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A web-based accounting software system designed by Advanced Business Systems.

About Business Accounting Software

In business for more than 20 years, Advanced Business Systems offers leading business information and accounting applications for small, medium and large size organizations. We provide the knowledge and support to help you successfully maintain the operations of your business.

We have a full staff focused on making certian that all of the expections of your accounting software are met. Advanced Business System provides initial and ongoing support services to ensure that you receive the maximum value for your software investment.

Our professionals are fully trained to provide you with all the products and services your business demands.

Accounts Payable

Use the ABS Accounts Payable system to perform the following functions:

  • Process multiple-company transactions and produce inter-company reports.
  • Maintain current, month-to-date, and previous-year totals by company and by vendor.
  • Automatically balance Accounts Payable amounts by invoice, by vendor and by company.
  • Automatically establishes invoice due dates and calculate discount amounts based on those dates.
  • Automatically schedule invoices for payment and calculates payment amounts, taking advantage of all available discounts.
  • Process payment of invoices automatically or as selected by the user.
  • Accommodate manual check entry and void check entry.
  • Automatically distributes all expense and disbursement amounts to appropriate General Ledger.

Accounts Receivable

Use the Accounts Receivable module to manage your customers, collect receivable, record payments, invoice customers and keep you pulse on cash.

The Accounts Receivable system can perform the following function:

  • Post cash receipts automatically, semi-automatically, or as specified by the user.
  • Process invoice adjustments and non-receivable cash.
  • Reestablish cleared invoices without interrupting the data flow.
  • Automatically calculate and report finance charges and adjust account balances accordingly.
  • Produce customer statements for all customers or for customers selected by ID code, by credit status, and/or by minimum balance.
  • Accumulate, update, and provide access to receivables statistics for each customer account in the system.
  • Report sales tax.

Check Reconciliation

The Check Reconciliation program provides a permanent record of all checks issued or voided. Also, it permits the user to establish check cleared dates, providing easy bank reconciliation and check usage control.

The program permits checks to be printed for a given bank account, or, if multiple banks are used, for all banks. Print options include listing all checks, listing cleared checks only, or listing open checks only. The date a given check cleared the bank can be entered into the system, and a current clear date can be changed.

General Ledger

The General Ledger system is the backbone of any financial application. With the Business Accounting Software General Ledger you can perform the following functions:

  • Maintain historical accounting records containing a of transactions by accounting period.
  • Maintain detail activity data for the or year.
  • List business data to verify the accounting process for a single company or consolidate a multi-business environment with customized financial reports.
  • Perform comparative and budget reporting.
  • Process General Ledger manual journal entries.
  • Automatically record General Ledger journal entries from subsidiary ledgers. Subsidiary ledgers include the Accounts Receivable Ledger, Payroll Ledger, Accounts Payable Ledger, and Inventory Ledger.
  • Process a Trial Balance which produces a detailed listing of accounts and balances.
  • Produce Monthly Financial Reports on a monthly basis.
  • Produce projected Budget Reports.
  • Calculate amortization payments based on interest rate and duration of a loan.

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control program allows you to manage complete control over your inventory. The Inventory Program provides many features:

  • Allows you to group similar items into Category Codes.
  • Provides the ability to maintain a separate inventory for each item at any number of locations.
  • You may identify the purchasing source of each item.
  • You may access the quantity on-hand for any item at any time.
  • Separate units of measure may be specified for purchases, sales, and stock reordering.
  • The Sales History provides information on quantity sold and returned, dollars sold, and cost of goods sold for each location.
  • A detailed period-by-period history of quantity and dollars sold is retained for selected items by location and/or customer.
  • Complete pricing information for any item.
  • The inventory can be physically counted without interrupting the normal sales order entry process. Printed Physical Count Sheetýs aid in the counting process and speed entry of the physical count data.


The Payroll system can help you simplify employee payroll, keep track of pay rates, bonuses, vacation time and much more.

  • Process payrolls for weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods in separate runs.
  • Process checks for hourly and salaried employees in the same run.
  • Process varying pay rates, shift differentials, vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, and miscellaneous pay for any given pay period.
  • Automatically withhold voluntary and recurring deductions on selected pay cycles.
  • Process occasional employee payments, such as bonus and commission checks, on demand.
  • Process multiple company payrolls and produce inter-company reports by department.
  • Automatically compute FICA and Medicare deductions and withhold them to the limit.
  • Automatically calculate and withhold federal, state, city and other taxes.
  • Automatically calculate and accumulate 941-A and W-2 totals and produce quarterly and year-end reports.
  • Process payrolls for a new quarter without producing or affecting 941-A reports for the proceeding quarter.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale program is designed for needs of retail businesses. The features of the system include the followin:

  • Allows the user to process Point of Sale activities for any number of companies.
  • You may process deposits for multiple Bank Accounts.
  • Cash Sales are used to process sales transactions that do not require customer detail.
  • Return Sales allow items to be added back into inventory.
  • Previously entered transactions may be viewed at any time, prior to the printing and updating of the End of Day Register Close Out.
  • You may add new customers to the Customer Master file without exiting Point of Sale Entry.
  • Prices are calculated automatically using information from the Inventory and Customer Master files. Prices are based on the item price code, customer price level, and quantity entered.
  • Discounts may be taken on a transaction for an individual line item.
  • Multiple methods of payment may be established.
  • Sales Tax is calculated based on codes assigned to each customer.
  • If the Point of Sale program is intergraded with Accounts Receivable a warning message will be displayed if the customer has exceeded their Credit Limit. A password may be required to override the customerýs credit limit. If a customer is set to ýCash Onlyý credit status in the Customer Master filesý the prompt will be displayed when the customer ID code is entered.

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