A web-based accounting software system designed by Adams-Blake.

About JAYA123

JAYA123 is a back-office web-based order-entry, inventory, invoicing, billing, and CRM system for the small business.

There is nothing to install on the local machine.

JAYA handles basic financials, but is not a full-bore accounting system. CPA’s and bookkeepers recommend our system because it does NOT replace THEM! One unique feature of JAYA is that it has a very powerful royalty module which is used by book publishers all over the world. The royalty module is also useful for doing monthly franchise or license fees that must be made to third parties.

Clients subscribe to the service on a monthly basis…which starts at $14.95 per month… for 500 customers… and goes up according to the number of customers entered. There is no minimum term. Users can cancel at any time The system also has a recurring billing module as well as one for subscriptions (used by those who sell newsletters.)

On the site there is a full demo that can be used to evaluate the system. All data is on our secure servers but users can download their files in two different formats as many times as they wish. The JAYA123 database is backed up to TWO locations every 59 minutes.

Because JAYA is on the web it is accessable from anywhere in the world. Clients can purchase multiple login accounts, as well as re-only accounts (for fulfillment companies, etc.)

From the small one-person business to the multi-employee company with several locations, JAYA is tailor-made. It is easy to use, easy to understand, and does NOT replace the need for a CPA or a bookkeeper.

Take a look at JAYA123. We think you will like what you see and will recommend it to your clients and business associates. We also have some accountants who use it for THEIR office!

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