A multi-module management system designed by Augur Software for professional services companies.

About eTopia

eTopia is a full-featured business application, not just an accounting program. There are seven modules: eCalculator, eCalendar, eContacts, eCorrespondence, eFinance, eProducts and eSales. eTopia combines the power of a relational database with the ease of task-oriented windows. It features a simple, user-adjustable, uncluttered interface. Every module shares the same features, which makes learning and using the program easy.

System Requirements:

Mac: OS X 10.4 or higher with Panorama 5.5 or 6.0. Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Panorama 5.5.

Panorama by ProVUE Development is required. A run-time license of Panorama is included in the eTopia purchase price. (A $129 value per machine).

Client/Server installations do not require new hardware. A client computer can also act as the server to other computers on the network.


eFinance is the heart of the accounting system. It stores checking accounts, credit cards, loans, inventory valuation, assets, liabilities, equity, discounts, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Because of the unique power of eTopia, all records are stored in a single register, and any selection can be applied instantly. This gives a tremendous advantage in viewing data. For example, any payment you make to a certain vendor can be quickly located, regardless of which account was used to pay them. Competing programs require creating reports to look at data, in eTopia, the List window is constantly changing as you work. Data is never hidden.


Every business needs to calculate something, and many people work with a small calculator next to their computer. Those days are over. eCalculator is a robust editable and duplicatable calculator. Make all your calculations on the screen, and view comparisons side by side. Save the data to a notes page or paste it where its needed. eCalculator includes a Loan Calculator with an editable amortization table, a converter, an interval calculator and more.

Contact Management

eContacts and eCorrespondence stores all contact-related information. eContacts manages the common problem of having multiple contacts at the same location. Company List ensures that certain data is shared consistently between all related contacts, and stores a customer discount level to be used in eSales. Each contact has three address, and can store multiple phone, email and web addresses. There are thirty custom fields in eContacts: 20 text fields and 10 date fields. eContacts contains a multi-page Notes field, allowing the storing of pages of information on any contact. It will launch Google Map or Mapquest from a stored address; it will autofill the city and state after entering a zip code.

eCorrespondence features a flexible Letterwriter window for creating letters, e-mails, faxes and notes. Bulk or single letters, emails and faxes can be created. All data fields can be merged. You can create and save templates, too. Every contact has a Mailbox which displays their history of all correspondence.

Exporting and Importing

Because eTopia is a database, importing and exporting data is easy. Powerful formula and replace text commands allow you to ensure the data is clean, apply pricing changes or accomplish whatever you need to do with your data.

Order Entry and Inventory

eSales and eProducts stores all information related to buying and selling goods and services. eSales creates quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, bills and invoices. It can keep an audit trail from step to step in the transaction cycle. There are three date fields: order date, due date and ship date. It integrates with UPS Worldship, and can email records.

eProducts maintains an item list for inventory and non-inventory products, services, and stores pricing, min and max levels, re-order quantities and does kits, too.

Printing and Reports

eTopia includes flexible and powerful printing and reporting capabilities in each module. Print labels, envelopes, checks, reports, charts, etc. All data can be instantly displayed in a crosstab, which is a separate non-destructive Panorama database.


eCalendar stores information for appointments, todo, memo and events. It has a robust recurring data interface for creating multiple records within a date range. It has many windows for viewing data; Day view, Week view, Multi-Day view, Month view. eCalander also displays records from other modules. For example, you can see eSales or eFinance transactions in a calendar window, or birthdays from eContacts. eCalendar can be used for logging payroll hours, too.

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