retail distribution channels makes sense. Virtually eliminating reconciliation paperwork makes good business sense.

Increasingly, resorts, parks and attractions are extending their presence through online travel agencies, wholesalers and retailers to drive increased sales. The problem? It is messy: often times your business’ system does not talk to the reseller’s system. RTP|DS allows these systems to talk to each other, virtually eliminating reconciliation paperwork, and making on-demand distribution channels simply better.

With RTP|DS, you can activate local distributors, such as the hotel or sporting goods shop down the street, or major online travel agencies, in as little as a day.

RTP|DS also reduces ticket lines by integrating ticket purchases for online travel agencies, wholesalers and retail ticket distribution outlets. By purchasing tickets before they arrive, customers avoid long ticket lines and go straight to the lift or activity.

Self-Service Kiosks

Help your customers avoid long lines at the ticket counter with strategically placed kiosks throughout your resort, park or attraction.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce overhead by selling products and fulfilling orders at strategically placed kiosks
  • Extend your brand - Remind customers about special deals and package pricing on your kiosk displays when they stroll by or step up to use them

Mobile Solutions

ACTIVE Network Mobile Solutions Add to Customer Experience, Commerce

Today’s active consumers are mobile and becoming even more mobile in everything they do. They want information instantaneously regardless of their location. And they expect mobile technology to be there when they need it for all aspects of their lives–from business to entertainment.

Two predictions from Gartner confirm the massive mobile movement:

  • By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.*
  • By 2014, more than 3 billion of the world’s adult population will be able to transact electronically via mobile and Internet technology.*

Integrate mobile into your operational and marketing strategies with these customizable options:

  • RTP LiveInfo offers GPS mapping, live destination information, social media access, photo galleries, up-to-the-second personal statistics, and more.
  • RTP LivePass offers everything available with LiveInfo plus integration with * RTP|ONE for mobile commerce, mobile ticketing and personal account access.
  • RTP REALX® provides an interactive guided experience through true 3D augmented reality.

ACTIVE Network’s mobile technology solutions are continually creating new ways for you to connect with guests and for guests to connect with you. ACTIVE Network’s mobile capabilities start with mobile commerce, augmented reality, mobile ticketing, integrated social media, mobile bookings, virtual visits, video and reservations. Mobile functions can be integrated with your operating software and other business processes to optimize data capture and target marketing.

The possibilities for integrating mobile into your strategy are limitless. Find new ways to attract more commerce with ACTIVE Network’s mobile solutions.

Point of Sale

A ticket or pass is just the first way your customers begin to experience your resort, park or attraction. ACTIVE Network integrates ticketing into the remaining POS solutions, providing an all-in-one commerce engine.

The ticket gets them to try your resort, park or attraction; other point of sale (POS) services complete the customer experience.

ACTIVE Network’s integrated POS solutions–such as retail, food and beverage and rental–reduce your business operation costs by centralizing administration and data, which makes taking care of your customers’ needs easier, no matter where they are.

Standard ACTIVE Network POS solutions include:

  • Retail sales and inventory management
  • Food and beverage
  • Rentals and inventory

Retail Sales and Inventory Management

ACTIVE Network’s versatile retail solution integrates point of sale, inventory management, and vendor/customer tracking through RTP|ONE, and easily configures to any size POS environment–from 1,000 to more than 1 million SKUs.

Scale it up or down to suit your retail needs. Our Retail Inventory solution is designed to run everything from a souvenir shop to an enterprise-wide retail operation. In addition to standard retail functionality, other highlights include:

  • Ability to sell retail products operation-wide
  • On-hand inventory tracking by store
  • Retail tools for purchasing, receiving, transfers and physical inventories
  • Reporting analysis on quantity-on-hand, COGS and sell-through
  • Vendor management including purchase history and discounts

Food and Beverage

From managing espresso stands to fine dining facilities, RTP|ONE’s Food and Beverage solution provides a single point of management and reporting for all of your bars and restaurants.

The RTP|ONE Food and Beverage solution is designed to capture and understand your customers’ food and beverage purchase decisions. This ultimately provides the insight resorts, parks and attractions need to offer the products that their customers want. Its efficiency and scalability are just part of the story: additional features like gift card and area-wide charge provide greater system flexibility and control. Expand your system with other useful food and beverage tools, including:

  • Dynamic menu designer
  • Check/order management
  • Integrated credit authorization
  • Gratuities and modifiers

Rental and Retail

Running a profitable rental shop can be tough. Customers go through a multi-step process to get the gear they need. Saving them time makes them happy and boosts your bottom line.

The more efficient you are throughout the process, the better the experience is for your customers. And a better experience translates to higher customer loyalty and higher profits.

With an integrated rental and retail system, you can streamline your business by connecting online and on-site rental reservations, including self-serve kiosks. Also link customer profiles and histories, manage labor costs and inventory, and analyze business performance with detailed financial reporting – all from one system.

Simply put, a more efficient and integrated system leads to higher yields and more satisfied customers, which puts more money in your pocket. Besides connecting the customer-facing rental functions of your operation, RTP|ONE’s rental and retail solutions also let you:

  • Create a single customer record to capture rental history, resort charges and retail purchases
  • Consolidate and integrate payment systems
  • Build flexible loyalty and discount programs
  • Manage multi-location inventory
  • Automate DIN calculations for quicker equipment set up

Snowsports School & Activities

Activity Management

Managing your unique activity operations can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. ACTIVE Network’s activity management suite simplifies inventory tracking, scheduling and resourcing, so you can focus on the most important part of your business–your customers.

Today, resorts, parks and attractions of all shapes and sizes are looking for ways to attract new customers, increase revenue spend and maintain higher customer loyalty. For over a decade, our software solutions have helped top winter resorts better manage their snowsports school operations. Coincidentally, the problems we solve for snowsports school are similar to those encountered in other activities that destination resorts, parks and attractions operators offer. By using the unique features built into RTP|ONE’s Activity Management solution, you’ll discover that you have greater flexibility to manage virtually any activity that you offer


With a suite of integrated features designed to optimize the golf enthusiast’s experience, ONE|Golf takes one of your biggest summer attractions and turns it into a model of efficiency.

Resort and recreation operators continue to expand the summer activities that they offer their customers, and providing world-class golf amenities is right at the top of the list. That’s why we offer a tee sheet solution with features that are most important to a golf course operator. And ONE|Golf is part of the fully-integrated RTP|ONE suite of products, so tracking your golf shop’s retail inventory, organizing lessons and running your food and beverage operations fits right into ACTIVE Network’s sweet spot.

Activity Manager

No two activities are created equal. That’s why you need a solution that not only manages the subtle nuances of each activity you offer, but also handles the complex nature of the business rules behind the scenes. The RTP|ONE Activity Manager is that solution.

Giving your guests choices for entertainment is paramount these days, right? So whatever type of activity you need to schedule and manage for them–from snowmobile tours to yoga classes to helicopter rides–RTP|ONE’s Activity Manager has the tools you need to make the most of the time they spend at your resort or attraction. Take advantage of more advanced features like Inventory Management and Resource Scheduler to take yield management and assignment of resources to the next level with ease.


Meet Your Customers Everywhere They Buy

Consumers want to buy tickets on their phones, online, on-site, and everywhere in between. And for operators of ski resorts, parks and attractions, accommodating these changing needs is both crucial and challenging at the same time. With RTP|ONE, you can sell tickets everywhere and track transaction and customer data behind the scenes through one system.

Meet the ticketing needs of your customers:

  • Online: E-commerce solution for B2C and B2B sales
  • On-demand: Third-party retail ticket distribution
  • Mobile: Mobile ticketing and mobile commerce
  • On-site: Ticket windows and self-serve kiosks
  • Call center: Advanced sales, channel and third-party sales and group sales

Benefits for Ski Resorts, Parks and Attractions:

  • Smoother operations: Your systems will start talking to one another with RTP|ONE, the fully-integrated commerce engine for ski resorts, parks and attractions
  • Better customer insights: Capture complete customer data from number of visits to yield per visit and more
  • Increased revenue: With all of your customer data in one dashboard, you’ll make smarter decisions and communicate more effectively for their next visit

Ticket and Pass Sales. ACTIVE Network gives you the speed and flexibility to create a variety of ticket and pass products to accommodate all of your business needs – including five ways to connect with your customers:

On-site ticket window and kiosk sales

  • Create unlimited ticket types (e.g., single-day, multi-day, multi-use, season passes and more)
  • Define your own ticket and pass layouts with RTP|Media Designer
  • Process transactions quickly with a configurable user interface (UI)
  • Pass holders can renew passes online or over the phone
  • Alert sellers and managers of low inventory with built-in inventory controls
  • Place branded self-service kiosks at strategic locations throughout your property to help alleviate long lines at the ticket windows using RTP|Kiosk

RTP|Distribution Services (RTP|DS). Selling products online and on-demand through third-party resellers and retail distribution channels makes sense. Virtually eliminating reconciliation paperwork makes good business sense.

Increasingly, resorts, parks and attractions are extending their presence through online travel agencies, wholesalers and retailers to drive increased sales. The problem? It is messy: often times your business’ system does not talk to the reseller’s system. RTP|DS allows these systems to talk to each other, virtually eliminating reconciliation paperwork, and making on-demand distribution channels simply better.

With RTP|DS, you can activate local distributors, such as the hotel or sporting goods shop down the street, or major online travel agencies, in as little as a day.

RTP|DS also reduces ticket lines by integrating ticket purchases for online travel agencies, wholesalers and retail ticket distribution outlets. By purchasing tickets before they arrive, customers avoid long ticket lines and go straight to the lift or activity.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of RTP|ONE

Submitted on July 17th, 2019 by Anonymous

I like the system, because it works on real time, however after adding tax to the system , it seems to be a bit off in calculation. not sure if its a mapping issue or just the system.

The Good…

I can view what operations is doing if i’m in accounting.

The Bad…

the caluclation errors