Backroom Accounting

A web-based software system designed by Backroom Management Services, LLC for startups and small organizations.

About Backroom Accounting

Backroom Accounting software was created by an accounting professional, not a programmer. It is easy to use, fully integrated and tracks your financial information in a manner that is in alignment with your company goals.

Complete general ledger package with lead generation tracking, A/R, A/P, and several comprehensive management reports

Job cost program that includes templates for costs and billing, profitability, and change order exception reports

Time billing that integrates time invoicing with your general ledger

Budgeting tools built-in for ease in comparing your benchmarks with your results

Break-even anaylsis

Limited access capability to align your entire team with your financial goals


Our accounting features track everything in your business from the leads you generate to the cash you deposit. And because everything is online, you can access your financial information, invoices, and client records anywhere you have an internet connection. Our general ledger accounting features include:

  • Detailed income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, reoccurring entries, check reconciliation
  • Chart of accounts, check printing, budgets
  • Customer lists by activity, invoices, history, statements, aging, shipping, and open quotes
  • Vendor lists by activity, purchase orders, aging and check registers
  • Inventory management, reorder quantity, item ledgers
  • 1099 creation and line-item tracking
  • Detailed and powerful reporting tools (see below)
  • And more!

Customer Relationship Management

Our 1-to-1 CRM features let you track customers from the moment they become a lead. Not only is this critical for staying on top of your customer list and making it grow, it helps you evaluate the effectiveness of both your marketing efforts and of your sales process. Features include:

  • Lead, prospect, and customer tracking
  • Contacts organizer
  • Tracking and managing opportunities and activities
  • Communications and campaigns manager, including email template storage, delivery scheduling, and sending
  • Ability to create and sort lists of customers by various criteria
  • And more!

Job Costing

Job costing is crucial for anyone who manages projects, especially contractors. Having a system that can manage both the project management and the accounting can save both time and money. Backroom Management makes job costing as simple as determining costs, creating templates and managing jobs. Most importantly, it’s a dedicated job costing system, as opposed to a system grafted on top of inventory. It includes:

  • Job budget and costs
  • Job costs details
  • Job cost exceptions (to keep you on budget!)
  • Notes on steps and/or progress
  • Scheduling: assigning start dates, end dates, actual completion dates, and responsibilities
  • Progress billing
  • Job profitability estimates through just one click
  • AIA 702 – industry standard report for progressive billing
  • And more!


Backroom Management has robust and extensive reporting capabilities. These reports present the information managers need to make strategic decisions that lead to profitability. The most critical report is the 7 Key Numbers, of course. But beyond that, Backroom Management reporting extends to everything a manager, accountant, or potential investor would want to see. Our report templates include:

  • Your 7 Key Numbers
  • Break-even analysis
  • Numerous variations on balance sheet and income statement, including budget vs. actual, departmental, and comparative
  • Account analysis, business evaluation, general ledger, statement of cash flows, trial balance
  • Customer reports, receivables reports, sales reports, invoice reports
  • Vendor reports, payable reports, open invoice and purchase order reports
  • Sales by customer, sales by source, collection by sales person
  • Inventory reports including economic order quantity, item ledger, and item profitability
  • Source documents and journals
  • And much more!

Time Billing and Project Management

Anyone who bills by the hour, tracks employee time and productivity, or manages projects by time will benefit from this completely integrated time billing system. Invoicing can be reduced to a single screen to enter all of your time entries by client, project and task. Project management can be done easily through creating templates and tracking jobs by time. The features include:

  • Hours by customer summary
  • Time by customer
  • Scheduling (see job costing below)
  • Employee utilization
  • Project budget & time
  • Project task exceptions (to keep you on budget!)
  • And more!

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