A management reporting system designed by AgriSolutions for farmers.

About AgManager

AgManager is an accounting software and service designed exclusively for farmers. AgManager® provides users with a sophisticated management reporting system that goes far more in-depth than most accounting software, allowing for more financial understanding, accuracy and control. AgManager® is also the only accounting package that had a staff of 30 skilled professionals who show you how to:

  • Gather and Input
  • Interoperate the reporting
  • Apply what you’ve learned

AgManager® guides farm operations in making smart and proactive financial decisions by:

  • Identifying where to invest time and attention for the highest rate of return
  • Pinpointing which activities require the greatest expenditures and which earn the greatest profits and what can be done about it?
  • Evaluating which parts of the business can be repositioned when there is an economic down turn

AgManager® gives you the power to take control of your finances through the ability to manage three sets of books simultaneously – tax, farm financial standards, and managerial. This allows users to get financial reporting and analysis in every area of their operation collectively or individually.

The AgManager® accounting system and service is:

  • Farm Specific
  • Customized to your farm
  • Available for management directly on your farm or by AgriSolutions experienced staff
  • Outsourcing of book keeping
  • Supported by a team of experts

Budget to Actual

The Budget to Actual Report compares this year’s activity to budget. It tracks both financial and quantity information so you can easily determine whether discrepancies were the result of production or spending.

General Ledger

The General Ledger Report summarizes all transactions by account level by month (or other consecutive period) and year-to-date. It is a useful report, providing information for tax planning, tax preparation and audits.


AgManager’s optional payroll module provides comprehensive payroll reporting. Reports are calculated using the current tax law, providing employers with important compliance-related information.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

AgManager is designed primarily for use in the agriculture and natural resources industry.

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